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  1. Too bad about telltale. I just finished Batman on the switch and was hoping for more ports. On a sidenote after watching my gf play Fallout 4 I reinstalled the game again. I'm trying a permadeath survival game this time. Might work well for me as I suffer from restartitis. I played about 400 hours since it came out and I have never even entered the institute.
  2. Wolfgang I

    German politics xth attempt

    The CSU is much more right wing than the ÖVP used to be though. However I must admit I get most of my info from quer which is not the most objective source though. Back in the day the CSU seemed to be as about as far right as the old Haider FPÖ(which formed the first ÖVP/FPÖ collation in 2000) and even more conservative on LBGT issues. The current FPÖ is much more extreme though but the current ÖVP is a populist neo-con party and the FPÖ has control of the social conservative side of political discussion(our "Lederhosen-Partei"). Hopefully I'm wrong though.
  3. Wolfgang I

    German politics xth attempt

    Things might go the Austrian way though. A CSU /AFD coalition could happen if a majority is possible. The AFD is the party that has the most in common with CSU after all although they can't say that before the election obviously. Edit: you might coke on your popcorn
  4. Wolfgang I

    September '18 Reading - A Labor of Love

    I finished reading Salvation today. I found some of the early chapters a bit boring until things started coming together. Still interesting enough that I'm looking forward to the next book. The characters in Hamiltons books seem the get less interesting with each book he releases though. Maybe it is just because I'm getting older.
  5. Wolfgang I

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    I saw MI:Fallout recently and he looked great in the fight scenes. He is great at projecting a "don't fuck with me" vibe.
  6. I decided to do a Witcher 1-3 run and I'm in the middle of the first game and I had forgotten how dark the whole children kidnapping subplot is. I know a lot of people disliked the combat system but I find group fights incredible fun because enemies gang up on you and you can make them pay for it with the group combat style. Much more fun than combat which forces you to focus on one enemy at a time. It is also great that there is an incredible difference between entering a fight well prepared and buffed and going in unprepared. Pre-buffing is fun to me and a lot of modern games make it difficult by disabling abilities out of combat or shortening buff duration. In Witcher 1 most potions last a long time and the sword oils even longer. Nothing is as fun as stacking all possible sign intensity bonuses though. *sets everything on fire*
  7. Ah that game was fun. I got it for free a few years ago and I was more than pleasantly surprised. Never finished the 2nd game though.
  8. Skyrim on the Switch is her current game and she loves the game although she misses Breath of the Wild Style climbing/gliding. She already had a few encounters with rage quit causing bugs though and I think she would prefer playing a version with the unoffical patch too.
  9. My gf watched me play Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 on my PC and wants to play both games now. She does not want to play on the PC though and we own only a Switch and a PS3(only used as dvd/blue ray player) . Should I buy a PS4 Pro or a Xbox One X? From what I read the unoffical patch for Fallout 4 is better on the Xbox. That mod is the only one I could not play without because.... BETHESDA...
  10. Wolfgang I

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    It is very tempting. I got some distant relatives in Australia and might combine Worldcon with visiting them.
  11. I only play on max. difficulty with all AIs set to advanced start and the challenge level dropped incredibly between 1.9.1 and 2.0. 2.0.2 introduced further changes that made it even worse. Probably not that noticeable if you are not a filthy min/max player like me.
  12. Maybe the console porting company will find ways to eliminate the late game slowdown. That could benefit PC players too. I must say that I dislike the direction the game has taken though. The fact that the devs seem to ignore AI problems completly is a bit sad.
  13. I must admit I only conquer a lot if I have access to the total war casus belli. With that you assume direct control of systems as soon as a conquer them but the enemy gets the same ability. You get that one if you start with it(only the 3 genocidal civics and driven assimilators in vanilla), if you build a colossus or if you fight a war against an empire which has it(End Threat wargoal). The claim warfare system you can use as a non-pacifist in offensive wars and as a pacifist in defensive wars is a bit too tedious for my taste and usually I only conquer FE territory useing that war goal. I have used the subjugate wargoal a bit in recent games and it works OK if you use it together with a colossus. You do not need destroy a lot of planets to give an enemy 100% war exhaustion.
  14. I can only speak for vanilla Stellaris but going for a Status Quo peace should form a new nation out of the territory you have fully occupied. Getting them to surrender before 100 war exhaustion is really difficulty though having a massive fleet helps a lot. However I must admit Impose Ideology is the one wargoal I have yet to use.
  15. The best approach is to play devouring swarm. If you devour the entire galaxy before the endgame date there will be no Contingency/Unbidden triggers. I would play one of the smaller maps for that. Edit: Don't research jump drive and avoid scanning debris with it. The safest approach is to scan only enough FE debris to unlock the dark matter tech options. You can scan more than once but in that case you have to keep track of jump drive research and stop before you finish researching it.