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  1. 4 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    The idea that Rhaenyra being suspected of having a hand in Laenor’s death is a good thing, since it will make people fear her, is really quite dumb. Rhaenyra is a woman; any mark on her reputation will only hinder her cause, not help it. Rohanne Webber always took swift action against those who sought to defy her, yet even she saw no gain in being accused of murdering her husbands. It made people fear her, but it also made her more vulnerable to bad actors and people who wanted to supplant her.

    But the even bigger risk is that if Rhaenys and Corlys suspect that Rhaenyra arranged for Laenor’s death, then Rhaenyra will have alienated one of the most powerful families in the realm, who have access to both the largest fleet and a dragon. They know the boys aren’t Laenor’s. They could easily turn against Rhaenyra if she pushed them too far.

    yes , I think they should 1. show that Rhaenyra's decision to choose Daemon and fear was pretty dumb (they call her Maegor after all , and it can be for being fearsome and crazy ... rather than just taxes) 2. Rhaenys and Corlys get to know what happened to their son . .. otherwise it makes no sense . 

    4 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    The problem is, I don’t know if the show is going to portray this as a bad decision that backfires on her or if they’ll instead spin it as an act of cunning. I’ve lost faith that the show will portray her in a negative light, so I really don’t know.

    The funny thing is, if viewed in isolation, adult Rhaenyra may be my favorite character on the show. My problem is how they abandoned all the strides they made in improving the characters during the first half of the season and instead cast Rhaenyra as the hero and Alicent as the villain. (And yes, they have made Alicent a villain. When an American showrunner describes a character as “women for Trump,” he does not mean it as a compliment or even just as a neutral observation. That’s the state of our culture right now). Maybe they’ll try to tip the scales again further down the road, but at the moment I’m disappointed.

    young Rhaenyra was a bit bratty and spoiled but that's a long way from showing her in actual negative light or to depict her as capable of doing monstrous things. in a way, adult Rhaenyra is still bratty , spoiled and quite frankly selfish . she 's just more matured now and has the merit of being compared to full villain Alicent. but the whole "Laenor's death" plot ,for example, is a stupid ploy to get Daemon and to think she needs him is just silly ! if there was the slightest chance to make peace with Greens despite Aemond's eye , it is all gone with Daemon at her side . and to be honest , I found the fact that she thinks she saves face quite hilarious! she's had three bastards with a dark haired guy with no similarity to her husband and she doesn't even make the excuse of being desperately in love !  one would imagine a need to be desired doesn't take 10 yrs with one politically incorrect lover .


  2. 24 minutes ago, The Grey Wolf Strikes Back said:


    I agree. I wouldn't complain about the Dance half as much as I do if the Greens were at least as competent as they are unlikable but they aren't and that makes it hard to stay interested in the conflict because there's no genuine tension.

    Btw, who is the smug guy in front of Aemond in the episode 8 trailer? Aegon or Daeron because if its supposed to be Aegon the actor looks both younger and shorter than the actor for adult Aemond, who I have a good feeling about despite him having only one line in the trailer. Something about the way the actor says "nephews" just exudes confidence and danger.

    that's Aegon . and yeah , totally agree with your post . I hope they make Aemond competent and sympathetic to balance the Dance a bit . with whatever they've done with Daemon and Larys , I don't think we need more purely maniac characters in the show, especially on Green side.

  3. 15 minutes ago, BlackLightning said:

    Addam and Laenor can coexist. In fact, they literally did. Why does everyone think that they cannot coexist?

    LOL. they did coexist , I haven't forgotten ! for me , it's about the role . what will be Laenor's role if Addam does what he does in the book? besides ,  Corlys brought Hull boys because he either wanted his remaining sons/grandkids to be with him after losing both his children and his wife ,or he was desperate for a male heir . with Laenor in the picture , there's no need of that and Corlys can't name the boys Laenor's to avoid disrespecting Rhaenys's memory . unless ,of course, they are actually Laenor's ! 


