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  1. England choosing not to play a game at Trent Bridge against the Aussies in next year’s Ashes is exactly the kind of stupidity I’ve come to expect from the powers that be.
  2. Much better performance from England yesterday. The Indian run "chase" was truly bizarre though.
  3. Hereward

    2018 Semi Finals - FRA vs BEL & ENG vs CRO

    England did better than I ever thought they would. They had a chance to put it away, but they lacked midfield creativity. Not the end of the world and nice to hear the England fans singing their support in the stadium after the loss. The less said about petty trolling by new posters, the better. Edit: Or old posters.
  4. Hereward

    2018 Semi Finals - FRA vs BEL & ENG vs CRO

    Having listened to the abuse Sterling got from minute one, I’m guessing not.
  5. Doesn't matter. If she precipitates a confidence vote, she doesn't need 50% of MPs to avoid a vote by the (hard Brexit) membership, she needs 100%, and that includes the vote of her challenger.
  6. I don't think your pundit knows what he's talking about. For this to happen, May would have to resign as party leader and that would formally open the leadership election process. As long as there is one challenger, and there would be, and no matter how overwhelming her support was amongst MP, she has no "clear run to March", but would face an election by Tory party members against her leading challenger, even if that challenger only attracted his/her own support amongst the MPs. That would take at least a month, and more likely three.
  7. Hereward

    2018 Quarter-finals

    While the British and the Canadians stood around doing nothing, presumably.
  8. Hereward


    I have done a Petain* and je ne regrette rien. * Well, apart from backing the English instead of the Germans.
  9. Hereward


    Sell the pork scratchings for anything you can get.
  10. Hereward

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    This is the wrongest thing ever posted on this board. And possibly the entire internet.
  11. Hereward

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    I think a penalty shoot out loss is the kindest thing.
  12. Hereward

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    I am holidaying in Angleterre sur moment, and the Lynch mob is forming. they’ve started to cheer Colombia, and not in a good way.
  13. Hereward

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    That penalty was taken 5 minutes after it was given.
  14. Hereward


    I'm not coming in, I've just brought your supplies of unpleasant lager, pork scratchings and salt and vinegar crisps. And by the way, I'd strongly advise putting some wire mesh up on the windows.
  15. Hereward

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    Beautiful play.