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[NO SPOILERS] "Positive Nitpicking" - What you loved about the episode [NO SPOILERS]


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- The Hound reminding us that for all his snappy one-liners and love of chicken, he's still pretty damn amoral

- Shireen and Davos - he's like her sweet adoptive uncle, and she's a no-nonsense Mini Stannis

- Jorah's body language was perfect. When Daario steps forward, you can almost feel him deflating. Forever Ser Friendzoned.

- Love the reminder that the Wildlings are no idle threat. They are ferocious and dangerous and determined, and Ygritte is no exception. I like that we're getting a Wilding's-eye-view of the battle for the Wall - drives home the fact that they really do need to be dealt with, and soon.

- Speaking of the Wall, DOLOROUS EDD!! Cleverly slipped in justification for the raid on Craster's Keep - Jon and Thorne's uneasy alliance is paper-thin and prone to fall apart at any time. Kit Harington's doing a great job with Jon so far this season imo.

- Not much to say about Sansa & Littlefinger except that Sophie Turner has magnificent cheekbones.

- The Oberyn/Ellaria scene was pretty gratuitous but he and Tywin have excellent on-screen chemistry - you can almost taste the animosity. And Oberyn's pretty pleasant to look at, if I'm honest.

- I actually kind of liked Daario this time around.

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I loved the Tywin & Tommen scene. I am really enjoying this new Tommen and his age isn't really as much of a deal as I thought it would be.

I love Oberyn, but the whole brothel background was completely unnecessary. Otherwise, a good scene also.

The little Sansa/Littlefinger scene was somewhat "dark", which I really liked. LF, you little creeper.

Surprisingly enough, I liked the Meereen bit. Perhaps because it was so short.

I hate the fact they made the Thenns cannibals, but the scene with their attack was pretty great.

Shireen is always a joy to watch. Such a little cutie.

I love Arya with the Hound and also enjoyed them this time around, but kinda didn't get the purpose of their scenes.

Tyrion and Pod are also cute together. Such a sweet bond they have.

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Meereen. Dany's High Valyrian sounded so cool this time around.

More Jon. :D (And Edd!)

I like Gilly and her baby is very cute.

Shireen and Davos.

Tywin and Tommen. Tommen seems shy and insecure, and it seems Tywin will use him for a while. I like it.

Tyrion and Pod. I don't care if it was cheesy, I liked it.

Sansa scene.

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I've read a lot of criticisms towards new Daario, but I have to tell, I prefer this actor much better.

And his fight with Meereen champion, although short, was pretty nice to watch.

4. Daario "expendable" Naharis LOL...

Totally. One of the characters I'm increasingly liking.

I also like Pod a lot more now. Could he be the only friend Tyrion has (had) in KL? Maybe along with his brother, yes, the only Lannister that loves him, but the way he "loved" his sister in this episode was weird to say the least. (really, "weird" is a very mild word for that)

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Watching it again, that was some fantastic camera work in the Meereenese champion fight. I knew this scene would help me decide whether Huisman could pull off Daario or not, and it certainly did. That wink and smirk, cocky posture, kissing his dagger, the ease in which he finished off the other champion, and amused face while he pissed towards the city - I'm sold.

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The end of the episode was very good. It's a bit disappointing that Strong Belwas has been left out of the show, he is the one confronting the champion in the book but Daario Naharis is an interesting substitute. That has certainly helped established not only Michiel Huisman in this role but the nature of the character as well. The way Daenyris look at him, is interesting.

The series is starting at a slow-pace, meaning that after the Red Wedding we are entering grounds where new plots are brewing and change are taking place (first half of A Storm Of Swords) and that looks promising for the second half of the season.

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Jon Snow. Kit is doing excellent so far ! Looking forward to get lots of great scenes at the Wall this season.

Shireen and Davos, obviously.

"Are you gonna do all 7 fuckers ?"

The Tywin - Oberyn scene ! Hardcore ! ^^

Surprisingly, I loved the Meereen part ! Loved the speech !

Sansa - Littlefinger, of course !

The wildling raid was a great touch, imo, reminds us of their ferocity ! I want more Tormund !

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-Jon Snow. I love him this season, and I like that he's becoming a leader, and he's more confident too.

-Sansa getting out of KL - I got very excited

-follow up - Sansa/LF scene. I was getting chills at the amount of creepiness, which is exactly the right effect.

-Oberyn Martell, enough said.

-new Daario is growing on me, I must say.

