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  1. I had to watch the bw movie. Is it worth the billion euros to rebuild this cathedral? Wouldn't that anger the yellow vesters. Molten metal. Molten metal.
  2. Lyanna did not get punished for a specific act. It is actually kind of noble to stick up for a crannogman. What doomed Lyanna is the so called wolfblood. It's somebody who leaps before careful thought. This person is headstrong and reckless. She acts without thinking about the wider consequences for other people. She is Sansa level selfish if she ran away to a married man. She knew the blast from what will happen and did it anyway. Thousands of people got caught in the blast.
  3. Ned's values may differ because his youth was influenced by other people. He was a watered down Northman. Many of his fellow northern lords only make it out of the north to go to war. Ned had exposure. The north is an isolated region. Human sacrifice can be practiced by the Starks and the secret would remain that way. I don't believe this of Ned but his parents were probably watering their family tree with human blood.
  4. The guest can deny entry to a potential guests. There is a strict formality involved when ending the protection. Both sides must be informed that the protection will end and when. Manderly did this with the Freys through the formal giving of farewell gifts.
  5. That is not a proven theory. Lyanna could have slept and gotten pregnant by any number of men. Including Brandon, Artur, and Mance.
  6. i can't say you convinced me. The Starks are Ice to me. Their bond with the direwolves is the parallel and the equivalent to the Targaryen relationship with their dragons. The Starks are extreme. They were doing what the Rhlorrans did, sacrifice people to their gods.
  7. @TedBear Ice and Fire do not belong together. The two elements do not mix.
  8. I'm loving the idea of those two living a quiet life in Craster's old keep. Jon and Arya belong together. They have the same temperament. Their pet wolves can hunt as much as they want on that side of the Wall. Martin's first proposal to his publisher had Jon falling in love with Arya. This is one way to have that happen away from the social judgment of the North.
  9. The only official branch are the Blackfyres. That branch has largely gone extinct. A person claiming descent from the Blackfyres will have an impossible task of proving himself. The Targaryen DNA is scattered. It's not rare but it is very diluted. The recessive gene will not express itself. A Lyseni whose family tree included a Targaryen a long time ago will not have any advantage towards bonding with a dragon.
  10. I hope not. It's not a place which interests me.
  11. Cersei is not cut out to rule but she is not dumb. What she's good at is plotting and playing games. Cat, Jon, Robb, and Cersei all have that in common. They're not necessarily dumb but they are not cut out for ruling. Jon, Cersei, and Robb are awful in politics. A leader should always be keenly aware of how their underlings are feeling and know how to manage those feelings. The trio sucked at that. Cat is pretty good at politics but she puts being a mother first before logic. Which makes Cat a bad choice to have in a lead role.
  12. Ned had Jorry. Winterfell is in the boonies. Why would anyone go there to just harm a Stark? Nobody would under normal circumstances. The assassin for Bran was an unusual thing to have happened. The Starks are not a rich clan. Stationing household guards is taking people away from the crop fields. It's bad when your climate doesn't allow for long growing seasons.
  13. Jorah and the Dothraki people. There's too many to list. Jorah may die in Slaver's Bay while fighting to free the slaves. He has been a changed man since meeting Dany. I think that meets the change you require. The Dothraki people will suffer and lose many lives to put an end to the slave trade. They were a big part of it. Theon doesn't need redemption. He was a hostage of the Starks. They would have taken his head if the ironborn had rebelled again. He owed the Starks nothing.
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