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  1. Certainly an improvement, but still looks unfairly compact. Lets start a gerrymandering movement that ensures there are never more than 250,000 non urban residents per district ( in states with urban areas.) chop up some of those big rural blockades with good philly voters. Dilute the rural vote! (Note silliness )
  2. Fuck that slow shit, republicans can easily reverse it. I want only one solution: Reagan's. absolute immediate, irreversible amnesty for every person here illegal, they're all made citizens, effective the second the ink leaves the president's pen. This slow walk pathway to bullshit (DC centrist wonk nonsense) is no good whatsoever. Immediate permanent action, ala Reagan is the only acceptable solution. anything less is a crock of shit.
  3. Unless you’re in a Dickensian novel, the crimes of your parent do not make you culpable. So no it’s not illegal, because if my dad gets a speeding ticket while eight year old me is riding in the car with him, and he never pays it, I am not equally culpable and responsible. I have not committed the same crime. that is the essence of the republican argument on dreamers: children should be held responsible for their parents crimes. And children should be equally guilty of crimes their parents committed. Its a horrific standard for the law to take and one we should vigorously resist even if this were not just a bunch of racist republicans behaving in terrible ways. The legal standard the republicans are demanding is a profound assault on the foundations of functioning civil society, and could certainly be used in a myriad of other ways against the republicans political enemies.
  4. What kind of Underground Railroad will appear to try to hide the fugitive slaves... err I mean fugitive DACA families, from ice’s army of Hans Landa impersonators? but at least we know dmc would rat people out to Hans landa, because you know it’s following the law, and issue salience, and political capital...
  5. Just another NRA terrorist doing NRA approved activities.
  6. Until the democrat party or a grassroots me too esque movement takes leadership on the issue and declares the NRA a terrorist organization needing to be stopped and stomped out, these NRA shootings are going to keep happening over and over again.
  7. Another day, another republican approved batch of dead children via another republican approved school shooting. when will politicians stop being held hostage by the terrorists of the NRA? When will politicians put all members and donors of the NRA on the terrorist watch list? These people enthusiastically want dead children to further their ideological beliefs, they’re terrorists and need to be treated as such. Certainly more dangerous than domestic communists in days of yore, but we certainly had effective methods then which we could revive now to suppress today such hostile anti American groups like the NRA.
  8. The market may have ended the day up 300 points but there were swings of 1000 points today, that’s just nutty.
  9. Re Obama - Trump voters. i think a statistical averaging of white voters is erasing an important anecdotal actuality. This is leading us to the mistaken generalization that there were obama to trump white voters in 2016 some trump voters, voted in 2016, but they did not vote in 2012 because they did not like obama nor Romney. some obama voters, voted in 2012, but they did not vote in 2016 because they did not like clinton nor trump. these populations offset, so it looks like there were obama to trump white voters but there was not actual en masse vote switching occurring. Averaging out these two large populations leads to missing the crucial details and making the wrong generalization and conclusion. When combined with the across the board black voter turnout decline, the flip flop in which white voters turned out flipped most of the marginal states whose demographics had that unfortunate combination of no Romney republican voters and no clinton democrat voters.
  10. Dmc keeps saying all the obama to trump voters switched because they’re voters who vote based on the economy. Well how come they didn’t vote for clinton then, after seven and a half years of stable and steady growth and the best performance of the stock market of all time? they voted for trump anyway. Because your hypothesis is a lie, they don’t vote on the economy. They vote for trump because they like trump and they like everything he does and represents.
  11. if they run tanks down the streets for Cadet Bone Spurs' parade, who pays to fix the streets ruined by the weight of the tanks?
  12. the fantastically sad thing is this: not one elected democrat gives a shit about medicaid work requirements, HUD, payday lenders or the CFPB, all of these changes will be permanent because elected democrats, even if they regained power, don't give a fuck about reversing anything. Mark my words, even with a pair of waves and a Trump ouster, in 2021, not one Trump policy will be rescinded, repealed nor revoked. Democrats will probably scramble to make their first priority making all of Trump's tax cuts permanent for him and republicans, because democrats ennacting permanent republican policy achievements is one of their favorite things to do.
  13. ah. so you are ignorant of the fact that wealthy people (billionaires) earn 99.999% of their income as capital gains. If Trump is a billionaire, his annual capital gains tax bill would indicate his net worth. this is very basic math.
  14. Basically Bakker was a novice writer and poor at structure, so he was aping the lord of the rings structure (follow one set of characters stories over many chapters, then follow another set of characters, rinse and repeat) basically, this means a novice writer thought it was a good idea for his main character to be introduced in the prologue, be very compelling, and then not appear for the next 600 pages: kellhus is a monk from lands far away and long abandoned by mankind ( because the far away lands are overrun by orcs, more or less), he is the main character, and is looking for his missing Dad (who might be hanging out with the Muslims, as far away as you can get on this continent). achamian (Akka), is a disgraced sorcerer who is told to “spy” on the Catholic Church, and he shacks up with Esmenet, a prostitute of his acquaintance, achamian wants a disgraced former student, inrau, to spy for him and akka is willing sit around complaining for two hundred pages until esme and inrau do what he wants for him. achamian belongs to a group of sorcerers who are convinced Sauron and his minions (no god + consult) will return any minute, after being gone for two thousand years. Everyone thinks they’re a sad and pathetic joke and achamian doesn’t even believe in Saurons resurrection anymore . the church calls a jihad on the Muslims and away we go, since it’s national public news, achamian really got that scoop with his “spying” however the emperor of Rome (Xerius) wants to exploit the Jihad to advance his empires reach, he plans to barter the military genius of Julius Caesar (conphas), his nephew To purchase what he wants. conan the barbarian (cnaiur, pronounced nay-ur) fights a battle against conphas, then returns home where he will run into kellhus. Conan is one of the only people alive who has met kellhus’ Dad, so that meeting kicks off a quest, naturally. basically, if you’re bored with the Akka storylines skip ahead to the first two chapters of the next section, then skip way ahead and read the first two chapters of the fourth section. Then go back and reread the other parts. It will be much less boring. so read, the chapters: 1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 12, 4, 7, 13, 9, 8, 10, 14, 11, 15-19 its a much better reading experience, so avoid novice writer problems and do yourself a favor.
  15. I think it just means he’s possessed.