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*Spoilers All* THEORY: Who was burned?

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Eh, I think Shireen's a goner in the show, at least.

In the books, however, I think it far more likely for Stannis and Mel to burn Gilly's baby (believing it to be Mance's) for his King's Blood, than burn Stannis' sole heir and doom his cause. Show-Shireen might have simply been combined with another character's fate.

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1. Mel see him in the flames.

2. She intercepts Ramsay and easily deal with his puny 20 men

3. As Ramsay has old dreadkings blood she decide to sacrifice him. But she still wants to make a point to Stannis he should have accepted to sacrifice Shireen.

5. She burns the camp with fire magic.

6. She glamor Ramsay into Shireen and vice versa.

7. Stan is convinced to sacrifice Ramsayreen.

8. In next episode Sansa relationship take a new turn as she is now married with Shireensay and her torment become being forced to follow an english course.

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Not sure how even in the book that the switch between Bones and Mance occurred. Was Mance in books known to wear a full getup bone suit like the Lord of Bones. When they brought out Mance on the show I was wondering how they gonna manage to swap him out.

Nonetheless some looneys said the same of Mance on show. When we see it ....why not believe it.

You don't really win anything in the forum if by some odd chance that one of these 100-1 crackpot theories happens to be true

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Would be cool if it was actual Mance being burnt glamoured to look like Shireen. I know this is a pot crack'd but would be interesting.

In the books it's Rattleshirt glamoured to look like Mance.

In the show it's Mance glamoured to look like Shireen.

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I'm not sure why everyone thinks this is so crackpot. I actually had the same thought for the following reasons.

- Stannis' army is desperate (no food, freezing cold, blizzard, etc...)

- Stannis' army is full of religious fanatics

- An apparent "sacrifice" by their leader of his only heir and daughter who he openly loves so much would inspire his men beyond belief.

While I do find it unlikely based on the other trends of the show, I can definitely see a scenario where Stannis (a military genius) put on a show of sacrificing his "daughter" in order to inspire his troops when in reality the girl who burned was just a common girl under a glamour by Mel. (Note: I don't think burning another girl makes it any less awful)

Under this theory everyone wins (except for the girl that actually burned, including the book readers as it would be D&D throwing us a bone after they cut out the Mance plot line.

TL;DR: Is it a far-fetched theory? Absolutely. Is it totally crackpot? Absolutely not.

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