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  1. https://screenrant.com/silo-show-future-season-3-4-filming-end-rebecca-ferguson-update/ Silo season 2 wrapped filming last month, and Rebecca Ferguson says should they get the green light, she thinks season 3 and 4 should be filmed back to back to wrap up the series.
  2. This conversation really escalates: "I do hope you are murdered soon."
  3. Heard a newish word, not widely used: uchronistic. Apparently created to be analogous to utopia (no-place), uchronia means no-time, used as a synonym for alternate history sci-fi, encompassing retrofuturisms like this.
  4. By the way, @Ran shouldn't there be a more appropriate part of the forum to put news of projects not GOT and not HOTD in? Where do we discuss the Kit Harrington recently talked about SNOW not currently being developed any more? Maybe an GOT Related In Development Projects sub is needed...( or In and Out of Development).
  5. Is there any Cromwell Cornwell material for Sean Bean to play Sharpe at Bean's current age? Like in the Opium Wars for example? Or is the character already dead?
  6. The mach diamonds are cool, but that flow separation creating exhaust rings is wild.
  7. Send in the U.S. Army Rangers to capture and extract him and extradite to face justice. With Ukrainian permission of course.
  8. You guys ranting about the same topics over and over again and missed a Spider-verse short film was released two weeks ago.
  9. Perfect weather at Long Point, north shore of Lake Erie. It looked so much awesomer than i expected, like a black hole in the sky. Eerie and alien. The horizon was a 360 degree sunset too. Couldn't ask for a better experience.
  10. Consistent with Davos Seaworth, also from Fleabottom, actor Liam Cunningham is Irish.
  11. GO train is operating extra rides there on the Lakeshore West line. But at this point I suggest taking the train to Kingston instead. Much clearer skies likely there.
  12. Reserved my parking spot for Long Point Provincial Park. There's only 650 spots and parking was not suppose to be reservable until this Friday, but it opened early. So at most will have a few thousand people on the beach, instead of millions in Niagara Falls two hours away. It's within a few seconds of the same amount of totality as the Falls too, so I feel like I outsmarted the crowd. But the weather forecast now says Mostly Cloudy.
  13. I think the weather is going to work out for me. But my Texan friends and most of the southern U.S. is likely going to be clouded over, which is the opposite of what is historical for the U.S. south. Thanks El Nino! Eastern seaboard should be great. Okay in the U.S. midwest, around Indiana and Ohio i think. Southern Ontario might be on the transition edge between completely crap to completely clear. Kingston looks complete in the clear, Montreal no good. I think a lot of Canadians will go towards Kingston, hopefully, instead of towards Niagara. I don't want a 12 hour ride home.
  14. For some reason NATO played the theme from Star Trek: First Contact at Sweden's induction ceremony. https://trekmovie.com/2024/03/30/nato-explains-why-the-theme-for-star-trek-first-contact-was-played-at-swedens-induction-ceremony/ Maybe the Borg are Swedish.
  15. I got to wonder, that Trump bible must be heavily edited, right? Got to leave out all the commandments and whatnot that Trump has violated. Ladies and gentlemen: The Two Commandments!
  16. Wil Wheaton hosts an preview of the final season of Discovery and interviews Sonequa Martin-Green
  17. I'm probably going to freeze my ass off camping overnight. But if it is clear skies, there's two more things possibly to see during the eclipse. The "Devil Comet" 12P/Pons-Brooks - a "horned" comet: https://www.cnn.com/2024/03/21/world/devil-comet-pons-brooks-eclipse-scn/index.html -- apparently it kind of looks like the Millennium Falcon. It makes it's closest approach to the Sun in April, and closest approach to Earth in June. Also, the eclipse itself might be extra dramatic because we're at the peak in the solar cycle, and we could see some intense solar flares. https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2024/01/26/total-eclipse-solar-maximum-aurora/
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