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  1. Steffon goes to find and bring back a future princess. Back he comes with a comedian. Something's fishy. I like some of @Megorova theory but maybe there was a good reason to stop the ship from reaching shore. Like people on board had greyscale. Patchface is a hero if he sunk the ship to stop the infection from reaching land.
  2. Lady Stoneheart will eventually go to rest. Arya can inherit the leadership from her mother but justice is not really her thing. She's confused revenge with justice.
  3. Any scene with Walder Frey is good entertainment. Particularly his rebuke of Robb and the Starks. He called out their honor or lack thereof in public. He could have rubbed Robb's nose a little more.
  4. Dany is the prince who was promised. What she saw at the house of the Undying was her destiny. Like the Dosh Khaleen, Rhaegar was blinded by bias. They, towards a male whom they thought would become the Khal of khals. He, in believing his son will be the promised prince. They were both wrong. Dany is the Prince Who Was Promised as well as the One who will unite the khalasars. The real Aegon is dead.
  5. Walder was facing a lot of political problems. He could remain neutral but then what happens when the war eventually ends? The Tullys would punish him for staying neutral. It's the right thing to do but the Tullys would not care about that. Hoster Tully destroyed the Goodbrooks for staying loyal to King Aerys. Walder had to make a choice. Choosing to side with the Starks and the Tullys was safer. He was also counting on Robb to honor his oath.
  6. The three liars are people who are trying to take her identity and inheritance. Stannis, fake Aegon, and later Jon Snow.
  7. They have indeed been punished. There are mitigating factors. I am not going to say at this time what their punishment should have been because they are dead already. They have paid the highest price for their deeds. Let the dead rest in peace. They killed and were accomplices to murder. They were killed in turn and that is that.
  8. There will be little resistance to religion later on. The white walkers and their wights will reduce Westeros to tiny tribes and villages. The survivors of the Ice Age will be few. Each will have its own way of worshipping. Daenerys may not even bring R'hllor to Westeros. She uses religion as a tool. She will do what she needs to accomplish the task of building an empire.
  9. Bran has autonomy. He had that autonomy when Mom and Pop met their demise at the hands of the Lannisters. Bran is on the dark path. He is much less violent when compare to Jon and Arya. He's not brutal like they are. But that will change when his loved ones die one by one. They will be a pack of wolves in the end but Bran is rather special. His body will not truly die, unlike Jon's, Arya's and Sansa's. His consciousness can continue living within the weirwood net and still connect with the other Starks even after they have become direwolves.
  10. Dragon eggs are very valuable. Rhaegar and Prince Viserys did not have their own eggs. That is telling me that there were none to be had during the reign of King Aerys II. I don't think Rhaegar had one with him at the tower. My theory, all eggs were lost during the debacle that was Summerhall. The dragon eggs were not going to hatch for Aegon V. Daenerys is the only one who had the power to bring the dragons back from extinction because she is Azor Ahai. The Red Comet appeared to announce her rebirth as well as those of her dragons.
  11. And Mance Rayder violated guest rights. Jon Snow was his commanding officer and thus also guilty of violating guest rights because he sent Mance Rayder on that mission.
  12. In their world, there are situations in which the bride is not given a choice and it is still considered legal. The wildlings themselves do not require consent. Cersei, Lyanna, Roslyn, those did not choose to marry and yet their engagement were considered legal. Mance and his girls are guilty of the violation of guest rights. They murdered Roose Bolton's workers. Jon Snow sent them on that mission. Jon Snow was Mance Rayder's commanding officer. So yes, it was absolutely a violation of guest rights.
  13. Alliser and Daario are alive. Benjen, Syrio, and Aegon Targaryen are dead.
  14. Bran is the opposite of the light. He will see the deaths of his brothers and sisters. The wolf and Hodor will die too. His despair will bring him to commit himself to the Others.
  15. The obligation is on "Aegon" to support Daenerys in whatever she wants to do. She is the Mother of Dragons and the person whom the Targaryens have been waiting for. She woke the dragons from stone. Viserys was the last of the Targaryen kings and Daenerys was his heir. Aegon, if he is even real, is only half of a Targaryen. Daenerys is a Targaryen from both parents.
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