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  1. But he probably attends D.C. Cocktail parties and flatters and jokes with all the journos so he's obviously a mavericky person of integrity
  2. Here's the crucial wedge though, social security Medicare and Medicaid are not viewed as sacrosanct by the base; the base believes the minorities and special interests have received more than their fair shares of social security and medicaid and Medicare and thus the base themselves will NEVER get what belongs to them, what they are owed, because they know it to be totally true that the minorities on the dem team have deliberately bankrupted the programs with their thieving shenanigans. Thus the base will happily agree to axing all of of these programs because the base thinks that some pollution begs the knife. The base believes amputation and or execution are perfectly acceptable solutions when the problem is "obviously" that minorities have bankrupted the system and thus have cheated them out of what rightfully belongs to them.
  3. What is it with this season and teams believing their own hype and not preparing for "lesser" opponents, I know it happens every year but I feel like it's a 2007 esque year where it is particularly bad and teams are particularly prone to refusing to put forth full effort in every game and more and more are getting eaten alive by the 20+ point underdog each and every week this season. Three terrible trap games this weekend, two obvious trap games on Friday the 13th and PAC 12 after dark trap game for Washington tonight as well. Wake the fuck up teams (Georgia did manage to wake up when they were dumbfounded late in the second half into a 21 21 tie with drew lock of all people shredding their secondary). i hate to say it, but it makes me respect Alabama a little more because they come to every game disciplined and focused. Even when it's against Vanderbilt.
  4. The 2017 year of upperclassmen is the last sanctions class I think. But don't discount the trickle down effects of thin classes causing other (non sanctioned) classes to thin out prematurely, whether it's guys going to the NFL because there's no depth and they risk injury or guys going to the NFL because there's no depth so they get playing time asap and thus mature into draftable players much faster. The whole roster is still thin because of all the compounding effects of the sanctions. The 2015 and 2016 recruiting classes are least affected by this so USC will probably slowly be returning to a standard roster development and turnover status in the next couple of years but they're not out of the woods yet. but hey we got a blind long snapper so things are looking up! (He is also better at snapping the ball than missouri's starter.
  5. If I were the california democrats, I would start branding the republican tax attack on rich, white blue state dwelling republicans as: The Orange County Tax Hike Snark aside, what is so fascinating about DC Republicans viciously attacking blue states with tax policy is that the deduction in question primarily benefits rich white people, and doesn't much affect democrats base of poor non-whites. Which is to say, while eliminating this deduction does in fact hurt the people of those states, the people in those blue states hurt by the deduction are more likely than not to be the republican voters in the blue state. Granted, california has a lot of rich white democrats, but a huge amount of the rich, white people in california are republicans, this demographic of rich white people even have their own county in california (orange county) that was created only so rich white republican baby boomers wouldn't have to share neighborhoods with less rich, less white less republican people. *** Anyway, additional snark aside, this seems like an excellent way to dry up the fund raising for republicans in california, and an even better way to discourage republicans from voting (or flip them to voting for democrats if democrats promise to restore the deduction), so it is definitely an interesting tactic to deploy! Since democrats are targeting orange county HoR seats (and other CA republican seats) so obviously and so heavily his tax policy could make flipping those CA red seats to blue seats much much easier. (although the democrats trying so hard to flip CA seats means they will inevitably fail because democrats have stupidly declared CA as the only place they will play offense so republicans know there is only one place in the country they have to play defense, meaning the GA outcome will be repeated in every race in CA in 2018 because democrats are strategic and tactical morons incapable of wanting to win)
  6. The dude who wrote algorithms for Trumps campaign and the Brexit campaign has written a new algorithm called "gaydar" that identifies homosexuals based on facial recognition. I'm sure he wouldn't possibly send it to Africa (or really any bigoted country like the evil Russians) where the software would be used to institute pograms and holocausts against those identified by the algorithm. TLDR : sometimes science is really fucking evil and scientists do not give a fuck about the implications of their weaponry. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-09-25/-gaydar-shows-how-creepy-algorithms-can-get
  7. I know I've read extensively about these but am coming up short on recollecting details, do you have a link that covers more ground?
  8. Regarding the use of violence ("punch a nazi" etc) in direct action protest, I don't like it because I think it doesn't achieve the goals being worked towards in most instances, however I recognize that violence can be held in reserve if truly needed. As anyone whose ever watched a documentary of a repressive state knows (let's take the oscar nominated recent Burma vj as an example) if you don't have violence nor arms and the other side is willing and eager to use both you're totally fucked and your nonviolent strategies have no value. however the thing about weapons is this, if you're holding a weapon, you are likely to use it. And people are advocating the metaphoric arming up and "holdin" violence in reserve. So if you're rejecting non violence and saying "I can be violent if needs cause nazis deserve it, but I'll control myself, mmKay" you've primed your brain to use violence same as police do. So while you may think you're reserving violence as a last resort, your brain has primed violence into being the first action, the reflex, it is more ready than you are to engage. By going in metaphorically disarmed with nonviolence ones brain is not primed to sabotage oneself and ones goals. too long didn't read: play with fire and you will get burned.
