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  1. To you, with your frame of reference. Doesn’t make it a universal thing. I suggest looking at comments from those, particularly the military, whose oaths were to her, personally. I find it tear jerking to read some of them. But I realise I’m wasting my time. There’s absolutely nothing that we (not you personally, the denizens of this thread) have in common. A good time to make the final break from a place that I’ve mostly loved for over 20 years. Good luck and best wishes.
  2. I can highly recommend the Wyndham-Banerjee series by Abir Mukherjee, set in 1920s Calcutta.
  3. True, but I really don’t think the kind of player that would attract is the kind of player they need to turn this shit tanker around.
  4. Watching Man U get relegated for a second time in my life would make me so very happy.
  5. I have a funny feeling this is going to be a season of the unexpected. Obviously, West Ham will win it, but I tip Spurs for second, Man City in third and Arsenal in fourth, with Liverpool in fifth.
  6. I just came to mention this. What with other recent reports about Ryan Jones and Joe Marler, and many other less celebrated players, despite my (waning) love for the game, I’m not sure I can morally support it anymore. My love of the scrum and the “big hit” just feels reprehensible at this point.
  7. English wine is actually very good these days, especially sparkling, having won numerous international awards. Apparently, southern England has the same geology as Champagne, and now has the climate Champagne used to have. Champagne itself is now too warm for great sparkling wine.
  8. ? His votes haven’t gone anywhere yet. We’ll see where they go tomorrow. Probably mostly Sunak, some to Mordaunt and a couple to Truss.
  9. Aussies, can you hop over and check the Kiwis are alright? I’m worried about them.
  10. Everything I thought I knew about the world is wrong. Except Roisin Conaghty being the least amusing person in human history, obviously.
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