  4. 18 minutes ago, BlackLightning said:

    Absolutely. Although I would prefer it for Laenor to be called back to Westeros after Rhaenyra takes the Iron Throne so that he can take his place as the first of her two husbands.

    I think that'll be a good idea . it'll be more understandable for people to call her Maegor if she openly runs her court with two kings . later on , Laenor could deal with Tumbleton and Alyn could be a cousin who gets Driftmark by marrying Baella as lady of Driftmark . I'll miss Addam though .


  5. 24 minutes ago, The hairy bear said:

    Yes. And the hooded guy is surely Daemon, who has already used that outfit when killing Rhea and when bribing Qarl.

    10 minutes ago, BlackLightning said:

    Yes, it's Mysaria. And I'd recognize that cloak anywhere...it's Daemon.

    Whenever he puts on that cloak, he is up to no good.

    alright then , I suppose you guys are right, cloaked guy must be Daemon. although , in some trailers before ep1 , Aemond was wearing a cloak like that as well.

    13 minutes ago, BlackLightning said:

    Yes, I suppose that's why all the dragonriding adults were silent on the matter. Rhaena's grandmother didn't really say anything on the matter. After all, Daemon claimed her father's dragon after he died so..

    Rhaena is not wrong to feel cheated but it is true. A Targaryen or Velaryon asking for permission to claim the dragon of a late family member would be a courtesy not a requirement.


    yeah , in  my opinion they should have made the fighting a more fair match . for example Rhaena could  take Joffrey's place in dragon droppings! or she and the kids (including Aemond )could talk about Vhaegar where she expresses her wish to claim it in her mother's honor or something and Aemond beats her to it , make her feel betrayed . what Condal said about the girls being pissed that someone on the other side of the family has taken their mother's dragon doesn't make much sense , because the girls are new there. they don't know this side of the family and that side of the family . besides , it's not like the kids feel that much of this side and that side for now . Jace and Luke were close to Aegon and they all pranked Aemond . the animosity between kids in the show should only be solidified after this particular incident . not before . 



  6. 8 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    Honestly, by the time he finds out about most events in Essos, the Dance will probably be over.

    nahh. the news will get to Essos before the battle of Gullet . 

    8 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    But I predict he'll die on Essos or in war since he wants to be a mercenary and his dragon will be claimed by his half-brother.

    that'll be pretty pointless in my opinion . why would they keep him alive just to kill him off screen later on to bring a half-brother/son to ,again, die? they had every opportunity to give us a murder of passion when he decides to stand by Rhaenyra instead of Qarl. 

  7. 24 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    Since I’ve criticized Preston Jacobs pretty heavily in the past, it seems fair to give credit where it’s due, such as with this very astute observation: 


    apparently these people have silver hair with black eyebrows and beard... sooo..

    9 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    Even just the idea that Qarl killed him and he happened to fall into the fire place is pretty suspicious. Plus nobody's ever going to wonder about the missing guy Daemon killed to use as his body? 

    I mean , if you wanna think about it there are A LOT of problems with it . like, Laenor has time to shave his head but not enough time to put on another pair of boots? or isn't there any one else in that castle? and won't that poor unlucky guy's family notice he's gone? ... then again , I always say, details can be overlooked if the story is compelling and to some extend logical. so , if they deal with this Laenor alive thing later on , I'll be fine with it . because , it's so utterly stupid that Rhaenys won't know his son is alive and well and fight for Rhaenyra, presumably his killer . on the other hand , with having Laenor confess he deeply loves the boys , one would imagine he'd be pissed to find out Luke's killed or that he won't be so cruel to play dead when he knows they are already mourning their other father. not to mention , Seasmoke issue.

  8. 22 minutes ago, Lord Varys said:

    By the way - why the hell do they pronounce 'Lucerys' in a way that would imply the nickname there should be 'Luce' rather than 'Luke'. 'Jace' gives us an inclination how you should pronounce 'Jacaerys', and the same is true for 'Luke' and 'Lucerys'.

    why would it imply that? ! I've always read it with c in the middle. sounds better and can be pronounced easier .

