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How would you rate episode 601?


How would rate episode 601?  

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I usually rate lower than the average but for some reason I really enjoyed this episode warts and all.  Gave it an 8.

What happened to the hounds after the fight started?  Couldnt wait to get home for some of that yummy girl meat?

Finding a ring in the middle of a sea of grass?  Yeah, right but I do know a woman who lost her ring in the ocean surf and found it the next day so I guess it could happen.

Cant wait for the next book, TV show is nice but Im betting its a far cry from the book now.




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When the episode ended I was disappointed a bit but as I thought about the entire episode more I liked it more and think they just mixed the stories together poorly. They ended on a powerful moment with Melisandre which isn't exactly happy making but it is good character development. The entire episode really only has one meaningful resolution which is the Sansa part which is also the only happy moment. I think they should have saved that moment for later in the episode. 

Obviously the episode is juggling a lot of plot lines and for the most part each one took a step forward so it is kind of just filler. 

As for the ring in the grass. It is in the middle of this circle of hoof prints that only had a little piece of grass that wasn't trampled. There wasn't that much ground for him to cover in order to find it and he knew where to look fr signs. 

The Dorne story line is not as layered as the books but the book wasn't that good either. They seemed to just reinvent the story for the show and what they came up with isn't all that compelling. 

The story is picking up steam and I am hopeful for this season. 

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6 hours ago, Fat Pink Master said:

If people voting 1 are trolls, then people voting 10 are trolls too (there's no objective critique that can call this episode perfect), so it evens out. :leaving:

I guess math isn't your strong point.

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I gave it a 2.  Might have been generous.  The Dorne storyline was that bad. 

Castle black was decent enough.  Are they setting up davos to lead?  Because Edd should have been even quicker to figure ghost would be good to have around.

Disappearing hounds was just plain dumb.  Liked Pod and the help with the vows.  In character for him to know it and sansa was pretty stressed.

The Dothraki mostly made me cringe.  But the 'what is good in life/what have the Romans ever done for us' mashup saved those scenes for me.

The bit about she thinks you want to eat her baby was also worth a chuckle but varys and tyrion wandering around the empty city without guards- double wtf?!

Crazy crack pot thought - what if Mel somehow reincarnated stannis into Jon's body?  Would make her prophecies look a whole lot more accurate!  

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7/10. I thought the first half was excellent, especially the pacing (not as much jumping around to check in with every single characters as in some past premieres) but I didn't care for the second half. I admittedly was pretty peeved by the events in Dorne but that was more for my love of the characters in the books rather than the decision of the show. From the show POV, I understand it: way too may characters and plot lines to make everything work.

The ending to me was a WTF moment but not in a good way. I understand the shock value but I thought it was a poor choice because it left Jon in limbo, so to speak, and he's who most people tuned in to see. 

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I gave it a 7 by carefully forgetting about the Dorne storyline. That was pathetic.

All of the storylines in the north, the Wall and Winterfel were good. I especially like the Theon and Sansa storyline. I liked Sansa for the first time. Tyrion and Varys were delightful. Cersei showed that she is not just this crazy evil queen. And Arya, well, that was just a tease.

I can't wait for Dorne to be smashed to bits. Don't care how or by whom.

All in all, the time flew. Couldn't believe it was over. Why did they run those credits half way through? I couldn't wait for most of the episodes to be over last season.



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I thought about giving this a lower score, but really with the exception of Dorne I enjoyed it.  So, I'll give it a 7.

Davos scenes were great - really all the Night's Watch stuff unfolded well. Didn't expect to see Jon rezzed in this episode and thus wasn't disappointed. The Mel reveal was shocking but not surprising, given what we already know or infer about the character. Hopefully it wasn't just done for shock value and will lead to some worthwhile conclusion.

Best part of the episode though was Brienne and Pod's rescue of Sansa and Theon. True, the disappearing hounds bit was laughable - but apart from that it was an exciting action sequence with a moving resolution. I 'bout got choked up for real when Brienne pledged her sword to Sansa.

Dorne, though - what a hot mess. A flaming bag of feces. An abject failure spanning more than half a season and concluding in the most unsatisfying way imaginable. I can't fathom what direction D&D will take this plotline to try and salvage something watchable out of it. 

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The North:


Theon hugging Sansa was one of the show'starts kinder moments.

The chase music is fantastic.

I really loved the pledge scene and that everyone had a part in it.

Ramsey mourning Miranda then feeding her to the hounds was about right.


Good fight but the disappearing hounds with handler is apparent.

The Wall:


The opening shot from the wall with Ghost howling

Dolorous Edd getting some real about damn time screentime. 

Alliser's speech was quite powerful.  You do not like but he has a point of view and will defend it honestly.  

