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  1. Someone on reddit reckoned he was Godric Borell, and the "squinter" was the customs guy from Selhorys. Here: The gentleman has good tinfoil but I don't believe he's identified the remainder of the men yet.
  2. Oh, you
  3. Tell that to Ygritte
  4. That's why you're a Good Guy
  5. I hope that's not the big message GRRM is trying to impart. "What's the point of sacrifice? You don't get nuthin' out of it!"
  6. Yeah I reckon, I loved reading 50,000 words about a pissing match between two gangs of nerds
  7. Ooh, I hope so!! I love themtogether, I think they' make a great couple
  8. ooh, political!
  9. Probably makes him feel like curling up and eating cheetos I know I would Matter of fact I could go for some cheetos right now
  10. You misunderstand me, I'm not saying the 4thbook would take 5 years, just that it would better place the charaters for a 5 year gap
  11. Poverty is not the same as death
  12. Liar
  13. Phew. For a minute there I thought my jimmies might have been rustled.