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  1. Liam Plunkett is hoping to qualify for the US team.
  2. I’m the Soylent Brown of England cricket. Very happy now. Doesn’t feel right.
  3. This Test is done. If only we had a decent spinner. Does anyone have Simon Harmer’s number?
  4. Yeah, I took a very different meaning from the post. Probably should see someone about that.
  5. No, no relation. But then we’d always lose the second Test! Better to have 4-Test series, drop Broad and Anderson, take the loss, and come back strong in the second.
  6. Also, beavers provide a breeding ground for fish and sunlit areas in woodland, giving a huge boost to plant diversity and insect numbers, and, as a result, bird numbers. This is doubly important as the UK has the most denuded biodiversity in the entire world.
  7. Neither, they recolonised on their own after a centuries long absence.
  8. The Netherlands have wolves, and they are more densely populated than we are. But I agree it’s not going to happen. Lynxes shouldn’t be a problem if everyone was rational, so I don’t expect to see that either. PS I can highly recommend Rebirding: Rewilding Britain and its Birds, by Benedict MacDonald, which despite the name covers large mammals too.
  9. I came back, on and off, a couple of months ago, but I couldn’t miss out on posting here. Now, *summon Usotsuki*
  10. I am sad Newcastle are not being taken over by the Saudis. It makes it less likely that Millwall will be taken over by North Korea, as was written in the stars.
  11. Good to know. I’d always assumed your comments about other countries were just trolling by pretending to be an “America, Fuck Yeah” moron.
  12. Pope is proper quality. Unsurprising with a FC average of 57, I know, but he looks like the dog’s.
  13. Yeah, this is really stupid and ignorant. The monarch’s invitation is wholly ceremonial. It’s like claiming that the US isn’t a democracy because the unelected Supreme Court Chief Justice swears the president in.
  14. You must be watching a different replay to the one I’m watching. The defender stops short, Fernandes pivots, steps backwards and stands on the defender’s ankle.
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