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  1. There's another book that Churchill quotes extensively called Hitler Directs His War, by Felix Gilbert that features translations of the minutes from Hitler's wartime meetings, the ones that weren't burned by the defeated Nazis. (Supposedly 95.5 percent were destroyed). There are some really interesting bits where the generals try to persuade him to do something that is sound strategy but he overrules them for some bizarre random reason. Churchill estimates that the war would have dragged on much longer if Hitler had listened to his generals.
  2. Not hate at all...just indifference mostly. The movie left me cold, the book left me colder. There's now a guiding intelligence in the Star Wars universe called "The Cosmic Force" Rey got Jedi Training from mind-melding Kylo Ren. These things are befuddling mostly.
  3. That sounds like an unusually subtle fantasy article from ThinkProgress.
  4. Well, there's taking your time, and there's live-streaming yourself playing video games and bragging about how you're not working on book 3.
  5. I finished it. They pretty much picked all of the subjects that the critics hit on during the first week or two of the movie and made sure they had explanations for them. Some of them are very convoluted. That pretty much solidifies in my mind that the delay in publishing was due to them trying to respond to the criticisms of the film. Early in the book, for example, they explain repeatedly that the bombers are carrying "magnetic bombs" and in case you've forgotten, when you get to the bombing run, they still remind you that these are *magnetic bombs* that fly towards their targets...magnetically.
  6. Started reading the TLJ novelization. I'm reading an e-book so I'm screen-capping pages/sections where convoluted explanations of movie plot holes occur. I am currently up to 5 as of Poe's Mutiny.
  7. I think I"m just soured on the whole thing. It's even bled over into other media. I now despise Lin Manuel Miranda for his connection to the TV adaptation.
  8. Read the available Matthew Swift novels, which take "Urban Fantasy" quite literally. Not always in a bad way, but sometimes any hint of plot or characterization that occurs is buried underneath paragraphs and paragraphs of flavor text. All of the series that I read based in London tend to use the same landmarks. This series takes all the usuals and adds to them with...every other place in London. Sometimes it's poetic, and sometimes it's distracting. In five books, the character of Matthew Swift/Electric Blue Angels, hasn't really changed all that much and instead of a villain of the week, we have the city-destroying force of the week. Some really interesting ideas in these novels, but they are sometimes hard to find beneath the waves and waves of flavor text. I'm a pretty patient person when I read, but even I was starting to get itchy and skim paragraphs of description looking for action or dialogue.
  9. Plowed through 9 of the Sandman Slim series. That series is all over the map for me. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I think it's really lame. Maybe it all evens out in the end.
  10. M. John Harrison's Viriconium series: These books are really dark, depressing, and sad at times, but MJH's prose keeps you floating along to the end. Even on re-reading them I find myself unable to slip away once I start. Karl Edward Wagner's "Kane" stories/novellas/novels. These things tend to lead the reader down a path where you are caught up in Kane's schemes and wanting him to succeed until the lid gets blown off and you realize that most of the time, he's the villain.
  11. Well, Majel Barrett played Number One in the pilot and then in a blonde wig was Nurse Chapel in TOS, but yeah, Spock is the only character who is in both.
  12. You could change one of two names and about 30% of the ship designs and you could make this into any generic sci-fi action series. The only thing that made it a little Trekesque at the end was the endless lecturing. I'm glad I didn't have to pay to watch this show.
  13. Not sure if anyone has mentioned them yet, but after watching The Darkest Hour, I've been reading Churchill's multi-volume autobiography of the War years. It's very fascinating stuff. Most interesting is his use of letters and published essays/articles throughout (which make up the bulk of the text) so you aren't just reading someone's hindsight 20/20 view of things.
  14. I certainly didn't get that impression when I'd finished it. Hmm.
  15. Random question: Does anyone know when the next Pax Arcana novel is due? Unless I was looking in the wrong place, his website hasn't been updated since 2014 and he hasn't tweeted since 2016.