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  1. On 1/16/2023 at 1:56 PM, Victor Newman said:

    Lysa was definitely mentally and emotionally unstable.  Cat's kids have as good of a chance as a Targaryen of going insane. 

    True.  They do.  

  2. On 1/17/2023 at 6:50 AM, The Lord of the Crossing said:

    The Starks fell and they fell hard.  They lost both parents, their lands, their castle, and their reputation.  The Starks deserved their fall.  Here are some of the reasons:

    1. The Starks have never understood the pillars of power.  Ned should have negotiated with Lord Tywin instead of sending an inadequate force to arrest the mountain and name Tywin a criminal.  Robb and Jon also do not have an understanding of power.  Robb betrayed his allies.  Jon was inept at communication and he used his command position to enact revenge on a powerful member of the night's watch.
    2. The Starks are unsophisticated.  In the north, they have always ruled by the threat of force.  In the south, they could not do that.  They had to depend on making alliances with politicians like Petyr Baelish and Lord Varys.  It seems to me, Ned considered this an inconvenience.  But that is politics.  The Starks are blunt, unsophisticated, and do not have the skills to navigate politics.  They lacked in the social skills.
    3. Robb Stark chose to take the main forces of the north and march them south in rebellion.  Keep in mind, this is the second time the Starks have pulled the north into rebellion.  Both instances over a family matter.  If the Starks were so loved they would not have had to threaten GreatJon.  Roose and Barbrey went along because they had no choice.  Lord Walder had to be negotiated before they would support the Starks.  The one man who went willingly was Karstark, and look how the Starks rewarded him.
    4. The Starks put family first.  Catelyn's behavior reflects this.  She kidnaps Tyrion without proof.  She knew what the Lannisters were like.  She knew the consequences to the lives of many and she did it anyway.  All of that bother for one little boy.  She wanted justice for Bran and caused thousands of her own people at the Riverlands to lose their villages, lives, and crops when Tywin retaliated.  Jon Snow betrayed the Night's Watch, for one little girl!  He chose to endanger the only thing standing between the realm and the White Walkers just for the sake of one little sister.  Arya is on a murdering streak to kill everybody who has stood against her family.  She is killing innocents like the insurance man and Dareon on the side to achieve her goals.  Catelyn betrays the men supporting their rebellion when she released their main bargaining chip, Jaime Lannister, for the sake of getting back her daughter. 

    There are many more reason why the Starks deserved to fall.  I am counting on you to build the list.  Thanks

    Add this


  3. 1.   Ned Stark beheads a deserter from the Night's Watch who was suffering from PTSD.  The man had an important message.  Unfortunately, the Starks did not take the man seriously and promptly kills him.  How different might the story be if the man's warning was taken seriously.  Westeros would have been better prepared for what is coming.  

    2.  Ned's bastard, the lord commander at the Night's Watch, Jon Snow, beheads Janos Slynt.  Janos was a rude man who was initially resistant to go on a suicide mission given to him by Lord Commander Jon Snow.  The execution was a set up.  Jon Snow orchestrated the situation knowing that Janos would most likely resist and thus give him an opportunity to kill the man who was an enemy of his father, Ned Stark.  Read the scene carefully and it is clear that Janos finally agreed to go.  Jon had made his point and already gave a demonstration of breaking the man in public.  Still, Jon convinced himself, made up excuses, to justify what he wanted to do: murder Janos Slynt.  The killing divided the Night's Watch.  Jon put the fear in those who could have given him constructive criticism.  

    3.  Arya Stark murders Dareon.  Without hearing Dareon's story, without giving the boy a chance to speak for himself, Arya murders him.  Will knowing the boy's sad story change Arya's mind?  Probably not.  Arya Stark has no idea what true justice is.  She is acting on emotion, hate and silent anger.  

    It is no wonder that many here are saying the Starks deserved to fall.  

  4. On 12/23/2022 at 9:51 AM, Aejohn the Conqueroo said:

    That's going to make a spectacular finale when the hero -who Dany? Maybe Euron? doesn't matter... kicks down the door to the cave, rushes in and stabs the hell out of the 13 year old boy stuck inside the roots of a tree. Maybe that's what Aemon was going on about when he was telling Jon to 'kill the boy'.

