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How would you rate episode 501?


How would rate episode 501?  

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It was ok, though the scene with Mance and Jon was totally absurd. Hey here is a great deal, we can save all the Wildling women and children, you can have land and be legal citizens, your warriors just need to march south with me instead of you. All you got to do to help this along is bend the knee. "No" What? Why? Cause that's why. And Jon who is generally good at negotiations in the books is like ummmm ok then, later. You want to kill off the actor you miscast? Fine, but write a better scene than two idiots who can't find a clue.

I gave it a 6, it was pretty good and typical of first episodes, Tyrion and Varys are fine, I thought the episode felt a little slow. I actually forgot Sansa was in the episode until I thought about it. Dragons looked cool, I am hoping Darrio is plotting with Hiz to get the Pits open, that would be cool. I didn't need to hear "wars to come multiple times." Marg and Loras, ummm what was that scene for? The acting was fine, I thought it was funny, but it's like what was the point? You know great production values, and all that, just did not feel like much happened, nothing really intresting happened, though some Unsullied friends of mine started screaming when they realized the Tyrion was headed to Dany. They are looking forward to that, so am I. I thought Mel was good in that great creepy way she has. For the first time since the series started nothing in KL interested me.

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I gave it a 6. This is a perfectly fine way to get the wheels rolling but nothing really happened of consequence except the burning of Mance. I agree with the above poster who said that it didn't really make sense the way they pulled it off although i did like Jon putting the arrow in his heart to spare him from the torture of burning alive. Everything else felt ok. I wanted less Dany, more Sansa/Littlefinger and more Varys/Tyrion.

Next week will be awesome though with the introduction of the House of Black & White

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Great opener...mainly setting the stage for season to come, so nothing huge here. Still had a lot of great moments. I honestly didn't even realize Arya was not in it until I saw the preview for episode 2. Goes too fast, but it always goes too fast.

CGI was amazing, though.

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8 - I loved Jon/Stannis scene and the end when Jon gives Mance a dignified death. I liked the Maggy the Frog prophecy scene and young Cersei was spot on. I liked the scene where Cersei tells Jaime off in the sept with the Rains of Castamere playing in the background. I also liked the Robin Arryn "fighting" scene despite the fact that I'm dubious about where Sansa's storyline is going. I didn't like the Loras scene. Varys/Tyrion was just okay. Dany was boring, but I can't wait to see Drogon.

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I would give it an 8. Solid, slow opener that attempts to catch people up to date on the landscape of Westeros. For the most part it did a great job. Tyrion and Varys, Daenerys and Daario, Jon and Mance, Jon and Stannis and Davos, the flashback, Cersei in general and the ending was very well handled. Sansa's storyline and Brienne and Podrick however was not.

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The Good: Return of Kevan and Lancel, Stannis/Davos/Mel, Robin swordfighting, and the flashback was quite good, and the dragons were nice.

The Meh: Brienne/Pod, Darth Sansa and Moff Littlefinger, Dany wasn't all that bad.

The Bad: Pretty much Loras and that male version of Ros, Olywhatever the fuck his name is...And Daario...

The Unforgivable: What they're doing with Varys. What a fucking shame. And Jon pulling a last of the Mohicans with Mance, LOLZ. LAME.

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