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  1. Well yes, but the initial post, pre-pussy editing, just said it's the dictionary definition. I imagine he then decided to check the dictionary definition, and rowed the fuck back, because it a) doesn't exist and b) in related posts, suggests that, in all but a vanishingly few examples, the two terms are mutually exclusive. But hey, comme ci, comme ca.
  2. Can I ask what the preferred descriptor is for someone who murders someone without a defined stupid political motive? I'd hate to upset anyone wanting to kill someone for no apparent reason.
  3. Fair point, though Timms represented a constituency with an incredibly high ethnic minority population, possibly raising the risk, at least per capita, while Amess’s constituency is very much not.
  4. Understandable, though to me the whole point of pies is use up produce that would otherwise be wasted. And that’s a good thing.
  5. I may well be proved to be wrong, but I doubt it. A religious, by which I assume you mean jihadist, motive seems unlikely to me. I would expect such a target to be more high profile and/or have a connection to an event or policy. He has neither, and it's Southend, they would probably arrest someone with dark skin on general principles (bad joke). I'm thinking personal grievance or nutterdom.
  6. I love that place!!! Though I must admit, Green's in Pangbourne knocks it into a cocked hat. Do people still say that?
  7. How can anyone not like pie? While I recognise the existence of fruit pies, and my gran made an excellent one, it seems to me that UK types, when hearing the word "pie" assume savoury, and American types assume sweet. Anyone who says they don't like pie is missing out on the glories of a steak and stilton, or a chicken and leek, or, probably best, the steak and kidney. Now I'm salivating.
  8. If it wasn't disrespectful, I'd wager £100 it wasn't a Remainer. Pretty much all the fanatics on this issue are on the Leave side. A high proportion of the Remainer vote were pretty eurosceptic themselves. Almost certainly a random nutter, I would think, probably something to do with a case he couldn't or didn't help with. As someone without a government or shadow government job in 40 years, the only things he was really known for, even amongst true politics tragics such as myself, were his devout Catholicism, anti-abortion stance, and involvement in animal rights advocacy.
  9. You’re probably right. That’s why my first reaction to the murder of Jo Cox was to express regret “whatever her politics”, then have swipe at Corbyn for being annoyed at having to break off his reading of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
  10. Don’t be ridiculous, Scot. GWB launched a top secret major attack on one of his own cities, but thoughtfully tipped off the pinko bastards at the BBC in advance, cause… reasons.
  11. He’s not on holiday. He’s in Bristol chairing a cabinet meeting. But if he was, I bet that’s exactly what he would have been thinking when a colleague was murdered.
  12. England never play four bowlers, and doing so with two OAPs in the team is unthinkable. In the absence of Stokes and Ali, I can only imagine that Woakes will play at 7, and one of Bairstow and Buttler will be sacrificed.
  13. It’s a depressing squad, for a depressing series. Australia are really not very good, but we are awful, so I expect a 4-0 thrashing on the grounds that there might be rain or a COVID outbreak in one Test. I could, genuinely, cry at where Test cricket is. I expect it to be functionally dead within the decade.
  14. I would have thought it was spice trading with the east, see the Dutch. Slave trading was also a major feature of early anti-capitalist regimes such as France, the Ottoman Empire and Spain, though clearly it was “perfected” by capitalist regimes such as England/the UK already made rich by control of the spice trade.
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