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What Are You Listening To XVI: Don't Stop The Music

King Tyrion I

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I'd forgotten to mention that I'd been listening to these folks a bit more and think they're really good. I don't know if I know this track though.

You Are the One is an incredibly powerful song that, at least for me, never gets old.

I have to admit though that I think I have a bit of a crush on their female vocalist who is badass and totally sexy.

Yeah; this is the first song I heard from them - heard it on a TV show and then was hooked. Need to listen to more of their stuff really, but all I've listened to I have really enjoyed.
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The new Godflesh is terrific.

Yes. Yes it was.

You know what? I fucking love the Sword, and I don't give a fuck who knows it. Age of Winters on vinyl, all goddamn night

Fuck the haters, The Sword is awesome. Warp Riders is a helluva an album.

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