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How would you rate episode 601?


How would rate episode 601?  

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1/10 only because you cannot vote 0.

Littlefingers Jetpack has reached mass production it seems. The Sand Snakes got one but they are greedy bitches so that was expected. Whole Dorne now hates house Martell and just commits treason but that's cool because other Martells got killed before and their leader didn't react.

Girl Power Brienne also got one. How else can she find Sansa after being in a battle without a clue that she actually escaped? She also got some dope dog repelled spray on her. Danny should be either almost raped to death or be known for her white hair as Khal Drogos wife etc. I don't see a middle ground. Why would a whole Khalasar go into so much drouble bringing one woman infront of the Khal? Makes no sense.




I wanted to stay away from S6 because S5 was already pretty garbage but my resolve got too weak. Thankfully this was probably the worst episode in the series and I can stay away for good now. Thanks DnD for your incompetence!

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1 minute ago, Barty said:

In the books i dont think so - Maybe he met Stannis when Ned lifted the siege of Storm's End - but thats like 17 years ago. But when has logic ever stopped D&D from doing what they want.

I was thinking the war against the Iron Isles about 9-10 years previous. Stannis lead the 7K fleet. "Maybe" Roose was in Ned's army?

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A 6 will do. I usually shake of expectation the whole episode and I lost that really soon with this one, but it wasn't bad.

I don't like to compare the series to the books but the Dorne plot just gets worse and worse. Can't believe Ellaria will be leading Sunspear now, I hate the character. And the sand snakes... loved them on the book but they just look lame here.

The other storylines range from decent to good. The ending was shocking, being Mel my favorite character...


5. Is it just me or has Emilia Clarke put on some weight? Also what was the point of that scene? Random filler garbage

The purpose was to remind the audience what happens to the widows of the Khals I guess. Something like that needed to happen, taking her directly to Vaes Dothrak would have been weird. I felt Emilia was skinny btw, her face looks different.

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1 minute ago, Ser Desmond Wine's Bane said:

I was thinking the war against the Iron Isles about 9-10 years previous. Stannis lead the 7K fleet. "Maybe" Roose was in Ned's army?

Could be, But Ned was on Pyke with the Northern army while Stannis was on Great Wyk. Maybe after the war they met in some feast or celebration.

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Well given the amount of people who hate the show no matter what and will watch it every week to comment how much they hate it, I'm not sure these poll results will be entirely meaningful.

An hour of mostly nothing happening, but it sets things up to come. There was some good moments(Jaime and Cersei's grief), some cringe worthy moments(The Sand Snakes) but mostly this was just checking in on all the major characters with what they were doing. So middle of the pack, this episode gets a 5.

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42 minutes ago, Barty said:

Is it just me or has Emilia Clarke put on some weight?

Her arms did look chubbier than last year, yes.

Hey, how funny would it be if, IRL, she is pregnant and in GoTs she is playing the character with the dead womb. How would they cover that up in production?

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I gave it 5.

The opening scene was decent though it suffers from the thinning of Jon’s story, putting all of it on the wildlings doesn’t really capture the essence of the betrayal against the vows. Ramsay with Myranda was laughable. The show feels boring to me. Every scene is just some dully written exposition dump with zero creativity put into the establishing of information. Tyrion and Varys was one of the worst examples of this, especially the weak attempts at humour “Well, she won’t be sailing to Westeros now...”

Sansa being afraid of icy water when her tormentor’s men are on her heels was absurd – she’s a child of the North for the love of God! Brienne appeared out of nowhere for a somewhat stilted fight (people really hang around waiting to be killed in this show, don’t they) and the hounds vanished? Dorne is still terrible, except now makes even less sense: so apparently the people are fine with their Prince just being murdered? And now Trystane was on another ship? How? When? What?

Jaime reverts back to his season one characterisation – why? Cersei is still the weepy good mother, bland as usual. Some of dialogue is truly wretched: “We’re not here to feed you!” “We’re here to kill you”.

