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  1. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    I had a gigantic post on the impromptu somewhere in the last year or two. Not surprised it is coming up again. it is kellhus sermon on the mount (in other words the keystone important most significant sermon) in warrior prophet and it establishes the baseline of watcher and watched rhetoric But with witness terminology
  2. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    On the other hand to worship god is to advocate FOR damnation, per Bakker, so if Forgiveness comes from God (as channeled through Mimara), then there is no difference in Mimara trying to save him from damnation--from the consults perspective she's just maintaining and enabling a different aspect of the damnation system, her acquiescence in order to forgive makes her just another victim of the damnation system. for what it's worth I don't really judge galian in That scene, I'm judging Bakker, who was choosing to make sure that all his female characters were raped on screen (just like he actively chose to coyly demur from having the viewer equally observe cnaiur raping conphas, criticism of this egregious discrepancy is probably why he didn't also cut away from kellhus raping Proyas, as he would probably prefer to have cut away and then had the readers guessing at it after reading Saubon and proyas post rape conversation. Funny how women have to be raped on screen to illustrate some crucial story point, but when a man is raped on screen it's somehow actively (thus far) pointless. :-/
  3. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    Mimara forgiving the consult for being rape demon xenocidal aliens would be precisely the sort of misogyny blindness that supposedly proves feminist credentials we should be anticipating! Lol.
  4. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    The soul that encounters him passes no further. saubons soul passes no further. so when did he encounter the nogod? The plains of mengedda? Seems weak, implying wvery soldier that crossed the plains with him is doomed to the same fate. On the other hand he has encountered kellhus a lot. So possible point in favor of the kellhus is the no god theory
  5. Bakker XLVIII - Selected to LEAD not to READ

    I'm willing to change it to Bakker XLVIII - Bakker-roo Banzai
  6. (hattip to the Simpsons movie, presciently anticipating our current president) This is the perpetual thread devoted to the works of R. Scott Bakker, primarily the books in The Second Apocalypse series, the first novel is The Darkness that Comes Before, the seventh novel will be published on July 4, 2017 and is The Unholy Consult. It is currently available for preorder. This thread is for the series through The Great Ordeal and contains spoilers through that novel. The series is called The Second Apocalypse and is currently comprised of two sub-series, a trilogy and a quartet. Potentially, there will be a third series, although the author has stated that the quartet completes his original vision for the story. The first trilogy of books is subtitled The Prince of Nothing these three books are: The Darkness that Comes Before The Warrior Prophet The Thousandfold Thought The second quartet of books is subtitled The Aspect Emperor, these four books are: The Judging Eye The White-Luck Warrior The Great Ordeal The Unholy Consult (2017). The Unholy Consult will also include an expanded Appendix/Encyclopedic Glossary. The original Glossary exists currently only at the end of the third book, The Thousandfold Thought. Additionally, Bakker has published three short stories, The False Sun and The Four Revelations of Cinial'jin on Bakker's Blog Three Pound Brain and The Knife of Many Hands, which is available for purchase. This thread contains spoilers for these publications. The False Sun is the most discussed work of these three shorts. Since Bakker's writing uses layers of revelation, newcomers are strongly advised to finish the books before coming here; otherwise the spoilers will rot your soul. Eternally. Of potential interest, Bakker did stop by the board shortly after the release of The Great Ordeal and did answer several questions. That discussion can be found here.. Most denizens of this thread have also read Bakker's non-fantasy novels Neuropath and Disciple of the Dog, but the spoiler policy is unclear. You are advised to hide crucial plot points in those novels. Hat tip to Happy Ent for the intro to the thread.
  7. Sejenus appearance timing plays into the idea that "the soul that encounters the no god passes no further". so the gods don't notice the no god or any of the events of the apocalypse they don't even know that they are missing anything since the eschaton is literally outside their scope. It's the opposite of the great ordeal, the no god took the entire harvest and thus the gods did not allocate any attention to this time period and perhaps went hungry (and Bayed like wolves at a silent gate.?) regardless with the destruction of the no god the gods were suddenly aware of a reduction in worship and attention and they actually were responsible for sejenus as felt the sudden reduction of harvest meant the fields merited more attention so that yields would be stable or growing rather than collapsing.
  8. This one is easy. There is no free will. There is no choice. Humans are designed to all be inherently damned because damnation is food. its like how teocinte has been created into corn for maximum tastiness. Humans have been created to be sinners for maximum tastiness. thats probably why the gods are okay with the dunyain over the millennia, they're even tastier and more damned than anyone else because they've bred themselves to be even more full of juicy damnation than any other human, plump juicy sweet corn. Om Nom nom. appropriate doesn't even enter into whether or not eternal damnation is fair. Sweet corn is fucking delicious, sorry it's not fair and appropriate to the harvested corn, I keep forgetting to anthropomophize it and consider how it feels about being harvested. *** related, consider what we know about how the gods can't stretch themselves across everything at once, their attention is finite even if their perception seems omniscient: by undertaking the great ordeal kellhus is laying out a harvest, a great feast, that will necessarily concentrate the attention of the gods--thus their appearance and constant presence in the second trilogy--this means their attention is being deliberately herded--the path they traverse is conditioned. *** my condolences MG.
  9. Precisely. basically, for half a decade fans had nothing to talk about other than the short story "the false sun " that story concerns itself primarily with the inverse fire, a topic that has not really ever been addressed in any of the five books (and is only obliquely glimpsed in the sixth book to no discernible reaction nor effect) fans theorized that this was the key to all things and everything in the series, despite, you know, never really being present in the series. since reading the sixth book it occurred to me that Bakker has no idea people have put everything on this information (like the gopher, "I'm not in the book") and so I fully expect there to be little of nothing about it in the next book as I don't think it's something that really registers for the author as even a thing to write about. we did this to ourselves y'all the inverse fire will be a big puddle of nothing.
  10. Judean People's Front People's Front of Judea
  11. Yes. The DNC and their blundering incompetence lost the Kansas seat. They're totally untrustworthy and not promoting the interests of the party and democrats need to organize anew organization that does. Maybe Howard dean can head it since he isn't a blinded D.C. Moron.
  12. if Trump had not bombed Syria, Republicans would have lost the Kansas seat.
  13. in addition to all that, the anti-communism American politicians that were ascendent in the late forties (culminating in the HoR flip in 48) were all part of the pro-Nazi cabal of American politicians who fought tooth and nail to keep us out of their fuhrer's war. They were at their nadir of influence in 44 and 45. so foreign policy flipping from anti-nazi to anti-communism to prosecute a war extension against an ally wasn't very likely, given the politicians necessary to execute the flip either weren't in power or were not in the mindset that an ally was actually an enemy.
  14. My theory is that seswatha was never on the wall
  15. If the five million dollar runway is rendered unusable, the million dollar planes and the 36 million dollar planes and the $36,000 planes all have the same value 0 because they're stuck on the ground.