    8 minutes ago, nara said:


    I don’t think so. Aemond is not a man grown but he’s at least 3 years older than Jace in the show (4 in the book) based on how old he was when Rhaenyra got married.

    nope. goes like this: Aegon> Haelena > Aemond> Jace/Baella/Rhaena > Luke 

    8 minutes ago, nara said:

    In all fairness, Dany intended to destroy Winterfell and perhaps Sansa had an instinct that Dany was more dangerous and competent than Cersei.

    when ?! 

  9. 2 minutes ago, The Grey Wolf Strikes Back said:


    Aemond was a child the same as the rest of them. Furthermore, the first blow was struck by Rhaenyra and Daemon's kids. On top of that, they drew a knife and used it AFTER blinding Aemond with sand, at which point he wasn't a threat. Not to mention the fact all Aemond had to hand was a rock and, if I recall the scene correctly, he spends more time holding it up threateningly than actually using it. Hell, at one point, he was flat on his back, surrounded, and getting pummeled!

    Yes, Aemond said some unwise things but from my perspective the Blacks kids were quite clearly more in the wrong there than him.

    Especially, when you consider the fact that Rhaena isn't automatically entitled to Vhagar just because her mother rode it. Heck, if you look at the actual dialogue, Aemond in the beginning is a bit smug but he's hardly being rude when he says that Vhagar has a new rider and that if Rhaena wanted her that badly she shouldn't have waited.

    Honestly, the idea that Aemond is in the wrong for hitting a girl AFTER said girl attacks him (along with her sister and two of her cousins!) strikes me as emblematic of everything wrong with the "can't hit a girl" mentality.

    Now, if you said that, as the eldest, Aemond had a responsibility to de-esscalate the situation, then you might have a point but the fact of the matter is he was still a child regardless and the Blacks kids conducted themselves in a similarly bad, if not worse, manner.

    I largely agree with this . Aemond and little Luke were the obvious victims during that scene . and that's why we don't let kids have knives! they just swing it around and hurt each other after repeating their mothers' words

    1 minute ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    He's not wrong about the dragon not belonging to them either since her mother "stole" it from the Targaryens herself in much the same way he did.

    But he's the adult, he's insulting the children AT THEIR MOTHER'S FUNERAL, and he goes from 0 to 60 in terms of danger.

    But it's 100% better than the book version that is probably the worst thing Martin ever wrote.

    I'm lost . who's the adult ? Aemond , Jace and twins are roughly the same age. 

     a better balance between the book and the show would have been to have Rhaena already there with Vhaegar (like Joff was in the book) and have Aemond hit her before claiming Vhaegar  (like in the book) . I've read the books and I was still worried about Aemond when they all fell on him punching him . I mean .. why? so he was a little smug after riding the most badass dragon in the world after being mocked for being dragonless for years .. and repeats his mom's unwise words after being attacked .so what?!  the rest isn't bad . but in the book Jace was being brutally hit (instead of sand business) when Luke goes to defend him . so it makes more sense. 

    20 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    I also liked the idea she may start an affair with Aemond to have his bastards.

    yeah , they could totally pull a Aegon-Naerys_Aemon there! and hopefully they won't make Aemond a full scale Daemon.

  10. 17 minutes ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    By the way, why couldn't Viserys have named someone other than Otto as Hand after Lyonel's death?

    in the book he thinks of appointing Rhaenyra his hand but prefers to keep her and Alicent away from one another after Aemond incident . I hoped we see some of that here , perhaps with Rhaenyra trying to push for Corlys as hand if not herself , etc. only for Alicent to later win the argument because Viserys doesn't like Corlys and has an old friendship with Otto. 

  11. 12 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    So there definitely is an expectation of sexual favors between Larys and Alicent, right? I get the impression that, aside from a general lack of conscience, Larys is motivated by an obsession with her. Maybe they removed the foot fetish stuff so that they could include a real quid pro quo later one.

    yes , definitely . last ep, the way he was sniffing the flower representing Alicent was telling. but now Cole downright said it! and it makes total sense with the acting . he's the weirdo stalker that Alicent's afraid of but keeps close just in case . maybe  we'll see the love triangle after all! 

