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'The Winds Of Winter' Death Predictions

Queen of Whores

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* if greywind is still alive and Robb lives inside him then maybe Cat will surcrifise to bring back our King

Its already been stated that Ghost Greywind got his head sown onto Robs body... but since I already multiquoted you... Un-Rob/greywind would be pretty epic o.o

Maybe we need a thread for next zombie predictions instead of death predictions xD

Hodor. Sorry, but it's probably going to happen.


I keep thinking the same thing actually... Bran will probably be at fault using him for some purpose... Not only would that be a real shock to Bran to be responsible for his death (besides as traumatizing as it would be to experience death while warged into him), but then Bran would truly be STUCK in that cave unless there's some other freakishly large men around to carry his crippled butt around.

LF maybe, but I just don't see Varys dying. He truly is the master of the game of thrones.

"the waves break overhead, the big fish eat the little fish and I keep paddling"

I truly believe that Varys will be the last man left standing by the end of the series. It would be epic if he was the epilogue for ADOS.

Varys was untouchable till he detailed that he holds a grudge against magic users... it will be his undoing or I don't see why GRRM would bother bringing it into the picture.

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A POV character has to die


Step 1:

Pick the character with the highest sense of honor and respect towards others and their lives, you know the guy or gal who likes to build instead of mindlessly destroy everything,

Step 2:

Kill him/her via treason.

Step 3:

If the number of characters left is greater than 0 && some other person has to die too.

Then: Jump to Step 1

Else: Stop

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- Myrcella/Tommen - At least one, probably both Cersei will bite it in the last book

- Stannis (Not during the Battle of Winterfell, but later on)

- Shireen

- Brienne (Killed by UnCat or Jaime)

- LF (By some Sansa plot)

- JonCon

- Jorah Mormont

- Aegon

- Roose or Ramsay (One killing the other)

-Walder Frey

- A bunch of other Freys (Because they always die now)

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-Brienne, Jaime, or UnCat. (one, possibly two)


-Whoever takes on Robert Strong


-FREYS, lots of FREYS

-VICTARION As much as i love me some Victarion, he could very well die.

Victarion is headed straight into unleashed dragons. If this horn actually bears control over the dragons, then he is then (arguably) thee most powerful character.

BUT WHAT IF, the horn has some sort of adverse affect? Possibly angering the dragons, sedating them, etc.....

The horn is so powerful and piercing it could possibly reach Drogon....bringing him back....with Dany riding him....??!!??

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I definitely think we need to lose a couple POV characters, because right now we have:













Brienne (unless she's like Catelyn and won't have a POV anymore)










Way. too. many. And I'm not sure I even listed them all.

And I'm not even counting the major non-POV characters like Stannis, LF, Varys, and other Martells, Lannisters, and Tyrells, etc.

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In Essos:


Ser Barristan

Daario (please!)



In the North:

Ramsay Bolton


Bowen Marsh




Walder Frey

Margaery (not Cersei)

Tommen (not Myrcella)

Mace Tyrell

One of the Sand Snakes

Catelyn (permanently)

This is almost spot on, I think.

Only disagree with Victarion, Mel, UnCat. I think one of the Tyrells will perish, not sure which, but Mace is more likely than Margaery.

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I'd actually written most of an essay about which POVs might die to submit to a different website, putting odds on the potential for each living POV to die, but never got around to submitting it. I'll just put the meat of it here.

Most of it is based around who might perish in the first half of TWOW, as GRRM has stated he intends to cut down on the number of POVs so he can start re-unifying the story threads and clear up some of the clutter. As this is more analysis than opinion or speculation, the further into the story we're talking about the less meaningful it becomes, since we don't know the details of the events to come. Really, trying to guess at who might die in the second half of TWoW is more guesswork than educated speculation, since with two major battles on the verge of breaking out, the first half is likely to pack quite a punch.

There is one specific mechanical element that can help us eliminate some names from our list immediately—geography. There are certain locations we can be quite confident will be important early in TWOW. Some of these locations have multiple POVs to help push the stories along, but some do not. The following are the important locations sporting just one lonely POV at the beginning of TWOW.

King’s Landing
- For the first time since the opening chapters of AGOT
Kings Landing is surprisingly devoid of POV characters. Although one of the more accessible locations to travel to, Cersei Lannister appears to be our only set of eyes on the Westerosi Capital as the book begins. Cersei may be unlikely to survive by the end of ADOS, but she also seems unlikely to perish early in TWOW, if only to keep us apprised of the activities in King’s Landing.