    Bran is not just a boy when it happens.  He will have turned into something profane and dangerous.  Somebody who invades people's dreams and minds and violates them.  Worse even than the slave masters of Mereen.  

  5. 19 hours ago, Sydney Mae said:

    Arya is half Tully.  The Tully sisters went mad.  Lysa was always so.  Cat lost her sanity at the red wedding.  Arya's bloodline make her vulnerable as well. 

    There is no escaping this.  True.  

  6. 19 hours ago, Sydney Mae said:

    The Tully sisters went mad.  Catelyn Tully-Stark and Lysa Tully-Arryn were showing signs of madness and emotional fragility.  Lysa had it from her youth to her death.  Catelyn lost it at the wedding.  She cut Aegon Frey's throat and killed him.  Catelyn went mad that minute.  There is insanity in the Tully blood.  Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon are half Tully.  Cat's brood inherited the gene predisposing them to insanity.  I know stress can trigger the disease.   

    Oh what a find. It's one more thing to consider when discussing the sanity of Arya and Jon.  


  7. Essos is a larger, more diverse continent.  Westeros was rather isolated until the first men set foot.  But yeah, it is something to think of.  You would think the first men, the Andals, Rhoynar would have different languages.  Maybe they did but they merged, bastardized, and developed into the Common Tongue.  High Valyrian worked its way eastwards and became the language spoken of by the modern day descendants of Ghis.  

  8. On 1/14/2023 at 9:24 AM, Damsel in Distress said:

    I posted a comment on this in 2017. 

    If R + L = J is true, then Jon Snow is the one who will go insane.  He will have incidences of insanity from the Stark as well as the Targaryen side.  His kin, Arya Stark, is already insane. 


    I edited, updated, and re-posted below:

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Rumors of Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration.  And a slander against the ruling House Targaryen


    The prevalence of the madness that runs in the family is exaggerated.  A careful study of the Targaryen lineage shows that this madness is not as prevalent as their enemies would have us believe.


        Targaryen + Targaryen = Maegor the Cruel
        Arryn + Targaryen = Rhaenyra
        Hightower + Targaryen = Aegon II
        Rogare + Targaryen = Aegon IV
        Velaryon + Targaryen = Baelor the Blessed
        Dayne + Targaryen = Aerion Brightflame
        Kiera + Targaryen = Vaela
        Targaryen + Targaryen = Aerys II


    In red - female parent. Non-Targaryen female parent. 

    Italics – unclear whether these people were mad or simply just cruel. Vaela is likely someone who just had a below average mental capacity. 

    What interests me most is that the majority of the so-called “mad” members of the family were not the direct result of T + T but rather the result of what appears to be normal pairings.  A second item of note is that the madness happens more often when the mother comes from outside the family.  This means the carriers of the madness are the male Targaryens.  Thirdly, because we are dealing with a fantasy world in which real genetics may not completely hold true, we can assume that anyone whose father is a Targaryen will have an equal chance of going mad as any other member of the family with a Targaryen father.  Also note that we have not had a female Targaryen of whom we can clearly point out as mad.  None.  Rhaenyra was a b* but being a difficult person does not make one mad.  Maegor was cruel but that doesn’t mean he was mad.  If cruelty alone make one mad then Tywin and Stannis could be labeled insane. 


    Implications are as follows:


        1.  The Targaryens are the most prominent family in the series of A Song of Ice and Fire.  I do not believe George R R Martin will end this family line.  I think the family just needed a fresh start and based on my theory that the males carry the potentially damaging gene it makes sense to eliminate the male line and begin anew with a perfect Targaryen female.  Who is, of course, the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen.
        2.  The Targaryen dragons also needed a refresh.  The heroine delivered once more and hatched three eggs.
        3.  Daenerys Targaryen is just fine.  She will not go mad.  Her future children are not going to go mad. 
        4.  Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon.  Should this theory of his parentage prove to be true, that Rhaegar is the father and Lyanna Stark the mother, it is very likely that it will be Jon who will go insane.

