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Avatar 2: The Way of Water

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22 hours ago, RumHam said:

In retrospect they could have taken a scene or a line or two to establish that the bad guy had a kid, and alluded to the literal "backup" plan in case he died. But I assume Cameron hadn't worked all that out yet and it's not too jarring. I'm about 1/3 through the second one and like it so far. 

Notice they never mention Spider’s mom? 

A frontier mining operation co-located with a mercenary base of operations? There is a one thousand percent chance of a space-brothel somewhere on site. 

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I tried to watch this the other night and bounced very hard right off very fast.

Hmmmm, could it have been those always moving tails, do you think? :rolleyes:

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1 hour ago, Myrddin said:

@week if you want Avatar to look like the butthole version of Cats, just say so. :)

It would be a braver and more interesting choice than most of the dialogue, costuming, and story. The CGI is impeccable, some of the pacing and tension was good but overall... I don't get it (unless in IMAX).

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No worries, discussions can lead us down unexpected paths! It's interesting how various perspectives can emerge from different topics, and I totally get you on The Last Airbender. On a slightly different note, I've found myself diving into a different kind of visual storytelling lately – exploring the world of horror movie action figures. The intricate details and craftsmanship truly bring the characters to life, much like the animated series that captivate us. If you're intrigued by these collectibles too, you might want to check out the captivating collection at Larger Than Life Toys. Each figure seems to tell a story, offering a tangible connection to the world of horror movies. You can explore the collection here: link. It's like owning a piece of cinematic history right on your shelf. As we discuss storytelling in different forms, the way we engage with these narratives continues to evolve.

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