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Football: Final thread of the season. Start delayed.

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Marvin Matip (yes, Joel's brother) is working as pundit for SKY Germany these days.

His comment:

The organization around the stadium is a disgrace, and not merely unworthy of CL final. To fire tear gas near children and innocent is a dangerous. 

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1 minute ago, Winterfell is Burning said:

Seemed pretty clearly offside to me. Edit: offside, but I don't know why it took so long.

Question was who played the ball.

Explanation by retired ref Gräfe on German tv.

The ball founds its way from the Liverpool to Benzema (thus no offside). However the Liverpool player tackled/slid (German has specific word for that) into the ball, thus it was not a controlled play. The last bit of controlled play was by the Real player. Thus it was offside.

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Clearly offside as the RM player (Valverde?) hit it forward, even if it then deflected off a Liverpool block/tackle.

We’ve been on top but it all feels a bit cautious, which detracts from our goal threat.  Our forwards are isolated on the ball.  Mane has been the most dangerous so far with runs off the shoulder in the box, but Salah and Diaz are isolated/contained wide, and the MF isn’t supporting the attack.

It is risky to commit too far forward because the Madrid parked bus is press resistant.  It’s really not ideal for Liverpool but this is what I expected.

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