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  1. Why would she or Rheagar believe that their eloping would cause the deaths of thousands or that a war would break out. Aegon V had five kids 4 of them broke their betrothals and nobody died, and the closest thing to war was when Lyonel Baratheon renounced his fealty and declared himself Storm King and his rebellion was quashed quickly and House Baratheon was placated as were House Tully and Tyrell. Granted Aegon V was not a crazy paranoid pyrophiliac. People keep falling into this trap, we as the readers or watcher know what inevitably happened but place yourself in that situation and try to forget what you know about the follow up events, would you have expected war to break out and thousands to die simply because you eloped. Yeah they expected some hurt feelings but war not by a long shot. Nobody could have predicted Aerys actions which are what led to the war.
  2. The war at the onset was not about them though, it was about Aerys, Jon Arryn did not raise his banners against Rhaegar he raised them against Aerys, Ned and Robert did not fear for their lives because of Rhaegar, they feared for their lives and raised their banners against Aerys. Robert laid his claim to the Iron Throne before the end of the war and it did not even become about finding Lyanna until the end. After he killed Rhaegar he dispatches Ned to King Landing not to find information on Lyanna but to claim the Iron throne. After he arrives in Kings Landing again he is not concerned about where Lyanna is he wants to consolidate his power. Ned strikes out on his own to find her Lyanna. If he was so concerned about finding the love of his life perhaps in between fighting and bedding he could have dispatched a small group to do some searching while he went off to war. Aerys sent Gerold Hightower to find Rhaegar and he did it, so finding them was not impossible, its not like Rhaegar has some common look or Arthur Dayne for that matter someone would have recognized them, they needed supplies so someone went out. Here's my thoughts the I think Rhaegar kept Lyanna in the dark about much of what was going on not wanting to stress her out with her being pregnant and all. Once the war started though it was what he kind of wanted, the great houses united against his father and he was hoping that Robert and company would do the dirty work of taking care of Aerys and he could swoop in and make the peace between the two sides once it was all over. After getting news of the Battle of the Bells he realized like Aerys did that Robert was a threat to his entire house and not just to his father and he had to deal with it. He never thought for a second that Robert would defeat him in battle and he knew he would come back for Lyanna and the baby, but we all know how it really went down.
  3. Two things about this statement. 1. Brandon was not at Riverrun to receive a message. He left Riverrun to join up with his father's wedding party coming to the wedding, it was on his way back to Riverrun that he got word that Lyanna was gone. He rushed off to Kings Landing with his boys, a better question is why is father did not stop him knowing his temperament(Brandon was not the most level headed) and knowing Aerys would be there as well and he was totally nuts. 2. There was already animosity between Rhaegar and Brandon, at the tourney at Harrenhall Brandon wanted to kick Rhaegar's ass, part of that was probably because Rhaegar beat him in the joust but he had to be restrained when Rhaegar gave Lyanna the flowers and title of queen of love and beauty. I think it is safe to say that if she sent word to Riverrun and the message got there and was received by Rickard and Brandon that says " I am not going to marry the man you chose for me, I am in love with Rhaegar, who I know Brandon has a problem with, but I am going to marry him and not Robert. I hope you understand, Lyanna ." Brandon still would have been fuming and might have gone off to kings landing anyway. Robert's rebellion may have come to be known for being started with Lyanna's disappearance, but it was really a war for survival. That was the true basis of the war for Ned and Robert the line that Cersei delivered in Eastwatch summed it up perfectly; they could fight and maybe die or they could submit and surely die. Aerys was the architect of his and his house's demise, though his actions to unite the Vale, North, and Stormlands , then supplemented by the Riverlands against him. Robert never went to war because of the broken engagement like others pointed out. Timeline says that there was a fair amount of time between the disappearance and the raising of banners by Jon Arryn. Lets just assume that the rules of travel on the show do not apply. Lyanna and Rhaegar disappear Brandon meets with his father and is heading back to Riverrun when he gets word, he and his boys now head south to KIngs Landing from someplace is the Riverlands, presumably Rickard heads back to Winterfell or onto Riverrun. When he reaches whichever destination he would probably send word to Robert about what happens and he stays in the Vale. Brandon arrives at King Landing and demands Rhaegar "come out and die"(very stupid) he and his boys are arrested. Aerys sends word to Rickard and the others fathers, they all have to travel from the North, this takes time for all of them to arrive in KL. They are all tried, convicted, and executed (except Ethan Glover), Aerys then calls for Robert and Ned's heads Jon Arryn calls in his banners beginning the rebellion. I saw someone do a comprehensive timeline of these events and this all takes place from start to finish in about 2 months.
  4. xander_blackfyre

    What started the war between the Starks and the Lannisters?

