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  1. The gc are not soldiers but more similar to that of a police force. Their defense of the city would have been competent. Their performance would have been competent for as long as they are the defenders. They will still lose. The odds are terribly against them. The city will fall but it would not be Slynt's fault. TV viewers were given an inaccurate version of Janos Slynt. The show destroyed Slynt's character to make that idiot, Jon Snow, look good.
  2. I am expecting Dany to rule the Dothraki, Qartheen, Ghiscari, and Westerosi as their Empress at the end of the story.
  3. I disagree with you. Nothing would prevent an Unsullied from wearing armor. An army of Unsullied can be readily equipped with armor and superior weapons. The Unsullied are better trained, more disciplined, more dedicated than any army that Westeros can bring to battle. The Unsullied are not even close to being obsolete. It's the Westerosi way that is obsolete. The part-time soldiers of Westeros and their knights are no match for a trained infantry unit like the Unsullied. It has been shown repeatedly that armor can be penetrated. Barristan is learning rather quickly that there are other weapons that can be effective against even a skilled swordsman. Bronn and Oberyn already showed how easily an armored knight can be taken down. And that is one against one. The Unsullied will fight as a unit. The best armored knight is no match for even two Unsullied working together to take him down. The knight will go down.
  4. Daenerys doesn't just have prophecies to support her. She has her three dragons. The proof of who she is, Azor Ahai. All Rhaegar and Egg had were faith.
  5. Robb was pretty good in battle but he was bad at leadership and even worse at ruling. He and Jon are too fud to rule. Cersei isn't smart but she has some cunning. Stannis is too cruel and too petty. Aegon is too rash and easily tricked. Daenerys has the best combination of traits to rule an empire. She has the best qualities of Aegon, Jaeherys, Egg, Shiera, and Visenya in her. She is getting valuable experience in Essos in addition.
  6. The Unsullied troops are the best infantry in the world. They make up the center of Daenerys Targaryen's armies. They will help her build an empire. They will always make up part of her armies but some will learn to become useful in other areas. Barristan is an example of an old soldier who is learning new tricks. The same thing can happen to the eunuchs. I predict that Varys and Theon will find a place among the Unsullied. Those two are in no shape for infantry but the role of the eunuchs will branch into other areas as the empire begins to form. I am almost sure from the talk here that Daenerys was and will be the founder of empires. She built the great empire of the dawn during one of her past lives. She will repeat the same feat at the end of the Long Night.
  7. Expense is the reason. The Starks are not a wealthy house by any stretch.
  8. The Others will raise the dead kings of winter from death to serve them. The Others think of themselves as gods. They ask for sacrifice. The kings of winter were murdering people right and left to feed the trees. The Others and the tree are connected through the Starks. Put another way, the Starks and the Others are connected through the ritual of sacrifice. Many a Stark boy in the past are now White walkers.
  9. Frog and Arrianne would fight for the high seat of house Martell. Civil war.
  10. What could explain the reputation is the fact that he took in his bastard. One night with a woman is not going to ruin a man's reputation. He did what most would not. Take in his bastard. But the reputation could have originated from a different matter. What happened between Artur, Ned, and Howland is anything but honorable. But it's not public knowledge that Howland and Ned probably fought without honor. What story he and Howland told were lies. Bringing the sword back to the Daynes is honorable but what led to that was not. So far as the public knows, Ned took the sword back after winning a fair duel and brought his own bastard home to raise. Jon Arryn, like any father figure, would have suspected something unusual with Ned's story. If there is anything unusual about Jon Snow. Jon A is a party to the secret if there was a secret. Lyanna is close to certain as the mother of Jon Snow. But Rhaegar is not his father. The father is one of the two, Brandon Stark or Mance Rayder. Ned is also a strong suspect if the mother was not Lyanna.
  11. I can understand this. Many would risk their lives to see dragons and the most beautiful girl in the world. Marwyn didn't jump to Rhaegar and Stannis. He knew them to be fakes. Dany is the real hero.
  12. A battle between fire and ice has been going on since the beginning of time. The religions are just symptoms of this never ending battle. Mellisandre wants to sacrifice people to the flame but that is not different from what the First Men have done for so long. Bran's ancestors were into human sacrifice. Just because Ned didn't carry out the custom doesn't mean Rickard wasn't doing it. Craster, a First Man, gives his children to the Others. The Gods are a thirsty bunch. We can expect people to change religions. Brynden Rivers has. Somebody from the north will switch to Rhllor.
  13. Who would buy a story where Ned Stark beat the Sword of the Morning in a fair duel? It doesn't really matter. Ice beat Dawn that day. You might say it was the start of the Long Night. Ned's Ice stopped Morning in its tracks and brought Darkness. Ned is a good man but leave it to George to make a nice guy be the cause of extinction. Loyalty to his family doomed the people of westeros.
  14. Aerys or some weird ancestor of his saw value in the pyros and their crazy invention but could not be bothered to leave instructions for his successors. Perhaps. The Others have their answer for man's steel. Their weapon can break steel. The same should have the properties to penetrate steel armor. George is setting to toss the knights under the bus.
  15. Valyria is one of the destinations proposed. Asshai is another. The Valyrians of the past had a way of dealing with those worms. That or they dug too deep and accidentally released this species from deep beneath the earth.
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