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  1. I love Good Omens too. I'm a huge fan of Terry Pratchett's books but I've never seen a TV adaptation that's worked for me so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one will, especially as Neil Gaiman is very involved with it. We'll see.
  2. I think there are plenty of us.
  3. It's good to see that more critics are no longer able to brush the inadequate writing under the carpet.
  4. Eastwatch in the titles. Cool.
  5. A princely 2. Possibly one of the worst eps of the show.
  6. Oh, the stupid and meme-service is strong with this one. No, Bronn couldn't pull Jaime out of the water in waterlogged armour. 'Nuff said. Jaime wants to end the war? Well, kill your sister then. Sheesh. Randall Tarly - the pro-Targaryen now isn't because plot. Jon gets a nose boop from Drogon. Did it just purr? The Dothraki part so we can view Ser Jorah. Can you all say "squee"? Good, please don't. Archmaester Slughorn comments that Sam's father and brother were "just" burnt alive but he hasn't told Sam yet. Two things: what a douche to not tell Sam and how do they know? Anyone would think they have glass candles. No, Jon, you didn't think Bran was dead - Sam told you he was alive and you only had two dead brothers a couple of eps ago - y'know Robb and Rickon. Remember Rickon! Going on a wight hunt. Did you do that rhyme when you were kids? Mother and Father's chambers - what, where she was raped? I said it last season and I'll say it this season - why on earth would she want that room? Davos throwing out the fact Tyrion was responsible for the wildfire that killed his son and that's it? Nothing more to be said on that? How did Tyrion contact Bronn? "Still rowing" is really stupid fourth wall-breaking. They spend time on a montage scene of smithing but no build up to Gendry's decision to leave. I would like to point out that Robert had a war hammer but he was supposed to be huge and 6 ft 6. Gendry's not huge and his hammer looks plastic. Gah. Lannister incest pregnancy - at least I don't have to worry about that crap happening in the books. Gendry clearly trying to buddy up to Jon but doesn't mention Arya - that's weird. Backwards glance at Dany - let's hope that means Jorah's for it. WHERE IS WINTER? High Septon Maynard (why does he have a name?) records the annulment and re-marriage of Prince "Ragger". No reaction so something else to be remembered later. Awful. Did they just re-use the Alys Karstark actress without red hair to be a castle servant? Do you remember the happy days when Bronze Yohn hated Creepyfinger. I miss those days. Arya P.I. slithers around and Creepyfinger slithers too. I hate every single bit of the Winterfell plot so far. Jon and team arrive at Eastwatch. Has anyone updated that Westeros map showing all the improbable journeys - y'know the one with the Others doing a figure of eight in front of the Wall. Sandor, Beric and Thoros in the cells. *sigh* It's so jarring when you have Gendry making a fuss about being sold to the Red Witch when in the real story he's with the BwB all this time so it's all a farce to get him back to the people he should be with. (Not that I think there'll be a wight hunt in the books - just sayin'.) "We're all breathing." News for you, Jonny boy, your creator says not. Oo, look, three red shirts head out with the Super Seven. WHERE IS GHOST?
  7. Well, that's it. One of my favourite series has now finished. *sigh* I enjoyed the finale. It wasn't internet-breaking, but it was solid and tied up a lot of threads and we got one last Helena killer motif before the birth of the twins. I did like the birth flashbacks entwined with Helena giving birth, giving continuity to family but also insight to Sarah's ever-rebellious streak. Calling the twins Purple and Orange was funny, but I was pleased she named them after "real men" Donnie & Arthur eventually, as much as I liked her living in the Hendricks' garage. One last dance from Donnie in his underpants too - I've enjoyed the series and Tatiana Maslany has been just fantastic. I hope she gets showered with awards, I really do.
  8. They shouldn't really be that high. The scripts and narrative are just bad. I don't think the visuals (which are very good) make up for that.
  9. I hope so.
  10. They only needed a nod to it, like Arya being in the crypt and asking where he's buried or just something to indicate that she knew!
  11. Gah, I forgot they swapped Tywin and Roose in the show. D'oh.
  12. Yes, I do mean back in S.2 when LF met Roose to plot the Red Wedding. Arya wouldn't have understood it at the time (why a Lannister courtier was meeting one of Robb's bannermen) but it would be great to see her working that out. As a related point, does declaring for House Stark absolve him of his complicity in arranging the murder against guest right of so many, including Arya's mother and brother? I don't think so. Especially if it also becomes known about his personal betrayal of Ned. I agree. Again, agreed. ^^
  13. Yes, that struck me as weird too.
  14. A 7/10 which is the highest I've given it for a long time and it was for the Field of Fire. Loved the VFX for Drogon and the carnage he wreaks. It was exciting and well-paced and gave due consideration to the horror that such a beast could unleash and the understanding of why the kings of old would have bent the knee!
  15. Having Tyco sucking up to Cersei is just a joke. Could this be further from the book material? D&D's ridiculous adoration of Lena Lannister strikes again. I'd like to be creeped out by Bran repeating "chaos is a ladder" to Creepfinger, but I still can't deal with Bran knowing all the things, even when there are no weirwoods or ravens to see all the things. Too much suspension of disbelief for me. Meera deserved better than that (in-show and from the show-writers). Scene with Arya and the soldiers was pretty pointless and badly written. Likewise, I wanted to love the Arya/Sansa and the Bran/Arya reunions, but the dialogue is so clunky. I did like seeing the three children together going through Winterfell. Missandei and Dany's girl talk. *eye roll* Dragonglass cave - I think Jon would be able to explain the history better than that (he had Old Nan as well, plus learning the tales from the Wildlings). I laughed that the pictograms were all naïve until the super-detailed men and Others. The whole time Daenerys is talking of Jon bending the knee to her, I wonder why neither Jon nor Daenerys ever has the same realisation that Stannis had: "I was trying to win the throne to save the kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the kingdom to win the throne." Dany never once thinks she should prove herself to the North and that really bothers me. The scene with Tyrion explaining the loss of the Reach was only notable because Emilia Clarke's face moved and the very 20th century American "Enough with the clever plans" - just stick an "already" on it and be done with it. I can't be doing with Brute and Mystique sparring - just ridiculous. I hope they don't miss the opportunity for Arya to recall LF meeting with Roose because I have no idea why LF is still breathing. Missandei telling Jon and Davos that Dany is "the queen we chose" but she is quite happy that her queen's army and dragons are there to conquer others. No freedom of choice for anyone else then. The landscape is straight out of an old western which struck me as so odd. Bronn's bionic hearing picks up the approaching injuns. Dothraki. How did Dany's army get there so quickly? I mean: news has to get back to Dany and then she sets out with her army. I could understand intercepting the army if it was just her on the dragon ... So - the battle. It was exciting and I loved the SFX but there was an awful lot of nonsense, battle-wise, as well. Worst for me was the destruction of the food supplies she needed - you know, that she specifically said she needed not ten minutes previously. I'm a little confused that the Lannister army brought the scorpion with them (so expecting a dragon attack) but had no-one to 'lock n load' as soon as the dragon was seen. I realise they wanted Bronn to have the heroics but even so, that was silly. I'd be impressed if they actually let Jaime die by drowning in his armour - that would be a twist. Nobody but nobody thinks he's dead though so that's not much of a cliff hanger.