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The Secrets and Clues of the Official Game of Thrones Maps


Rather than scientifically precise cartography, the maps are intended to represent what Westerosi Maesters – scholars and learned men – would have been able to create. That's why the maps contain no scale or compass, and much like the early world maps of the past, why they should not be considered perfectly accurate for calculating relative distances. Still, Roberts told WIRED, there is a a rule of thumb that says the Wall is 300 miles long, “so you can use that to get a sense of scale for the world, making Westeros a few thousand miles long. Westeros is pretty huge."



Again, the maps represent not an objective or scientific view of Martin's world, but rather what Westerosi scholars know about it.The furthest cities are placed by rumor rather than fact, and the accuracy of the far reaches should be taken with a pinch of salt," said Roberts. "Not all locations should be taken as rote, and the drop in detail to the east of the Bone Mountains reflects the drop in the amount of information available." That makes it even more interesting that Carcosa, described by Chambers as a lost city where “shadows lengthen,” resides just north of the Shadow Lands on the southeastern shore of the Hidden Sea, at the outer limit of the world's knowledge.

It can’t get much clearer than that if the person that created the maps says that not all the locations should be taken as rote. 

Rote is an interesting choice of word. By definition, rote learning eschews comprehension therefore we are not to accept all locations as being accurate or as confirmation.

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