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[Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion


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Here's the weekly "Why Game of Thrones sucked tonight"

1.) They left out the entire fucking point of the Maggy the Frog prophecy scene, the Volanqar. Why bother with the flashback if you're going to cut the most important part?!

2.) No stench at Tywin's funeral, way to take out the fucking best part.

3.) No Illyrio despite staying at his fucking house

4.) Varys just casually revealing his organization and its motives to Tyrion, fuck off D&D. And what's this defending the downtrodden nonsense from him? He's a fucking Targ loyalist. Not to mention they're having him go off on Tyrion adventures instead of staying in King's Landing and owning shit up like he should. Fucking character assassination.

5.) Missandei and Grey Worm bullshit STILL. STILL. STILLLLLLL. Really D&D?! You have to cut Euron, Victarion, Wyman, Aegon, Connington, and nearly everything else that makes the most-ASOS books interesting yet you still have the time to include fucking Missandei and Grey Worm scissoring?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

6.) Characterizing the Faith Militant has some sort of fanatical homophobic ISIS instead of the charitable people's army of war refugees they are in the book. D&D are unable to place themselves in a medieval society, instead inserting the "Hurrrr religion bad" 2015 worldview into somewhere it doesn't even belong. Believe it or not, the Faith Militant/Sparrows are not meant to be antagonists unless you're Cersei.

7.) Oh look, it's Loras. I wonder how long until D&D reference that he's gay. Oh, that was about 1 minute. You realize in the books it's just heavily implied Loras is gay and he has an actual personality/character traits besides being a running gay joke/reference? D&D are unable to take characters outside of their diversity quota mold.

8.) Brienne actually ran into BOTH Stark girls by sheer coincidence. Do D&D think Westeros is the size of Disneyland or something?!

9.) What the fuck is with this bullshit Sansa-Winterfell storyline. You know they're going to Winterfell based on the trailer. So Stop trying to force "Dark Sansa" (I didn't even coin this fucking bullshit cringey term) down our throats and stop making LF out to be an idiot. Fucking strong independent women Sophie Turner bad acting bullcrap.

10.) Mereen ALREADY FUCKING SURRENDERED. BRAVO D&D. There goes the entire battle of book 5 and half of its material. Why even bother with the Sons of the Harpy when Yunkai is doing nothing?! This is so nonsensical, first they're desperate for Dany material to adapt then they take out her biggest fucking challenge after arriving in Slaver's Bay. I guess this season will just be Dany bitching about MUH DRAGONS again.

11.) That fucking stupid kid that killed Ygritte is a recurring character now? Oh fuck off with that crap. I bet they'll have him kill Stannis, Jon, and the Night's King while they're at it.

12.) There's no indication or foreshadowing that really wasn't Mance, like in the books. If they killed him off for good, fuck you D&D.

Don't worry folks, I'll be here all season, reminding you why the books are better.

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The leak seems to have killed discussion. Episode threads in years past were many dozens of pages deep before the episode concluded.

The only thing I have to add is that I think they might come back to Maggy the Frog's prophecy later on.

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