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  1. I love Baudolino! It is one of the funniest books I have read... more Semiotics
  2. How lucky we are that he lived and wrote! More than a fistful of decent books (unless you have expectionally big hands) Not an exciting obituary, quite like the one from the Torygraph, amused to see how his personal history made it in to the novels in different ways. Also I read something about the publishing business in France which was uncannily similar to the publishing set up in Foucault's Pendulum with the fake prizes as part of its marketing mix. So little love here for Baudolino, all of you too honest to enjoy a lie?
  3. the facile nature of my comparison is acknowledge and accepted but I'm still interested in the voters with their waves of hope and disappointment - or maybe like believers in the imminent end of the world they rationalise their way from candidate to the next?
  4. Something that struck me, and no doubt is a completely unoriginal observation, is that Trump and Sanders both look to be in a similar position as to Obama in '08 (it was '08 wasn't it?), that you've got a person standing for office on a vague promise of change, tapping into a sense of disillusionment among a good slice of Americans about where the country is and where it is going to, but that this can only end in disappointment because the US political system is structured, what with that whole separation of powers business, in favour of deal makers and compromisers and against change.
  5. Maybe I need some spiritual advice If, hypothetically speaking, I had 'a friend' (as I believe they are called these days) who was stranded at a small town station between trains and discovered that the station cafe had sold out of 2cl bottles of brandy and plainly through the grossest of mismanagement said cafe had grievously and vexatiously failed to restock, would the best course of action to be: (i) to select one of the other 2cl bottles of either whisky or gin (ii) buy a 33cl bottle of brandy (iii) discuss appropriate stock management and reordering procedures with the cafe staff with reference to Kanban and just in time techniques (iv) any combination of the above (v) risk becoming a teetotaller
  6. Me personally? No. More to the point maybe the shower beer can only be discovered once? But then again the impact of hilliness on the surface area of the Ottoman Empire is something that always has to be learnt anew? Glad to be of service
  7. This is because, I suspect, as previously demonstrated, the average age on General Chatter is older than the rest of the board. So such we tend to drop off more and are less excitable so long as young people aren't standing on our lawns and they turn down that goddamn racket that they call music nowadays. Unfortunately the logical outcome of all this is that in ten years time fifty percent of all general chatter posts will be made by Ser Scot and in twenty years time that trend will have continued to the point that over ninety percent of posts will be made by Ser Scot who will be arguing with himself in a furious, yet genteel manner.
  8. I'm listening to some modern music for a change, specifically some Chopin etudes. Anyhow this reminds me that some time back I woke up in the middle of the night. Couldn't get back to sleep. So I turned on the TV and channel hopped until I fell upon a documentary about how playing Chopin had impacted upon the lives of a Japanese woman who had survived a natural disaster and a Scottish student who woke up blind one day.
  9. Bah! Plagiarists! Where is my legal team!
  10. Happy Christmas, the lot of you! Best wishes to those you post here who are working today (unlike me! )
  11. On contining hiatus due to ongoing first world problems. Best wishes to everyone.

    1. Fragile Bird

      Fragile Bird

      I was wondering where you were....hope your problems get solved to your satisfaction.

    2. Risto


      Best wishes to you too, Lum... We do miss you.

  12. In the stewpot the noble stag is overjoyed to be cooked with only the finest spices

  13. Links to four reviews of Munro's works from 1998 to 2011
  14. the linked website is down for reasons unrelated to this thread
  15. isn't there enough evisceration here?