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  1. Starfleet Academy series announced. https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/star-trek-starfleet-academy-series-paramount-plus-1235568891/
  2. @IlyaP New York Times is saying his removal happened...this year? (Or did you mean something else happened during Dr. Strange?) Here's from the Polygon article: Permutter since 2019 was left managing the toys in a small division, going from a budget of billions to about $40 million according to one video i saw. The current thing is just axing that last bit as a redundant division.
  3. That all happened in the middle of production of the first Doctor Strange movie (released 2016, production 2015).
  4. Trailer for the first movie filmed in space. No, it was the Russians, not Tom Cruise! Boooooo
  5. Hmmm.... Last week: Today: JMS having business meetings... So an near as I can figure, on March 3rd or 4th JMS mentioned on his Patreon page that he had a call with WB who said they're going ahead with the new B5, though CW had officially passed on the opportunity. https://twitter.com/Grey17Podcast/status/1632006666479648771?s=20 The six weeks quote indicates May 1st as a possible pre-production start date, if whatever he's talking about is a tv series. And this guys says the rumours are for Apple+: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTgOGzx9Wvc
  6. Coogler gets spooky https://twitter.com/tordotcom/status/1640773007118401536?s=20
  7. Charges dropped after his legal team provided video evidence, witnesses provided testimony, and the woman recanted.
  8. I thought about posting this in the Mental Health thread because it is breaking me. A lot of unpack here...
  9. Yeah, I know, no one else here is watching this.... Final season.
  10. Hasn't there been a ton of interest in Hollywood for adaptations of his work? He's been edging closer to an adaptation deal for years. There are many reasons for those to collapse, as most here know. He's written a Mistborn script, so clearly he want to be involved and that's unacceptable to some producers/directors. We all know of shitty adaptations, and he plainly is less interested in a cash payout than seeing something faithfully adapted. And he's spoken of the process here: https://www.17thshard.com/news/brandon-news/adaptation-news-likely-in-the-coming-months-r866/ Google finds that pretty easily. The Wired article author didn't do much research clearly. Here's the video that info was taken from, cued up to the point at which he disscuss it specifically:
  11. Ohh, New Jersey? Why did I think it was set in California? The flight path of the plane makes a lot more sense now....
  12. Don't know what you've been reading but it's had solid positive reviews so far. 88% fresh.
  13. Set photos, mainly a poster on a church wall that read 2020 on it, for Daredevil: Born Again is suggestive the show is set during the Snap. That could explain why they didn't bring Foggy and Karen back. Either that or it's a brief flashblack.
  14. Anyone know why Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is releasing early in a few place on a Sunday? Or is that just in Canada? And not even widely, until Thursday.
  15. Relativity Space launched the first methane rocket to space, but anomaly with the 2nd stage.
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