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POV's you're most looking forward to in TWOW


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I think it'd be shorter for me to list the POVs I'm not that excited about. Which is pretty much just Aeron (at least Vic is near action now).

I guess if I had to pick just the one I'm most excited for, it'd be Sansa. Her lack of ADWD material was rough, and with Arianne we've had a couple samples leak out, which is left me sated enough for the time being.

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Arya most of all, I am always excited to read her POV I just start drooling.

Theon/Asha love both their characters and cant wait to see what happens to Stannis and the battle on the ice.

Ser Baristain the Bold just to see more of the Red Lamb.

Last probably Jon have no clue whats going to happen to him.

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Daenerys. I'm really curious what's going to happen with her. Will she make it back to Meereen? What will Khal Jhaqo do with her?

Sansa. Because controversial.

Davos. Will he make it to Skagos?

Bran. Will he become evil? What stuff will he find out through the Weirwood?

Jaime or Brienne, I wanna know what happens. And I want to see more of Lady Stoneheart.

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I'd like to see someone kidnap Damphair and dump him in the middle of Essos.

I wonder what fraction of a second the Dothraki would put up with listening to him rant about the Drowned God?

An interesting POV chapter would be whoever the true author of the Pink Letter is.

I'd also like a very detailed reminiscing of the Purple Wedding from the Queen of Thorns.

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GRRM stated in a recent interview that Jon is in coma, but not dead. I wonder how he's going to handle him in TWOW?

Probably similar to Bran....dreams, visions, etc. I don't see GRRM keeping Jon POV's out of TWOW for very long based on his coma.

I want to read Davos', as I wanna know WTF is going on with Rickon and Osha.

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There's an identical thread to this over in the TWOW subforum, so I'll repeat what I said there: Sansa, Arya and Bran. Due to the scrapping of the five-year gap, Sansa, Arya and Bran's stories have been, to a great extent, on hold since the end of ASOS (Arya less than her siblings, but her chapter count/percentage still collapsed in AFFC/ADWD). Consider that the Stark kids' chapters accounted for:

AGOT - 18 of 73 chapters (24.6%)

ACOK - 25 of 70 chapters (35.7%)

ASOS - 24 of 82 chapters (29.2%)

And the tally for AGOT is really a bit misleading, since in that book they featured a lot in other people's chapters (also, even by ASOS, Bran's chapter count was starting to seriously flag compared to his sisters, which drags their percentage down in that one). Anyway, the percentage of all three books is 29.7% of the first three books belong to the Stark kids.

Compare that to:

AFFC - 6 of 46 chapters (13%)

ADWD - 5 of 73 chapters (6.8%)

The tally of the bridging books is a measly 9.2% (and hardly the most eventful 9.2% of those novels).

Now that we're at the point where the five-year-gap is supposed to pick up from, let's get the kids back where they belong: at the centre of the story, not the periphery.

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