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  1. Why would it be weird? All of them have signing session at Worldcon (GRRM has two I think).
  2. Wolfgang I

    What should be done... about climate change

    Not using the smart phone while driving would count as a plus in my book. It is just statistics. Less people injured and killed is a plus in my book. No need to wait for perfection.
  3. Wolfgang I

    What should be done... about climate change

    Drivers kill and injure a lot of people though. Autopilots only need to be better than humans nothing more.
  4. Wolfgang I

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I miss Google Index. It was awesome for traveling.
  5. Well competition is not always good for the costumer. You just have to look at gaming. Steam and GOG are decent software the others are all complete and utter garbage. You can not even change the game installation language in many cases. Windows store is the worst by far but it offers the best deals if you have both a PC and Xbox as the game pass ultimate is an incredible offer. I had to change my OS to English to get some games in English... In all honesty I would prefer a netflix monopoly myself. I think I would have the get Sky to get most of the HBO content here in Austria. I think fragmentation will just push people back towards piracy. Edit: I think amazon wants to push its own hardware. The app stopped working on my LG TV for two months at some point and amazon just told me to contact LG. I know people who got a firestick because of similar problems. I used it on the Xbox during that time which worked.
  6. I just hope they copy netflix. Amazon prime is complete garbage when it comes to handling different languages and subtitles.
  7. Wolfgang I

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    It has been too hot to enjoy VR for most of the summer although I played a bit at night from time to time. I got Skyrim and Fallout 4 for VR when they were on sale but I have yet to play it because I do not feel like installing all the "required" mods. I have played quite a few games of Mordhau which is fun despite the fact that I usually dislike multiplayer games but the gameplay and chaotic fights are fun. You have to disable the chat asap though. Medieval fighting games seem to attract the worst people... DEUS VULT I guess.
  8. Wolfgang I

    What should be done... about climate change

    But ignoring animal suffering and mocking people capable of empathy is a core conservative value! That it is bad for the environment is just a bonus!
  9. We will never forgive and we will never forget!
  10. Wolfgang I

    u.s. politics: sundowning on the american empire

    Online gaming in general is full of racists, sexists, homophopes and transphobes. Source: I have played online games which lacked the option to disable chat and I tend to play on EU based servers in such games.
  11. Wolfgang I

    What should be done... about climate change

    Well nuclear winter is a solution to the rising temperatures I guess.
  12. Wolfgang I

    What should be done... about climate change

    I think unless some kind of benevolent AI takeover happens a global nuclear war is kinda unavoidable at some point. The USA will most likely come out on top if that happens.
  13. Wolfgang I

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    I watched 3 episodes of The Boys and enjoyed them a lot. I also watch 1 episode Another Life and it so so bad that it is bad again...
  14. Wolfgang I

    What should be done... about climate change

    I think the "plan" is for the heirs of Musk and Bezos to watch from Mars/space to see how it works out and if the non-space focused side of the 0.1 %(the genocide faction) can survive after the rest of us are dead.
  15. Wolfgang I

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Votes are due July 31st

    Revenant Gun for best novel. Artificial Condition for best novella. Machineries of Empire for best series. I did not find the time to read to novelettes and the short stories so no votes there. Avengers Infinity War and The Good Place: “Jeremy Bearimy” in the Best Dramatic Presentation categories. That is more or less it as I do know next to nothing about the other categories. Who is this Peadar you are speaking of?