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What Are You Listening To XVI: Don't Stop The Music

King Tyrion I

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The Vaccines are so good, and this is one of my favorites.

Sigh. I am already being Christmas-songed to death. Here are the two I actually enjoy.

I came across them while listening to the radio actually and liked them at once.

Hyde - Evergreen (Japanese)

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Blind Guardians new single Twilight of the Gods is out today! After all those interviews, I was expecting more orchestra and choir. But I sill really do like it. Musiclike, you really notice, that this is the album will be the brother in thought to Imaginations From The Other Side. And Stephen Kings Dark Tower really seems to be one of Hansis most favourit series of all time.

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Amon Amarth - Without Fear

Death release me
Free me from my earthly pain
Oden I ask thee please
Take me home

Minas Morgul - Väterchen Frost

Väterchen Frost ich kenne den Preis
Wenn man Dein Land im Norden bereist
Väterchen Frost im ewigen Eis
Wo selbst Dein Atem den Wanderer beisst

Summoning - Caradhras

When winter winds are piercing chill,
and through the hawthorn blows the gale,
with solemn feet I tread the peak,
that overbrows the mountains vale.
Redhorn; my doom!

Lothlöryen - Unfinished Fairytale

Let me see in future days
A land among the stars
So far and forbidden
As a never ending light
In this light there is a future
For who that never more
Will try to forget it
So praise the king that never comes

Rivendell - Back to Lands We Once Did Know

Follow, follow stars that leap
Up the heavens cold and steep;
Turn when dawn comes over land,
Over rapid, over sand

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