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  1. If I were to guess, it goes like this: chorae salt sorcerers chorae cause ciahaurim to burn up in a flash of blinding light Salt is traditionally a sign of purification sorcery turns on ontology and sorcery therefore leaves a mark because sorcery is impure ontology, In essence impure meanings. chorae purify impure meaning which has the literal effect of taking abstract impure meaning and trying into a concretized pure manifestation of meaning aka "salt" Cishaurim have no ontology aspect to their magic rather are gods pure passion rechanneled to the wrong place,. So it does not leave a mark of manifesting impurity within the world. But it is still an impurity in the world purifies in this instance by a burning flash restoring gods passion to its proper channel, so to speak.
  2. Men being allowed by society to compartmentalize away their entitlement to sexual encounters in spite of restrictions on said is in fact the core of the entire problem. because it's misogyny. Predators like bill Clinton being allowed to prey on subordinates is wrong but it is a reflection of how much we desire to perpetuate our misogynistic culture. A society and culture that encourages us to say he is allowed to break contracts and promises and trusts but this behavior is allowed to be compartmentalized as having no relevance to anyone else because the victims had vaginas is fundamentally wrong and a sickening statement steeped in cultural misogyny and male privilege.
  3. Yeah that's bullshit. Being unable to abide by the terms of a simple contract because you wanted some instant gratification means you don't have the sort of decision making capacity I want legislators I vote for to possess. toddler legislstors that fail the grown up version of the Stanford marshmallow test shouldn't be legislators, or running for office.
  4. It was a shite bill. a %15 state payroll tax to pay for health insurance is unacceptable, and I am pretty fucking progressive and support the theory but they'll have to do better than that. i basically vote all state Californian races against Northern California when I have the option. The state democrat party is all controlled by Northern California operatives and the state democrat party leadership are basically the core cabal of incompetence we see reflected in the national democrat leadership. So I'm heartily against all of that old guard of incompetent and backboneless blaggards. on the other hand, villarigosa can't be trusted by his wife, so why should I trust him when he won't even abide by the terms of a simple and common contract like marriage? in any event , the primary will be a free for all and hopefully the cabal loses and also I don't have to vote for an unethical contract breaker.
  5. yup. Obama and Geitner oversaw a recovery that had zero messaging focus on jobs and 100% messaging focus on no strings attached infinite cash to wall street. and as a result, most people thought the recession lasted four, five, six years. Many might say we're only now coming out of it. Even if on paper, the infinite cash to wall street ended the recession in the accounting books after a few sine curve months, in practice of how it worked day to day for actual people, the perception was the recession lasted for years and years. and the perception is probably more important than the paper. so they're mad. because there are no jobs. or because of tech. there are only shitty jobs. and they're mad because tech looks at the jobs they have left and tech thinks, "those people have jobs, we should take away those jobs, destroy their families, drive them to suicide and bankruptcy and depression because those jobs are jobs tech can replace" So democrats, in focusing on jobs, are in a very nasty paradox, they rely on the tech sector to fund like 90% of their operations. and the stated goal of the tech sector (every time the tech sector gleefully talks about their grim and apocalyptic future of vengeance upon the non college educated) is the sector's glowing vision of destroying millions of families by systematically targeting and murdering even more of the jobs of the non college educated, really ruthlessly going after those non college educated jobs, all the low hanging fruit. they're the easiest jobs for tech to murder. Such easy profits. Such delightful revenge for the torments of high school. hahahah. Democrats would be well equipped, in terms of their traditional partnership with labor, in preserving the sanctity of american jobs and families. It would be incredibly easy to pass regulations heavily restricting the implementation of self driving tech, for example. Much easier than the extremely onerous and complicated hard work of passing a bevy of regulations making the coming job genocide easier. Intervening in the tech driven job genocide is an ideal place for government to intervene to protect the livelihoods of millions, and we know how republicans feel about government regulation. Instead, democrats will partner with the "no regulations" republicans in actively enabling the job genocide. So if democrat nerds in charge of strategy and tactics want to focus on jobs, first they have to figure out how to protect the jobs of the kids that were not nerds in high school. democrats have to figure out how to protect the jobs of the people who picked on them. democrats have to figure out how to protect the jobs of people who are "other" (meaning didn't go to college like they did) and anathema to them and who they eagerly segregate themselves from to avoid at all costs encountering or living near. The democrat nerds that have embraced their own cultural, economic, and educational segregation are going to have to abandon all of their beautiful college apartheid if they want to focus on jobs. because the story on jobs for the next few years is how many hyper local jobs the tech sector can destroy with their latest developments. we're rapidly approaching an inflection point on tech job displacement. Tech destroying jobs is sort of like Gore's Global Warming Hockey Stick graph, for a long time, tech murdering jobs didn't matter because a lot of new jobs were created as a result of the new tech (not replacement jobs for the yokels whose livelihoods were destroyed, but no one ever cares about the poor so we don't talk about them, just the the numbers "average out" without thinking of the human misery that "average out" euphemism covers up) but eventually tech takeover reaches the point that jobs start getting destroyed at a much more rapid pace than jobs can be replaced. and since the displacement of jobs is asymmetrical in terms of the old jobs killed and the new jobs created you are inherently creating an ever larger constituency that grows as you move up that exponential curve climbing he Hockey Stick graph of tech destroying jobs. That means that immigration is clamored for by the tech sector since the tech sector would never consider training American or hiring non college educated. Again government intervention forcing the (racial, gender, education) desegregation of the tech sector and requiring hire america quotas would be a place government can intervene. But democrats won't do that and republicans are not going to regulate so that job-murdered constituency gets ever more disgruntled by being black listed from the opportunities of the new world, while well educated immigrants are given every opportunity and advantage and privilege never accorded to them. 200,000 trucking jobs in all the springfield xx towns just disappeared? well, that's the same thing as four programming jobs at uber, and six mechanics at tesla, so obviously it average out, right? right? It's not? guess we better hire 2000 programmers from india (certainly we can't hire american!) and 500 mechanics from the philippines. that's the same thing as those 200,000 lost american jobs, right? right? Oh your local factory? we democrats sent all those jobs over seas in trade deals, because 500 jobs lost in your town is economically a good bargain if it means you can buy a $100 tv at wal mart. Human misery and suffering from the catastrophic loss of five hundred families in your community? what does that matter, theres' no line in the paperwork for human misery from factory closings, just a line for reiterating how wonderful it is that Target sells socks at 6 pairs bundled for $9.99, aren't you happy about that tremendous victory? You're not? did you know you can buy (year round!) blueberries from Chile for 2.99! Surely you now see that ruining a few million lives for benefits like that is a good bargain. go democrats!
