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  1. One episode left of my season 2 re-watch.
  2. Corvinus

    JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    Yes, I would like to see the movie when there is a fashion revolution in the wizarding world, and everyone starts wearing robes.
  3. Corvinus

    JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    The "bewitched" theme was, imo, Rowling taking on the issues of the day, the strong abusing the weak, #metoo, etc. So as you and I have been wondering, maybe she should have explored the migration of people that suffer under a certain policies. Another issue I have is with Grindelwald's actions at the end
  4. Corvinus

    JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    I wasn't sure if I should start a spoiler thread or not. Anyway, I thought it was very meh, and agree that it was overly long, and its story was fairly confusing. I really don't know what JK Rowling is doing with this one.
  5. Corvinus

    How much do you disagree with my top 50 tv series?

    umm, why make this thread then?
  6. Corvinus

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    That would result in the writers being involved in a hallway fight with angry fans.
  7. Corvinus

    How much do you disagree with my top 50 tv series?

    Well you should be ashamed for not watching Farscape, and others mentioned here.
  8. Corvinus

    How much do you disagree with my top 50 tv series?

    No argument there. I still prefer Stargate, but Farscape would be close behind.
  9. Yeah, I watched the first episode of Knightfall when it aired, and no thanks. Britannia was made by people who were probably high most of the time. But it was on Amazon in January, so I watched the whole thing.
  10. Corvinus

    How much do you disagree with my top 50 tv series?

    Out of all your shows, these are the only one I've watched in any significant capacity, out of which only GoT, Rome, Westworld for now, Buffy, Grimm, and SG-1 are the only ones I've watched to completion. It bothers me that SG-1 is so low on your list, even comparing with the rest I've seen here, and that neither Atlantis, which is mostly equal to SG-1, nor Universe, which is better, imo, are on this list. Or maybe you didn't watch them.
  11. I've been playing TW: Warhammer II again, since they've added yet another faction pack, The Vampire Coast. Unlike the Vampire Counts, these undead use a lot of artillery and gunpowder units, but they sacrifice mobility, with only a few aerial units that can move about quickly, and no cavalry. But they have some powerful monster units. While the campaign mechanics are really interesting - you can unlock regiments of renown by defeating rogue fleets, search for buried treasure hoards, instead of conquering cities you have the option to establish pirate coves and profit from other factions' output, and you have to find the verses of an old shanty to then fight these huge sea beast - the faction suffers from the lack of naval battles. They did introduce "island battles" - instead of auto-resolving sea engagements, you can have a land battle on a small island. It's not the same, and the terrain on those small islands doesn't always do the Vampire Coast any favors.
  12. Corvinus

    R,I.P. Thread

    Damn, this is a big one. The end of an era. RIP
  13. Corvinus

    ‘Outlaw King’: Robert The Bruce Scottish Epic

    I agree with both of the above. That's the most egregious and nonsensical part. Funny, how it states at the end that his wife was released in a prisoner exchange, and I wondered who. (most likely the real historical person) If Edward II had been captured, that would have ended the war right then and there, at least for a time. On Edward II, I find it somewhat puzzling that a modern movie didn't put in Piers Gaveston, who had a close relationship with the prince, including the possibility of them having been lovers. Granted, I think right around the time of Loudon, Gaveston had been exiled by the king, but only for a short time. Braveheart explores this part of Edward's character a little, integrating it in his relationship with his father, while this movie explores the father-son relationship from a slightly different angle.
  14. Corvinus

    ‘Outlaw King’: Robert The Bruce Scottish Epic

    There was a line said by Edward I, he gets crowned king faster than the pope can excommunicate him. Which kinda makes sense, if Robert moved fast enough with bishop backing, before news of the murder could even reach Rome.
  15. Corvinus

    ‘Outlaw King’: Robert The Bruce Scottish Epic

    As the movie states, Loudoun was the turning point. But Bannockburn was the decisive victory that won Scotland its independence from England. So I wouldn't say the battles were merged, even though the movie had Eddward II there. The ambush by the McDougals did occur before Loudoun IRL, too. They wanted revenge for Comyn's death, and caught Robert and the remnants of his army after Valance defeated him at Methven.