On the whole it just felt boring. Really boring.

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Also I have to give a big thumbs up to Owen Teale and the amazing job he always does as Alliser Thorne. I always forget to add that, he's been so great for so long now.

Another great scene was of Ramsay at his mistresses deathbed. Commenting on how much he will miss her and how "She was a fierce warrior" and then deciding that, as good meat she should be fed to the hounds, lolololol.

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23 hours ago, Stannis is the man....nis said:

Ahaha they replaced the girl who said "bad pussy"

i dont think they did.. same actor she killed Dorans bodyguard.

19 hours ago, Barty said:

In the books i dont think so - Maybe he met Stannis when Ned lifted the siege of Storm's End - but thats like 17 years ago. But when has logic ever stopped D&D from doing what they want.

Too true

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They can't afford to waste time anymore.
The scene with Dany walking with the Dothraki was too long, we already know what the Dothraki are like, and they were seemed unimportant.

I liked the scenes in the North (even if it had super Brienne).
Mereen was okay.
Dany was eh. Same for Jorah and Daario.
KL was pretty good (minus the Sand Snakes).
Dorne was terrible. 
The ending was not ending material, though it was interesting. Hopefully it is somehow relevant and not just for the shock factor.

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The Dany scenes were rather dull and pretty juvenile

"I fucked your grandmother" really? well I guess it's a step up from bad pussy

And how many times are we going to get her "I'm kind of a big deal" speech, it's getting pretty old.

The sandsnakes , just kill me.

Everything else wasn't too bad

I like the wall stuff

Dolorous Edd is a bro if Jon is truly Azor Ahai Jesus Neo from the matrix king of the 7 kingdoms, he better make Edd hand

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A 6.5, generously rounded up to a 7. A very slow episode, much slower than I expected. Like, I know most season premiere's are bogged down by having to touch base with everyone, but that seemed particularly frustrating...

What I liked:

- Most of the Wall stuff, even though I thought we'd get much more. Thorne's justification of Jon's murder was good. Everything Davos was good. Melisandre's glamour reveal was awesome.

 - Tyrion assessing Mereen. I dunno why it was so quiet though, maybe they're short on extras

 - Dany with the Dothraki. Again, expected much more, but what we got was good. Could do without the bloodriders bickering about what the best feeling in the world is; there are other ways to display their culture

 What I wasn't wild about:

 - Ellaria's coup. All highly convenient, but it sort of removes Dorne from the equation this season, which I'm ok with.

 - Cersei. I've mostly defended the show version of Cersei, but I'm not OK with this rubbish about Myrcella making her hope she wasn't a monster. Cersei should be self-righteous and vengeful. Just... ugh.

 - Brienne and Sansa. Completely negated by their run-in last season; this should have been their first meeting. Also, Sansa agency still being sacrificed for Theon agency. The action sequence was good though.


Some isolated thoughts: It's worth noting that a lot of the sneak peeks we got didn't actually come in this episode. For me, this ruined the viewing experience, because there were things I expected to see in this episode that weren't there. Very poor decision by the showrunners IMO.

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2 hours ago, Howlin' Howland said:

I gave the episode a very generous 7.

D&D used the episode to clean up a lot of the messes they'd created in previous seasons.  The Dornish story line in season 5 was cartoonishly bad?  Kill everyone in Dorne.  Have you changed your mind about whether to include the Greyjoys in future seasons?  Burn the fleet Daario bought for Dany.  But I think the story lines for Jon, Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Tyrion. & Dany are still strong.  I'm looking forward to the return of Bran next week.  Every season has a slow first episode, this episode suffered from the need to clean up issues from previous seasons, but overall I think it's still solid.

I think this is pretty accurate. But it was still a huge letdown of a season premiere. On the plus side, the promo seems to suggest that the next episode will be excellent.

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