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  1. Corvinus

    Football: winter break over

    So who get more grief until the return leg? Liverpool fans from City fans? Or Real fans from Atletico fans?
  2. Why doesn't Lucas like the idea of a Wookie Jedi?
  3. Corvinus

    US Politics: What goes up, must come down!

    I look forward to the speech when this "despot" will declare in Congress, to the sound of thunderous applause, that this Republic will be re-organized into the first AMERICAN EMPIRE!!! to save and secure our society.
  4. Corvinus

    Star Trek Thread: Set Picard to Stun (spoilers)

    That's the one with the Tribbles, right?
  5. Corvinus

    Football: winter break over

    Not surprised that Bayern won, but hoped for a closer result. Chelsea's lack of depth is galling.
  6. Corvinus

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    I watched only the first episode of Hunters, and found it all over the place. Given some of the criticism it's receiving, I'll just stay away. I finished the Norwegian show Beforeigners, made by HBO Europe, and just released in the US last week. I enjoyed it for the most part. A dark comedy with a really quirky premise.
  7. Corvinus

    US Politics: What goes up, must come down!

    I assume the title of this thread has as much to do with this, as it has with politics.
  8. Katherine Johnson has passed at 101. RIP https://www.npr.org/2020/02/24/517784975/katherine-johnson-nasa-mathematician-and-an-inspiration-for-hidden-figures-dies
  9. Corvinus

    Star Trek Thread: Set Picard to Stun (spoilers)

    The Federation has an elected president. Starfleet doesn't, they have military ranks.
  10. Corvinus

    The Outsider HBO

    Overall it was good, but I would say it was another slow burn, with a strong last third. I was very stressed about that kid.
  11. I believe the general opinion is that the season is very good. I loved it, though I wouldn't say it was better than season 3. From a visual perspective it was excellent. The actors have great chemistry with each other. Season 3 had the benefit of finishing up the story in Caliban's War and then condensed Abbadon's Gate to pretty much the essentials. I'd say that this season really did Cibola Burn a positive service of providing a strong visual medium for the story, plus it still kept the other characters in, giving them something to do, even if not all was strong at all times. If you're 7 eps in, not sure how you can still call it slow. The first few episodes, yeah, but like season 1, it picks up fairly quickly afterwards. Now if you're not interested in the protomolecule mystery, and are more interested in the "geo"political stuff, I can see how this season may be weaker for you. Think of some of the story threads as setting up things to come.
  12. Corvinus

    Star Trek Thread: Set Picard to Stun (spoilers)

    There was money in DS9.
  13. Corvinus

    Star Trek Thread: Set Picard to Stun (spoilers)

    In what flashback did Seven stun the Bjayzl? Because in that flashback at the start of the episode, she outright kills the people working in that room, she just doesn't disintegrate them. Yes, indeed, they are very similar. And here, we get to see how bad these people are, maybe reminding us, as Trek is want to do with stuff in our society, that organ harvesters are still a thing. Icheb was twice victimized, first by the Borg, and then by these futuristic organ harvesters. So I'd say the intent was there, and it needed to be this visceral.