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  1. Acrophilia #11: Round One

    Might the whale teeth sharpen at the sight of him and the elephants grow claws, and might the birds never sing of him.
  2. Acrophilia #11: Round One

    I think I have died. And my lives are few left, if any. I can not think even with an effort. All clues are dead.
  3. Acrophilia #11: Round One

    I feel close to nothing. I recognize everything. My response to it is articulated based on a general pattern recognized by human persons. I estimate it improves the accessibility to a fragment of information that is possible to communicate in this way.
  4. Acrophilia #11: Round One

    I recognize that this answer is well structured, I also recognize it has no effect on me. I also recognize that rarely anything has an effect on me.
  5. Acrophilia #11: Round One

    If I were the author of the fourth clue, I would really resent this suggestion. Maybe they had a word in mind, but simply were distracted, when they typed the sentence. And now someone else took over their entry  I think we can afford to wait for the author, if something like that happens.
  6. Acrophilia #11: Round One

    I can not pass my character. I have tried, and I cannot. I will try again, but I do not believe I had so much difficulty any time before.  Not sure what the reason is, but I hope that the reason is interesting at least Edit: Before you think I got burdened with a difficult character, I must tell you that it is not a minor or difficult character, it is just that I have nothing for them.
  7. Acrophilia #11: Round One

  8. The Poster Below, Version Unknown +1

    Not the same time I did the morning before. pb will tell what j is attached to them  
  9. Iwill try to play, even if I am not a good reliable player. But I would very much like for thhe game to be played, with or without me.
  10. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

  11. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

  12. Be as unhelpful as possible, V.0001

    My great aunt once told me a story about two dragons. They lived in the bottom of a sea, trying to grow flowers there. They carried air from above under their wings for the seedlings to breathe, and bird songs in their lungs for the seedlings to hear when seasons changed. But nothing seemed to work. The plants grew and grew and grew, but never bloomed. And I must tell you that the favorite flowers of the dragons were poppies. And, of course, one of the dragons was bigger and one was smaller, and the Daenerys' dragons will be either bigger or smaller.
  13. The first thread was lost here. With the new order, I will not answer all the theories, it will be done by everyone called poster below. The previous thread ended with this: "Tyrion and Selyse had an affair." Here is the proof: It is never explained how Shireen has gotten grayscale. It is never explained how Selyse got interested in R'hllor. But we know that some (not many) years ago a trading galley brought a grayscale outbreak to Pentos and that R'hllor is worshipped in Tyrosh. The men of Pentos are known to dye their beards. The people of Tyrosh are known to dye everything, including their hair. Therefore it is true that both grayscale and R'hllor were brought o Dragonstone by hair dye merchants. Selyse spoke with the Tyroshi merchants and got the case of R'hllor. Contaminated hair dye from Pentos was used on Shireen and she got a case of grayscale. The dye was used to conceal the blonde hair Shireen has.
  14. Do not pretend I did not guess it
  15. It is Joffrey then (but I'd like it to be Robb), the theme is talking fingers