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  1. Corvinus

    Unpopular opinions

    That reminds me, and I don't how popular or unpopular this is, but I wish Star Trek had never come up with that dark mirror universe. Some of the episodes are ok in terms of the writing, but the whole concept depresses and annoys me.
  2. Corvinus

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I think cannons and energy weapons shouldn't be able to target out of sensor range of the mech doing the targeting, even if another allied mech is in range. That should be reserved only for missiles.
  3. Corvinus

    Unpopular opinions

    I think this thread will soon make people hate each other, if not already. I agree with your assessment of Troy. Having recently watched that BBC show, I couldn't help comparing it with the film, and how the film was overall much better. The extended edition of KoH added some scenes that made the first act better, but overall the movie still fails.
  4. Corvinus

    Unpopular opinions

    To change the tune from HP and LOTR, I don't believe Wing Commander is that bad of a movie. Probably should have gone with better actors, (though Freddie is a better actor today than back then), but I enjoyed the story. And it has great music. As video game adaptations go, there are many far worse.
  5. Corvinus

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    Added AoS, and bumped The Terror down one spot, because it's such a depressing show. The Expanse - despite being only 5 episodes in, this continues to have the quality of the first 2 seasons, and it's improving (too bad stupid SyFy didn't see that way) Altered Carbon - another excellent entry from Netflix; a solid SF show, with good action, visuals, acting, and interesting premise, though the plot isn't always so good, and from the show's thread here, book fans might not be too enthused with some of the changes (totally understandable) Lost in Space - this was a surprisingly fun and engaging show; it had fairly good characters, interesting episodic plots, and overarching narrative, and great visuals; it had silly moments, too, unfortunately, which is why I don't expect it to stay at #2 for the rest of the year; however, I think there is the potential for a great series here, so looking forward to season 2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - another good season, but maybe not quite as good as season 4; the characters continued to have solid interactions, its action tends to be better than shows of similar caliber, and it had a highly enjoyable finale, that could have construed a decent series finale, if the show hadn't been renewed. Cobra Kai - may not be the best show I watch this year, but I'm definitely calling it the surprise of the year. I almost didn't watch it, but being only 25 min episodes, I dove in; it turned out to be an excellent show, with well rounded characters and many layered themes. Jessica Jones - not as good as season 1, but still pretty good The Terror - a well produced and acted show, but it's plot can be dreadfully slow, though each episode featured moments of high, well constructed intensity; it's one of the few shows that I would not be able to binge watch, nor would I care to revisit. It is very depressing. Homeland - a solid season, which continues to surprise me as I was ready to give it up 3 seasons ago; I think keeping it relevant to present day situations and events is what it's keeping it alive; it had the same slow burn start as the previous 2 seasons, with good build ups in the middle, and a strong conclusion, if peppered with farcical elements. Star Trek Discovery - better than I expected, and I am cheating here, because though there were only 6 episodes (so far) in 2018, I've watched the entire first season this year; a bit disappointing towards the end, but quite entertaining in the middle Star Wars Rebels - a pretty good ending to this show, but there were only 6 episodes in 2018; being a cartoon for kids, it still had its silly moments iZombie - plenty of episodes now to judge it; I am starting to like it less and less; some of the episodic stories are becoming sillier, and the Seattle arc is not quite as strong as what we got before. Krypton - an ok show, with an interesting premise, if mostly mediocre execution; the majority of the characters, including the protagonist, are not very interesting. In light of SyFy's fuckery, I don't plan to return for a next season. Troy: Fall of a City - a mostly disappointing show, with a few good moments; despite being on Netflix, and only 8 episodes, it took me a long time to finish it; one of the first epics in recorded history deserves more than this modest retelling The Walking Dead - oh boy, oh boy, the Negan arc is done, and I may be done with it, too. Black Lightning - the first season followed in the footsteps of Arrow and The Flash with a solid start; unfortunately, I think it will continue to follow in the footsteps of those others shows by continuing to degrade; the finale wasn't that great, and the main villain is very cartoonish Designated Survivor - show is not done yet, but it reached it's 20th episode recently; it continues to represent a form of escapism for me, but it is quite silly, and I wish they didn't have to completely make up countries for their narratives. Britannia - very disappointing; a show probably made by people on drugs, for people on drugs; a show about the Roman conquest of Britain, that oddly feels too British (kinda like how Guy Richie treated his King Arthur movie); I expect it will end near the bottom of my list by the end of the year The CW superhero shows: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow - these 4 will stay at the bottom, and I'm lumping them together because they are equally bad; these shows have always been campy, yet fun, but the writing has gotten lazier and lazier.
  6. YES!!! Trying not to get too giddy, because I'm sure there is still the international deal to work out. But if Bezos wants this, it will happen.
  7. Corvinus

