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Acrophobia 44 - Round 7 (LAST ONE!!!)

Jez Bell

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Gonna start the tally shortly.  Still missing a few votes and entries, but I have no desire to herd cats.

You've got a couple more hours for any last minute changes.

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Posted (edited)

Round 3 Results - Mel's Ruby

  1. A much useful light-emitting trinket. - (Eternally Theirs) - 1st place (1) 3  +  2nd place (1) 2  +  3rd place (1) 1  +  Sub/Vote 1  +  Bonus 0  =  7
  2. Rejuvenating, esoteric, dazzling. - (RhaenysBee) - 1st place (0) 0  +  2nd place (1) 2  +  3rd place (3) 3  +  Sub/Vote 2  +  Bonus 0  =  7
  3. Armoring must: Undulating light eliminates toxicants - (Ser Not Appearing) - 1st place (0) 0  +  2nd place (1) 2  +  3rd place (1) 1  +  Sub/Vote 2  +  Bonus 0  =  5
  4. A magically useful later edition talisman. - (Howlin' Howland) - 1st place (2) 6  +  2nd place (1) 2  +  3rd place (0) 0  +  Sub/Vote 2  +  Bonus 2  =  12
  5. Jewel ensures womanliness, everlastingly lithe! - (Castellan) - 1st place (1) 3  +  2nd place (1) 2  +  3rd place (1) 1  +  Sub/Vote 2  +  Bonus 0  =  8
  6. Ancient, macabre, unusual lagniappe. Ensorcelling talisman! - (Fragile Bird) - 1st place (2) 6  +  2nd place (1) 2  +  3rd place (0) 0  +  Sub/Vote 2  +  Bonus 2  =  12
  7. Reign. Enchant. Divine. - (Julia H. ) -  - 1st place (0) 0  +  2nd place (0) 0  +  3rd place (0) 0  +  Sub/Vote 1  +  Bonus 0  =  1

Plus one point for Lilac & Gooseberries for voting.

Bonus round 3.1 - Greywater Watch

  1. Sleep within amphibious moving paradise - (Lilac & Gooseberries) - 4+2
  2. Sumptuous watery and mobile palace. - (Howlin' Howland) - 3+2
  3. Sanctuary waits amid meditative peace. - (Castellan) - 3+2
  4. Swoonworthy wilderness. Amenities: mesh, pollywogs. - (RhaenysBee) - 3+2
  5. Secret wayfaring! A moveable panorama! - (Fragile Bird) - 4+2
  6.  (Ser Not Appearing) - 1



Fragile Bird 48
RhaenysBee 36
Castellan 36
Howlin' Howland 29
Ser Not Appearing 28
Julia H.  26
Eternally Theirs 16
Lilac & Gooseberries 16


That was a great round.  Fragile Bird continues to dominate in both the regular and bonus rounds, but tied for the most first place votes with Howlin' Howland on Mel's Ruby and with Lilac & Gooseberries for Greywater Watch.  Eternally_Theirs had a good showing with 3 votes and Castellan stays strong, despite not getting nearly enough love in the bonus rounds.


Please check my maths.



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Round 4 - The Horn of Winter


1)  Demolition agent. Raises giants. Empowering.

2)  It fractures Walls

3)  Intense frequency. Wireless.

4)  Klaxon’s eerie outcry causes harm - legend.

5)  Instrument for winter.

6)  Deconstruct Anything! Remodels Garages Easily!

7)  Dangerously adventurous roaring giants.  Extraordinaire! 


Vote for your top 3 (please indicate the round when you post)


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Round 5

For sale: Crown of blue winter roses.  Perfectly preserved floral arrangement.  Antiques Roadshow estimates its origins to around 281AC, the year of the false spring.  Be the belle of the ball with this fantastic find. 



B L E U 



Deadline: Wednesday, April 5

Good luck :) 


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Posted (edited)

Round 4.1 - Bonus 

100% voluntary.  The only requisite for participation is that you have voted for round 4.

Rules and scoring: (added some rules for ties)  


The mechanics are just like the other rounds.  Use the letters to craft a tagline and send your entries to me in the private message chain.  

This round is completely voluntary.  As I'm not expecting full participation, voting will only be for your top choice.

Most votes = 5 points (Tie = 4 points each)
2nd most = 4 points (Tie = 3 points each)
3rd most= 3 points (Tie = 2 points each)

1 point for submission, 1 point for voting.  You can vote even if you didn't submit.  Who can really say no to an extra point?

If I get only 1 entry, then no voting and that player gets 5 points.  The deadline is firm and no extensions will be granted.  

This is meant to be a way to fill time and grab some extra points.  There is no pressure to join this round.



Foreclosure:  Tower of Joy.  This lover's hideaway is a thrones stowaway from imminent destruction (sorry I meant "stone's throw away").  Sweeping views of the Red Mountains of Dorne.  Nab it before Ned.







Deadline: end of day Sunday, April 2  (Basically just Monday morning before 6am BST)  No extensions, no warnings.  Please ensure you have made your final entry choice clear before the deadline or I will choose for you.

@RhaenysBee @Ser Not Appearing @Howlin' Howland @Fragile Bird @Lilac & Gooseberries @Julia H. @Castellan @Eternally_Theirs

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Happy Sunday!!

Approx 15 hours left to submit a bonus round entry.  Please be sure to vote for round 4, otherwise your bonus entry will not be counted.


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Posted (edited)

Bonus Round 4.1 - Tower of Joy


1)  Romantic evenings (even deconstructed!)

2)  Rhaegar's error. Eight deaths.

3)  Durable, upcountry, serene tower. Intimate nookery!

4)  Graveyard location overstressed - very elegant retreat.

5)  Romantic escape, evanescing dreamscape. 

6)  Delightful unassuming sanctuary treasuring intimate nights.


Please vote for you top ONE choice. Kindly indicate the round number when you post.

Remember that you still get a point for voting even if you didn't play.  Voting closes at the same time as round 4 voting, so end of day Wednesday at the same time your round 5 entries are due.

Have a great week! :) 


Edited by Jez Bell
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