     My verdict?  Jon has a much greater chance of going mad than Daenerys. 

    The incidence of madness is not even high.  The Targaryens were in the spotlight for 300 years and only Aerys and Aerion were mental.  I don't think Dany will go mental.  

    I am biased to M + L = J (M = Mance Rayder).  You are right though.  R + L = J puts Jon at a greater risk for madness if it truly runs in the family and not some sabotage from the Maesters poisoning the Targaryens.  

  9. "Craster's Sacrificial System is/was not Sustainable in the Long Run"

    One of the boys will be kept to continue after Craster can no longer produce.  Should his entire keep die out there is always the Starks.  Craster's boys and the Starks are of the same genetic material.  They are family.  If the White Walkers accepted Craster's sons they will also accept the sons of House Stark.  I would like to know the frequency required by the White Walkers but the Starks have plenty of material to work with.  Jon, Rickon, Arya, and Sansa can provide sons to the White Walkers.  

  10. On 12/23/2022 at 4:11 AM, SeanF said:

    The country was at peace for just over 250 years, during the 283 years of the dynasty. That’s a pretty good record.  Overall, I’d say their rule was a good thing.

    1.  Like the House of Wessex, they united seven kingdoms into one.  Only a handful of eccentrics would want to revive the heptarchy.

    2.  They ended the First Night, and instituted laws against domestic violence and to protect widows.

    3.  They created a Royal Navy.  This gave protection from pirates.  

    4.  They established a common currency, and reduced barriers to trade between the Seven Kingdoms.

    5.  The North, in particular, suffers from periodic famine.  Aegon V sent them food aid.

    6.  They largely ended Ironborn raids on the mainland.

    7.  They created a successful new capital, from nothing.

    Aerys was certainly a jerk, but his crimes affected relatively small numbers of people.  A return to all out war between the barons (as in the WO5K) causes suffering on a much wider scale.  Lordly absolutism is not preferable to royal absolutism.  The reverse, as the lords vie for power.


    That is a fair assessment.  I would go further and disagree with the original posts.  The Targaryen Dynasty deserved to continue their rule.  Robert was a better man but Aerys was the better ruler.  Aerys was smart enough to hire capable people to put on his Small Council.  He had an awesome Kingsguards while Robert had political appointees.  And what a disgrace and a dishonor to allow Jaime to remain.  

    If the Starks and Robert were innocent of any plotting.  And only if that condition is met, they have legitimate grievance against Aerys.  However, if they were ordered by Aerys to choose other grooms and brides for the sons of the houses and they refused then their motives were suspect.  A means to impeach the king should have been in place but the lords will never go for that solution because it will also put their right to rule in jeopardy.  Rebellion was the only way and it is treason.  

    Westeros belonged to Prince Viserys Targaryen.  His death passed the ownership of Westeros to his young sister, Princess Daenerys Targaryen.  

  11. On 12/15/2022 at 2:03 AM, Aebram said:

    The first person to stab John was Wick Whittlestick, not Bowen.  Bowen was the second; and there was a third and fourth knife as well, although the text doesn't tell us who wielded them.  But unless Bowen and Wick were both carrying two knives, there had to be at least one additional killer.  This suggests that there was some advance planning.

    They were all acting based on the admissions by Jon Snow.  They were all upset with Jon.  It's not only two men.  All of the watch would feel the need to do this.  

  12. On 12/16/2022 at 7:01 AM, The Commentator said:

    Abolish slavery on a grand scale, yes. He also prevented the enslavement of Westeros. He knew it will be the next battleground with the evil forces of ice.  He and Daenys are heroes.  

    Aenar, Daenys, and Daenerys are heroes.  Aenar and Daenys saved the great Targaryen bloodline and made it possible for Daenerys to be born in the future.

  13. On 12/21/2022 at 12:32 PM, Here's Looking At You, Kid said:

    Merry Chrismas.  May the Lord bless you and keep your family safe during this holiday season.  

