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Which Characters Have the Best Fanart?

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11 hours ago, GZ Bloodraven said:

Jaime, Dany, and Young Griff all have the best art on the whole, but that one image of Bloodraven by Bella Bergolts is my favorite piece of fanart in ASOIAF.

I will like almost every art of Jaime is wrong though. Dany too gets her hair wrong way too often.

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1 hour ago, GZ Bloodraven said:

Jaime's art is wrong?

Too many times. The most common mistake people make with him is portraying him with around chin-length hair when in the books (before all his adventures in Riverlands) he is supposed to have long wavy hair, literally the same as Cersei's, out of Cersei's desire for him to look like her. I would say artists overall miss that the twins were supposed to look extremely similar to each other, as if they came out of some anime. And that means that aside from hair Jaime also is supposed to have soft facial features of a pretty boy and flashing green eyes. Instead Jaime is often drawn as a stereotypical blond handsome jock (the show likely didn't help with this either) and book Jaime wasn't exactly that. The twins looking so similar to each other is the reason why Jaime's change of the look is thematically significant, and also why Cersei hates how he looks after he comes back from captivity.

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Most of Dany’s art is wrong, but for a good reason.  She’s portrayed as a stunning young woman in her late teens.

In the books, she’s portrayed as a smoking hot, barely pubescent girl, to begin with.

One can see why most artists don’t want to go there.

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12 hours ago, King Maegor the Cool said:

I like his Targaryens. His Jon Snow is bad though no cap

I prefer Targaryens who are supposed to be good looking to have unusual, slightly elfish looks, and acquline noses (described as one of the Valyrian traits) rather than look like generic Instagram models.


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I like TheMico's comic-like depiction of characters. He's done over 100 of drawings, even from characters that are hardly described in the text, so he takes some artistical freedoms and the results are usually great. I like that guy because he's consistent with his style. You see one of his drawings and will most probably think: 'this is Mico'. 


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