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  1. How do you define property, does it include black people?
  2. Jeff flake may be at 18% but national democrat leadership would be happy for him to run unopposed since they so loath winning.
  3. Yup, democrats fail and are incompetent. Same old same old. we have let them win by allowing the Trump framing of confederate founding fathers and United States founding fathers to be coequal. democrats and their fucking tolerance and they can't see the godamn forest for the fucking trees. and as a result of democrat stupidity, CSA and USA leaders are now equal partners. Fucking democrats can fuck right off.
  4. I had lunch from a taco truck today. But it was in the Parking lot at work, not on the corner--a distinction with a difference (clearly America has been made great as a result)!
  5. I had no conscious choice. We are in a Godwin thread, chamberlain invocation is axiomatic from this first principle. You may as well be criticizing breathing as critique mere reflex. ;-)
  6. Chamberlains gonna Chamberlain.
  7. Well my quote was "what a fucking troll" because a week ago he said kellhus was dead. This week he says kellhus isn't. He is just trolling.
  8. The zaudunyani were all enthusiastic cannibal skull fuckers--literally. why would I go to a con named for them?
  9. What a fucking troll.
  10. So, a university code of conduct has resulted in situations where that line was crossed. As is often the case, such situations are the exception as the vast majority of those attending abide by the terms of their code of conduct. White nationalist folks with an agenda--an agenda of being free to advocate for violence, murder, cruelty, harassment etc--have found these examples and worked non stop to popularize them, sensationaliize them, get them into the national media so they can turn them into "evidence", in other words, examples like this existing as "turrible! Injustice!" are a result of the successful propaganda campaigns by these same white nationalists, not unlike sensationalized propaganda campaigns about "news" a black man raping white girls. "People should be informed amiright? :/ nothing wrong with people knowing all about black men who raped little white girls. We should have a conversation about all the times it has ever happened. It's very concerning, liberals never like to talk about unpleasant truths like these facts. Look at these examples!" So just selecting for a worst case scenario all the time is playing right into their hands, they're using you, because they know it's a story you want to believe and propagate it because it violates your sense of justice and fairness. even if it is a totally unrepresentative outlier.
  11. Yes founded on free speech as part of a social contract, that is to say, with inherent limits, not free speech unlimited to include genocide or snuff or pedophilia, etc. There are boundaries--that's why it's a contract--and pure anarchy is something no one (other than far right and far left extremists more interested in purity of idea than participation in society) wants.
  12. Certainly he first communes with ajokli on the circumfix, but we can take all of the iterations of the halos (carrying no sorcerous mark on the halos and described by kellhus as "the light of delusion") as caused by ajokli's possession. "There was revelation." Isn't the probability trance, because revelation is a religious word, that is kellhus deceiving himself while ajokli provides the insights. incidentally, we also have a perfectly simple explanation for the skin spy halos: ajokli participated in the rape and betrayal of serwe; he probably thought it was fun. There's also this, which is a direct indication of ajokli participation: "Kellhus laughed. He seemed to shine about the pit of the Chorae" From early inTTT so when we should expect more participation from ajokli. its irritating and lame that so much of the series is reliant on keeping sauron a secret and nothing more.
  13. Good omens the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes nutter, witch
  14. yeah, I rather liked the book a lot before the AMA. i mean it sucked he skipped ishterebinth. and it was worse that he wrote a hundred pages of cannibal fuckery, but the rest of the book was pretty good, and I was pretty happy with an ending that had the fellowship of the ring fail. then we got this: Bakker does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of the other players [i.e. everybody], to being involved in an obscure and complex variant of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won't tell you the rules, and who scowls all the time.
  15. Funnily enough I marked a pair of queer passages from TTT about kellhus a few years ago, they make sense now. Come and see. But Kellhus was something different. A doorway. A mighty gate. Kellhus laughed. He seemed to shine about the pit of the Chorae. “Much like your opinions.”