    Daenerys Targaryen is a better ruler and leader than Jon Snow.  We are all familiar with their leadership styles.  There is enough information for us to pass judgment on who the better leader is.  I will start with Jon Snow.

    Jon Snow

    Jon is far from the worst leader in A Song of Ice and Fire.  He is actually capable most of the time.  His biggest strength as a leader is his ability to teach.  Jon was able to teach the other less-fortunate cadets the proper use of the sword in combat.  Yes, he was an arrogant and entitled fool when he arrived.  A little man to man talk with a seasoned man helped open his eyes.  Many of the fans praise Jon for protecting the craven cadet, Samwell Tarly.  It is a well-earned praise.  Samwell would have died from fright if Jon had not stepped in and helped. 

    I have established that Jon Snow is basically an average guy who has had good training in the fighting arts.  As a leader, he is usually capable of performing his job.  However, he has big problems beneath his exterior.  Many of the fans have already brought it up repeatedly.   Jon has a chip on his shoulders.  Push that chip and he goes ballistic.  He is guilty of attacking Ser Alliser Thorne, a man of higher rank and status.  He has anger management issues which culminated in the inappropriate way in which he judged two guilty men, Janos Slynt and Mance Rayder.  By every laws of the land, it should have been the deserter and traitor, Mance Rayder, who was executed.  Matters went downhill from there.  He sent the deserter and turncloak to bring his sister to him at the Wall.  This is an act of war against Roose and Ramsay Bolton.  The Night's Watch should never, and never has until now, make war against the people of The Seven Kingdoms. 

    I served in the military for a significant part of my early adult life.  I have never been tested in the same way as Jon was with Arya.  I will say there are a lot of men who would do as Jon did.  They would forsake their duties, no matter how critical it is, to save their sisters.  But there are still more who would do their duties and accept that they cannot help their sisters.  For proof, you only have to look at those men who are in the business of rescuing and saving people and property.  Many men would rather be at home with their families during an emergency crisis but instead they stay at their posts and do their jobs.  I knew people who went to Kuwait while they had desperate families back home.  Parents battling cancer.  Wives struggling to raise handicapped children alone.  I could go on and on.  The point is, it is not unreasonable nor is it rare for people to do their jobs even when they have critical family concerns back home.  And those men who can't do this should never be in command.  It's fine for desk jockey to always sacrifice his duties for his families.  But that is not acceptable for a commander of an organization who has been tasked with the protection of the kingdom from an existential threat. 

    Quorin Halfhand said something in book 2.  He said of Mance Rayder, he was the best and the worst of us.  He had trouble obeying.  Jon is very much like Mance Rayder.  In many ways, he is the ideal black brother.  But he is also the worst possible.  Jon is a man gifted with martial skills.  He is a smart young man who usually makes sound decisions.  I don't think his inability to judge and prioritize will matter much with the Wildlings.  To the Free Folk, whatever the strong man says is right is right.  Might makes right with the Wildlings.  Jon does not have to be fair, nor consistent.  Laws among the Wildlings are not as well-defined. 

    Daenerys Targaryen

    Princess Daenerys Targaryen began the story a scared and nervous young girl.  Forced to marry into an alien culture, she used her natural intelligence to thrive.  Courage, intelligence, and determination allowed her to adapt to the Dothraki culture.  She brought the dragons back from extinction.  She had the smarts and the courage to lead her khalasar beyond the Red Waste until they reached Vaes Tolorro.  This is nothing less than remarkable for a girl of her age.  She defeated the Undying in the Palace of Dust with the help of her dragon, Drogon.  Over and over, Daenerys has managed to use her intelligence and her cunning to outmaneuver her adversaries.  She has become a very good player of the game of thrones with a style all her own. 