    3 minutes ago, Ran said:

    The sense it makes is this: people who had the Velaryon name will sit the Iron Throne, and I presume he's thinking that that will not be the case if he rocks the boat by denying Luke High Tide because that may undo everything, ruin his influence that he has through Rhaenyra and Daemon, and make the Hightowers ascendant for good.

    Those kids see him as their grandfather, it's a huge benefit to him and House Velaryon even if they do not have Velaryon blood.

    What I would have preferred is if we have established in this episode that he also intends to ask (read: require) that Rhaenyra betroth her eldest sons to Baela and Rhaena. This should already have been established, frankly. That way it ends up just as it does in the books, that his actual blood descendants will sit the Iron Throne and head House Velaryon as well, just not quite as directly.

    Hopefully they address this in a future episode, but there's not much time left.

    I proffered the betrothal happened when they were toddlers and by Laena and Rhaenyra , for the former's ambition and latter's desire to keep Velaryons and Daemon on her side , like in the book . but next episode is called "lord of Tides " if that's not where they address this , I don't know when's the time! 

  12. 2 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    I dunno, Harwin was:

    1. A man willing to be her lover

    2. Willing to be discreet about it

    3. Willing to be subservient and never acknowledge his children'

    4. Close enough at hand

    5. Carry this strange relationship forward for decades.

    she could bring in a lyssene descendant whore , pay him enough through years and make sure that's all the poor guy will ever hope for . there would be other ways as well . heir to Harrenhall was a gamble from the start . Cole was a powerless knight and could screw her over . imagine what Harwin could do if he wasn't so uniquely devoted.

  13. 4 minutes ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    I don't think she cared if people noticed or not. As Daemon said, "You're the dragon, your word is truth and law".  I think she very much agrees with that.

    doesn't she? .. she is desperately trying to shut down any "vile rumors" about their bastardy . one would imagine she hoped for a silver hair baby every time! but I can't say why she didn't try to find a silver haired guy after Jace was born , likely with rumors about his hair . my book explanation for it has always been that Rhaenyra was pretty much a monogamist romantic who loved Harwin .  this Rhaenyra trusted Harwin and liked to be desired... and that's all. odd ! I don't think there's a shortage of valyrian looking guys that can be trusted and have a thing for the princess in Kingslanding and Dragonstone! 

  14. 22 minutes ago, DMC said:

    Yeah I think the show has a lot of heavy lifting to do to figure that out.  In the books it seems natural, but the way the show has depicted this it should be quite a struggle.

    I have a bad feeling that they'll just do that with the twins and the Strongs engagement . but I don't think that's sufficient especially with Laenor's "death" . letting Rhaenys and Corlys know their son's alive and on board with Rhaenyra getting herself a second husband is NECESSARY in my opinion.

    Book_Rhaenys seemed to have ambition of her own and one could presume that if she hadn't gotten the throne for her own when she fiercely tried to in 92 and 101 , she'll at least fight for Rhaenyra's to avoid another "Queen Who Never was" and ensure her future descendants through Baela on the throne. it also appeared that both she and Corlys had accepted Rhaenyra's bastards . unfortunately , Rhaenyra seems to be the only ambitious woman in the show . Laena and Rhaenys have both lost their fiery characters in the show. 

    13 minutes ago, Stannis is the man....nis said:

    On top of that with having Daemon kill his wife and have the Royce family clearly aware it is him I wonder how they are going to explain why the Royce house  would be pro-Black in the conflict 

    it would be smart to have Royces declare for Greens despite lady Jeyne declaring for Blacks . it'll be sloppy not to mention poor Rhea Royce's murder later on . when Rhaenyra is fleeing to Dragonstone , it'll be the perfect opportunity to say the delay Arryn forces have is because of being preoccupied with fighting the Royces instead of not finding ships. ... I think this could make sense . as far as I recall , later , Jeyne's cousin who challenged her heir's succession had the support of Runestone. 

