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  1. Just read of the cancellation. How disappointing. :/
  2. I'm with you on this.
  3. Can't wait! I've really loved this series.
  4. Clearly I'm in the minority here. I wouldn't have minded it so much if it hadn't taken a whole episode to get us where we were last week. I hope it proves relevant in the long run because we found it seriously tedious.
  5. I agree.
  6. Yes, I did exactly that! I hope so, too.
  7. Binged it over Sunday and Monday. So entertaining although I do agree that the music isn't as good time round. Utterly maddened by the ending, and no more episodes. Gah!
  8. I've read the book (several times) and I found that ep. a little tedious. Husband hasn't read the book and I had to explain what was going on. Hope it picks up next week. I think I may have hoped for too much from this adaptation - possibly I was too hyped by the prospect of the show and the casting of Ian McShane (who's great, obviously). We'll see.
  9. I read each of the books as they came out and I recall a few long waits in there, so it's all pretty disconnected in my memory now. I think I'll have to have a re-read. I love Idris Elba and I'm sure he'll be good. I admit to a little disappointment that there'll be the usual highly stylised slo-mo violence, which is pretty much par for the course nowadays. IMO, the story could have stood a little more realism to offset some of the more fantastic elements.
  10. Well, that sucks.
  11. Do you have Amazon Prime? It's there if you do.
  12. Did the binge watch in time for last night's finale. It's been a lot of fun, but does rely on some ludicrous points. Turning the tables on the questioner in AC12 interviews (every series now) becoming a bit formulaic and wasn't really convincing. Roz's was probably the best, but still a stretch. The whole festering MRSA wound was fairly ridiculous, when antibiotics are so easily available, even without seeing your own GP. And being up and out of bed after suffering septic shock, not going to happen. I've really enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, but it does stretch credulity regularly. That said, I'll be in for series 5.
  13. I agree with a lot of these. I'd also like to add that Theon/Reek (one of my least favourite characters) has some powerful scenes in ADwD,showing a man broken in mind, body and spirit. I think these are examples of some of GRRM's best and most atmospheric writing. Then there is the scene before the heart tree when Bran says Theon's name. And later, on the way to rescue Jeyne, when he's remembering playing soldiers in the tower:
  14. OMG - this looks horrendous!
  15. I see your point completely. Humans connects in a very different way, I think. Westworld has a vast scope, but Humans feels very much more intimate. I very much hope we'll get a third series too.