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Which TWOW storyline are you most excited about

locke and key

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TWoW is gonna be awesome, very much intrested in all things happening in the North, East in Maereen and Vaes Dothrak, SE with JC & GC, also sansa she is not the stupid girl she was, but will she marry Harry the Heir or will LF marry her to YG and what will sansa do knowing all she knows when Lysa died, LF knew of Dany but he had no idea about YG ... and he wanted his fruits to ripen, he wont be pleased with a new player in the game

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The Good

1. The North (Will Stannis win the battle for Winterfell? Is Jon alive? NW, Wildlings, Starks, Boltons, and a battle in a blizzard is just badass)

2. Kings Landing (The Game of Thrones is always fun. Cersei's and Margery's trial ought to be fun. Then through Varys into the mix for good measure.)

3. The Riverlands (How will Jamie, Brienne, and the BWB play out? Will we see some sort of escape attempt from the Northmen? And what's the Blackfish up to?)

The Budding

1. Dorne/Storm Lands ( The hunt for Darkstar and possible alliance with Aegon)

2. Mereen (We've got a lot of characters converging, and I'm ready for a battle.)

3. The Vale (Baelish always seems to be at the center of the next twist.)

The Uninteresting

1. Beyond the Wall ( I'm not that interested in magic and I just fine Bran's chapters like watching paint dry. Let me guess, it's cold quiet, they're hungry, and Jojen is dying)

2. The Reach Oldtown (Again there's the magic thing, and I'm setting the over/under on the number of times Sam calls himself a craven in TWOW at 13.5)

3. Braavos (The worst, I love Arya but nothing ever happens at the Monastery and it feels completely separate from everything else.)

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Mine in Order would be:

1: Theon/Asha and the battle in Winterfell

2: Jon Connington and the Siege on Storms End

3: Victarion/Tyrion/Barristan battle of meereen

4: Davos

5: Daenerys and the dothraki

6: Melisandre

7: Cersei

8: Jamie and Brienne

9: Sansa

10: Samwell

11: Bran

12: Arya

13: Arianne

14: Areo

15: Aeron

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1. The battle of Winterfell. If Stannis dies, or is really dead, I might just cry. He's currently my favorite character.

2. Everything in Dorne and the Iron Islands. I find the Greyjoys and Martells incredibly interesting, and Euron is just a pyschotic badass.

3. JonCon, Aegon and Arianne.

4. Barristan leading the defense of Meereen and Tyrion preparing for the battle.

5. Cersei and the trial that was all her fault.

6. Jaime and Brienne heading to the BwB.

7. The shitstorrm that will erupt at Castle Black.

8. Littlefinger's plot with Sansa.

I'm actually interested in nearly every storyline except Sam's, Bran's and Davos'. I guess I just don't like the overt fantasy elements. I'll take war and plotting any day. I also couldn't care less about Arya. I've never loved her as many others have. I love the descriptions of Braavos however, but what goes on there is dull as grass growing. I also care absolutely nothing for the Others and the Land of Always Winter. They were used perfectly in aSoS when in a small amount; but a war against them is too generic and predictable for my liking.

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1. Meereen - Dany and Tyrion are both there apart from other characters. Without Dany, there can be no victory against the Others. What will the people coming from the Citadel do? At least one of them wants to finish the dragons. I hope no dragon dies of 'poisoning' or other such non-sense. And of course, Dany rides Drogon. What happens to Viserion and Rhaegal? Will we get another rider? Will Dany learn how to control a dragon? Definitely the most interesting story arc.

2. King's Landing - Cersei's and Margaery's upcoming trials and the fallout of another Lannister murder, of the Regent himself, will be very interesting. What more stuff is Varys up to?

3. Arianne and Aegon - Interesting what will happen here, and is this Aegon fake or real. And is he taken for fake or real by others.

4. Sansa and Littlefinger - what more schemes is LF cooking up, and how wary of LF is Sansa. In other words, has she learned or not? After the Joffrey and Jon Arryn revelation, this storyline has become much less compelling. I hope that changes.

5. The Wall - Not much to say here. I want Jon to be alive, and being forced to leave the Night's Watch. Also, the fact that Robb legitimised him should be discovered. Jon Stark as lord of Winterfell. Or Jon the son of R and L. Something must needs give. What is the role of Melisandre in all this. And surely, Melisandre will hear of Dany in this book. What will her reaction be?

6. Battle for Winterfell - Manderly. Stannis. Theon. Asha. Boltons. A lot of interesting things might happen. And yet, I don't find myself too eager to know the outcome of this one. Probably because I don't think any one of them is going to sit on the Iron Throne.

7. The Girl With No Name - Her storyline has become so cutoff from the rest that I have become disinterested in it. On the other hand, people are going to Braavos. A girl can hear things, can make a move.

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Like most others, I'm most interested in the storylines in the North. It finally looks like we may get a bit of vengeance for the fall of the Starks with Stannis attacking Winterfell. This battle will probably be told through the eyes of Theon and/or Asha, which is even better in my opinion because Theon is one of my favorite characters.

I suppose the runners-up to my favorite storyline for The Winds of Winter would be Sansa's storyline, because I think she is going to become a veritable powerhouse by the end of the book, taking control of the Vale and entering into the war. And Victarion's storyline, because he is a badass, and Moqorro has converted me to worship the Lord of Light.

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I'm very excited/nervous for Theons arc. Easily the best story in all of ASOIAF, I would be heartbroken if it came to an end in TWOW, especially if my #2 favorite character ( Stannis) is the one to take Theons head/burn him.

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1. Dany and co. I think we're finally going to see her leave Meereen fairly early on. I hope.

2. Littlefinger. Can't wait to see what he gets up to.

3. King's Landing, and Aegon. I think we'll start the book with Lannister/Tyrell alliance vs Aegon, but it will end with the alliance broken and Aegon on the Iron Throne.

4. Jon. Just to see what he's going to be up to now. I think through Jon's story we'll have some revelations about the Others.

5. War in the North

6. The Citadel. What's going on there?

7. Jaime, Brienne, and the BwB. Just interesting characters.

8. Arya. Low on the list because she needs to get back involved in the story proper asap.

9. Iron Islands

10. Dorne.

11. Davos's Rickon hunt. Sounds too much like a travelogue.

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