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  1. This or testing the Arya fans to see how far they will continue to support her as she continues her progression to increasingly homicidal behavior and insanity.
  2. People don't get to choose their brothers. Robert and Stannis are as different as brothers could be. It wasn't hate but a dislike.
  3. The Starks are not honorable. We have seen how lowly Robb and Jon are when it comes to honor. They are oathbreakers. Jon is a liar. Arya is a psyco murderer. Sansa is selfish. They are not at all honorable. Lyanna was already carrying the child when she ran away. She was already pregnant before she came to the tower of joy.
  4. Gilly and baby Rayder was on the docks. Either she and the kid was put out or they are still onboard the ship for Meereen to meet Queen Daenerys. Marwyn may get the notion to take them along.
  5. Many people suffer in the medieval world of Westeros and very rarely do we see them become savage nutcases like Arya Stark.
  6. Jon Snow had no legal justification to send Mance Rayder to get and hide his sister from Ramsay Bolton. He ordered a sworn man of the watch to carry out an illegal mission. Jon Snow had no legal justification to form an army of wildlings to assault the Boltons. Jon had a lot to answer for because he sent his man, Mance Rayder, on a mission to get and bring his sister to the Wall. Mance Rayder tricked the Boltons, was allowed shelter and given food. Mance repaid that hospitality by murdering Bolton's household people. Then Jon had the cheek to build an army of wildlings to assault the Boltons. Jon had no right to do any of that.
  7. Unless proven otherwise, Ned and Ashara are the parents of Snowflake. I am partial to Brandon and Lyanna being Jon's parents though. The Stark siblings had an incestuous relation and conceived Jon Snow. Lyanna Stark + Brandon Stark = Jon Snow
  8. Correct. Big J was his golden child. The father's pride in a handsome son who can fight. Tywin didn't give up on Jaime. Fighting ability is valued and fathers wanted sons who can demonstrate strength. Cersei would be heir if Jaime had died in battle in his youth.
  9. The Snowman was clumsy in his last moments because he was dying. Blood was pouring out of him. The knives did a lot of damage and his nerves would have been affected. He was losing consciousness because he could no longer hold on to life. It was like he was trying to hold onto a fistful of sand sifting between his fingers.
  10. Perhaps he did use a faceless man. Or maybe Euron is a skinchanger and used one of Balon's servants to do it . A sorcerer duel between Euron and Bran would be awesome. Mutual destruction for both families.
  11. Most people would not. It is the rare person who would make the same choice as Arya. Many suffer injustice in Westeros and they don't enroll themselves into the Murder University. Face it, Arya is insane.
  12. That idiot, Brandon Stark, stormed his way into the Red Keep and threatened to murder King Aerys Targaryen and his royal family. King Aerys, with the cooperation of Varys, questioned Brandon Stark in such a way that the fool could not hold back the truth. Rickard Stark and Robert Baratheon were putting together a sinister cabal to force the Targaryens out of power. At the minimum, those two disloyal men wanted to contest the power of House Targaryen. It would make sense to have Robert killed. Robert was part of this plot and deserved whatever consequences was deemed necessary by King Aerys. Ned was old enough to be a part of this sinister plot. Aerys had all the rights in the world to have Robert executed. It was an effective way to test the loyalty of that old fool, Jon Arryn. If he was in on the plot, then having him execute the boys that he loves is a way to punish him. He can always be executed at a later time. Where Aerys made the mistake is by killing Rickard and Brandon too soon. They deserved to die but that could have waited. He might have pretended at reconciliation and even pretend to make concessions to the northern barbarians. Lure them into the city and then, after all of the plotters are present, proceed to execute them. Part of the blame has to go to Rickard Stark for demanding a trial by combat. The King's court should have found a way to postpone the trial. Pretend to listen to Rickard while plotting to destroy the Starks and the Baratheons.
  13. As you say, Tywin never gave up hope that Jaime will inherit Casterly Rock. While Tywin preferred Jaime, I've no doubt that he would hand over Casterly Rock to Cersei before Tyrion. In order of his preference: Jaime Cersei Tyrion (a very distant third)
  14. There were more moral choices. She could live quietly and put all of that behind her. She had a choice. She has choices. She chose to become a killer.
  15. Jon or Bran. Jon is the one who has the greater chance of becoming the Night King.
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