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How would you rate episode 201?


How would you rate episode 101?  

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Gave it a 9. I thought it was great. They gave just a little bit of every story line so everyone is updated on what has happened since season 1 ended.

It also seems that Roz is like Chataya and/or Alayaya from the books.

I was hoping they would open with the entirety of the Dragonstone scene. Would of loved to see Patchface as well. But hey, you can't get everything when HBO is only giving you 10 episodes and a somewhat restricted budget.

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I thought this was a good episode. I rate it an 8. I liked the little changes from the book and thought they were all good. The only nitpick I have from the book is the look and feel of Craster's place, but I am willing to overlook that as it is only a minor thing. I watched with some friends of mine, a few who are non-book readers and they loved the episode and cant wait for more. Overall, I thnk it was a good episode for a first episode of the season. I realized they had to make some changes from the book to get everyone caught up again with all the characters. I thought the new characters introduced were good. I quite like Stannis and Melisande. Davos is good too. I am looking forward to next week.

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lol mine is the only vote at <5.

What do you guys even see in this show?

Granted, I don't watch much television. I'm glad game of thrones is on TV and that it will bring more people to read the books. I think they do an OK job with the casting and I understand that there are limitations in the film medium that have to be worked around to bring this story from the page to the screen.

But when I'm watching the show I feel like I am seeing some unimaginative person's impression of the books. Maybe unimaginiative is too harsh of a word but I feel like all the scenes are pale visions of what happened at that point in the story. I feel like I am watching a rewrite with all the scenes contrived to fit together instead of just flowing along, all the best parts like the battles are cut or edited out and the characters all come across as dull (except Tyrion)--how is this possible when I read these books and feel like I am ALIVE alongside them? In the books, I don't even like Tyrion!

This episode in particular was kind of slow paced--really bad mistake for a premiere, IMO. They move things around all the time they could have put some exciting stuff in here!

None of the characters looks like how I imagine them but I forgive it every time if the actor is even the littlest bit good. But Jon Snow is the worst not only does he not remind me of book-Snow at all, the actor who plays him just stands around gaping all day at nothing.

And where was Gilly? If they introduced her it flew over my head.

Jaime Lannister looked like he was SLEEPING when Grey Wind came up to attack him--I laughed. And why put fake-outs like that in the show in the first place? They could make Grey Wind actually intimidating by showing him ripping out people's throats in a battle--but they never seem to show any battle scenes.

Cersei talking to Littlefinger was a good scene until she told her soliders to close their eyes--and they all turned to follow her when she left! I guess they have eyes in the back of their heads and x-ray vision so they can see through their helmets. That mistake could have been fixed by one line, "GUARDS!"

I thought Melisandre was okay until she opened her mouth.

I just can't take this show seriously and it does not give me anywhere near the rush I get from reading. To all y'all who watch the show and haven't read the books do yourself a favor and READ THEM I don't care if the only time you read is when you take a shit in the morning and it takes you a year, you will not regret it because this show is like a window to someone else's window of Westeros and you will not regret it if you just take a peek outside your own head.

If you prefer your visions of the books to the screen adaptation, why do you even bother watching the TV show? As a fan of the books (before seeing the TV show) it is really a dream come true to see these things being adapted to a visual format. They have done a very good job of finding actors who envision the qualities of the characters from the books. The locations are well suited to the writing. It's a TV show BASED on the books, if you think the adaptation is so horrible, you should probably just stop watching it.

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I don't have any issue with the casting of the new characters as I am reading some people do. I do however have a concern that they aren't going to portray the unusualness (couldn't think of a better word) of the people from places other than Westeros- I didn't even see Mel's ruby glowing- are the hair and beards of the Tyrosh and slavers going to be really extravagant? I think a big part of this world is how different and oddly the epoples are and I hope it doesn't come off as too homgoneous.

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Crasters Keep (and Craster himself) were much too clean.

Shae (Brrrr) Tyrion could do so much better.

Millisandre (and as stated many times, Cersei) should be much better looking.

