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  1. I think this is answered in the first chapter when kel starts following the white luck warrior. A lot time is spent on discussing what he is doing and I didn't pick up on it's relevance until after I finished the book and encountered it in reread
  2. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    I think there is no fall out. And the 2018 outcome remains unchanged: Republicans gain seats in the senate and lose seats in the house but maintain comfortable majorities in both.
  3. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Remember, the greatest Tax policy victory of the last twenty years for Republicans was done by Obama/Biden making the country-destroying-Bush-tax-cuts permanent. A compromise democrats made: capitulation to the permanent victory of primary Republican goals in exchange for a temporary achievement of a tertiary Democrat goal (it was such a great and equal bargain!) but democrats knew that republicans would never want to lower taxes further, that's why decided to give the republicans their total victory. Oh whats that? once made permanent Republicans immediately began demanding additional tax cuts? oh my? who could have seen that coming? (answer: every single person on the planet that isn't a blinkered democrat living in the DC bubble). If we had let them all expire, we'd have almost no budget deficit, and the tax cuts they'd now be trying to pass would be similar to the levels of the country-destroying-bush-tax-cuts. Instead they're going to try and push beyond that disastrous floor. Again, shocker.
  4. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Democrats who foolishly believe that they should compromise with republicans on Gorsuch to get what democrats want in some nebulous and undefined future judicial goal should keep the bolded in the front of their minds. Republicans will behave EXACTLY the same over Gorsuch, compromise with them now and they will not agree, instead they will come back with greater and more severe demands encompassing what they want. Compromising on Gorsuch does not guarantee the republicans will happily make a future compromise on ginsberg or kennedy's replacement, compromising on Gorsuch GUARANTEES republicans will demand replacement(s) even MORE conservative than Gorsuch for said replacements. This is what they do to their own party, it is a total certainty they will do it to the opposition. They are behaving very basic prisoner's dilemma here. one side compromising in the face of the other side's obstruction does not result in future mutually beneficial compromise. The winning strategy in this instance of prisoner's dilemma is tit-for-tat. republicans obstructed on Garland. Democrats go tit-for-tat and obstruct on Gorsuch. Outcome, a Kennedy esque justice consensus pick.
  5. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    the simplest explanation is that they believe their own propaganda and truly and deeply believed that repeal would be a slam dunk in every measurable respect. I think they were completely blindsided by the possibility that people would fight to keep it. that there were broad coalitions willing to fight to keep it. From their perspective, they did not know one person who liked Obamacare, benefitted from any aspect of it, or any person who thought they were better off because of it. From their perspective, it was only bad, so repealing it could only be good with utterly positive outcomes.
  6. Will there be ARCs of the unholy consult?
  7. The Worldbreaker Saga by Kameron Hurley

    I understand how you would get this impression, but I think it is the nature of the universe the books are set in, which is a (presumably) network of parallel worlds capable of being traversed, and the two parallel worlds that are featured in the first book just happen to be worlds that are universally matriarchichal for all the cultures portrayed. From the perspective of the characters who have never encountered a patriarchical world, they have a lot of very deeply set biases and uncomfortable prejudices against men, and these thought processes are well realized and well executed within the context of this profoundly different culture. I imagine if there were parallel worlds it would just be a coin flip whether one wound up in a universal matriarchy like Hurley posits, or a universal patriarchy like our own world. So in Hurley's universe, the two worlds she wrote about came up Heads (both matriarchy), sometimes coins do that, come up two-in-a-row. and of course, the structure of the novel itself depends on the interactions across two very like worlds, so she would need to have two that are alike in order to write the story properly. That doesn't strike me as trying to hard to be diverse, it strikes me as fundamental to the story, the inversion of the patriarchy.
  8. I asked this: Got this answer from RSB Which I find VERY interesting, I would have never interpreted the text along those lines. Because that verbiage, "advocate" that sounds like a term for an "Argument" (ala Neuropath) The the consult are in some sense having an argument with stubborn Earwans about what/why the natives believe and why they are wrong to do so because reasons/science/etc pedantically, probably. Which makes me think that the Inverse Fire is not some elaborate whatchamathingy we've all made it out to be. Rather, this makes me think that the Inverse Fire is just a tool the Consult used to illustrate their side of the argument: "see, this is what your stupid ideas mean you stupid head, you're so stupid you don't even act in your's soul's economic best interest!" I always get very leary when people start trying to figure out whether or not this belief or that belief in Earwa is Right or Wrong or truthful or not. I'm really not invested in the truthiness or falsity of the inverse fire so I am inclined to speculations that minimize it. In terms of the series as a whole, I have found it suspicious for years that so much info on the Inverse fire was dumped in a web-story never to be found by the vast majority of the series readership, and have often found it hard to believe that something seemingly so crucial was so poorly integrated into the novel texts. which has made me suspect maybe it isn't crucial at all? perhaps we just all blew it out of proportion in the titanic wait for TGO/TUC? Perhaps the inverse fire is just a little thing, perhaps it is as we saw in the ending of TGO, the inverse fire is a thing to be totally non plussed by when actually encountered. (or a thing designed to argue to a non-human) *** One other thing that is more rooted in what RSB said and less in my late night free associating is this: "worshipping the gods amounts to advocating damnation" We believe the consult to be the greatest evil, as the text clearly portrays except of course the gods have been described as the greatest evil, as the text clearly portrays From the perspective of the consult, sure "Aurax and I are evil, but not so evil as those who worship the beings who are demonstrably more evil than ourselves" Anyone who would support, promote and continue to perpetuate the greater evil must be evil and are in fact, more evil than themselves *** so there you have, straightforward, the consult believes Earwans are the evil ones because Earwans _WORSHIP_ the greatest evil in the universe and continue to promulgate its existence.
  9. The Worldbreaker Saga by Kameron Hurley

    I read this a couple years ago I think I even posted a thread for it. Really good! Incredibly hard at first because of the nomenclature and massive cultural inversions. though there is a glossary I was totally unaware of its existence since I read I on a kindle and one of the things you lose with an ebook is flipping to the back and getting an explanation of vocabulary. The glossary is there in the kindle, but it never occurred to me to look on an ebook. I actually thought the plot was too ruthlessly propulsive and it was so pulpy and nonstop that I never felt like I had a chance to catch up to the world. It feels rigorously edited to be constantly moving, so once you get through the nomenclature it's really hard to put down, reminds me of Charles stross writing in that regard. I blazed through it in a day or two and really enjoyed it. iirc, the magic system is sort of like an anime magic system, am I right? I haven't gotten to the sequel yet because I want to reread the first one.
  10. Well my suggestion would be less troll-y "you'll never believe it when you hear who Luke skywalker's father is!" type of posts, because that's how they come across. some pollution begs the knife, yah know i think wert did an amazing job promoting TGO with his history of earwa, for example. you could always organize the aphorisms from the first seven books, Cull for kewlness and then meme the text to some fan art. Picture of cnaiur, "no urn is so cracked as fate" Now I'm picturing that badass rendering of the horns with meme text on it: "the very stronghold of s-s-alvation " i think the problem is you have to divorce your eagerness to gloat from the much harder and much less fun task of marketing and promotion. A good rule, if it makes YOU gleeful it's probably just about you gloating and basking in the sensation and attention. Which means the promotion is not really doing much for the book since it's actually about you."
  11. This is a pain to do on a phone!
  12. I never said it was about womanhood I'm just paraphrasing what Bakker said on this board.