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Cricket XIX - Australian Hundreds and Other Myths


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Some more weird selections from Australia for the morrow. Faulkner probably deserves a go, but Watto at 3? I suppose they've tried him everywhere else, and by sticking their most underachieving batsman in their most underachieving batting spot makes a sort of nihilistic sense.

This seems to mean that Australia are going into the next Test with four specialist batsmen, plus Steve Smith and Shane Watson as (alleged) batting all-rounders, and Brad Haddin and James Faulkner as other-discipline all-rounders. Hmm. I suppose that's not a million miles off the preferred England configuration (five batsmen, two bowling all-rounders, a wicketkeeper-batsman, and whatever Jonny Bairstow is supposed to be) but it still looks rather fragile. I suppose it qualifies as "positive" selection: backing the bowlers to out-bowl England against underperforming batsmen, rather than trying to shore up the batting and then lose anyway. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Well it´s not like Khawaja has done anything Faulkner can´t do and replacing Bird with Starc is a clear upgrade on the batting side.

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Yeah -- can you guys explain that a bit more? (remember: n00b)

The pitch today is basically flat, right? But it (uncharacteristically for this ground) doesn't have a lot of bounce?

I was listening to Holding grumble about the selection of Swann and Anderson because of conditions on the pitch -- shitty because Swann isn't going to be very useful on it, and Anderson will be bowling 6s? Is he claiming that England should have gone with all fast/swing bowlers?

England should have selected Monty P.

I can only but agree. That said, this house is not a neutral party in that regard.

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