Danny still my least favorite.

What? No outrage at killing babies? :drunk:

Davos was excellent, jury is still out on Stannis but I think he is true to the books.

All in all what I expected from a first episode of the season. Hope the non readers werent too lost at Dragonstone.


Ser Dontos was totally wrong IMHO.

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(I apologize in advance for misspelling any names. :dunce: )

Gave it an 8. I did watch it twice, back-to-back.

Nothings perfect so a 10 is immediately out of the question.

Was very impressed with how some things were introduced in an efficient manner (specifically the important plot items from Dragonstone. The incest letter, the Cesson/Melisandra standoff, intro of Davos, burning of the Seven/intro to R'hollor) weighing along with it that they can't be true to the book with less than 40 episodes. I'm sure my opinion is jaded by that inevitable disappointment.

I am not at all happy with the whole Roz angle. I'm just assiming it is just gratutious sex to feed the lower denomenator of fan/viewer population who needs that to stay interested. There's plenty already in the book. The Margarey scenes they have sneaked in are added. Obviously, fir the future storylines, she wasn't sexual in the books at all to this point.

I agree with most everyone else; the LF/Cersi scene was unnecessary.

Craster was in my mind much uglier, older, etc...

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Hi, long time reader, first time poster.

It surprises me to read so many negative comments. This is an artists interpretation of a work. No one was promised a word for word recreation of the novel. While I think it is fair to disagree with some of the interpretations, it's important to remember the opening credit that reads "Based on the best selling novels by GRRM".

For an interpretive work, I am thoroughly impressed. And I enjoy the deviations, it lets me see how others interpreted what was written.

If I wanted word for word, I would re-read the books.

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Too late. They did. This was another unwelcome change.

They did?? It wasn't clear to me who the orders came from. And considering Cersei had just been interacting with Slynt, if anything it seems more attributable to her. And the scene with Littlefinger shows they aren't softening her ruthlessness that much. Or did I miss something where the source was revealed?

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A solid 8/10.

Minor complaints:

Wish they would've opened with Dragonstone


Craster's keep

Ros, evidently the new pimp of Westeros

Really liked:

Robb, Jaime, Greywind

Robb and Theon

Tyrion and Cersei

The killing of the bastards transitioning to Arya and Gendry

As long as they stay as close to books as possible I'll be happy. I'm also a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books, and if HBO did to GoT what they've done with True Blood... :fencing:

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I really enjoyed it. 7 or 8.

Acting: Overall seems to have been upped a notch. Cercei, Tyrion and Joffrey stood out... Sansa, Bran -- all great.

CGI: The wolves and the dragon were extremely impressive. Shae in front of the the King's Landing scenery didn't look too well, though (but this was a problem with season 1 as well; lighting actors in front of big bright backdrops isn't very easy).

Littlefinger/Cercei and Joffrey/Cercei: Yes, it was surprising at first, but it doesn't really bother me (unless we see some major character changes during the next episodes). The scenes were actually quite enjoyable.

Robb/Jamie: I liked how Grey Wolf was introduced. Jamie wasn't scared, but of course you flinch when a direwolf snaps at you.

Catelyn: I like the book-Cat more than the way they're portraying her so far in the show.

Stannis: Well played! I think I might enjoy his screen time this season. Same goes for Davos.

Melisandre: Because she is the most embarrassing character from the novels I didn't expect much from her scenes. The introduction of such a character even got a little chuckle from some of my non book-reading friends. I have nothing against the actress, though, and yes, she's hot. Who knows, maybe I come to like the character.

Bran: Well acted. I enjoyed him talking to the lords with Luwin.

The wolf dream: I liked how Bran checked out his own reflection in the water after having the dream. The dream itself was also well done. Of course my non book-reading friends aren't quite sure what's going on here, but that's GOOD.

Ros: I don't care for the character, but I don't think she does any damage either.

Daenerys: Not too exciting.

My non book-reading friends haven't seen any teasers, character presentations etc. But they thought the episode was very cool, and they all understood the poisoning and the bastard-killing. The only question I got was "Who was Renly again?" I'll let that one pass ...