    Queen Daenerys has become the conqueror and the ruler of the slaver city of Meereen.  She knows what we know.  As humans, we have a responsibility to make laws and judge the guilty.  The Meereenese masters perpetrated the most heinous war crime in the entire saga so far.  This is many times more heinous than the Red Wedding in The Twins.  The masters crucified the children of their slaves and used them to decorate the road to the city.  This kind of crime cannot go unpunished.  To do so would be to deny justice to those children.  Allowing the Meereenese to bring forth the guilty is a modern concept of peers judging peers.  It is certainly preferable to the arbitrary trial of combat being practiced in Westeros.  She is facing an enemy who refuse to fight her troops in open combat.  And yet, she refused to execute her cup bearers.  This was a smart move.  Those children can be socialized and educated away from their slaver parents.  These children will be the foundation of a free Slaver's Bay. 

    The situation in Meereen is very complicated.  Skahaz, Reznak, and Hizdahr are unreliable allies.  Daenerys has been warned to be careful by Quaithe.  Yet, she reacts with reason and caution.  Cersei would have had them all killed.  But a good leader knows that you have to trust people.  Everything carries a risk.  One person cannot manage a city of the size of Meereen.  Jorah's betrayal is revealed.  Daenerys wisely did not kill the man and instead sent him into exile.  Daenerys is a reflective, thoughtful person.  Which is a good quality for someone who has to make decisions.  She has some learning to do but her potential as a ruler is without limits.  I would choose her to rule Westeros.  

    Dany manages prophecies better than any other.  She doesn't overly react but instead take a watchful and cautious approach.  I like her.  She deserves to win the great game of thrones and rule.  

  14. On 12/21/2022 at 5:39 PM, Bowen Marsh said:

    I had no personal hate against Lord Commander Jon Snow.  I was not conspiring behind his back.  I thought he was doing a poor job but those bad decisions were his to make.  I disagreed with some of his decisions but obeyed them like any good man of the watch would.  I gave him the respect which is due a high ranking officer.  Out of duty and out of fear.  Not a one of us wanted to end up a victim like poor Janos Slynt.  One must be careful around our emotionally explosive leader. 

    The assassination was solely done to stop Jon from leading a wildling raid on Lord Roose Bolton who happens to be the new Warden of the North.  It was too late to reason with Jon.  He had recently shown his unwillingness to debate and listen.  He had become tyrannical of late.  The announcement at the Shield Hall was not a negotiation but rather a declaration.  Jon declared his intentions and had already set the stage for a wildling attack on Lord Roose and his vassals. 

    I am not without sympathy for the commander's predicament.  He loved his sister.  All of us left loved ones and family behind.  Through wars and rebellions we remained at our post even when our own families back home were in danger.  The duty we have to our sworn family at the wall supersede the duty we had to the families we left behind.  For that is the only way a Brotherhood made up of men coming from different loyalties and families can work together for the good of Westeros.  Jon could not accept the requirements of his duties and was not really fit for command but we nevertheless tried to work with him because he was voted in according to the rules.  It was only when he declared war on Lord Roose that prompted us to act. 


    Bowen Marsh, Lord Steward of the Night's Watch. 

    Bowen is the hero at the wall.  Don't let the silly demonizing from the Jon fan club bother you.  

    1. Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys.  The two royals made it through exile and one of them is now the most influential person in the world.  Because of Daenerys the movement to end slavery in Essos has begun and the world is slowly experiencing a necessary revolution.  
    2. Jon Snow and Robb Stark.  The two half-brothers who really f*ck3d up the North and the wall.  
    3. Jon, Bran, and Arya will become a Triumvirate of Darkness in the upper North.  Jon and Arya will rule over the wall as the new NK and NQ.  Bran will be the KoW in Winterfell beneath the tree.  Bran will enslave people via skinchange.
    4. Rhaenys, Visenya, and Aegon for obvious reasons.  
  15. On 12/12/2022 at 6:10 AM, H Wadsworth Longfellow said:

    Theon was a guest at Winterfell to help Balon remain true to his peace deal with Robert.  His life was always at the mercies of Balon and Ned.  I think we can agree that slaves in Volantis and Slaver's Bay have the right to revolt and fight their masters and captors.  Do the same rights apply to a hostage like Theon? 

