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  1. I only read one of the YA novels and thought it was pretty bad, so I tend not to count those ha ha.
  2. I've read everything except the Thrawn book and the Phasma book. There was nothing that tied in so I suppose it was mostly in those? The ice foxes from the Rebels cartoon could count. In Star Wars Battlefront II there were one or two things in the single player campaign and the Crait and D'qar missions, but I still say that the same amount of synergy was definitely not present this time around.
  3. All of the New Canon material that I had read prior to The Force Awakens (and after TFA) meshed perfectly with that film. The Aftermath series, the two Leia books, various comics, etc etc, but where was the story group when it came to The Last Jedi? None of that synergy from the other published material that we had with TFA was present in TLJ.
  4. I think the Ebook was out on December 18th, same date the movie went wide release. Hardcover followed the next January.
  5. Polished off the Rivers of London series, and found them mostly enjoyable. Now I join the throng waiting for the next one. Aaronovitch seems to have ventured off into comic books based on his series and has been apparently neglecting the next novel. Currently plodding through Justin Gustainis' two series. I enjoyed the Occult Crime Unit books a lot, they benefited from the structure of being a police procedural, whereas his other series, the Morris & Chastain Investigations series, were much more hit and miss. Gustainis has a bad habit of dumping dozens of characters on you, all with their own POVs and in a couple of the books the two main characters are barely in it. He also has a tin ear for dialogue and every conversation seems at least 40% longer than it needs to be.
  6. I think someone gave you shoddy information. I'm trying to think of someone with major "screen time" in the first book who doesn't show up in the others, and I can't. Granted, they don't all make it until the final book, but they at least show up.
  7. Which characters do you mean?
  8. This time I didn't re-read the entire series before the book came out. (Only the last two books). I touched on this in my first post as well. Have they mentioned how old certain characters are in previous books, or described how anti-aging drugs work? Is a 60 year old person considered middle aged? I am trying to picture how old Holden, Naomi, Amos, and Alex should be. Is Holden in this 60s? They inserted a lot of mentions of sore joints and what-not, but I still don't feel I know the general parameters of aging in the world of the books. I also thought that there needed to be more of Houston Payne, other than a couple lines at the end of the book. I almost would have liked him as a POV character. I know that posting about gripes is easy, but I still enjoyed the book and the direction of the plot. Very little was predictable about this book, and being someone who reads so many books, I tend to get sick of guessing plot twists a mile away. There was only one character death that seemed to be obviously coming.
  9. April 2018 A Glimmer of Hope by Steve McHugh (first book in followup to Hellequin series) It was listed on his website if you don't trust Goodreads.
  10. Well, I have read 97 books of my goal of 60. I seem to have had a little more time on my hands this year. (And that's not counting some books I re-read).
  11. The time skip was a bit disconcerting because they haven't done a good job of setting up how aging has changed. There was some offhanded remark about anti-aging drugs, but I didn't feel like it was a given that a 50-60 year old Holden was just middle aged really, and I didn't see any lasting problems from his anti-radiation-poisoning drug regimen. Fred Johnson, for example, aged far more obviously than any of the POV characters. As for the rest, I'll save it for the spoiler pages.
  12. That aspect gets toned down significantly. I just finished the series. Won't spoil anything, except to say, that I had been assured that the series was complete, but found out that it ends on a cliffhanger that will launch a new series. (Book 1 due in April 2018).
  13. Read the Bobby Dollar series by Tad Williams. I became less interested in the meta plot as the series went on, but I still enjoyed the series enough to finish it fairly quickly. My only big beef is that the prose tends to get a little thick at times. Which leads me to the next Tad Williams series I read: Otherland. Not really Urban Fantasy (though this series certainly dabbles), but 3000 ish words spread over 4 books was really dense jungle to hack through. (no metaphor mixing pun intended). Currently reading Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich and it's the perfect antidote to all that Tad Williams prose. (And it is definitely Urban Fantasy)
  14. Yeah, that was pretty wild. (Strange Dogs). I need to let it sink in before fully commenting.
  15. I made the mistake of reading The World According To Garp when I was a new parent. There's a scene involving a car accident and his kids that just wrecked me.