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  1. Jon felt cold from the blood leaving his body very quickly. The assassins put a lot of holes. He was leaking fast and going into shock. Bran saw this vision of his brother's body turning cold. This scene happened some time after the assassination but before rigor mortis. Bran didn't see the assassination because there was nothing he could possess who was present at the scene. Or was there. Wun Wun is a possible remote eye and yeah it could have driven the giant mad. Bran made it worse. He was spying with W's eyes and drove the giant mad. (Boulder is a nice town. I visited briefly many years ago.)
  2. Jon and Arya will end up romantically involved. George has been planning this from the very beginning. Jon won't let a tiny thing like an oath to keep him from Arya. And we already know about Arya. She's not one to follow the rules of the House of B&W.
  3. Euron is an ambitious guy but I don't think he will get to marry Daenerys. A lot of men, from Quentyn to Jorah to Skahaz, would like that. I don't even think Euron will make it out of Westeros alive. Asha and Euron will meet and they will fight to the death. Asha will win and give the Ironborn peace.
  4. Now you're being obtuse. You are looking at the situation from the perspective of 2021. In Slaver's Bay and Westeros, the value of life was determined by those in power. The lords called men into battle for whatever cause they deemed worthy. Their wars killed people, even those who were still in the womb. The Ghiscari masters were doing the same thing. They were feeding kids to bears. Rolling them in honey to make them appetizing. So there is nothing at all objectionable about a conqueror passing a sentence where 12 and up are judged guilty. Slaver's Bay make no distinction between children and adults. Westeros is not all that different. Death and suffering of children do not dissuade the lords from starting wars. And dear Ned Stark would have executed Theon if the Greyjoys had rebelled again. Robert sent an assassin to murder a pregnant 13 year old. Tywin murdered children for the sins of their parents. Lords disposed of deformed babies. Val wants to kill Shireen for being sick. The decision to hold those slavers above 12 accountable is very fair when taken in comparison.
  5. Ah, I see. You don't believe the Op's theory. Well, I do. The evidence is not proof but they do point towards them sharing the same family. George Martin is not going to give proof. What he will do is give clues. The clues are there. NK was a Stark. The ice queen favored and mated with him. The fact they were able to do this was amazing. There is a blood connection. Why you might ask was the ice queen desperate for this man? I am going to take a wild guess. Azor Ahai removed the testicles of the Others to keep them from reproducing. That was their punishment after the last great war. It doesn't matter how. They became sterile. So why not sleep with the wildling men on the north side of the wall? Why this particular man? Because of his blood. The ice queen is not immortal. She had to die. If she can reproduce with a Stark and the Others are now changing Craster's sons, it is a clue which point to their compatible biology.
  6. Age of majority is a modern notion. The story takes place in roughly the dark ages but in another world. Children of the lower classes and of course slaves, work from birth to death. The masters make up the minority in the Bay but they hold all the power. They treat children as commodities. The only value life has is what the masters give it. So why not hold those 12 and up and judge them collectively as guilty. The value of that life is whatever value the conqueror gives it. It's hard to explain but the conqueror has the right to make that call. It doesn't look good from our Western European 2021 eyes but it is acceptable for Dany's time period.
  7. All rules are off when it comes to slaves fighting back their masters. There's nothing wrong in a situation where the children of the slave masters are killed while the slaves are in the act of getting their freedom back. The masters certainly never followed any rules when they took, trained, bred, punished, and executed their slaves. Hell, they were murdering newly born babies, for god's sake! And castrating little boys. Everybody who owned slaves were guilty. Daenerys was right to issue that order. A 12 year old knows right from wrong. They were old enough to issue commands to slaves. A 12 year old has enough agency to be dangerous.
  8. Gilly Stark is traveling with Marwyn the maester to Essos. The Stark's bloodline will survive even if they get wiped out by the Lannisters back home.
  9. I would not have invested the time in this very long story if it had not been for Daenerys and her dragons. They are my favorite parts to read of the story. I continue to put in the time to read all the materials because I want to know what happens to Dany and her dragons. Dunk and Egg are not thrilling but I soldier on because Egg is Dany's ancestor. I picked my side long ago when I took up Game Of Thrones and it is on hers. They are the protagonists fighting against slavery. The story boils down to the coming conflict between Fire and ice. I want Dany and the dragons to win.
  10. @TheThreeEyedCow Jon was not an innocent. His crimes called for him to be executed. Sure, he will come back but not like a human and he will be an outcast.
  11. The only enjoyable chapter of Jon's is the one where Bowen and the other guys stuck him with their daggers.
  12. The old saying may mean something different. Like a Stark is always in Winterfell. The frozen corpses of the ancient kings of winter are there as if waiting for something. Some of these men carry the dna of the white walkers. They wait like faithful servants for the others to return.
  13. She is the first Azor Ahai to have dragons. I think that will be the gamechanger this time around.
  14. None of Craster's people had the Targaryen look. A few of them would have had to show some of the Targaryen features, like purple eyes with silver-blonde hair. Besides, the Targaryen genes are a recent arrival to Westeros. They would not have compatibility with something as ancient as the White walkers. Craster is more likely than not, a Stark. This Night's Queen saw a man on the wall who had a ridiculously long face and recognized him for a Stark. Like his chin was touching the ground long. The Stark look. She knew history and knew they were genetically connected. Imagine the ranks of the WW diminished after the long night had passed. Their males no longer able to mate. So she saw a man who could get her pregnant and mated with him. The Starks being Starks, they left out a lot of important details to keep their reputation. Some of the children from this icey couple must have survived and were taken to Winterfell. Today's Starks carry the genetic material of the NQ. There have been more than a few Starks to serve on the wall since. One of the Stark men fathered Craster.
  15. There is another topic thread about whether Arya is a psycho or not. It received a lot of replies and just as heated. This interview should put that question to rest as well. She is a psychopath.
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