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  1. As of mid-March, I was planning a work trip up North of Yellowknife for mid-April. At that time, the site was still allowing visitors if their work was deemed essential enough and they are still having rotating flights of employees. I was relieved to have the trip cancelled even before full quarantine orders were enacted.
  2. Haha, it's ok, I'm not trying to avoid discussing anything. I'm just trying not to be someone who spams the board with personal problems! Contemplating my past existence as a poster, I'm pretty sure I spent way too much time going over all my weird issues in great detail. I first read Game of Thrones at 19 (so it had already been out for 5 years!) and joined the board at... probably 23? I was a grad student in an unhappy marriage. It feels almost inconceivable to me that I'm the same person now as then. I'm 38. I'm married to a different person, live in a different state, work in a different industry. But I do remember how excited I felt about those first three books. There was a point on the EZBoard when things weren't split into forums. Book and personal and political conversations were all jumbled together and moved so fast it was hard to get a reply.
  3. Let's file that under "oversharing". I definitely used to be board famous for that, but being considerably older and more boring and less perpetually traumatized, I will probably refrain from resuming that bit.
  4. Happy to see you! I need to find something else to become board-famous for because I'm out of shape.
  5. I can see what a lot of other people from here (or previously from here) are reading on Goodreads although I can no longer connect all the real names to board names. I wish now that I'd gotten involved in the Jemisin discussions - I did read The Broken Earth, but not until a few years after it was already out. I just miss when something brand new really got everyone excited. Like when Name of the Wind was first published - it's not even to my tastes and I wouldn't have read it if it wasn't a big thing on the board and I don't intend to read whatever book 3 is if it ever comes out, but just the involvement of discussing it was fun. I'm not sure if I'm doing well or not. Since we haven't talked in at least a couple years, the answer is mostly yes but everything sucks right now. Are you able to work from home fulltime? I hate working from home. I've been running 2-4 miles around my own neighborhood due to general lack of time and energy. I was going to do a 15 miler in Leadville that I wasn't in shape for but it got cancelled. Do you still play soccer? I haven't done indoor in forever. So I don't have anything to post about except the same damn thing every damn day. I am remembering that I like being here though so I'll try to post more often.
  6. I drive by once every 3-4 months to see if there's something new and big in Lit. It's been hard to think of any book, any genre in the last few years that has gotten people really excited to all read and discuss together.
  7. Oh I found a very small painting I did of Muppet molesting Mr. Broccoli!
  8. I hated BSC. Red Country seemed like it would be most up my alley in style, but I hated BSC so much that I never picked it up, and it's been 10 years in which I haven't really missed Abercrombie on the whole, so it seems increasingly unlikely that I ever will unless someone convinces me that I'd love it.
  9. I didn't realize he had a new collection out so I was excited to hear this. I've had a hard time reading much of anything this year - it's felt like I've struck out a lot on finding something that holds my interest. (It was easier when I was reading through this forum's recommendations and felt driven to keep going, even when occasionally hate reading). This is the first time in a few months where I've immediately thought - I'm going to start this tonight!
  10. Oi, Solo. If you think so, I'll push through although I suspect your review may be just as good. I think maybe too that I resent what I see as a sort of forced reinterpretation-politicization of art. Such things feel gratingly unsubtle at best.
  11. I cannot get into The Last Days of New Paris. I've tried to start it several times over the last year and haven't made it past page 2. Someone please tell me I just need to push through... like to page 10. I don't like all his books equally, but never had any problem getting started before.
  12. Eponine

    Top 10

    I find all of DeLillo's writing simultaneously fascinatingly crafted and stultifyingly dull.
  13. Eponine

    Top 10

    I am enjoying this information about Bakker immensely. Couldn't be happier if I'd read it myself Much happier than if I'd read it myself since I find much about the books insufferable despite having interesting ideas. But isn't there supposed to be a part 3?
  14. Eponine

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    @Triskele If it hasn't been six years, it's been close. Too much floob for personal communication because what am I here for if not to stream of consciousness post in other people's threads, got busy in my personal life, plus a dab of board drama. Can you spoiler tag what happened with Bakker in like 2 sentences? (I read the PoN but none of the Aspect Emperor and was not impressed). If not I'll Google it but have no intention of trying to back-read the 500 threads... I'm with Darth Richard on Rothfuss. (I think, maybe I lack context on his specific grievances). I have feelings about Denver housing prices since we just bought a house last Autumn. I simultaneously hope they get better (because a lot of people who make a lot less than I do can't afford to live near their work) and worse (at least, I hope that the price of my own property goes up). Let me know when you make it out to Red Rocks, I'd still like to meet up, although I no longer run a monthly BWB meeting, see: off the board for 6 years. I think when I was last on the board, I was about to get married, which I did. I decided with no input from inchoate yearnings to have a baby, which I did. She is three. I considered moving but everywhere suitable either was much more expensive or had much worse weather, and Mr. Eponine was dragging his feet about looking for other job opps, so I didn't. Already mentioned the house. I have been spending less time reading and more time knitting, but part of that has been that I haven't encountered many books recently that felt particularly compelling. When we next have the opportunity for a new president, I will be putting less effort into the primary and more into the general. I confess to enjoying the caucus even though I know it's all kinds of problematic, because it forces neighbors to gather and talk in person.
  15. Eponine

    Top 10

    Probably not. Hi Trisk. Was amazed to see how many people I knew were still here. Came by lit to see if there was anything new that was a must-read (there wasn't). Several people I've talked to have felt rather blah about the offerings of the past few years - not that absolutely everything sucks, there just hasn't really been anything that pulls everyone into a big discussion. What's new with you in the past 6 years?
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