  15. Re R & D, I could understand why book-Daemon had a certain appeal to him . he was supposed to be charming , dangerous (a good trait in this world) , funny and competent which is understandably attractive to an adventurous dragon lady Laena and a 14 yr old princess Rhaenyra who sees herself undermined by her stepmother and will later be trapped in a loveless marriage . show-Daemon , on the other hand , isn't fun to be around , isn't charming , is explicitly incompetent in Stepstones and other matters and doesn't reach out to Rhaenyra when she is lonely and friendless (show-Rhaenyra was still friends with Alicent) . so it became unintentionally hilarious that Rhaenyra thinks having Daemon by her side will be helpful to her in the future ! I hope they go the route that she'll finally see that Daemon isn't the man to rely on and keep him out of her bed after B&Ch . leading him to go to Mysaria . oh ! and their wedding sure looked ominous with all their kids upset and in mourning black. 



    Re Aegon . I honestly don't see much wrong with the guy yet . (he is 13) and it'll be a big stretch to see him congratulate Aemond in killing Luke , considering that in the previous episode he seemed to like Luke and Jace way better than his own siblings. 


    • did they have to have Daemon laugh out loud in Laena's funeral and totally abandon his kids? every time I think there's no room to hate this guy more ...
    • little Luke is absolutely my favorite character!
    • why is Corlys such a Daemon fanboy? 
    •  Aemond!  this kid has some cruelty(inherited from his mom) but he's really likeable despite it! at least he's smart (unlike his uncle who's just cruel!) . I mean , in one move he hit Luke , Jace and later Aegon! and with his "our blood will be pure" speech , he surely has Daemon vibes . but I definitely prefer him to Daemon for now. 
    • I did not expect to like keeping Laenor alive , but the alternative (Rhaenyra having him killed after he gave "you deserve more" speech) was just horrible! but they've got to keep him keep coming back to have it make sense . he can't leave his poor mother like that and one would expect with the rumors spreading about R&D having a hand in Laenor's death , Rhaenys wouldn't just give her life for Rhaenyra's cause . besides , Laenor clearly loves his kids and it'll make sense if he comes back upon hearing Luke's death for revenge or something . although , an alternative is to keep Luke alive and have him reunited with his "father" . after all he doesn't want Driftmark!
    • by the way, how can Addam get Seasmoke, now that Laenor's alive? 


  17. 1 minute ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    I never thought that made sense, because the summers are also longer, so they gave more time to grow crops and harvest.

    say to George and he'll say you are a sweet summer child! honestly , don't try to make much sense of the season issues in these books . not much is written about preserving the crops , crop transportation , how Winter Town works , etc. 

  18. 1 hour ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    Here’s a (probably) unpopular opinion: in the books, I found the northern characters from the Dance rather arrogant and cringe. I’m sure the fanboys will love them, but I never liked any of them much. Even Black Aly was #notlikeothergirls.

    I don't think that's as unpopular as you think! many Dance characters are either tropes or other kinds of non-characters.... but I personally don't mind them since , well, even Rhaenyra and Alicent aren't written with much of personalities.

  19. 41 minutes ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    By the way, from what I have seen Helaena hasn't been particularly well-liked so far. Many are saying that she's a strange weirdo.

    the only reason I can think of is that she was overshadowed by the other kids . they'll need more time to show she is as sweet as she is weird .. which unfortunately they don't have. 

  20. On 9/28/2022 at 11:33 AM, Darzin said:

    I wondered this as well. It seemed such a major plot point for the first half of the series. I do wonder if this is something explained more in the books? Because it seemed like something got cut. I kept waiting for some reveal to explain it but it never happened. 

    that plot point is an invention of the show . in the books Daemon and Rhea never have children as well , but it's only explained by "the marriage wasn't a success" and the fact that they barely live in the same place . 

    I don't know if they are planning to do anything with that . but if I had to guess, I'd say they have unintentionally implied Daemon's impotency so many times! does that make any sense?! 