Overall I'm impressed they're able to make such a great show. I'm certainly very grateful.

Edited by int11
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Gave it a 3

- I think Craster was mis-cast/mis-portrayed

- far too many scenes re-written/combined for my liking. A few things just plain didn't make sense - everything seemed very patchwork

- The whole tension between Melisandre and Cressen - Cressen drank first without provocation? Was he committing suicide? He should have been taken by surprise that she wanted him to drink as well. Or else I misread the book scene entirely.

- Any scene with Tyrion my wife just rolls her eyes - and to be honest she's got a point - all his scenes play out like bad porn. I'm trying to figure out if he's written that way as well and I just don't realize it.

Obviously I won't stop watching, but hopefully it improves once things are set up.

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- The whole tension between Melisandre and Cressen - Cressen drank first without provocation? Was he committing suicide? He should have been taken by surprise that she wanted him to drink as well. Or else I misread the book scene entirely.

No, you're right. Meli drank it first. A big, long gulp too, if I remember correctly, before handing it to Cressen. And The Strangler doesn't make you bleed from the mouth like some kind of vampire, so that was kind of dumb as well.

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I gave it a 7 because 7.5 isn't an option. My husband thought it was slow but I pointed out, it's the season opener and has to 1) introduce new characters, and 2) get us somewhat caught up with where everyone is. Personally, the pacing didn't bother me. ACOK goes slow anyway.

I really am glad at how they are handling Jaime's character. It's a good deviation from the book since we don't really see him until quite late. I like him being a traveling prisoner with Robb and adds more depth to Robb's character while not detracting from Jaime's. And that direwolf. Now, that's a direwolf. Can't wait to see to the others this season.

I'm pleased they did a warging scene with Bran. I wondered how they were going to do that visually and just with that one scene, I'm pleased. That's such a huge part of Bran's character that it's not something that can be cut, imo.

Melisandre was okay. She creeps me out in the books and so far, I'm not getting a creepy vibe from her on the show. I worry she might be overacting the part.

I always imagined Craster as slimier than what was on last night but maybe because that whole thing just makes me want to take a hot shower in bleach. Craster, Freys, and Ramsay Bolton make my stomach turn.

I think a tad bit more explanation could have been done with Stannis at Dragonstone but I think it's a good intro to him especially with his dictating the letter declaring Joff a bastard.

I enjoyed the added interaction between Cersei and Joffery and Cersei and Littlefinger. Adds to the story and fleshes out the characters without diverging too much from how the characters are portrayed in books.

Favorite line: He's prettier than some of my wives!

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Melisandre was okay. She creeps me out in the books and so far, I'm not getting a creepy vibe from her on the show. I worry she might be overacting the part.

You're spot on. I think she comes off more as a goofball quack in the show. But in her defense, it is a difficult role. At least she looks perfect for the part.

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Season 2 is off to a great start.

- The casting of Stannis, Davos and Melisandre are spot on.

- Lena Headey as Cersei has improved drastically. She's looking hotter, too.

- Good to see more of Robb, as he wasn't around much in the second book.

- Grey Wind looked fucking rad.

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Id give it an 8, really liked it but for a person that has read the books numerous times i already know about the characters which they are introducing this year and understand why the episode had to focus on that for the people that havent. Still, i loved it and cant wait till next week.

Anyone know how many people tuned in to watch it? when do the numbers come out?

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I very much enjoyed the episode. I try not to compare it to the book and just enjoy it on its own merits. I thought the pacing was quicker than in the first season and I was never bored. Joffrey and Sansa have a lot of dynamics as does Cersie and Tyrion. I was surprised they showed the baby killing as directly and in your face as they did and not just hint at it. Though it does add danger and tension to Gendry and Arya.

I was dissapointed that Craster was not more foul, drunk, dirty and openly obsene with his wives. It was way grosser in the books. It will be interesting to see how this plays into Gilly's and Sam's story.

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