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  1. E.S. Dinah

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    I doubt the author favors Jon as a ruler. Jon is an idiot who thoroughly fucked up at the wall. He can't manage a few thousand underlings. He sure as hell won't be able to manage a kingdom.
  2. E.S. Dinah

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    Correct. He needed to highlight the difference between them and the common man. And he had a lot of good points. After all, they came from a culture that practiced sibling marriages. That culture pre-date the seven. They ride dragons. Something the common man can't do. They look different.
  3. E.S. Dinah

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    Nice. The dragons will change the game this time around. They won't be able to force the weather to change back to summer but they can burn away the wights and their masters. Most of the people in westeros will still die because winter kills. Martin already warned us about that. But having the dragons will save enough people to repopulate after the winter passes.
  4. I don't know about villains but they made the kingdom worse. The kingdom would have been better off if Aerys had won the war and beheaded all of the Baratheons, Starks, and Arryns. Or burn them. Whichever he preferred. Jon Arryn's math is messed up. He started a rebellion that killed many to protect two men. That should have been a clue as to what kind of leader he would be. He allowed Robert to bankrupt the country. Lf was screwing his wife underneath his nose. Cersei was cuckolding the king under his watch. That's not an improvement over Aerys. Aerys burned people. Duh, so does Stannis. The Targaryens fought among themselves for power. Duh, so do the Baratheons. Look to Renly and Stannis. Aerys punished some innocents along with the guilty at Duskendale. Well, Robert sent an assassin after an innocent, young girl. Whose throne he stole. Ned protested but in the end was going to let it happen. They were worse than Aerys.
  5. E.S. Dinah

    Poll: The Southron Ambitions

    Rickard was plotting to remove the Targaryens from the throne. So yes.
  6. E.S. Dinah

    Poll: The Southron Ambitions

    I agree. For one thing, everybody knew what would happen if Rickard succeeded in building his coalition. He would be able to challenge Aerys. Everybody knows a king could never allow one of his vassals to become more powerful than he is. War was coming unless Rickard gave up on his plans.
  7. Trial by combat. Joffrey's hound dog against the ward.
  8. E.S. Dinah

    Were anti-magic maesters happy with Rickard's southron ambitions?

    Magic had just about died at the time. I doubt the maesters were trying to end magic. And if they were, well let us say they chose the wrong family to start a campaign against magic. The Starks used magic in the past to beat the other contenders in the north. They skin change and give human sacrifices to the Old Gods.
  9. E.S. Dinah

    The House of the Undying

    It has never been proven that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen. Jon is not living fire. He is ice if anything.
  10. E.S. Dinah

    Why did Jon lock Ghost up?

    It's not the only line that gets blurred in the novels. He already broke his oath and committed treason against the watch for Arya.
  11. E.S. Dinah

    Why did Jon lock Ghost up?

    Why did Jon lock Ghost up? To mollify the others around him.
  12. E.S. Dinah

    Why did Jon lock Ghost up?

    People called him that but it's not for locking up his dog. IIRC, it was his decision to execute Janos Slynt and send Mance to bring Arya to him that generated those comments. I don't think D + J is going to happen. Ice and Fire do not mix. Should not mix. Wilas Tyrell is my choice for Daenerys. He's the only groom who brings sufficient gravitas to the union. Aegon is another good choice. Arya is my choice for Jon. Jon is a passionate man who doesn't stick to the rules. He is just the type to cast aside customs and tradition to marry his half-sister Arya.
  13. E.S. Dinah

    Who will command Dany's fleet?

    There are a lot of sea captains to be found. It's not hard to find them. The mission is not that hard. The ships may stay close to within sight of shore. Excellent navigation skills are not a job requirement. I agree that the management of a large Freedom Force will need to be delegated. Command of the infantry side will fall on Greyworm. The cavalry could be commanded by her bloodriders. Barristan can map out the landing strategy.
  14. E.S. Dinah

    no kidnapping tyrion

    Robert is still incompetent. The Starks still suspect the Lannisters. Eddard will still discover Cersei and Jaime's secret, the kids are theirs, not Robert's. Eddard and Cersei will still clash and Robert will end up dead. Sansa can't be trusted with a secret and she will run her mouth to Cersei. Not much will change. Jaime and Cersei stole the throne with their children. Eddard and Stannis will always have a problem with that.