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  1. A resounding defeat for the democrat leadership (fez approved) strategy of deliberately losing thousands of elections because winning them might take effort. Lets keep up this tactic of playing to win for the thousands of elections next year. so glad to be wrong that Moore didn't pull out a win.
  2. There's only 33 games every two years and political specialists decide the best way to get a winning record is to not show up to play the game in twenty of the contests. An L is an L, and in the deadly serious team sport that is American politics, any one L in the senate is exactly equal to any other L. And if you're not trying to win the top of the bell curve games you're going to get your ass handed to you every season by one of your own cupcakes, and the D.C. Dipshits are always perpetually surprised their " lets build up a supply of Ls before ever playing a game" fails year in and year out. Because losing strategies are always losing strategies and you don't get to say an L is not an L just because you cognitively don't want to face your own parties massive team failings.
  3. See if this were a normal special election where about 12.5% of voters from a presidential election votes, Jones would have a chance, but it's not, the media has insured about 60%+ of voters from a presidential election will vote, and in Alabama that means of sheer numerical demographic necessity, that Moore will win in a landslide. Since the mainstream democrat analytics driven "losing is the best way to govern" philosophy has been implemented the past couple decades, democrats have followed the wonks advice and never invested a penny in Alabama voter registration nor party building efforts. So that means they scrambled for a month or so to register voters to no real avail. If democrats had a two decade long program registering voters in red states they'd have hundreds of thousands more potential voters in Alabama to mobilize. But the Clinton/obama wonk-approved analytics driven strategy of never preparing to win and to instead opt to strategically mandate built in losses decade after decade means that when these Roy Moore or Todd akin chances occur, democrats can barely take advantage because their strategy of pre-losing means they can't even beat a pedophile. (Missouri has tilted so far red since national democrats abandoned my home state as not worth investing in that I do not think it is possible mcckaskill would beat akin in 2016 or even in a 2017 special election) remember, when Moore wins, his victory is what every national democrat leader has intended to happen when they've talked about "allocating resources smartly" if we ever get a ground up national democrat party that furthers the interests of fifty state parties in all fifty states, democrats might begin to compete again a teensy little bit in elections across the board. but probably not since republicans will change the rules and suppress democracy and the press in the interim. Elected Republicans hate this county and all of its values and are in general fundamentally evil pursuing evil policies and they will do whatever it takes to make sure that keeps happening. Why would an evil person balk at a pedophile, just another hail fellow well met ally, amiright?
  4. Once the media nationalized the race, Moore was guaranteed to win, just as the media guaranteed an ossoff loss by nationalizing that race. So I think probably Moore + 12 and within seconds of the results becoming clear, fez posts that this loss is actually an enormous victory for democrats.
  5. I would get upset about the lack of due process fro franken, except the picture is really fucking bad, in a way worse than trumps GTBTP audio, because audio braggadocio doesn't prove any actions actually took place. Franken miming groping a particular woman while she sleeps is an affirmative proof of harassment that is pretty easy to see happening. Even if it's just miming and not actual touching, the miming itself is absolutely harassment. Doing it while she sleeps invokes all sort of nastiness with date rape culture. The picture is really fucking bad, every other accusation could be a paid fake accuasation and I'd still want him to resign because of the proof the picture represents of franken actively participating in and promulgating a culture of harassment and inequality.
  6. Yeah, this. It's like a job: you start the first day and spend a decent chunk of your first time on the job going " oh shit oh shit oh shit, I'm going to be fired they will know how incompetent I am." Or, "they'll see how little I got done, I'll be fired." Etc etc . And then you get promoted, probably not merits but on seniority and how well people like you. You slowly realize nothing really matters, and that the consequence of screwing up big is to be promoted into a management or executive position where you can't do as much damage as the people doing actual work, then you do everything possible with your authority to make sure the competent people never luck into the same opportunities as you and are kept properly in place doing all the work you're incapable of executing yourself. This was all true of my first job in fast food and the pattern has held true in all other fields. apply to politics and you get folks like Debbie Wasserman Schultz or any number of useless politicians. People wonder "how can any one so bad at the job of being a politician have such a successful career in it?" And the answer is always the same: failed upwards and repressed the successful people from advancement. so why do the clintons hold so much power? well bill Clinton, like Barack obama, are the special snowflakes that had a ton of natural talent and caught the right breaks to ascend past the we-will-suppress you level of employment straight into the failure upwards strata. And when sharks break into the kiddy pool, they feast. the clintons have so much power because they immediately exploited the system to make sure the incompetents stayed in power or were given even cushier higher paying responsibility free jobs than hey already had. Of the system was rotten with incompetence at the top, the Clintons actively sought to spread and intensify the dry rot to more areas. Because they figured they'd always be out after the profited from their investment and before everything collapsed. Instead the whole damn thing collapsed on their heads. Lets be honest in 999 iterations of the universe Barack obama is a speech writing flunky or house policy wonk in all of them, and is actively suppressed by all his superiors from running for office, we just got lucky he didn't get the same treatment the system expects him to get. But say he had Tried to remediate the Clinton rot? What would have happened? He'd have become a less effective president than Carter, with his own party hating and actively opposing him. what obama needed and what sanders needed was not a top down "I'll win the presidency approach" but a ground up "I have 20,000 people running in every election in the country committed to my platform and all of them are the people who were doing all the actual work." if we can replace the "fail upwards" system with a competence based system we might have a chance. Go out to the underlings and hire and promote the 4000 Barack obama quality people we have out there. Instead we will promote and run the 4000 Debbie wassermab Schultz's and just build a new house of dry rot of fail upwards.
