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  1. There's been a number of Pittsburgh athletes I've done an about face on over the years. Marian Hossa, AB, James Harrison, Matt Niskanen, and others. Once glorified in the black and gold, only to be hated. I'm now putting Ken (ny) Pickett at the top of that list. His moxy was something to admire for a while but eventually you have to throw for 300 yards, or have a 3TD passing game, regardless of how incompetent and unqualified your OC is. We had guys last year like Jake Browning, Nick Mullens and Dinosaur Flacco put up numbers that Ken hasn't come close to sniffing. If Ken refused to dress as an emergency QB in the Seahawks game last year then that's an issue. I don't care how annoyed you are with the coaching staff, you have to put the team before yourself. He apparently didn't do that. Fast forward to this offseason and he wants out when we sign Wilson, and says today at his press conference (for a backup QB) that it was time for him to move on from Pittsburgh and go somewhere he could grow his career. I wonder if he felt stupid at all saying that in public knowing that Jalen Hurts is the Eagles QB. The idiot had a chance to compete and start in Pittsburgh and throws a tantrum so he gets dealt to a team that has a QB that almost won a SB and MVP the other year. I agree that the franchise let him down with not only hiring Matt Canada, but keeping him around for the next season. There's no argument there. His growth and development took a hit from that. But it's clear that he took everything a little too personally. To the point that once we signed Wilson he used that as a chasm to get out of Pittsburgh and go somewhere else. Like a place that has a franchise QB. Where he'll sit on the bench with a Microsoft Surface glued to his gloved hands. The Pitt aroma wore off for me at some point this past season when I came to terms that Pickett should've had an even accidental great game by now. Like a fluke, but he couldn't even accomplish that. Pencil him in for a 17-24, 201 yards, 1 Td and 1 INT. It's not good enough, and he's had enough games, despite the shit OC, to show something. He hasn't done that at all and that's what annoys me the most. Hasn't accomplished shit but makes demands while on his rookie deal. Fuck off, Ken. I'd drive you across the turnpike to Philly if given the opportunity. As for Fields, like Wilson, how do you not like it for the price? I hope it works out.
  2. Patrick Queen to the Steelers for 3 years $41M. I love this. First off great for the drama, secondly, and most importantly, we suffered a wild amount of injuries to ILB last year.
  3. Yep exactly. They must think they can get something out of him which Denver thought too, but without paying him the money Denver did. We didn't have a contingency plan with Pickett this year so it was necessary. He's injury prone and hasn't proven he's the guy. There's a solid team on both sides of the ball so they had to do something.
  4. Schefter just confirmed Wilson is signing a one year deal with the Steelers. I don't really know what to say. Since Khan and Weidl took over the Steelers have made moves that the Colbert regime would've never done. Risky and aggressive more or less. So far I think it's worked out so I'll trust them on this. I guess it's a no risk situation so why not. Pickett hasn't done anything to outright win him the job so I'm okay with it and don't care if this move is going to hurt feelings. Steelers Country.... Let's Ride!
  5. Making my way through The Shield again. For some reason I stopped watching it like ten years ago when I first started it. Made it through like five seasons. In season 3 now. It's hold up pretty well.
  6. You know things are bad in Philly when the tush push doesn’t work.
  7. Welp season over! Tomlin got his winning season. And nothing else matterrrrrrssss Credit to the Bills. I think they’ve won 6 straight, despite injury after injury. They were dominant on offense with Allen going to video game mode throughout the game. No turnovers. No Watt gave us little hope. The offense was due to return to our sub-20 point nature in this one. Pulling for a Lions/Bills Owl at this point.
  8. My brain went to Vick at Lambeau like 2002-2003 for some reason.
  9. That Allen run was dominant.
  10. I smell an ass whooping, with the Steelers as the recipient.
  11. Way late on this but I'm indifferent on Dever as Abby. Pointing out the physical differences between her and her character are fair, though. I think Abby's build is a big part of her character, and her motivations to train are for a reason. Her physical feats are more believable as well. I've only seen her in Unbelievable, which was very good. Game spoiler stuff -
  12. If Tomlin was smart he’d have that Eucerin sponsorship signed and dated cause he’s about to get stroked to Pluto for going 9-8 or 10-7 this year. Romo and Nantz already got wind of it.
  13. Should’ve put up 40 at this point. Not stepping on throats. Should be fine though.
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