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Communism vs Capitalism does anyone actually think we'd be better off in a Communist society?

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7 minutes ago, felice said:

North Korea calls itself a democratic republic. Nobody uses that as an example of what a terrible idea democracy is.

That's not my point, which I already conceded to solo a couple days ago.  The point is it's not surprising most people conflate communism with such regimes when the ruling parties call themselves communist.

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13 hours ago, Gorn said:

Not sure I would agree with this. My own former country, Yugoslavia, was very careful about making sure that all republics and ethnicities were equally represented in the top leadership. There were many both written and unwritten rules regarding ethnic diversity, and it sometimes led to mediocrities being promoted to high positions simply because an ethnic quota needed to be filled. The most extreme example is probably random army sergeant briefly becoming acting head of state.

The USSR was similar to this, and even Stalin was very much concerned with ethnic diversity. Ironically, as a Caucasian (meaning person from the Caucasus region, not white person), he was constantly worried about Caucasians being overrepresented in the leadership roles and Russians being underrepresented.

It's true that the USSR and Yugoslavia aimed for a balance of the various ethnic groups that inhabited them, but note that this strategy is what ultimately destroyed them: both nations split along the ethnic lines. The Chinese undoubtedly studied this and drew some conclusions.

8 hours ago, TsarGrey said:


Fixed, thanks.

13 hours ago, Targknight said:

Why you use wikipedia?

Because it's quick, relatively accurate on topics which are not contested and contains links to the source documents.

13 hours ago, Targknight said:

The communists were defeated by Romania. The Soviet Union staged a revolt known as Tatarbunary Uprising.

The USSR lost a lot in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, in its civil war and in the subsequent conflicts of the 1920s (including in Romania). However, this does not say much about Communism as such because the USSR was absolutely devastated at this time and it's not clear that any other system of government would have done any better. In fact, one of the objective successes of Communism is that the USSR somehow went from the mess that it was in the 1920s to one of the two superpowers in the late 1940s. Of course, the success came at a terrible price, but still...

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