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the weirdest theories you've ever seen


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3 minutes ago, Ring3r said:

I've seen some really out-there theories about how some of GRRM's other novels take place in the future of Planetos rather than our own world.  Those are interesting.

wow! that was new...

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6 minutes ago, Ring3r said:

I've seen some really out-there theories about how some of GRRM's other novels take place in the future of Planetos rather than our own world.  Those are interesting.

I tend to believe GRRM when he says that Planetos is not part of the Thousand Worlds of his previous stories.

That said, he is a consummate recycler and has no qualms with bending and hybridizing genres. He has written previous "fantasies" that included space ships and cloning laboratories...and so a lot of weird stuff that people think of as off the table for ASOIAF may in fact be possible, though obviously execution is key to ensuring that such weird stuff doesn't just come off as bad writing.

Edit: I wrote a topic post arguing against the whole "secret sci-fi" idea, but I do argue that GRRM is capable of going a lot closer to sci-fi than a lot of ASOIAF fans might imagine.


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6 hours ago, Phylum of Alexandria said:

I don't think this will happen, but I don't think it's completely insane. In fact, I agree on the speculation that Pretty Meris is derived from a discarded arc originally intended for Brienne to take...perhaps before GRRM decided not to do the five year gap.

I agree, though, that it would be unsatisfying were it to happen to Brienne.

Well, there's definitely foreshadowing that she will slay kingslayers by sword.  She swore it 3 times (re. Stannis).  And Cat swore she would not keep her from this mission.  And Brienne swore it a 4th time at UnCat's instigation (re. Jaime). 

I guess she does not have to be undead to carry out such missions.   But it does fit, for various reasons.

Brienne did tell Jaime she was taking him to the Hound.  So if Jaime then returns to KL in the company of the Hound it will not seem too odd.  And if the Hound takes on Robert Strong at the trial, it won't seem too odd either.  Everyone will say "Cleganebowl happened after all".  But it could be Brienne, slaying another kingslayer. 


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11 hours ago, EggBlue said:

for some reason when I read this , my mind went to Neom's the Line project in Saudi Arabia . for anyone who's not familiar with it , it's an urban design project with the goal of constructing a futuristic city that's plan is literally a straight line cutting through south of Saudi Arabia ! its exterior façade is completely reflective which is a pretty choice when it comes to architectural concept/marketing renders . but logically with what I've read of Saudi Arabia's straight sunshine in clear summer sky, it'll be a blinding sight ! that is if you don't get burned if you are in a certain distance ! THAT is one scary lit up wall!  

That's an interesting real world comparison worthy of the History of Westeros podcast.  I did not know that! 

The problem is that we are not told all that much about GRRM's use of magic.  He doesn't codify anything but he does show you some things and then you have to use your imagination and intuition a bit.  If I knew what GRRM thinks; I could tell you what will happen in tWoW. But I don't, so I have to guess which comes with the added complication of not having any textual evidence or very limited textual evidence to go on.

So when Jon notices that Mel's Lightbringer pyrotechnic display lights up the Wall like a storm of light and GRRM says "who knows what the Dawn sword can do";  I imagine the Dawn sword lighting up the Wall turned up to about a thousand and Mel's light show paling in comparison.  

I'm definately getting a strong vibe that white light or light as bright as the sun is key   The Dawn sword alive with light; glass candles that can burn against the cold, the curtain of light surrounding the heart of winter, etc.

Now that I'm delving into Tolkien's legendarium; I imagine that GRRM has been influenced by Tolkiens use of light as a weapon and a shield in passages where Gandalf use his magic, or talks about the secret fire/flame of Udun.  He even uses the term dark flame to describe Moqorro in Quaithe's vision.

If you are interested in comparing:











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16 hours ago, Gilbert Green said:

Sarella = Alleras has not been revealed yet.

Sandor = Gravedigger has not been revealed yet.  As far as the surface text goes, Sandor is dead and buried.

You’re right, these haven’t been revealed by the author, but they’re pretty obvious given the clues we’re given IMO. So much so that I wasn’t even considering them as hidden identities. There are a few more like these, I think… the alchemist at the citadel comes to mind. 

16 hours ago, Gilbert Green said:

Aegon = Fake has not been revealed yet.  But IDK, maybe you think he is real.  If he is the real Aegon, it was not exactly a quick reveal from Book 1 when we were told he was dead till book 5 when we found out he was alive.

Anyhow, this is circular. 

Is it? 

16 hours ago, Gilbert Green said:

None of the major series-spanning surprises have been revealed yet. 


16 hours ago, Gilbert Green said:

Are you just assuming there will be no such surprises in the final volumes?

I’m sure there will be a few surprises, just not sure they’ll be reveals about hidden identity.

16 hours ago, Gilbert Green said:

Why on earth would you let this bother you, though?  Just smile and move on.

Why on Planetos would you assume this bothers me? Most of the inane hidden identities ‘theories’ I mentioned are hilarious and outlandish and are never gonna happen, but they don’t bother me, 

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