  21. 27 minutes ago, Takiedevushkikakzvezdy said:

    For what it's worth, GRRM said that the best is yet to come. :cheers:

    I bet he's talking about the one eye incident. 

    I personally enjoyed the dynamics between the kids the most in this episode . so I'm disappointed that they'll only have one episode left before they are switched. I don't know who the director for this episode was , but he/she has managed to get these kids act even when they are in the background ! 

  22. 16 minutes ago, SeanF said:

    I’ve come across people on Quora who root for the slavers.  They tend to be people who post on the same site about The War of Northern Aggression.

    I haven’t encountered any supporters of the Others.


    13 minutes ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    I have. It's like, "Westeros sucks so much, have the zombies eat it."

    to be honest , the argument for the Others (the misunderstood heros!) makes much more sense than that of Slavers.

  23. 1 hour ago, RumHam said:
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    Oof, I would not like that change. I can understand the argument that gay characters are too often treated as disposable on TV, but changing the existing story to spare someone because of their sexual orientation seems questionable. I feel like equality is being treated like everyone else, not getting plot armor because they're afraid of fan's reactions if they follow the story as written. 

    I guess they haven't firmly established the "one rider" rule as far as I remember. Or they could just had Addam ride another dragon. 

    Looking at those photos from episode seven, it's really bonkers they didn't make an effort to make Daemon look younger at the start of the show. One brother hasn't aged a day and the other has aged terribly. The weight of the crown, I guess!

    I almost forgot Myseria existed. I don't think she really factors into the story again until Blood and Cheese but I wonder if they'll find a way to give her something to do in these last three episodes. Maybe she can get word to Daemon about the plans for Aegon's coronation. 

    you obviously didn't know Daemon is an elf 

    57 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    Honestly, Mysaria doesn’t really need to exist in this show. The only thing she’s integral to is B&C, and they could have Daemon arrange that, especially since they’ve made him more or less a straightforward villain in the show. They could easily have Larys Strong play both sides and have him be the one who whispers poison into Rhaenyra’s ear after she takes the throne. It would probably make for more compelling television, seeing how poorly miscast Mysaria was.

    I agree with this .


    after the first episode (and its news) , with the timeline in mind, I said it's pretty bold and impressive that they've decided to keep all the characters and storylines . now , unfortunately I think they had misjudged their own ability in storytelling and screen time . not that they are not good , but man , telling story of 30yrs of 20 major characters in 10 episodes and keeping it all consistent and interesting is wayyy too difficult! for example, take the story of episodes 6and 7: in a peaceful realm a king has chosen his daughter as his heir against all traditions . she has three sons who turn out to be bastards. her stepmother , the Queen, despises the princess's infidelities , blames her for her own father's dismissal and is determined to make her own son  the heir . despite the rivalry of mothers , the boys get along fine but somewhere along these two episodes they become mortal enemies . all these is affected when the King's younger brother who's been living in exile comes back to Westeros after his wife's death . oh , and Princess's husband and lover both die and Hand of the king dies and Queen's father comes back and there are some other alliances in the mix and finally the princess marries her uncle!  ..... that could easily be a season of television! it's just plot points but they could write the actual stories of characters and their interactions . I mean , for example, how could we feel like Alicent is without allies and trapped , if her father comes back immediately ? as for the backstories , unlike what GoT team seem to think , flashbacks are a powerful storytelling tool . especially with a story that happens through 30 years! imagine they started with Daemon , Laena and the twins coming back in episode 1 with some people worried that he may make some trouble . with flashback of how he was set aside as heir in favor of Rhaenyra . and the season could end with the final fallout between Greens and Blacks (Aemond situation) and Rhaenyra's second wedding , making it clear who the teams in the dance will be , that Velaryons for example will stand with Rhaenyra , or that Daemon won't usurp the throne or something , or that the new lord Strong won't support his bastard nephews and for reasons is willing to kill his family , or that Viserys will firmly stand by his decision to keep Rhaenyra as his heir and won't be moved by any of Alicent's manipulations or Rhaenyra's mistakes. MAN , there was so much to play with! 

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