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How would you rate episode 501?


How would rate episode 501?  

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7 of 10. Typical opening episode in a lot of ways, too much to do, too little time to do it in. Varys-Tyrion and Mance were, I think, the best parts of it.

agree too much and too little time Ran....and since tyrion, varys and mance are my favorites i was glad to see them...sad though that mance really went...wanted him to go forward...

ah well such is life on the wall...

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Was a good opener, and loved the subtle threat from youngCersei (something along the line of 'it isn't my father you need to worry about').

I got the feeling that all the chess pieces are being put in place. I hate Chess. :shrug:

Favourite scenes: Seeing Kevan Lannister, and a giant Ghost.

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I gave it a 7.

Liked it much more than I thought I would, given that first episodes usually spend so much time laying groundwork and only give a piece of each character's storyline. Loved the scene with Maggie the Frog. Don't want them to bypass the Valonquar prophecy, but now wasn't the time for it. Enough that the stage is set for the Cersei/Marge 'battle'. Loved the focus on Jon and all the action at the Wall, pleased they kept returning to shots of Tormund's face as he watched them start burning Mance, and glad we'll be seeing more of him (and yay, Jon!) Have to admit I was cheering Viserion and Rhaegal on a bit when they "fired back", so to speak, at Dany.

Things that kept it from being a 10, for me: Poor handling of the Mance piece - the reasoning for his choice to be killed/burned didn't convince me. I love Missandei, and I love Grey Worm, but this romance thing D and D keep spending time on - please! Thought Varys laid it on a little thick about being for the downtrodden - I'm convinced he wants Dany on the throne and that he thinks it's best for the realm - but he's just not that altruistic. Not sure I will like where the LF/Sansa storyline seems to be going.

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-I thought it was a slow episode, and more than once, Tyrion got on my nerves.

-Love how strong and confident both Jon and Sansa are.

-I'm fully convinced Lena Headey is going to knock it out of the park this season. Her acting was wonderful.

-Speaking of Cersei, the actress who played young Cersei was phenomenal. Her looks and mannerisms were on point!

-Didn't like the Maggy the Frog sequence. Like a lot of other important sequences, this one felt rushed, underdeveloped, and failed to convey the full impact of the moment.

All in all, a good premiere. I wouldn't rank it as one of the best, however.

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my favorite part of this entire episode was the first time Petyr looked at Sansa. i squealed.

ETA: upon rewatching this episode, i noticed they left out the valonqar part of the prophecy in the Cersei flashback and i was a little irked by that.

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I liked the way they did the prophecy. Maggy wasn't old, but she was weird enough to compensate.

I liked everything involving Cersei.

Loved Varys and Tyrion together. It's good that Varys tells Tyrion the plan from the beginning. He can switch later, but for now there's a direction to Tyrion's plot.

New Daario is excellent, doesn't get on my nerves the way the book version did.

Enjoyed Margaery walking in on her brother.

There were some gorgeous shots of Tywin on his bier.

Acting was good all through. Jon was the exception for me, but then I've never liked the show Jon.

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So this is the first season I've watched since I've read ALL the books (including Dunk and Egg and World book) so I had to separate my "Wait, that didn't happen" reaction with how did I like this episode.

I love the Wall and I love Tyrion and Varys...though at the same time these were the two most shocking changes. Just abrupt--Mance is totally dead so he won't be going to Winterfell in disguise...(or is he? *G*) and...Varys is in the Dany Club and planning to put her on the throne, and wants Tyrion to help (aegon? who the heck is aegon?)

I hope we'll see more Maggy the Frog. That was really quick for a flashback.

Sad we didn't see weird Tywin smile.

I'm going to give it an 8 just because I'm so glad it's back on and I can get my fix.

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7. And thats being generous. There are things i liked but things i didnt like. I feel this season is gonna be a long, hard road. I loved the Jon/Mance parts though. Like, a lot. It nearly saved the entire episode for me. Same with Viserion and Rhaegal being wild trash babies and raging. That shit was awesome.

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I hated the season 4 ending, so this is an encouraging improvement for me.

Only thing I can't stand is Brienne's story/personality/everything,

I really liked the Cersei intro, although I wish it had been expanded a bit more. I don't think I had enjoyed an intro that much since the very first episode of the series.

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And that 3 was solely gained by Ciaran Hinds as Mance Rayder.

Everything else is a joke. Not a single arc resembles the books. Even dead Tywin does not smell. Dialogues are stupid (because they do not use what GRRM wrote and think they can write dialogues). Nudity is boring, pointless and takes too much screen time. Stereotypes have now passed the threshold of being offensive (Loras). I hope gay community rips them to shreds. They deserve it.

They even managed to botch up Maggy the Frog scene with no valonqar and 3 children (what about that boy with black of hair in season 1. Continuity? Anyone?)

If I were an HBO boss, I'd scrap the show here and now or I'd fire the writers.

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