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[NO SPOILERS] "Positive Nitpicking" - What you loved about the episode [NO SPOILERS]


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  • I'm so glad we're back at The Wall. I need more Jon Snow and Thorne, now!

  • Tywin mentoring Tommen, whilst virtually spitting on Joff's name right in front of his corpse and grieving mother. Cold, but such a great scene. No sentimentality, just business. And poor impressionable Tommen; was glad to see he didn't rebuke Tywin about Joffrey either.

  • Jaime talking to Tommen. A small moment, but I appreciated it so much.

  • Sansa's escape onto the boat was basically just how I imagined it. Glad to see creepy Littlefinger is back... in a weird way.

  • I like Shireen in the books, though it's mostly out of pity. She's fantastic in the show, and is really channeling her inner Stannis! Her scenes with the Onion Knight are always so sweet.

  • Davos, because more Davos is vital for a balanced diet.

  • That wildling raid was brutal; but just how I imagined one would play out. Glad to see Ygritte is still showing her "savage" side.

  • Arya remembering that The Hound is the worst shit in all of the seven kingdoms!

  • Dany's entire speech and scene. I know she cops a lot of shit on these forums, but I'm still a Dany supporter in both book and show! If Emilia spoke High Valyrian to me I'd probably melt and die.

  • Daario starting to feel like Daario. That wink and smirk before owning the Meereenese champion was perfect.

  • Pod sneaking in cheese and other supplies for Tyrion, and their heartfelt goodbye! Much like Bran and Rickon's parting last season, it actually surprised me how genuine it felt.

It's funny, Breaker of Chains is my least favourite out of the three so far - but it's a testament to the show that a decent/good episode of GoT is still worth many replays.

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1. Tywin/Tommen

2. Tywin/Oberyn

3. That brief moment of Jaime/Tommen

4. Maisie Williams can act again!!!

5. Podrick

6. Sansa fleeing the city

7. Margaery being sad

8. Daenerys' face when Meereen champion pissed

9. Daario taking a piss after killing the Meereen champion

... that's all. And yeah, Gilly's baby was cute too.

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I pretty much loved all of it, except one particular scene that I won't discuss here.

I enjoyed Pod and Tyrion, excellent scene.

Tommen and Tywin

I enjoyed Gilly and Sam until he took her to Mole's Town. They are so sweet together.

I love Jon Snow and his development and the strength he's displaying in speaking up. I cheered when Dolorous Edd and Grenn came back!

I actually really enjoyed Dany's scene.

Shireen is starting to steal the show.

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No Strong Belwas? No problem. I loved that it's Daario who fights Mereen's champion. By giving him this opportunity to fill in, he gets to act like a lovestruck schoolboy trying to impress his crush, and by pissing on the corpse it shows his cocky overconfidence and how Dany makes him feel invincible.

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I love the brilliant acting. Almost everyone is so comfortable in their roles. Charles Dance has an incredible presence and magnetism as Tywin. Unfortunately Jorah hasn't had much to do but Iain Glen also adds magnetism and weight to his character. He looks great as well.

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The CGI - VFX work on Meereen gets a TEN from me, it , so far, is my minds eye picture as GRRM painted it.

The opening credit sequence of Meereen goes may super fast wish they had more time to elaborate.

Danny's High Valyrian oration is just perfect and Emilia Clarke delivers it just pitch perfect.

(Would like to see David Peterson's comments how Emilia did, she has made a few slips with the language.)

Ramin Djawadi has some new score for this season, but the end of episode 3 was large scale and sounded very good.

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