  6. yes. This is the big league. You have to win.
  7. @Kalbear see. Veep is a true reflection of washington dc.
  8. The logic is simple. The person saying it thinks Turner Gill is a great football coach. Because losing by less (or sometimes losing by more!) is totally the best! I have reiterated multiple times that politics is a (deadly serious) team sport. This right side of this five thirty eight graphic is a drive chart. https://espnfivethirtyeight.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/dottle-liveblog-specialelections-11.png?w=1150 Democrats have gotten turnovers four times and have failed to convert to points every time. That means that they are losing. In particular, with GA they recovered the ball on the 1 yard line and then spent three timeouts announcing they were going to run the ball up the middle then were surprised at how easily republicans defended against this strategy. Nevertheless, they didn't change their strategy. With the other three races, democrat coaching staff recovered turnovers, made huge gains, then opted to take a knee rather than try to score a touchdown because it was safer and they probably couldn't score anyway, so why even attempt it, getting to the two yard line is a moral victory and virtually the same as getting a touchdown, after all. the graphic "how the margins compare" on the right side at the top of this link shows the drive charts for last night's updated elections. Democrats failed to convert on valuable turnovers. http://fivethirtyeight.com/live-blog/georgia-south-carolina-special-elections/ the entire democrat coaching staff and management needs to be completely replaced.
  9. undoubetedly pelosi will run for president and win the democrat nomination in 2020
  10. Welp the DCCC has now successfully lost four elections due to terrible weak strategy and terrible gutless coaching. Considering the only approach they have for 2018 is to target orange county (and nothing but orange county) I'm now expecting republicans to gain seats in the house in the midterms. Fire the DCCC. terrible coach, does nothing but lose.
  11. Politicians strive to keep the promises they made and they have all individually promised (thousands of times they have each individually made this promise!) that they would vote for this bill. of course it is going to happen they want to keep the promise that got them elected
  12. I imagine that the next book will come when it comes. Bakker has designed his writing process to be autonomic so that means he has routinized brain subsystems such that his body nonconsciously winds up in the correct location with the correct equipment and liquid drugs to facilitate the triggering of the endorphins from the creative process. The non sologdin among us call this process the mysterious brain function known as habit. (Habit being one of the great delusions that disproves free will) Anti-Nietzsche in its own way, instead of will-to-power it is lack-of-will-to-power. Somehow Bakker has short circuited his brain so that the laziness the human brain prefers is manifested by his writing habit. this probably means that lack-of-will is the holy key to everything and esmenet is going to become no god and/or the savior of the world and esmenet is the anasurimbor returning at the end of the world. Narrow hips so celmomas assumed she was a dude. Thus her much maligned passivity is actually the key to conquering everything and everyone was wildly out of bounds to criticize her on the very terms of her success. But Bakker being Bakker the Freudian LACK in the lack-of-will-to-power is significant in some classically Bakker sexual awfulness we are bound to endure at some point in the next book. Esmenet probably has to be fucked by sranc, or kelmomas... or proyas. Thus spake casidas
  13. If true, Murray has gone from running for president to deserving to be primaried reminds me of how Feinstien was all like "anyone the president nominates is inherently qualified and deserves an automatic rubber stamp yes vote." it was only organized outrage that got her to. start acting like a democrat and vote against de vos.
  14. yes yes, removing market checks on their use of power can only be a good thing!
  15. I like the paragraph that came after this. but this is hopelessly naive. If republicans demand a clean bill and democrats acquiesce, republicans pass Trump's tax cut and one month later the new debt ceiling is breached by the catastrophic new deficits and republicans come back and demand another clean bill. or, in your scenario, there is no more debt ceiling, republicans get that reward for nothing, and immediately pass their catastrophic country destroying tax cuts to no consequences.