    Slaves are enslaved through no fault of their own.  They are either captured, sold, or bred.  Theon's father rebelled against Robert.  He lost his war and was still allowed to keep his lordship.  And his head.  The terms were generous to the Greyjoys.  The fostership is a special arrangement where the hostage is treated with honor as befits their station.  Theon was a prisoner and his life was always in danger.  I don't believe in holding children accountable for the crimes of their fathers though.  It was a messed up situation.  Theon ate at the table and grew up with the Stark kids.  Eddard would have still executed him if the Greyjoys had taken up arms again.  The middle way says Theon has a right to escape but he is not justified in hurting anyone in the Stark household.  The Starks were also forced and thus victims of the laws of the king.  Forced to accept an enemy boy into their home.  

  16.  We have to decide how to judge Arya.  She is indeed an evil murderer if she still has enough sanity to hold responsible.  She is an unwitting victim if she has lost enough of her sanity to be considered mentally incapacitated to make decisions.  

  17. It would be foolish of the Starks to be hostile towards Daenerys Targaryen.  I am not saying they won't be hostile.  Just that it would be foolish to do so. Jon and Arya are fools and will be the most antagonistic.  I can actually see them acting the fools because of the lies they had been told growing up.  They think Aunt Lyanna was an honorable girl who was abducted by a Targaryen and murdered.  So yeah there will be hostile feelings.  

  18. On 12/2/2022 at 7:49 PM, Roswell said:

    Would they accept Bran as a sacrifice?  He is crippled but his magic is strong.  They can carry him in a basket. 

    Craster being a Stark has potential for a good northern story.  The Targaryens practiced incest.  Jaime and Cersei took that to an extreme, being twins and lovers.  Craster Stark really took the concept to further extremes with his incest by repeatedly mating within his own family.  A possible incestuous relationship could have existed between Lyanna and Brandon too.

    This story is full of parallel characters and families. The Starks' skinchanging and warging talents are recessive traits.  They had to have been practicing incest in the past order to bring out the talents in the children.  Gilly's son at the wall could become a very powerful skinchanger.  

  19. Bowen Marsh is one of the most maligned characters in "A Song of ice and Fire."  The slander always come from a vocal segment of the fandom.  He  is a person who knowingly accepted future suffering or death to stop Jon Snow from causing further harm to the Night's Watch and Westeros.  We all seem to agree that bad things are coming his way.  He did nothing wrong and can end up a martyr.  He will not have enough men to stop the Wildlings from leaving the castle and riding to war against Roose Bolton.  

    The last book scene with Bowen Marsh had the loyal steward and the other brave brothers of the Night's Watch in tears as they ended the reign of who is perhaps the worst lord commander in the history of the Night's Watch.  The assassination was a reaction to Jon's speech at the Shield Hall.  The arrival of the Pink Letter exposed Jon's surreptitious activities against Lord Roose Bolton and Westeros.  Jon's revelation and admission were damning evidence against him.  He further told the gathered crowd of his intentions to lead an army of Wildlings to attack Lord Roose.  

    Bowen Marsh did what any loyal man of the watch would have done.  The assassination was not a pre-planned attack.  It was an impromptu decision made at the very last minute in order to stop a madman from leading a hastily formed army of barbarians on a raid against a noble house of Westeros.  It was not a conspiracy from the Lannisters.  Bowen was not trying to usurp Jon.  Bowen had been loyal to Jon up to the time of the latter's Shield Hall talk.

    We must hope for a speedy election of a new lord commander at the wall.  Aliser is a good choice if he is still alive.  

  20. On 10/29/2022 at 10:41 AM, Kierria said:

    Sweetrobin is slowly being poisoned.  It is not yet a crime of murder because the child is still alive but Sansa is part of the insidious plot to murder the child and take all that is his.  Will Sansa go through with the murder?  The odds are close to even but does lean lightly to Sansa doing the crime. 

    Look back on Sansa's past and tell me what you think.  Tell me what you think will happen. 

    The Sansa we know is a selfish girl who has delusions of her own grandeur.  Sweetrobin is a dead bird if Sansa ever got the notion to kill him to benefit herself.  

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