-Samwell and Gilly acting adorable

-Shireen and Davos is really sweet.

-Arya and the Hound acting like bosses

-I teared up at Pod and Tyrion :)

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- Shireen and Davos being adorable as usual

- "the Tullys of Riverrun" :')

- Podrick squire of my heart. :wub:

- Oberyn proposing Tywin to 'have a seat'.

- The entire Tywin/Tommen/Cersei was amazing

- The setting, lights, etc.. never disappoint.

- the Hound had some great lines.

- the Wildling attack was very well shot, and Ygritte is here to kick some major ass.

- the broken collars' symbolism was pretty neat.

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Oh good gods, where do I begin? Maybe I should do this geographically:

at the Wall:

- Jon giving a really good reason for going to Craster's

- Thorne being a reasonable jerk

- Sam once again showing that he is one of the nicest people in Westeros

- "Sam the Slayer"

- Pyp's "I don't think I can kill a hundred wildlings" XD

in the Riverlands:

- Arya calling Sandor her father *lol*

- Sandor finishing the prayer *rofl*

- Sandor asking Arya just how many Starks have to lose their heads before she accepts the world as it truly is

on Dragonstone:

- Stannis reminding viewers of the leeches and his ultimate goal of sitting the IT

- Davos being the only sane man (again), by admitting that while Melisandre's magic might work, soldiers win wars

- Shireen channeling her father

in King's Landing:

- Tywin's interactions with both Oberyn and Tommen

- Cersei's callback to Tyrion's threat

- Pod smuggling food and candles + ink + paper into Tyrion's cell (and Tyrion's incredulous look of "where did he hide that stuff")

- Pod's undying loyalty and Tyrion's reaction to it

near King's Landing:

- Baelish and all his dialogue, a lot of which was taken almost directly from the books

- Sansa realizing that Baelish meant it when he said that "they are all liars" and - judging from her looks - the realization that that includes Baelish as well

in Essos:

- Dany's speech

- Dary pwning Meereen's champion

- Meereen looks amazing

- and last but not least: Missandei being completely embarrassed by what she has to interpret (which I, being an interpreter myself) can relate to

What a perfect list. There was a lot to like in this episode.

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Sansa and Littlefinger esp. Sansa's oh [email protected]*k reaction to Dontos death and we are all liars here.

Jon at the wall

I did like Bran and the tree

Shireen and Davos

Tyrion and Pod

Except for the sept section I pretty much liked the whole show.

I did think Sam taking Gilly to Mole Town was brainless.

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I love Arya with the Hound and also enjoyed them this time around, but kinda didn't get the purpose of their scenes.

I think this might have been one of the most meaningful and important scenes of the entire series... or at least the Hound's story arc. We are presented with two different philosophies. The first is that of Hoster Tully, "we had our good years and our bad, but we were safe." He protected his peasants as part of his duties as a Lord. Later, we are presented with the Hound's philosophy, those who can't protect themselves are already dead.

What is important about the scene, was the Hound was offered a choice to buy into the first philosophy. He could have helped protect the farmer and his daughter. Instead, he "broke his code" and became a thief, robbing the man.

The irony is the Hound's philosophy becomes self fulfilling. It is because of men like his brother and now himself that the weak need protection. In contrast, the more people who buy into the first philosophy, the weaker the reasoning behind the Hound's justifications. If Hoster Tully lived and ruled the Riverlands, the Hound's banditry would be hunted down and punished.

I think this scene is going to have a longer effect on the Hound's arc than just this episode, though one can never know which way the multiple writers on the show will go.

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I really liked shireen's stuff.

I don't really know where they are going the gilly in Mole's Town thing. But that brothel looked like you'd catch a STD just walking into the place.

Ha, yeah, but I don't think Mole's Town has the same luxury as KL.

Before Sam and Gilly's talk, we see Thorne and Slynt looking over the new recruits; Raper, raper, thief, thief and raper...

Castle Black is still a dangerous place for the wrong kind of person - namely, a young wildling girl. Sam thinks it would be safer for her to be around other women and away from his brothers. Obviously this is flawed, seeing as how they know wildlings are flanking them from the south west. But I think this is a case of Sam's jealousy and worry overriding his common sense. Castle Black is the known target for the band of wildlings, so he could expect them to miss Mole's Town completely, or at least have scouts warning beforehand so the villagers have time to make it to Castle Black (thus reducing the time Gilly spends around his brothers).

But yes, it is a bit of an irrational decision by Sam, but I can understand his worries.

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