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  1. It was obviously the playing of David Bowie.
  2. I likes it !!
  3. I liked the bit where the memo quotes that Steele "was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president" and uses that to say Steele was bias in preparing the dossier and that should have been considered when authorizing the wiretaps. However, I took that quote more as Steele, after pulling together the dossier, had an informed idea of who and what Donald Trump actually is and based on those facts knew Trump shouldn't be president.
  4. I'm leaning to Eagles and Bears There are 41 large animals and the hunter. The Eagles split up to harass and blind these larger animals and keep them from teaming up, with an initial strike of multiple eagles to kill the Hunter quickly before he can hurt my bears. After the Hunter is dead, then the extra eagles target the Wolves as they are small enough the Eagles have a chance to kill or cripple those without help. Meanwhile, two of my bear enforcers team up and and go after the larger animals one by one. I hop on the last bear and lead the rats away, to get some distance from the rats and get the rat pack strung out chasing me, then circle back and make passes through them, taking out as many as I can, then running away again before they can converge. As the two bear enforcers free up eagles, they can swoop in and starting picking away at the rat pack as well. I'm assuming with the Hunter dead the shotgun is useless, if not, Eagles bring me shotgun, one shot gun blast will cut quite a swathe through a pack of rats. So if they are bunched up, one shot could kill dozens and I'd have unlimited shots..
  5. Don't start with your shenanigans.
  6. I can't wait for this movie. The trailer had me cracking up.
  7. Actually Guillermo del Toro won the Golden Globe for best director, not Martin McDonagh.
  8. That was great, also laughed when Mercer was caught by the Admiral when he thought she had signed off.
  9. I can see how the Republican leaders think they can work this if Moore wins. First, they say they didn't interfere, they let the people of Alabama choose their Senator, just like the American people chose their President. Then they expel Moore to show how they support women and ethics and such. This then allows the Republican governor to appoint a new Republican senator from Alabama, so they still keep the seat. Then they try and use Moore's expulsion as a threat to try and control Trump, and if that doesn't work, they use it to impeach him and put Pence in charge without having to deal with the Russia issues. This of course all falls apart if hopefully Jones wins.
  10. Dragonslayer is definitely on my list of top fantasy movies and Vermithrax Pejorative is one of the best dragons in movies. Others on my list: The Princess Bride Willow Conan the Barbarian Shrek The 13th Warrior Highlander Ladyhawke Stardust
  11. My list of returning shows include The Expanse season 3 The Americans final season The Last Kingdom season 3 Westworld Season 2 Jessica Jones season 2 New shows that look interesting Altered Carbon The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Britannia
  12. Yeah several people called him Zombie Boy. I took Will dancing with the girl as accepting that he is Zombie Boy, kind of like Tyrion's advice to Jon Snow in the The Game of Thrones " Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour, and it can never be used to hurt you."
  13. Hard to pick just 10 favorites so just picked some books that I seem to have read and reread the most and I know I will read again. The Way to Dusty Death by Alastair MacLean Dune by Frank Herbert Nine Princes in Amber by Robert Zelazny Flint by Louis L’amour A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs The Seven Dials by Agatha Christie A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin The Black Company by Glen Cook A Tapestry of Magics by Brian Daley Frederica by Georgette Heyer
  14. Rami Malek is amazing. When Krista asked Elliot why we told her the story of Kevin MacAllister, I was on the edge of my seat as Elliot spent like 2 minutes trying to to say something, and then he just said he didn't know.
  15. I assumed she died because she was having a difficult birth and had a caesarean delivery performed by a combat medic on a farm rather than by a doctor in a hospital.
  16. I think at one point K had three different trackers on him. The LAPD probably had standard policy to track their vehicles; Mariette slipped a tracker into K's coat for the Replicant underground, and Joi's portable device ( made by Wallace Corp) had an antenna to communicate with his home network which I think Luv tapped into to track K. So when Joi had K break the antenna, Luv had to get K's location from the LAPD to find him in Vegas.
  17. Joi actually sacrifices herself to protect K by first copying her onto the handheld device and deleting her program from his house files so they couldn't read her memories and find out what he has learned, and then having him break off the antenna so they couldn't find the handheld. Luv and Wallace have been tracking him through Joi, which was how Luv was able to find them near the orphanage and drive off the scavengers. After Joi has K break the antenna on her gift, Luv gets upset and is forced to have to go confront Madam to find out K's location. It was a great moment when K finds out he is not the child, And liked the comment K makes at the end that all her memories were the best ones.
  18. The Good Place is back for Season 2 and it is still awesome.
  19. The fourth episode was great, the show is definitely an homage to and drawing inspiration from the original Star Trek series. Have enjoyed the Orville more than the first episode of Discovery. Also liking it more than I ever liked the first few episodes of the Next Generation, which also rehashed some of the original series' episodes. The Liam Neeson cameo was great and it looks like Charlize Theron will be on next week in much more than a cameo role. Also like the tribute to Isaac Asimov naming the robot after him. And someone else pointed out, that Adrianne Palicki's character, Kelly Grayson, is probably named after Spock's mother Amanda Grayson. (especially as she also slept with an alien )
  20. Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but it is fitting based on my topic. I think the Silent Sisters tradition may extend much further back than the Citadel or the Faith, all the way to the Long Night. The Sisters primary task is to prepare the dead by rendering the bodies down to nothing but bones, removing all the flesh. This make sense in the War against the Others. In an endless winter, where firewood is needed to stay warm and alive, it is too precious waste burning the dead, But you still need to deny the Others your dead family members as recruits to their Army of the Dead. A pile of bones with no connective tissue is useless as a soldier. (An additional more gruesome reason may have been, food was scarce, and meat is meat) So the older women, too weak to fight, were tasked with dealing with the dead before they had a chance to rise and serve the Others. And if cannibalism was also involved it may explain the silent part, as no one wanted to hear where the food the Sisters provided came from. When the Long Night ended, the tradition continued, first because the survivors remembered, but then later, just because that was the way it was always done. 8,000 years later, when the Wall falls and Others come south, living men will not have to face corpses rising from graveyards and pouring from tombs because the Silent Sisters continued their work.and piles of bones can't rise and walk.
  21. Yep, Brad was short for Battle-ready Remote-operated Aerial Drone.
  22. For lighter sword and sorcery books you can try: Lawrence Watt Evans, his Ethshar books are full of magic and he has another series starting with Dragon Weather. Barbara Hambly has the Darwath Trilogy with a few follow up books and also the Sunwolf trilogy that that starts with the Ladies of Mandrigyn. Gordon R. Dickson's The Dragon and the George is one of my favorites. I didn't read all the follow up books, but enjoyed the first couple. David Gemmell is another author you can't go wrong with.
  23. "Texican... saved my neck twice. Once after he was dead. "
  24. I don't live anywhere near the path of totality, but I'm going to a wedding in Kentucky, which is in the path, the Saturday before, so am extending my trip an extra day to stay and wait for the eclipse.