  9. I more or less agree that he's gotten better. TDTCB is great fantasy mileau, really good characters and absolutely inept structure and pace and in the main reason no one wants to read bakker after starting book one, this book is completely lacking minimal coherent narrative flow. I think he improved with each book up to TJE, and because it is so compact, dense and propulsive with three new phenomenal characters who are very distinct from the first series main characters (Kelmomas, Sorweel, and Mimara), I think it is one of his best written books. In many ways he fixed many of the most obvious rookie mistakes as he went. But inept structure and minimal coherent narrative flow bit him in the ass much harder in Aspect Emperor. He wrote himself into a corner with White Luck Warrior in that it's designed as strictly a traveling book where all parties travel from their own point B to point C. I think it is still quite well paced in spite of its unfortunate structure (I mean he literally has a party of scalpers using fantasy cocaine to sprint across five thousand miles of terrain in order to not waste too much time traveling, and it still takes a whole damn book), and is much better executed to a high journeyman level, but it really can't overcome the fundamental unfortunate choices of structure and flow. WLW especially compares poorly to the middle book of the first series, TWP, which ends on the single most crucial plot development in the entire series (and builds relentlessly to that point throughout the entire book), and it is so damn satisfying a read because of how well it plays. I actually think that TTT suffers by comparison, as the book is fairly light on content and repetitive before the final battle. axe out the encyclopedia, and the book is only half the size of any other book. it has a nice ending, structure, pace and narrative flow are handled, not brilliantly, but are well done, this is no battle of the blackwater, but it's quite good none the less. The Great Ordeal is almost the best thing he's written, simply because Ishterebinth is the best thing he's written, but it's only two-thirds of a book and therefore suffers from fundamental structure and narrative flow problems of new kinds. It works, because cliffhangers dramatically work, but it's less than par. For Unholy Consult, it's quite well executed, and like TGO some of his best writing craft work in many respects. As it is building to the TAE equivalent of the end of TWP it has the same dramatic satisfactions that book had (but to a much lesser extent, as it's not building through the entire combined book of TGO+TUC) and because of this, like TWP, it basically means the structural failings are more or less absent (though he did figure out a way to pepper in a flashback and holograms to make something straightforward take on faux-complexity because reasons). And TUC, because it's not a complete book, is a majority 'omniscient' narrator, rather than character narrated. The two hundred page battle, other than a handful of malowebi and Achamian POVs, is entirely omniscient narrator. The two hundred pages of corpse fucking are also nearly entirely omniscient narrator. This is a new, serious flaw, but I view it as entirely an artifact of splitting TGO and TUC, and thus more or less forgiveable, but one of the things that brings down the quality of the book.
  10. man Washington State can't catch a break, this week is a week they play at home as an undefeated team, and gameday declares there are no good games anywhere in the country and elect to go to NYC. They play hot and crush Nevada, and are now 4-0 and have USC coming to Pullman Washington next week, which is also 4-0, so it's a battle of unbeatens in the Pac 12, with a top five blue blood team. Clearly this is it! There could not be a more perfect scenario for Washington State to FINALLY get College Gameday to come to their campus. The decades long commitment of flying the flag will finally pay off! They're finally going to host gameday on Saturday!!!!! ... wait, what's that? Oh... The game is on Friday?! SON OF A BITCH! (poor washington state!)
  11. A little of both, sologdin had a great line about the fundamental invalidity of extra textual information After TGO was published, I think. But yes the AMA changes nothing because bakker's motivations in forwarding in extra textual settings his philosophical hobbyhorses and agendas about meaning have nothing to do with the textual storytelling he constructed that people have built communities around. I view bakkers extra textual commentaries as constructed by Bakker to try and short circuit the brains of his readership, that he views our alleged "belief" in his stories as the same as belief in anything, and that all belief must be attacked and hopefully destroyed. bakker, in this model, would view people as demonstrating they are infected with a disease if they are passionately devoted to lord of the rings, or game of thrones, or Star Wars. And I think he truly believes (heh) that if he can only DEMONSTRATE to people just how fake their fantasies are with a fantasy he can deliberately undermine then they would stop believing in any of them, they would be inoculated against the belief disease.
  12. See unJon's posts upthread. He reasons Ajokli is special because Ajokli the god is born after the eschaton, at the end of the book when Cnaiur ascends to hell and completes his on world metamorphosis to the prince that Mimara saw. In this reading, the No god and even baby Kelly are red herrings, and readers that don't catch it are missing the birth of an in-text god which ripples thine understanding of the whole series preceding: that which comes after determines what comes before. this also neatly inverts the classic fantasy tropes of a warrior Christ saving he world as the finale is about a warrior antichrist destroying the world. but it's probably not hat well thought out, so I wouldn't put too much effort into it.
  13. If Cnaiur IS Ajokli, then every moment Kellhus was trying to possess Cnaiur was just Kellhus becoming more possessed by Cnaijokli. Which would explain why the world turned when Kellhus witnessed the rape, because that's when Kellhus switched strategies to use Serwe's subjugation to indirectly manipulate Cnaiur rather than trying to manipulate him directly. So that was the vector in for Ajokli? I know it's not that well thought out by the author, but it's fun to overfit these theories back to the text.
  14. @maarsennow that you mention it, i DO see a lot of Terrence and Phillip in Bakkers writing. Very clever to replace farting with semen! @Darth Richard II the beetle scene is the first scene of TJE, the prologue point that kicks off the aspect emperor series. @Let's Get Kraken ah-joke-lee @unJon if cnaiur is the -genesis- of Ajokli that explains a lot with the oddities of Ajokli. This would mean a god is born shortly after resumption, and the god ain't baby kellhus. The compass of cnaiur hate truly becomes infinite if he becomes a god, very nice, and might explain why the scene was one Bakker wrote decades ago. Chapter one TDTCB a long time before we meet esmenet, and the context is the celmomian prophecy. Saying this is foreshadowing for the end of white luck warrior is overfitting. This is establishing a thematic Akka seswatha parallel in as direct a way as possible, it isn't establishing narrative foreshadowing f a future event.
  15. I absolutely loved the final sorweel chapter. Heart hammering throughout, brilliantly crafted tension, epic ending with Kelmomas. And foreshadows the finale outcome as well. Some of he best writing Bakker has done, I think.