The Vale of Arryn
- The current whereabouts of the oldest of the lost trueborn Stark children, Sansa figures to be as safe as anyone can be in the company of Littlefinger. The story here is largely focused on Sansa, Baelish, the succession of Lordship over the Eeyrie, and a potential union with Winterfell. While it's somewhat unclear what significance this thread has in the greater narrative, it is clear there is something important happening. The Vale is also a possible landing spot for everyone's favorite non-POV badass, the Blackfish. Aside from spending the majority of adulthood in the Vale, he should be familiar with Littlefinger thanks to their time together at Riverrun and one of the few people who could immediately recognize Sansa due to her resemblance to Catelyn.

- Like her older sister, Arya Stark remains in a place where the reader's perspective is her's and her's alone. Also similarly to the Vale, the role of Braavos remains somewhat unclear, and it may be that Arya's time here won't last very long. But it is where she will begin the story and there's little narrative motivation for her to meet an untimely end in such a remote location. She might even be able to provide some interesting details regarding the Iron Bank.

North of the Wall
- Bran's tutelage under Bloodraven is just beginning, and although he may not be particularly mobile, his perspective has become quite unique. He can see into the past and possibly even communicate with other characters over great distances. He also can provide further information on the Children of the Forest and the Others.

- The intrigue in Oldtown had just begun to unfurl in AFFC
and it remains unclear what role the Citadel and the Maesters have yet to play. With a glass candle burning and both a Faceless Man and a Sand Snake presumably on the loose, it's safe to say something important is happening here, and it'll be up to our own shy little Slayer, Samwell Tarly, to provide us with the gory details.

So the characters who figure to begin TWOW in a location of importance and as the lone POV characters in the vicinity are Cersi Lannister, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, and Samwell Tarly. We can assume that the odds that any of them die quickly in TWOW is quite low.

I think you have some failed logic with your system here.

With the exception of KL and to a lesser extent Oldtown none of these places are significantly needing a pov they are signifcant because said POV characters are there not the other way around Arya doesn't follow any intrigue related to Bravos it she hops on a ship chapter one and never returns there are no loose ends things that a POV needs to cover there.

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I think you have some failed logic with your system here.

With the exception of KL and to a lesser extent Oldtown none of these places are significantly needing a pov they are signifcant because said POV characters are there not the other way around Arya doesn't follow any intrigue related to Bravos it she hops on a ship chapter one and never returns there are no loose ends things that a POV needs to cover there.

There are entire threads related to what people think the ironbank is up too, and entire threads related to what the facelessmen are up too, I simply have to disagree. I can certainly admit that Arya may leave Bravos, but with Justin Massey and others potentially on the way I think there is definitely a Bravos story line. And if you consider Arya in terms of what the post you quoted said then she is still safe until she gets back to Westeros.

Edit: I guess Bravos doesn't need a POV like you said, buy I think we would loose a lot if we didn't have it. And I would say that Bran's POV is just as important as Cersei's or Sam's, I mean were obviously going to get something huge from him.

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OK ,Farewell Vic and farewell Lancel ... but I want Barristan to come back to Westeros in an honoured position before he goes out in a blaze of glory..so I hope you're wrong there , Wolf King.

Moqorro might find a pure and glorious end..;)

Daario could become a tragic figure ( maybe after Dany finds out he was really not that inappropriate after all.)

So long to Hizdahr and the Green Grace.

I agree that either Roose or Ramsay will be cancelled out ( perhaps one by the other).. But I hope one is saved for a Stark ( or maybe Lady Dustin would like to do the honours )

Ummm...Clayton Suggs in the godswood by Lady Asha with a throwing axe... ( I may be getting carried away by my passions , here..)

Bowen is toast, but maybe not Othell.

Freys by the score.

And Selyse may be done in, hopefully by her own stupidity.

I'll have to think some more .. but I do think Braavos will need a POV. All that moving and shaking needs explaining.

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One of the Lannister POVs needs to go in TWoW. And if GRRM sticks to nobody is safe it will be Tyrion. He had more luck than anyone else surviving as long as he did, and he will be in the middle of a very violent battle in a place with three POVs.

... in the end Tyrion found out where whores go. To hell.

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I have a strong feeling that the Maggy the Frog prophecy will be true. Cercei will outlive all her kids: Dorne will execute Myrcella and Tommen will be killed in an attack on Kings Landing. After that, the valonqar will choke the s**t out of her.

Jon Snow is more than likely dead. I could see him warging into one of the men who killed him though. Remember Sixskins warging into that woman in the prologue of ADWD? Sixskins failed but I think Jon would succeed at this.

Ser Barristan will save Dany from the Dothraki the same way he saved her father (from Duskendale?) but will die in the process.

Yeah, Jojens a goner.

