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  1. Mellisandre and Val are the ones who are evil enough to murder Shireen. The NW members are good people for the most part.
  2. The Targaryens were vested in the dragons. Thus the family was working to bring them back from extinction. The Martells were one of the families who might have a drop of Targaryen DNA in their blood. King Aerys II had a low opinion of the Dornish but the chance, however small it was, to bring back the one Targaryen who would bring about the return of the dragons was more important. Ofcourse, we already know that the plan failed. Targaryen + Martell was not enough to bring back the one Targaryen who would resurrect the dragons. The Promised Princess, the Azor Ahai, had to be the child of two Targaryens.
  3. I do not think the Pink Letter was bs. It is basically the truth from someone like Ramsay. The Crows will support Bowen's decision because it was the only one he had. He had to act quickly to at least try to stop the raid. He can't stop them all but he can stop the man who swore to not get involved in such matters.
  4. The noble families are arrogant and have an exaggerated belief of his or her family's own importance. They look down on the Dornish and especially the crannogmen. So the Freys were not really disrespected when compared to most other non-paramount house. If you want to make a list of the five snubbed houses, no the Freys would not be on the list. House Baelish would be snubbed if the people even cared to think about them. The Freys are prominent and everybody knows about them. They make the news because of their very important strategic location, wealth, and proliferation. The only one who has been proven to look down on the Freys was Hoster Tully. I think social customs dictate that Hoster should have accepted Walder's invitation. Hoster treated the Freys with discourtesy and it bit his arrogant ass when Walder took Riverun. I want Edmure to die and for the Freys to have full control of Riverun.
  5. Rhllor. They will be fighting the long, cold, dark winter.
  6. Cersei values something far bigger than CR. What she values most is power. The office and title of queen. Having or losing Casterly Rock does not affect that title. Sansa is also not move beautiful than Cersei. Sansa is not a queen.
  7. Jon Snow is a bastard. Mya Stone is a bastard. Their claims, if they even have any, are very weak. Jon Snow is the son of Brandon Stark and Lyanna Stark. What claim he has is for Winterfell.
  8. Lord Commander Jon Snow betrayed the NW and dragged the ancient Brotherhood into conflict with Roose Bolton. The immediate consequence is chaos within Castle Black. This unrest will spread to the other forts on the wall and will lead to a divided Brotherhood. While most will agree with Bowen Marsh, there will undoubtedly be some who will disagree with the assassination of their lord commander. Regardless of how erratic and incompetent Jon was, he was their elected lord commander. What will happen shortly after Jon takes his last breath: Wun the Giant will be killed but not without trouble. Bowen Marsh will take over as the interim Lord Commander. He will organize Castle Black but the wildlings will not be placated. I do not think Bowen and the Brother will be able to stop the wildlings from leaving the castle to attack the Boltons. The Weeper and his people will come calling just when the castle is in disorder. What else?
  9. Viserys was their best chance at the time to take Westeros. Propping up Aegon is a lot harder because his identity is in doubt. Viserys is known. He doesn't have to be a good general. He only needs to have the right lineage.
  10. An inconsistency which can be explained by the existence of a microclimate. Shoehorning I assume is forcing something to fit. Yes it looks that way.
  11. The foul odor during his funeral can be blamed on the stifling lack of circulation and the puncture of the gut by Tyrion's arrow. What purpose would it serve the plot if Tywin was being poisoned and on his way out anyway? Less guilt for Tyrion? Can it ever be proven to the satisfaction of the people to make Tyrion look good?
  12. The climate is not only based on latitudes and longitudes. Reptiles would have a hard time in a cold climate. But perhaps the Neck does not experience cold winters.
  13. I will disagree with your belief here. Daenerys Targaryen is one of the more able of the current rulers in the story. It is not just about conquering. She is reforming Slaver's Bay into a better society with a better economy that is not based on slavery. Time and again, Daenerys finds a way to win against poor odds. She resists the temptations of quick half-answers and finds a way around obstacles. She makes compromises when necessary too. Slaver's Bay has been screwed up for over a thousand years. What she has done is brought the peninsula closer to a land of freedom. The devoted fans are divided between who they love among the characters. Some of you like Jon. Some of us like Daenerys. Lob criticism on one and you are likely to get an equal criticism of the other. Daenerys absolutely understands that Slaver's Bay needs to be blown up. The Bay is built on an evil structure of slavery. The Bay has been slaving for thousands of years. Dismantling slavery takes time and it will not happen without chaos and pain. But it must be done nevertheless. The fact that the free men can now decide for themselves if they want to return to slavery or remain free is indeed Freedom. It is a choice which they have never had before. Freedom never guarantees prosperity. Nor can it guarantee safety. All it can guarantee is the right to make choices. Freedom is just the start. It is the base from which equality and human rights can be built upon.
  14. Arya Stark is way smaller than the average girl of her age. You might say Arya is a runt. The above has made a good case. Arya Stark will warg into Nymeria and become the leader of her own pack of wolves at the end after her death. Arya's story is about leaving behind her skin. Stark and wolf on the inside but animal on the outside.
  15. Blowhard or not, Viserys was King Viserys III. The son of the last Targaryen king to sit on their Iron Throne, King Aerys II. The King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men. Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. Arya overheard a conversation between Varys and Illyrio. They were planning to have the Dothraki cross the sea and kick Robert's bum off the throne. Ned's death was even talked about.
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