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'Authenticity' in travel

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I think it is kinda subjective, like I could understand foreigners in Beijing going to eat peking duck at the touristy places, but quite frankly I find them to be overpriced and would just eat at more local places. Peking duck is a local dish, but quite frankly, alot of the peking duck places are catered to the tourist crowd (for the $$$).

By contrast, I found the areas Gaudi designed in Barcelona, and the Montserrat area to be interesting places to visit, even though they were tourist sites.

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I agree with datepalm, with the added caveat that for me it is important to avoid polluting or supporting businesses that are harmful (an arbitrary definition if there ever was one, I admit), which personally means not flying any more for travels and not spending my money (or lack thereof) in a way that isn't exactly helping out locally. I don't know exactly how this fits in the authentic/inauthentic dichotomy, but I know I didn't practice the abovementioned when I first hit the road and since making a more concious effort to do so, it does feel less intrusive.

I am partially thinking about industries and structures in places like western sahara or tibet where unsuspecting tourists can help enforce and ground businesses by others than locals which I'm ambivalent about.

I'm also really keen on travel as a means of exchange and shedding of barriers so I'm more positive than not of any kind of travel in the end.

I agree with Vrana and The Artist Formerly Known As Datepalm, with the added caveat that I don't agree with the not flying bit. I live on an island in the South Pacific and I don't got no time for no boats. Until The Scientists get my teleporter working properly I'm flying.

But the stuff about travelling in a way which relies the least on any kind of exploitation is bang on.

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