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Who's going to be Davos' next captor?

Corvo the Crow

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46 minutes ago, Corvo the Crow said:

No matter what he does, our dearest Onion Knight seems to lose his freedom one way or another. First, he is stranded on a rock after battle of blackwater, then he's imprisoned in Dragonstone, then captured by Godric Borrell and finally Manderly puts him in a cell. Who will be next?

I hope it isn't Cersei, Daenerys or fAegon, that's for sure. They'd have him killed on general principle.

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9 minutes ago, James West said:

Cersei would have him killed.  He was part of the attack forces against K L.  However, there is no reason for Daenerys and fAegon to kill Davos.

He's the most trusted commander and advisor to the Usurper's brother. And Davos probably won't deny it or renounce Stannis to save his own skin.

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As a former smuggler, he was probably imprisoned more than once before we met him. So he's used to it.

But I do like the man; I share the hope that things will go better for him as the story goes on.

I'm always impressed by his integrity: he keeps his oath, no matter what happens.  I love that scene where he has to give some bad news to Stannis, and Stannis threatens to have his tongue out: and he says, "It's your tongue; do with it as you will." 

I'd love to read a novella about his early days. I envision him as an "honest criminal" who used his skills to evade taxes, piracy, and blockades, and never cheated or betrayed his clients.

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Maybe the Boltons, they'll probably take Rickon and Davos might be with Rickon when they do.

His arc isn't about freedom/captivity though, it's about language. Both on his rock and in front of Manderly he stood up and told the truth, even though the truth was likely to get him killed. Talk, words, language, negotiation and keeping his lord on the path of right with the right words is what the Onion Knight is all about.

What mega kingmaking Westeros saving deals will Davos negotiate, and what evils will he persuade his lords from are the questions to be asking.

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