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Hodor (Bran will ride Wun Wun instead :) )


Mellisandre after bringing Jon back

Old Griff

Barristan Selmy

Green Grace


One of Danys bloodriders


at least one Bolton, probably the bastard

a few random Freys

Lord to fat too ride

Patchface (he really scares me^^)


Selyse (just because I want her gone)

every known Kettleblack






Benjen Stark

and every Children of the Forest

forgot Euron Greyjoy

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Several major characters are bound to get killed off in The Winds of Winter, to free up story space for the two massive narratives that will likely be the sole focus of the final book: the Others invasion and the second Dance of the Dragons. These are my predictions:

SER LORAS TYRELL: he will die fighting Franken-Gregor in Cersei's trial. His death, along with Ser Kevan Lannister's, will further crumble the Lannister-Tyrell alliance, and the outrage of losing their golden boy will provoke the Tyrells into seizing complete control over King's Landing and exiling Cersei and Qyburn and Franken-Gregor from the city. They will hold Tommen hostage in order to force Cersei and her men to leave peacefully.

TOMMEN BARATHEON: he will be slain either by the Tyrells or Bronn in order to gain favor with Aegon and his forces. Aegon will lay siege to King's Landing and the Tyrells will refuse to join him, but Bronn will open the gates of the city for Aegon and King's Landing will be sacked again. Some important Tyrells may die as well, but Tommen is the big one here.

EURON GREYJOY: his game is based on the assumption that Victarion will honor his word and bring Dany back from Slaver's Bay to become Euron's wife. Why wouldn't he? Victarion is an honorable man and if he failed in any aspect of his mission, the Ironborn would likely begin to lose respect for him. Victarion will return...as Dany's husband. He will force Dany to marry her because he will have blown the horn and gained control over the 2 dragons she left in Meereen. Dany will have little choice but to play along, especially when Victarion pledges that they shall rule the Seven Kingdoms together. Victarion and his fleet will sail around Westeros and land somewhere on the Western coast (Oldtown?) and find Euron. Euron will die in dragon fire, or maybe the fires of Moqorro, and Victarion will become the new Ironborn King.

CERSEI LANNISTER: there is not much left for her to do but grieve for her children and shuffle off the board. She made her bid for power, rose, and has now fallen. She will return to Casterly Rock with Franken-Gregor in an attempt to regroup. After dealing with Euron, Dany and the Ironborn will attack Lannisport and Casterly Rock. Tyrion may be against it, but he also knows that nothing would win Dany a unanymous "You Go Girl!" from the other 6 Kingdoms quite like burning Lannisters. This move would definitely give the North and the Riverlands cause to rejoice. In the chaos, Tyrion will find Cersei, who is an emotional wreak after learning about Tommen's (and Myrcella's???) death, and kill her.

SER BARRISTAN SELMY & FRANKEN-GREGOR: during Dany and the Ironborn's attacks on Lannisport and Casterly Rock, these two mighty warriors will fight an epic duel and kill each other. This is foreshadowed in Bran's first green dream in A Game Of Thrones, where a figure resembling Franken-Gregor is looming over both Selmy and the Hound. The death of Barristan, so soon after Dany has finally set foot in Westeros, will force her to rely on Tyrion and Ser Jorah even more as she proceeds with her invasion, and could provide some good conflicts, because out of the 3, only Ser Barristan is the most honorable and trustworthy. Without him, Dany will struggle even harder to make the right decisions on her quest to the Iron Throne. Though sad, I view Barristan's death as a mercy killing at this point, because if Dany ends up going North, do you really see Ser Grandfather withstanding the harshness of Winter?

AERON GREYJOY: I say he dies because I really think Asha and Theon have more to give to the story. Aeron will either be murdered by Euron for conspiring against him, or he will be burned by Moqorro.

LITTLEFINGER: Sansa is going to outplay him, and outplay him hard, possibly with help from Varys. Because, as the Targaryen pieces are finally lining up, Varys needs to be rid of Littlefinger and his penchant for creating chaos. Sansa is currently in a position to become one of my favorite characters if her story plays out right. I think she will rid herself of her protector and come into her own power, leading the armies of the Vale into the war for the Iron Throne.

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Unfortunately, several of my favorite characters are likely to bite the dust in TWOW:

1. Doran is on the brink already. I think news of Quentyn's death will be the end of him.

2. Tommen's days are numbered. It may be the Sand Snakes or the Hightowers may present the bodies of Myrcella and Tommen in green cloaks to Aegon.

3. Barristan - One of the greatest fighters in the history of Westeros will likely not make the trip back across the Narrow Sea. I hope he dies fighting Vic.

4. Aero Hotah, Obara, Balon Swann, or Darkstar. Throw all of these characters into a mix and one of them is sure to die.

5. Mace Tyrell - Cersei will order Ser Robert Strong to do the deed.

6. Ramsay Bolton - Its bound to happen right?

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