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  1. Varys spelled it out. Essentially if a handful of people know something then basically everyone will know in short order. Basically it was smart for her to slip away telling nobody her intentions. If you are a world class assassin you don't go around telling anyone who your targets are especially not the people closet to you. The less they know the better. Plus we already know Sansa can't keep a secret even if she swears it.
  2. I turned the brightness of my tv all the way up and it was still to dark. Thought I was watching alien v predator requiem. The battle what I could see was good. Theon totally redeemed in the end, jonah the same. Did enjoy the dance of the dragons however short it was. The lighting of the dothraki swords was cool too bad we never saw what happened. The night king smiling after being bathed in dragonfire, then raising the dead awesome moment. After all the talk of the crypts last week I felt cheated. The deaths in the episode again felt cheated outside of Theon and Jorah, nobody of note died. It was all b list character huge battle death all around and essentially all the major player made it out alive and the dragons. I was expecting this epic showdown in the godswood. We have all this valyrian steel at winterfell we get all this setup how it special and not one whitewalker featured in a sword fight. That ending though it was too simple the longer it went though the more I saw it coming as soon as arya took off and Jon wasn't getting there. Though I thought it was going to be an arrow of dragonglass. I'm gonna give it a 7. I think I hyped it up way too much in my mind.
  3. Well in their defense Bran is super creepy. I mean we all remember his conversation with Sansa when they first reunited. Think she has been uncomfortable around him since, not quite sure arya or jon understand him at this point. Yeah the stark should have had at least one last scene all together but I can see why their wasnt.
  4. Give it a solid 7. It was basically what I expected lots of backstory and setup, the same a the previous 7 season openers. It had it moments, where you laughed, it had its oh please moments, but it also had it OMG moments. Nothing to overwhelming but it did get me looking forward to what to come and that is the basic idea really get the audience to come back for more.
  5. When comparing it to penultimate episodes of the past 6 seasons it did not measure up but it was still pretty good. Though the wright standing around the frozen lake was a bit much that could have moved that along.
  6. 8 The 48 minute running time took something away from it, the battle was great but could have been longer could have done without some of the Winterfell stuff.
  7. The 48 minute run time was a bit jarring seeing that there were only 7 episodes this season to begin with and to cut one 12 minutes short seems a bit odd. I think Davos might be the one to get around suggesting the marriage if he and Tyrion can get together I am sure the topic would come up it after the marriage alliance that would make the most sense. Plus Davos noticed how Jon was eyeing Dany, it is a little off putting that they are aunt and nephew but again they do not know that nor does anyone besides Bran. Poor Sansa she really caught the short end of the stick with in the family, granted she brought in the Vale Army but Jon is King, Bran the power of sight, Arya a warrior, Sansa? Oh and he reaction when she realized that Arya wasn't kidding about the list PRICELESS. Bran just keeps getting more and more creepy. I mean not even that scene with Meera was just painful, I mean Thank You, that's it. I wonder if Jamie and Bronn end up as prisoners, Tyrion seemed to have had his eye fixed squarely on Jamie and I am sure he saw he and Bronn fall into the lake so I would think he might have had people search for them at least. Also the mention of the Golden company seems that the gold made it all the way to Kings Landing so does the iron bank back Cersei and she send for them because we see her army has been decimated. We see the problem with the scorpion as a weapon it seems unless the dragon is flying straight at it well it not all that effective and if you miss its is more than enough time for the dragon to destroy it.
  8. Been a lurker for a long time on the forums, decided to start posting. Gave it a 9 the death scene made the entire episode worth it but there were other thing I loved, the scene with Bronn and Jamie training was excellent although it was short.
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