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  1. I agree with a lot of these. I'd also like to add that Theon/Reek (one of my least favourite characters) has some powerful scenes in ADwD,showing a man broken in mind, body and spirit. I think these are examples of some of GRRM's best and most atmospheric writing. Then there is the scene before the heart tree when Bran says Theon's name. And later, on the way to rescue Jeyne, when he's remembering playing soldiers in the tower:
  2. OMG - this looks horrendous!
  3. I see your point completely. Humans connects in a very different way, I think. Westworld has a vast scope, but Humans feels very much more intimate. I very much hope we'll get a third series too.
  4. Just watched season 2 on catch up. Very enjoyable season. If it's renewed: It'll be interesting to see. I hope it gets another season.
  5. I agree, it was a lot less intrusive than I feared. I enjoyed it - although I would have liked it to be longer. Had a good laugh at the critic who said women would never read his books. Right-o!
  6. Yes, the "docu-drama" element is a little concerning, but I'll still give it a go and hope it's not too intrusive.
  7. Agreed. I'm sure we'll just get more of the same except in America instead of England. There is no real narrative strength at work.
  8. Well, I am British but I struggled with the mumbling in the last episode even more than usual.
  9. I agree with you completely. And yes, ad-free TV is great. Well worth the licence fee. It's another reason why I tend to watch on demand so I don't have to have my attention constantly broken by commercials. Ugh.
  10. We found last night's episode a bit of a drag, to be honest If it doesn't pick up by next week, we'll probably knock it on the head. It started well but it's just too slow getting anywhere. Episode four and we should really be picking up a strong narrative, but it's still all broody walks and violence, wallowing in some threatened sexual violence and dream sex (seriously?). And as for the ridiculous caricature of the abusive husband that we're all supposed to hate for the sole purpose of cheering when he is undoubtedly killed (violently), it's just feeling like style over substance for me.
  11. He's is around a lot, although probably not as much as Olivia Coleman.
  12. I'm pretty much with you (as is the OH). I thought the previous episode was overwrought and contrived, but this has to take the crown for that. It's a shame but it's derailed from its very bright and clever original series.
  13. I'm still finding it quite intrusive from some characters. It was Mark Gatiss, wasn't it. If I recall it's set in 1814 so it's George, Prince Regent (who becomes George IV in 1820).
  14. Agreed - I think that would work well.
  15. I've been wondering myself whether these elements will be 'real' or psychological. I'm not sure yet how I prefer it to go.