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On ‎9‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 0:20 AM, Widow's Watch said:

As far as loaded statements go, this one is very loaded with meaning and double speak. I also know it's probably not the first time it's brought up.

It begs the question whether Jon is going to find out the truth sooner rather than later and not say anything. I also really like the thought about him taking his place by his brother's side to help avenge his father. If we forget for a moment that Aegon could be a fake, I find it could a neat foreshadowing of Jon and Aegon meeting and standing together. 

I think you're absolutely right in the first instance, he will never claim his Targaryen heritage despite becoming aware of it and that he was trueborn. But then that point of the passage is that he's not going to embrace the Targ name, meaning Aegon is nothing to him and it is about Robb and Ned and not Rhaegar or anyone else.

The passage as a whole is a prime pointer to the outsider, detached, loveless, friendless unfeeling leader he is set to become on his return. All warmth having fled from him, black-hearted bastard, cold eyed with a frozen heart, silent with eyes that speak; lord's eyes, cold and grey and full of judgement. The right man for the job, the wartime leader for facing the apocalypse. Thanks for quoting it here.

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