    There had been animosity between House Stark and House Lannister since the sack of King Landing and the deaths of Elia and her children. Then add to the fact Jamie had betrayed Aerys and he made no secret of what he thought should happen to him. All that had built up over the years and Littlefinger seizing upon all this mistrust just kept pushing and pushing. What kept this from happening sooner was basically the Starks stayed in the North and the Lannisters stayed west and south they were away from eachother then Robert offering the handship to Ned brought these side together and eventually something was going to happen.
  5. I think we will come to find out a lot of things that we thought about the war and the events leading up to it were not true. History is written by the victors after all, if Rhaegar had won at the trident the history of the war would have been entirely different. When we look at the relationship that Rhaegar, Lyanna and Elia had I think we will find that R+L had been planning their marriage in that time between the Harrenhall Touney and when they disappeared, they may have actually met and fell for one another before the tourney itself. They probably thought they could leave without anyone noticing them together and get married and once they were married they thought what could anyone do. I dont think for a second they thought a broken betrothal would lead to civil war. If Brandon had not gone off half cocked it very well might not have as war did not break out until Aerys called for Ned and Robert's heads. It was also Jon Arryn that raised his banners in revolt first, Robert became it's inspiration later on. I think in that time that R+L were doing their planning that he would have informed Elia of what his plans were she had to know that he was not in love with her and his heart belonged to someone else. I would think that a woman would know this type of thing and I would think that with the High Septon involved in the whole marriage and annulment he would have spoken to both of them before hand. I don't think Elia was happy about how everything was going to go down but I think Rhaegar would have told her and made arrangements for the children and that would have satisfied Elia enough so that she would agree to the annulment. As for the basis of the annulment we have to remember little Aegon was an infant and there was no certainty that he would survive into adulthood and Viserys was still young as well so having so few male heirs could be problematic.
  6. xander_blackfyre

    The Kingsguard's armor?

    Just a little not under the Targaryens and Baratheons the cloaks and armor were white with silver breastplates. Cersei loathed Robert and she wanted to distance herself from everything Targaryen it seem so adorning her queensguard in all Black would be a way to show the people that this is her rule entirely she is sweeping away the old dynasties and starting a new one.
  7. It was Littlefinger, remember he started this whole thing by killing Jon Arryn and having the Lannisters suspected of it knowing that there had been tension between the two houses since the closing days of Robert's Rebellion. What better way than to further sow that discord than to have it look like the Lannisters tried to have Bran killed (which they did anyway, but Littlefinger doesn't know Jamie pushed him from the tower) to keep him from talking.
  8. xander_blackfyre

    Where was Gendry?

    Gendry going to KL would make no sense because there are only what 3 people that know who he is. Jon/Aegon, Davos, and Melisandre, why go back and expose himself to the Lannisters as yet another potential threat would make no sense. As to where he was this episode I would think that he was sent to Winterfell as that seems to be HQ for the war he just has no arrived yet,
  9. xander_blackfyre

    What will Dany & Aejon name their heir?

    Aenys or Rhagar if its boy Lyanna if its a girl Well Rhaegar was Aerys son and nephew, so Dany would have been Aerys daughter and niece so daughter/son and cousin while still all kinds of messed up in the history of Targaryens isn't as messed up as it could be.
  10. xander_blackfyre

    so did tormound and beric survive

    Got the impression they both booked it along the top of the wall instead of trying to get down they were on the edge of the stable side. As for why so many ran down instead of along top, I think it just boils down to human instinct, the wall is collapsing, you dont have time to think if it is just a section or if it is the whole thing. If something is collapsing then your first instinct is to get off of it.
  11. xander_blackfyre

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    If Rhaegar was involved in the naming and he chose Aegon because it was suppose to be the name of a great warrior then perhaps he should have looked elsewhere. Outside of Aegon I the name seems to be cursed in some kind of way as the other four kings to have the name were Aegon II - depending on one's POV was a usurper, he went to war for a crown he had to be convinced to take, he spent most of that war laid up, as the only two times he went to battle he ended up severely wounded. In the end he was poisoned by his own men. Aegon III - called the dragonbane, extremely traumatized by his experiences with dragons blamed for their extinction, always depressed and withdrawn. Aegon IV-called the unworthy, basically King Robert on steroids, and legitimized his bastards which led to rebellion after rebellion Aegon V-was not a particularly bad king just that his reign ended in tragic way. The legacy of the name would be enough for him to come up with something different. I would have gone with Aemon and it would have fit great as Aemon the dragonknight was a legendary warrior and maester Aemon was someone very close to Rhaegar, and the first Aemon(Jaehaerys I son) married his aunt.
  12. xander_blackfyre

    So from the promo for the next episode....

    Why does everyone think that the meeting being in the dragonpit is all Cersei. There is no way in hell that anyone with half a brain would agree to a meeting with her in a place that she suggests. They would want to meet in a place as neutral as possible. There is no way Dany's people agree to a meeting that would take place in the Red Keep and there is no way that Cersei is leaving Kings Landing. So the dragonpit would be a place that had to be mutually agreed to.
  13. xander_blackfyre


    During a Flashback we find tha there were not one but two children born that day at the tower of Joy, a boy and a girl. The girl had the signature purple eyes of the Targaryens and the boy the grey eyes of the Starks. It was decided that the twins must be split up and Ned decides to take the boy while the girl is secreted away to Dragonstone to be raised in exile along with Rhaella, Viserys, and the unborn Targaryen child. Rhaella dies giving birth and the girl is passed off as her child that survived. In the end we find out Jon and Dany are not nephew and aunt but brother and sister.
  14. xander_blackfyre

    Episode Title: The Dragon and the Wolf

    The title probably refers to more than one coupling but I am thinking that it will mostly apply to Rhaegar and Lyanna, but Jon and Dany will have a couple of moments in there as well. I would expect to see one of three moments in a flashback the moment R+L met, the moment they ran off, or their wedding. The wedding being the most likely as it was just brought up a couple of episodes ago.
  15. xander_blackfyre

    Jon's poor battle record

    Jon's battle record, ability to inspire those that follow him, and his letting his emotions at times get the better of him are all just further proof that he is his father's son.