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I manged to finish that mission with little damage, but no way could I make it up the hill to save the wounded soldiers. That was just a bonus anyway.
  8. Corvinus

    Unpopular opinions

    No, that was the first orc army. The Gundabad army was the one that showed up the end, and the Eagles and Beorn...
  9. OK, Bernard from the most advanced timeline (the Delos security cleanup) is really Dolores.
  10. Corvinus

    Unpopular opinions

    Right, but one could argue that Elrond didn't face the same troubles the Fellowship or the Grey Company did in the books. If Elrond leaves Rivendell right during the Battle of Helm's Deep, then there are no dangers for him to face. By the time he reaches the Gap of Rohan, Isengard would have fallen, Saruman's army completely shattered (by movie perspective). A lone rider, on an "elven steed" could have covered that distance much faster than the preceding characters. And the weary remaining forces of Rohan with women & children then went back to Edoras, where they lingered awhile until the Beacons were lit, then the Muster happened. When they reached Dunharrow, I think they stayed there for 3 days. All things considered, Elrond reaching Aragorn in time is nowhere near as ridiculous as other stuff. If you want to talk ridiculous, Jackson completely stops caring about travel times in the Hobbit movies, allowing Radagast to hop over the Misty Mountains like they were just some hills, giving the orcs of Gundabad such marching speed that their army arrives at Erebor just a tad behind the 2 Elves that were racing to bring warning of said army.
  11. Corvinus

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Yeah, but early game you would have only light and medium mechs. Those Orions didn't wipe the floor with you?
  12. Corvinus

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Shit, I thought it was just light, medium, and heavy. Dekker died in my very first mission, when I had no clue what I was doing. Behemoth died somewhere along the way. Glitch is still going strong, and she's my most valuable mechwarrior, after the commander. Medusa keeps spending a lot of days in the med bay. The first pilot I hired is called Hooch, he is going strong, too. I nearly lost him in a recent mission, where he got down to 1 health point, and for the first time I used the eject option to take him out of the fight, which by that point I was going to win anyway. I don't know how some of you guys got good heavy/assault mechs so early in the game.
  13. Corvinus

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    The mission is a couple away after that silos mission. I think I need to change my lance for it. I'm going with the Highlander I got as reward for saving Lady Kamea from that castle mission, a Battlemaster, a Grasshopper and a Thunderbolt. The mission requires a balance of mobility, firepower, and durability. I may have to remove the Thunderbolt and add a Dragon to improve my mobility. I don't know what constitutes an assault mech, but besides the above mentioned, the only other heavy mech I have is a Quickdraw. I agree that the mission with the ammo crates is the toughest in terms of being able to achieve all secondary objectives. I also found the castle mission with Lady Kamea to be tough. At the end, I chose to go around and make a run for it, rather than fight it out. I thought I would have gotten all those mechs if I got them out, not just the one as reward.
  14. According to one kid, the perp was yelling/singing "another one bites the dust" every time he shot someone.
  15. Corvinus

    Deadpool 2 (SpoilyourbreechesstupidautofillAway)

    Slightly, but thinking about it, there is a joke in there somewhere about Deadpool missing the mark on what kind of person Cable is. Throughout their back and forth, Deadpool keeps accusing Cable of racism, but Cable definitely comes across as having some form toxic masculinity. He says stuff like dubstep is for pussies, drops the c-bomb, and even compares Deadpool with his wife.