Davos Seaworth and Mutton

Melissandre's reveal



Kings Landing:


Cersei and Jamie mourning together over Myrcella.  

Cersei citing the Prophecy to Jamie was interesting.

Margery and The High Sparrow was a great scene and look forward to more.


Trystane Martell is an idiot... and Sand Sanks.



Ellaria speech to a dying Doran.


It's Dorne


Arya scene was good overall.  I like the dynamic with Arya and The Waif than others. Nothing new but done well.

 I am tiring of Arya being beaten up. 



Tyrion offering money and saying I want to eat your baby.

Varys and Tyrion


The burning ships did not have a real impact.  

The Dorthraki Sea:

Jorah and Daario is another solid pairing.  

The beaten down circular grass pattern.

Daenerys scene was great.  It is great to have the Dorthraki back.  


Though I like the image, finding a single ring in a field was way too easy.  Saw it coming but still not great.


Overall, a strong premiere with a ending that is preparing people for more magic and fantasy.


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I can't get over the fact that people give this 8 points. The Dorne plot alone was so bad, I couldn't bring myself to give that number even if the rest was perfect. It is like someone shat in your ice cream and you still gobble it down and say : It was pretty good actually. I didn't like the shit but oh well.

Let's go to the episode.What part didn't have atleast some problems? 

The Wall: Davos doesn't even know about Stannis/Shireen yet or doesn't care. Why wouldn't he enquire why Mel is there? He seems pretty chipper.

They kill the LC and after a few remarks everything is cool. Rubs me a bit wrong but might still happen. Still don't like it.

They have concluded that Thorne wants them dead. Why doesn't he just kick the door in at night and greet them with crossbows? There is no point in prolonging the standoff. Get some extra padding to not get bitten by the wolf.


Worst plotline on TV I have seen over the last years. My lover get's killed in a duel after his sister was murdered so I kill his family because they didn't react by suiciding thousands of lifes in petty revenge. Doran has no precautions against those Snakes although they planned some shady shit just recently. But they are family so all is forgiven. No need to check why two Snakes and a boat are missing. Said Snakes can get undetected onto the ship of the murdered sister of the king. Everyone on ship doesn't get immediately thrown into the dungeon or killed when arriving in the harbour. Captain of the Guard who is supposed very capable gets surprised stabbed in the back and drops dead after one stab from a little girl. The whole Guard  commits treason.

Meereen: Somehow Varys and Tyrion are now running the city without anyone questioning it. They have a happy stroll alone through the city altough a lot of shit happened. There is no need for guards. Everyone want's to kill them but their witty banter is protection enough. Somehow the whole fleet get's burned to ashes without annoying noticing. No one guards these ships. They all burn equally to the ground because the Harpies employed Ramsay's Sir TwentyGoodmen who can land a perfectly coordinated and timed attack on multiply targets.

Dothraki Sea: Sir Friendzone and Fuckboi stroll through the grasslands and find the earing. Without addressing the issue of finding the area in the first place the inner circle is still a few meters in diameter but he immediately finds it without actively looking for something. He just needs to kneel down, How convenient. 

So a Khalasar finds a woman in the middle of nowhere and she doesn't get raped why? They go into the trouble of bringing her infront of their Khal almost unharmed? Why does she get special treatment? The Khal then just takes her word. Also, wasn't he one of Drogo's Bloodriders? Shouldn't he recognize her then? Was that book only?

Winterfell: They go into the trouble of showing us last season that Brienne made her choice in chasing (and finding lol) Stannis but now she is able to track down Sansa again? You only need to be somewhere near Winterfell and you will be able to hear a hunting party of 6 Men and 2 Dogs , know that that party is looking for your girl and trial them too without anyone noticing ? And you turn up exactly at the right moment. How sweet. How did they cross the river with horses anyway? Brienne get's dismounted and they don't just trample her to death but dismount and make the fight fair again. Maybe they thought they could play with her. After she killed the first one they should group and not go in one by one. Somehow Podrik is able to fight seasoned soldiers after having a few sparing sessions. But that is reasonable because he has a big dick.

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I was generous.

Underwhelming episode. Do we know why Davos and Edd are keeping Jon's body in that room? What are they trying to achieve?

I couldn't care less about Ramsay mourning Myranda. I did not buy it, given what we have seen of Ramsay and Myranda so far. Who are D&D trying to fool here? Ramsay cared so much about her that he had her corpse fed to the hounds.

And then there was Dorne. What a waste of screentime. Let's pray Nym and Obara's boat sink and they never make it.

I liked the Sansa, Theon and Brienne scenes. Brienne's face when swearing allegiance to Sansa

I liked the Dothraki too. Nice introduction.


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