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  1. Corvinus

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Having some new species as a big threat sounds more like a Star Trek plot to me, than Star Wars. Creating a new institution that threatens galactic peace, exploring new mysteries of the force, and having new force users is more in line with Star Wars.
  2. Ha, I told him that at one of this book signings, and he agrees with you. Tbh, I don't listen to audiobooks.
  3. Made it back to the US without issues. The departure from Dublin was delayed by 1 hr, but some reason we do customs & immigration there, so was still able to catch my connecting flight in Charlotte. It was great meeting new people, and seeing again some of the ones I met in Kansas City.
  4. But Mat has strong Manentheren blood.
  5. I'm hoping the rest of the two rivers folk are also mixed. Tam should probably be white. And on Nynaeve, there will be the tugging of many braids.
  6. Attended Joe's reading today at Worldcon. He read from ALH one of those scenes he likes to do where the perspective jumps from character to character in a chain, with the characters all being small ones. Joe is a great reader. He should narrate his audiobooks.
  7. Corvinus

    u.s. politics: sundowning on the american empire

    Zane played Ishamael. Stop spreading fake news.
  8. I've just placed my order. Thanks
  9. Corvinus

    Rank your 2019 TV shows throughout the year

    Updates Dark - powerful, enigmatic, mind-bending, with an excellent cast, and well-written characters; easily as strong as season 1, if not better. Stranger Things - some of the plot premises were more ridiculous than anything we got so far, and the 80s stereotyping reached new levels; but I loved the character chemistry between multiple groups, it had tight pacing, great acting, good visuals, and as always a great soundtrack. The Boys - this was pretty damn good. Great premise, and for the most part excellently executed; a lot of setup that needs a second season, so really glad it got renewed. Jessica Jones - a really strong finish, for now at least; much better than season 2, and an improvement of secondary characters, while Ritter's performance is as good as ever. Kobra Kai - at least as excellent as season 1; really well written characters, and good plot twists; some of the stuff is exaggerated and unrealistic, but it didn't diminish my enjoyment of the show Zone Blanche - sometimes silly, but I really enjoy the characters, the mysteries and the atmosphere; it started slow, but built up really strongly; the end was almost a series finale, but I hope it's not. Kingdom - one of this year's surprises; a Korean GoT, if you will, with an interesting plot, written fairly well, though silly at times. The action has good build up and tension. Not much character development, though, other than the main character. Russian Doll - the first episode nearly turned me off, but it picked up after that, with a strong mix of dark humor and close-to-the-heart messages; not really sure about the ending, a lot of ways to interpret it, which kinda makes it fun Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - not as strong as the previous two seasons; while the stakes were supposed to be high, they didn't feel that high, given past plots. I enjoyed the last batch of episodes. The Punisher - a mix of good and bad, strong on the action, but the plot has issues; the discussion in the show's thread has all the points. iZombie - a good final season, and solid final episode; the season overall had a mix of its usual silliness, while it built up nicely towards the end. The Umbrella Academy - this one was a bit disappointing; given the character driven narrative, the characters really weren't likable; it took a while to really get going, too; good visuals and music. Game of Thrones - enough has been said already; really disappointed with this final season; but there was still strong quality in the visual effects, cinematography, and music departments. Designated Survivor - shorter, tighter, with a bigger budget, I think, and allowance for swear words. But it was still all over the place most times, mainly because the writers wanted to give the major characters stuff to do outside the main arc. Almost not sure why it's still called Designated Survivor. Love, Death + Robots - some of the episodes were great, visually and story-wise; others were meh. Star Trek Discovery - I really hoped too much from this; some new enjoyable characters, and a few really solid episodes; pretty good on the visuals; but it's riddled with plot holes. Hanna - I found I didn't care much about the characters, though the actor performances were generally solid; I liked the filming locations, and the story was sometimes engaging, but I didn't find it riveting; even the action scenes fluctuated between good and stupid. Supergirl - as silly in its execution as usual, but the plot and villains were better this season. Project Blue Book - disappointing; a lot of cringe worthy dialogue, and the mystery portions are pretty blunt and obvious. The popular meme "I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's aliens" really applies to this show. It's not The X Files, if anyone is wondering. Arrow - when at the end of last year, we had the prison plot, I had hopes for this; these hopes were quickly dashed by yet another round of circle jerking drama, weak villains, and stupid flashbacks forwards.
  10. Corvinus

    iZombie on the CW

    And we're done. Putting stuff in spoilers just in case:
  11. Thanks for the summary. I've hurt my eyes perusing the immense pdf schedule for Worldcon. Too bad GRRM isn't doing a reading this time.
  12. On another note, I suppose we're talking about the Ep 6 script as it was published "thanks" to it being Emmy nominated. But I'd be curious to get details on the Ep 3 script, like what exactly was Bran doing, and what was going thru his mind when the NK was looming over him. I'm sure it's something moronic, just wondering how moronic.
  13. hmm, I was going to wait until the end of the season, but I don't think this season has been as good as the previous two, especially season 4. I found that while individual episodes were great on their own, the greater arc was a bit all over the place. That being said, it has found its footing quite well in the last 2-3 episodes, with the episode from the week before being my favorite, as we finally got to see what makes Izel so dangerous. And I do appreciate that we are getting a conclusion for the monoliths with all this.
  14. Corvinus

    The Boys (Amazon)

    I don't know the comics at all, but my point was that there was something setup with Lamplighter but no payoff yet. But thanks for the comics rundown, at least I know there's more material they can adapt.