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  1. I vote for the faceless men catching up to Arya and giving her the gift of death. Permanent shut-eye is not going to happen though because her wolf is still alive. She will get to live a wolf's life.
  2. Robb Stark was a rebellious lord. Future history books will paint him as a divisive figure.
  3. Daenerys Targaryen and her 3 Dragons are the future saviors of Westeros. They will make it past Slaver's Bay. She will build a grand army and take back Westeros from the incompetents who are currently sitting on her father's throne.
  4. Bran's chapter began this long and still unfinished story. You might say the first Bran chapter is the foreshadowing of very dark events to come. Very dark in general but also predicted a very dark future for the point of view character, Bran Stark. Brother Gared, a seasoned man of the Nights Watch, was caught and charged with the crime of desertion. Desertion, we are explicitly told, is a crime punishable by death. We know from the Prologue what had happened to Gared just as we know the ranger had important information to convey. Gared was obviously traumatized and suffered from PTSD. Ned Stark listens to the man briefly and carries out the execution. Bran Stark, a young boy, was brought along to witness the execution. Furthermore, Bran Stark was told not to look away. The Starks find the wolves on their way home from the horrific scene of the execution. The Usurper's party arrives in Winterfell and Ned Stark accepts the offer to become Hand of the King. Bran Stark accidentally sees Jaime Lannister and his sister, Cersei Lannister, making love in one of Winterfell's ruined towers. Jaime, to keep Bran from revealing his secret, pushed Bran from the window. The fall breaks Bran's body. All of the boy's dreams of becoming a knight went out. Bran has several dreams. He dreamt of his bastard brother, Jon Snow, growing cold and experiencing the rigor mortis of death. He also sees across the Narrow Sea and Essos to Asshai, where he sees dragons. Lastly, he sees into the lands of always winter, almost literally he saw the Heart of Winter. Bran's dog saves him from the assassin. He comes out of his comma and wakes up to his ruined body. Soon the children of House Reed comes to visit Winterfell. Robb declares rebellion and leaves for the South. Bran the Broken becomes the acting lord of Winterfell. Theon and the Ironborn take the castle from Lord Bran. The cripple and his friends are forced to hide and then leave from the burning castle. This is another very traumatic episode for Lord Bran. Bran and Co. crossed the Wall and passed through the Nightfort and the Bastard Gate. They meet Bloodraven, the Targaryen bastard known as Brynden Rivers. Brynden teaches Bran and shows him how to use his abilities. Bran saw through the eyes of the Winterfell tree. He saw the brutality of his ancestors. His mind travelled back in time, reading the tree's memories and sees his ancestors making human sacrifices to the trees. In the real world, he sees bones scattered all around the vast cave. Bran begins to enjoy the dark. He begins to love intruding on the mind of his simpleton servant. He begins to engage in voyeurism and spies on his potential love interest, Meera Reed. Brynden tells him the strongest trees grow in the dark. Those are not normal trees because no tree can survive without the sun. Where do the trees get their energy? Human blood. What does Bran have that make him a valuable asset against the White Walkers? His Skinchanging powers. Brynden has a plan to use Bran to wrest control of the wights away from the White Walkers. It is unfortunate, I think, because Bran Stark will betray Brynden and use his powers to avenge the Starks. He will learn that it was Jaime Lannister who pushed him from the window and took away all of his dreams. There will be no peace with the Lannisters. Everything Bran has been exposed to by his elders are slowly leading Bran to become evil. Bran is not just physically broken. He is also morally broken. From the major screwup that was Gared's execution, to his crippling, and finally to the deaths of his siblings. All of those will not lead even a good person to become better. Bran will see the death of his bastard brother at the wall. He will see the deaths of Sansa and Arya. Bran will betray Brynden and use his Skinchanging powers to drive the wights to indiscriminately attack Westeros. Bran will become the Lord of Darkness and his bloody reign will last the duration of the Long Night. Bran Stark will have to die before the Long Night can end and for Spring to return.
  5. Sean. The only difference here are the story characters. Jon Snow was a man whose decisions will cause more deaths and sorrow to the kingdom compared to what Raff and Tickler has ever done. Or could have done. It was more important for Jon to die because he has done more harm and would have continued to do more harm if Bowen had not killed him. Robb's war caused more suffering and sorrow than anything Raff and Tickler has done. So Darth cheering for the deaths of Jon and Robb is no different from you having no sympathy for Dareon and cheering the deaths of the men you don't like.
  6. Daemon is an example of a man with very questionable morals who also possessed the admirable qualities of courage. He was skilled in arms and an able dragon rider. In my opinion, he never stopped loving Rhaenyra. His "nephew" was a danger to the people and the branch of the family he loved. The hero in him rose at that moment and decided to remove the younger man from the game.
  7. Robb was not justified to break his oath to Walder. Breaking guest rights is a serious offense. Breaking an oath is just as bad an offense.
  8. Ramsay is not a hero. Neither is a lord commander who betrayed the Order, his sworn brothers, and Westeros for his little sister. So, yes, Ramsay and Jon are not heroes.
  9. The wedding happened because Lord Walder and Roose needed to prove themselves to Tywin Lannister before they can be pardoned for the rebellion. It was the only way those two could deliver a win against the Starks. Walder turned his back on Robb in the first place because the crime referred to on this section by gizzard of Oz as the sin is a broken oath. Robb made many bad choices but it was the breaking of an oath that got him, his direwolf, and his bannermen killed.
  10. The order of the silent sisters are not in the business of treating the mentally disturbed but the calm may help reduce Arya's urge to kill.
  11. Pick any of the slaving families in Meereen. Or Astapor or Yunkai. What they do to slaves is worse than anything in Westeros with the exception of the Others controlling the wights. Those who use mind control to force the dead or the living to do their bidding are the worst of humanity but they are not limited to a single family. Varamyr and Bran are the main offenders among the humans.
  12. Because some cheating was involved for Ned to walk away from that fight. It need not be complicated though. The swamp man could have thrown stones at Dayne. Anything to distract the Kingsguard long enough to give Ned an opening. What reason would Howland have to bring a fishing net?
  13. Ah but that warning goes in both directions. Whose prick already got bit? Jon Snow's on the matter of Arya and Ramsay. And his tiny got bit all the way off. Bran in my opinion is the dark wizard hidden behind the curtain of evil. He surely will try to manipulate people to make his bastard half-dead brother acceptable. Maybe, but Westeros is not Jon's kingdom. I suppose you could argue that the North is his. But that is a debatable claim. Bran was the one who came looking for the 3 eyed crow and the children. It is Bran who will choose. He can obey Bloodraven's plan for him. I don't think he will.
  14. Fifteen years of servitude for Dareon's murder. The same amount of time for the Insurance man. That's thirty years in total. Reduce time for good behavior, to 12 years for each crime for a total of 24.
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