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How would you rate episode 301?


How would you rate episode 301?  

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Dany's little smirk at the unsullied owner's ignorance of her "language skills"



Mance - had that cleverness about him, but didn't look as "hard" as I thought

Davos - Felt a little rushed to get to Stannis/Mel, but his convo with Sal Saan was great

Barristan - It would have been nice to hide his identity, but viewers would recognize the actor anyway, so Ok.


Putting all the Starks at Harrenhall seems forced and weird

No Belwas???

Margaery at the orphanage a little over the top

Shae/Roz - meh

All in all - it was great! I'm so excited the new season has started!

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But I always enjoy the episodes more on re-watch. Some of the dialogue made me cringe. Some of it made me smile wide. Something about balls brushing ankles, and everything spoken in the Tywin/Tyrion scene.

From what I recall, there wasn't a single scene I disliked. While I thought the first two episodes of season two were strong, neither escaped cleanly without a WTF scene (cum in episode 202 and Littlefinger's idiocy in 201 come to mind). Here, nothing I felt dragged down the episode because of its presence.

With that said, slow, but understandably slow.

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Rating: 8 out of 10

A very solid first episode I think. There didn't think that there was anything particularly cringe-worthy.


-Davos. Very good stuff. His conversation with Sallador Saan is very good as well as his interactions with Stannis and Melisandre

-Daenerys. Dany had a VERY BAD season last year, but everything seems to be improving. The Unsullied are great as well as Kranzys and Missandei. AND A VERY GOOD ENDING with Barristan!!

-King's Landing. Everything in King's Landing was very good as well. I particularly liked the scenes with Margaery, Lancel, Joffrey, and Cersei. The dynamic between the Lannisters and the Tyrells is very well done. Also, Tyrion's conversation with Tywin was very good indeed.


-Jon Snow and Mance Rayder. Meh. I wasn't too impressed with the Wildlings. Mance Rayder did not have the necessary charisma to make me convinced that he had become the leader of all these Wildlings. And Tormund Giantsbane was underwhelming as well.

-Catelyn and Robb. There wasn't a lot of Robb and Cat in this episode, and whatever is there is fairly underwhelming as well. They arrive in Harrenhal (?) and meet Qyburn (?). Huh?


-Again, I didn't flip any tables in this epsidode. I thought it was very good.

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I love the series, truly. I know it's different in some ways from the books. I was excited about this opening season-episode. I agree with others it was a bit slow and I'm conflicted about some of the choices to change certain things for the TV Show. The scene between Tywin and Tyrion was powerful. I must confess I'm struggling for some reason to understand Shae's show character and role in relation to who she is in the book. I hope Sam will get a chance to use his Dragon glass and prove he IS The Slayer after all. I guess I can understand revealing Barristen Selmy right away instead of Whitebeard, makes sense for the show. I wonder, does this mean Jorer's character developments will be expedited as well?

I can't wait to see next week. I LOVE the "A song of Ice and Fire" and "A Game of Thrones" combo! I wish they had insisted HBO do 13 or 14 episodes per season instead of a mere 10. 13 for the 13 of Qarth or 14 for 7x2 New Gods. :)

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i gave it an 8, overall great season i think the locations are even more beautiful than last season and the acting as always is top notch but in the end this was an episode to kickstart the season so maybe it wasnt the most interesting episode but every season needs an episode like this also comparing it to season 1 and 2 premiere i think they were both more interesting than this one especially with the way they ended

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I give it a solid 8. Season premiere episodes are usually slow in general because there are a lot of story lines to try to catch up on. I was a little disappointed by the change in the story Jon tells Mance on why he wants to join the wildlings because I really liked the "bastard" story. BUT I think the tv version was also a really good substitute, so I"m not complaining. My favorite scene was probably Tywin/ Tyrion. I thought Dany's first scene in Astapor was really good too, although I wish they had hinted at the fact that Dany is only pretending that she can't speak Valyrian. Idk if tv viewers would catch onto that... Maybe they'll bring it up later. Also, since Ser Barristan was revealed so quickly, I wonder how/when he'll reveal to Dany that Jorah was originally spying on her to Robert.

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I gave it 7, though even that feels generous. The opening scenes with the Watch were extremely dull (as I expected, nothing was shown for how they survived an army of wights and Others), as was Jon's meeting with Mance. Some highlights include Tyrion's scene with Tywin, Davos alone on the seastack and his meeting with Salladhor, and the unsullied being cut up. That's about it. The rest was setting the board, though none of it particularly interesting. The reveal of Barristan was also a total waste and poorly handled. Hopefully the next episode is better.

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I was hoping they would have Mance tell Jon he had seen him before. It sets up that awesome line Jon has about why he's joining the wildlings. The conversation they have was much weaker than in the books and I feel like Mance is a bit too intense.

But that's my only complaint. 8/10 overall. Dany's story was great and I FUCKING LOVE CHARLES DANCE. That scene was better to watch than to read and I loved reading it.

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I am torn on this one. I was disappointed, overall, and I'm not entirely sure why. What I loved were the parts North of the Wall and with Dany in Astapor (the dragons were super! And Baristan Selmy!). But, I wasn't bowled over by the rest of it. I'll have to give it a 7.

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Thought the Tywin/Tyrion scene was fantastic, along with Davos' interactions with Salladhor/Stannis/Mel.

Jon's scene got better & better as it went, was also pleased with Tormund after hearing some had reservations regarding his character's portrayal. (plus the giant looked awesome!)

Thought Dany's scenes were good too - especially the unsullied one.

Only the Sansa/Shae/Ros/Littlefinger scene seemed a little disjointed to me, otherwise it would have been a 10.

Great start to the season.......now to re-watch!!

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8/10. Pacing was definitely slower than normal but necessary for the first couple episodes in order to set up the rest of the season. The Tyrion/Tywin scene was superb and my favorite of the episode. I also liked the Joffrey and Margery scenes a lot. Dany's scenes were pretty good. Wasn't much of a fan of the beginning with the NW. Also wasn't thrilled with Robb's scene headlined by a sensible Roose Bolton. I was satisfied with everything else.

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Gave an 8/10, because as a first episode of the season it was great but kind of slow (understandable though)

Really liked the giant, despite some of the critics that I've read here, I love Ciarán Hinds as Mance, because I really feel that he can portray a very powerful character. Tormund was perfect for me as well.

The best scenes for me are Tyrion/Tywin, Dany with the unsullied and the last scene with Barristan (and I get the choice to not hide his identity, what would seem really strange in the show). The only scene that I didn't like much was Rob's scenes, but I will watch the episode again in an hour and maybe I change my mind.

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Pacing was slow yes, but it didn't drag at all, it flew by.

There were so many cool things and great dialogs in here, and the cinematography keeps getting better, fucking beautiful.

An strong 9/10 for me.

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This was my favorite premiere so far. I don't know if it's because I knew all about the episode before watching it, but I have nothing of importance to complain. I gave it a 9. I just don't give it a 10 because Stannis sounded too much like a douche when he ordered his men to arrest Davos, and because of the lack of the battle of the Fist (which bothered me much less than I expected).

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