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  1. As long as for profit prisons get their slave labor all is well.
  2. Wolfgang I

    Aquaman surely deserves its own spoiler topic, right? Anyone?

    I saw it today in 4DX got a wee bit wet. The perfect movie for this tech. It was a fun movie and I enjoyed it more than most DC movies.
  3. Wolfgang I

    A question to capitalists; how much should we fear AI?

    I work as a plant operator in a chemical plant. It is a field in humans which are often just used for troubleshooting nowadys. Many continuous plant tend to have less shift employes than you need to restart a plant after a shutdown and at least around here retires often return temporary for plant startup or significant overtime is required(multiple shifts working at the same time) . Big chemical plants often seem incredible empty with just a few or even only one employe working in a control room(just there to react to alerts in a well running plant) or doing plant tours to check for leaks and minor malfunctions which the automation won't detect(often an experinced plant operator will detect a small defect before things break completly just because a noise changed). It is a mix of hectic activity to get things working again to prevent a shutdown and boredom. Busy plant operators are actually a bad sign in that kind of plant because it means troubleshooting is required. Proper large scale maintenance is done by employes from a contractor which only work in the plant on a temporary basis. I got 5 people on my shift for example and 3 people are required to run the plant if things run smoothly. Things are often close to collapse during flu season for example because shifts are already too small to cushion unexpected absences(one person on leave or sick leave is already expected as I work in an eurocommie country). I think a lot of jobs will move in that direction with just a few troubleshooters reacting to alerts. Currently most jobs that vanish in my field are actually on the administrative side of things as automation is replacing a lot of jobs there. The number of people working in accounting has dropped significantly in my company for example as things like payroll are mostly automated now. The number "manual" jobs like plant operators are actually increaseing again because the numbers are already too low in some areas. But even the most simple job requires some computer skills now(a lot of troubleshooting is actually trying to figure out what went wrong with the automation and the keyboard is often more important than the wrench).
  4. Wolfgang I

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    I started the year by reading 3 SF books. Noumenon by Marina J. Lostetter which I enjoyed enough to buy the sequel. Gate Crashers by Patrick S. Tomlinson which was a rather boring read I must say. Rejoice, A Knife to the Heart by Steven Erikson which I enjoyed a lot. It got only one major flaw. It portrays the president of the USA as someone who listens at least a bit to scientific advisers. But I guess that is a problem a lot of fiction has nowadays.
  5. Wolfgang I

    The books coming out in 2019

    wrong thread
  6. Wolfgang I

    International News Thread

    Most competent people from hunhar Yeah that makes no sense. They need to pay more if they want to keep the competent people in the country. Brain drain in Hungary is incredible because of free movement to other EU countries.
  7. Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich is an awesome game. I got it for free years ago with a game magazine and enjoyed it a lot. I never played the first one though.
  8. There is also a bug with PVP scaling above level 50 which makes high level character non-viable for PVP. You stop getting special points at level 50 and you can have a more or less optimized character at that point. However the damage scaling mechanic seems to become exponential at some point and a level 20 character can one-shot a level 100 character in power armor with the weakest weapon possible while the max. level weapon of the level 100 character does next to no damage to a naked low level character.
  9. As far as I understand the real money is now in microtransactions and mobile games. Minimal effort for a lot of money. That aside I must admit I'm enjoying Fallot 76 more and more. The new real time VATS is great if you focus your build on it and you can have actual builds again(because you get no more special points after level 50)unlike Fallout 4 where you could max. everything. I really disliked the old VATS and never played that much Fallout 3 because of it. NV was the first new Fallout that had ok gunplay Fallout 3 was horrible in that regard. The games PVP balance is completly broken though but I ignored that part of the game anyway. Well someone tried to kill me because I joined an event and stole all the kills. The player could one-hit all enemies with a supersledge but bullets travel faster than a player can walk even if I had to hit a few enemies twice. I fast traveled away and that was it. Melee is fucking OP damagewise right now but enemies apart from the flying endgame enemies can be killed with a good gun build just as quickly and shooting them out of the sky is still faster than waiting for them to land(except for the endgame boss). The bugs are horrible of course but it is more polished than Fallout 4/Skyrim in a way. There are XP and carry weight glitches which ruin it as MP game I guess but I'm not really playing it as one apart from giftig people legendary items my build does not need. People do not realize how easy evading other people is thanks to the random server mechanic. Changing servers takes as much time as a load screen in Fallout 4. I never played a Fallout 4/Skyrim savegame as long as I have played Fallout 76 without encountering a gamebreaking bug which required the console. I got broken quests and shit of course but unmodded Fallout 4 and Skyrim are even worse(my gf plays them unmodded on the console...) .
  10. The engine must have some advantages though. Most other open world games remove corpses and items incredible fast from my experience. That is for single player games though. Rust or ARK: Survival Evolved seem to handle things better at least when it comes to player built structures but those games have an incredible toxic community. The graphics looked good when Oblivion came out and that was more than twelve years ago and Skyrim did not look that bad either when it came out.
  11. I have been playing quite a bit of Fallout 76 and I'm enjoying it a lot. I even had quite a bit of fun with photomode. Too much maybe. Making friends. At the gold course. Playing a bit of music. Getting in touch with my inner raider.
  12. Ah interesting I need to give this game a try. I noticed so many new things playing Dungeon Keeper. I never used to spell which allows you to control creature when I played it as a kid but you can do a lot of stuff with it like going straight to an enemy keeper with an imported level 10 creature which allows you to win some of the early missions incredible quickly,
  13. I'm playing the original dungeon keeper right now. Got it for free from EA(origin) at some point. It uses DOSbox and runs flawlessly on Windows 10 which was a surprise(I can't run the GOG version of a lot of games without downloading extra stuff for example). Still a fun game and surprisingly good UI/controls for such an old game.