  7. Next up, Al Franken makes a speech referencing the crucible and that he’s the real victim here, right. theres something painfully ironic in using the term witch hunt in these scenarios. i am more concerned that abusive behavior is so systemic Being a bigger problem than that too many people being outed (and the possibility that republicans are gaming the system). there is a cognitive component to this. That as the tragedy gets bigger your capacity to empathize or care is used up and you just stop paying attention to it because your brain decides it just can’t deal anymore. Sort of like Puerto Rico.
  8. Ah so the big untapped labor market is poor people on welfare? Funny I thought it was white suburban stay-at-home moms that were the big untapped labor market. I’m sure republicans would love to “force” them to work same as welfare recipients need to be “forced”, right? Lazy stay at home moms, get them working! it’ll get us to three percent growth! Worked for Abe, after all.
  9. Point to consider. The manuscript wasn't being published because the publisher thought it was absurd to publish something that bad and in need of front to back 100% rewrite? "they haven't assigned me an editor!" Mmhm sure. Your editor read the cannibal rape holocaust and whale mothers and nuclear bombs and was like "nope." lol
  10. Why would anyone in their right mind ever assume legislators (or any human for that matter but particularly legislators) make rational choices?
  11. One they won't need money. Two those former customers will be deliberately converted to non-customers, that's the goal of mass automation. Once six Billion jobs have been murdered by glorious Science (all praise His name), people not in tech will be subsistence day to day or in active starvation, they won't have any disposable income because the tech companies and science killed all the means of earning income. But since all the needs of tech people will be comfortably met they won't worry anymore about the inhuman rabble, insects really, not even human if you think about it, that they've destroyed.
  12. UBI will fail, and "humane" mass executions will be the official state and corporate sanctioned response. the first step will be mass sterilizations to deal with the food crisis brought on by climate change. Sterilization kits with two day shipping from amazon! Tech people do not like the rest of society very much. Why does everyone think they're going to be all benevolent dictators dispensing all their wealth to keep everyone on the dole? Their moral response at happily supporting UBI will have a very short and very predictable time limit to it. Then they will happily rationalize unimaginable evil as "the right thing to do" as the only "humane" response. because humans are good at doing that.
  13. So sure, tech companies are going to gleefully inflict mass unemployment and murder over a billion jobs over the next twenty years. They will probably fund UBI for no-more-than-five-years (over under at 3 years I'd say). Then once the UBI "experiment" has had it's inevitable failure, and there are still three billion people unemployed, the tech companies will shrug and gleefully inflict mass starvation, or amazon and google will happily send in the drones for "assisted suicide" or other "humane" large scale inhumation efforts. After the tech companies and governments exterminate six billion people, sure, maybe then we'll have your artistic paradise. Until then, the tech companies in california will act exactly like the agricultural companies of california treated the Joads, because humans and people have not fundamentally changed, and they will still act exactly the same as they have in the past.
  14. It is a hard fact of american society that social security and medicare are extremely popular programs with broad bi-partisan support from the electorate (not the elected officials obviously). Both will be ended within the next twenty years, because of simple demographics. For social security's 80 year existence, and medicare's fifty year existence they have been popular. They have also been demographically comprised as recipients as 90% white. They are popular not because they dispense good benefits fairly. They are popular because whites reap 90% of the benefits. Up until one point in history, america's demographics were stable, functionally 90% white. Then this happened: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_and_Nationality_Act_of_1965 And immigration into America leapt forward and starting in 1980, America was becoming 0.5% less white every year. Democrats like to trumpet this, that the electorate is 2% less white every new presidential election. But the thing is, we are reaching the point where the slightly more diverse electorate is retiring and receiving social security and medicare benefits. So every year, because of the immigration act of 1965, whites receive a little less of the benefits because they are a little less higher percentage of the recipients. That means that both programs which will obey the laws of american politics, will become slightly less popular every year going forward. Once the racial animus driving the republican party seizes on the point that whites are no longer reaping 90% of the benefits, they will realize their electorate will support cutting off their own noses to spite their face and the republicans in this country will happily axe their own benefit programs if it means denying minorities the right to participate. So both programs are demographically doomed. Democrats won't be able to save them, in my opinion.
  15. I'd forgotten how wonderful the grapes of wrath was as a story of a society with a surplus of time resulting in a flourishing of the arts for the Joads.