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  1. The ritualistic murder in Bran's vision and the people in those visions were Starks. The pregnant woman, the ugly fellow making arrows from the weirwood, the children, were all Starks.
  2. Doran Martell is angry, he's in pain, and he's confined. That would make any man plot. And plot. And plot endlessly. Planning and then execution of the plan are important. It's the execution where he has trouble. He has a lot in common with Arya except she executes her plan. Sick with anger and pain they plot. Arya carries out her murderous plot. Doran dreams about his.
  3. Jon is not the son of Rhaegar. He is the son of Mance or even Brandon with Lyanna. Jon Snow attacked Ser Aliser. Oh yeah, Slynt disagreed with him and Jon murdered him. Jon is not going to sort anything out. He created the problem at the wall.
  4. Bran is not a suitable king. At least not in the sense of a monarch who manages, guides, governs, and administers a large country. If Bran becomes king it will be regional. Something like King-Beyond-the-Wall. King In the North, or something along those lines. He is not getting any training, nor any experience, to prepare him to govern. As you say, managing taxation and those important things that Dany is learning in Meereen. Bran is being prepared to learn magic, greenseeing (word?), and skin changing. If Bran becomes king it will be to lead a very primitive folk like the Wildlings and those pagans in his visions. It's not to sit on the iron throne and lead the seven kingdoms.
  5. Jon got assassinated because he was an incompetent leader and he later turned out to be a traitor. Jon's communication skills were awful. He was ineffective in communicating why he felt certain things needed to be done. He readily dismissed the concerns of the more senior men of the Watch. He failed to carry out justice when two of his subordinates, Mance and Janos, needed to be judged and sentences carried out. His lacked an understanding of power and authority. He misused his office to avenge Ned Stark and murdered Janos Slynt. Jon was so bad at his job that a man who has been a loyal and steady officer of the watch in Bowen Marsh had to make the decision to get rid of him for the good of the watch, for the good of Westeros, for the good of humanity.
  6. Jon Snow got the equivalent of getting fired by the men he was supposed to lead. Shows how awful his leadership was. An order that has stood for thousands of years is now in danger of collapse because of his leadership. So go ahead, make up excuses for Jon. I will be back shortly. Let us see what you can come up with.
  7. Sort things out! It was Jon who caused the disaster at the wall. No, when Snowhead comes back, it will be to carry out revenge and then go look for his sister (he thinks is his sister). That rabid wolf is trouble.
  8. It is possible the NK was the good guy in the real story and the Starks were the villains. Bran saw his ancestors murdering and sacrificing blood to their tree. Each tree had drank so much blood that the sap has turned red.
  9. The Others will cross the wall or there won't be a story worth reading about in the north.
  10. Daenerys has her dragons to prove her identity. Aegon has no proof. The burden of proof will be on Aegon. Daenerys is also the more capable of the two. She is the most capable among the young people who are in the positions of leadership. Definitely more capable of a leader than Jon Snow and Joffrey. Having testicles is the only thing going for Aegon. As we have seen, no testicles, has not stopped Daenerys. She chose not to go to Vaes Dothrak. She chose to become a ruling Khaleesi rather than a symbolic one. She defeated the Meerenese and now rule over them. She defied thousands of years of the evil practice of slavery and liberated millions. She defeated the Titan's Bastard, which points to her defeating Braavos if it comes down to a confrontation.
  11. The Children of the Forest tells Bran that the most gifted Greenseers and Skinchangers have red eyes. They have great magic but live short lives. Bran does not have red eyes. Ghost does. The direwolf will be Jon's body soon. But the animal does not have to die. They just lose control. This may mean Jon and Ghost will have powerful magic but they will not live long. Jon will use his magic to save Arya and then die.
  12. The order of the revelations is important to understand the meaning. Stannis matches the blue-eyed king without a shadow. The second is the cloth dragon on poles, Aegon. The third has to be Jon Snow. The sword and Stannis go together. False dragon and Aegon. The Wall and Jon are together. A man without a shadow is not real. A prop dragon is not the real thing. And a shadow fire is not really fire.
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