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  1. Lummel added a post in a topic Self-Policing in the Wizard community   

    this a grave development - will no one think of the gorillas?
  2. Lummel added a post in a topic Help - My sister's boyfriend is suicidal and she is at wits end and I don't know how to help her   

    With regard to (ii) if we assume that Bob only has violent intentions towards himself, how comfortable are you with not preventing a suicide, how happy are you with his suicide providing an out for your sister from her relationship, and for such a death to be in the background for your niece's life? Not nice questions.

    Reading the story you tell I'd say that institutionalisation of Bob was certainly the least worst option in an emergency. Maybe his talk is a cry for help, but it could well be that he needs help that is beyond the current strength or ability of your sister to provide. Reaching out to professionals would seem to be a good precaution when the situation seems volatile.

    As to (v) I don't blame you at all, I might venture to suggest that he's manipulative out of a lack of alternatives in his mental cabinet but maybe I'm just trying to be generous here. I do find your openness about your anger praiseworthy, well it seems like a virtue to me anyhow

    (iv) What can you do to help her? Give her a bed for a few nights? Find her a lawyer? Help with childcare? Help with difficult conversations - with parents or with Bob? Help with money? Help with finding alternative accommodation? It sounds as though your sister feels safe to turn to you in these circumstances, sit with her at a table with a pad of paper and ask her what you can do to help - you can have some headings like housing, money, childcare, moving, written down on a sheet beforehand to organise things a bit and perhaps arising from that there might be a few things you can sort out for her (either personally or through delegation) that would be a help?

    Hope all goes well for you all
  3. Lummel added a post in a topic Happy Name Day to Our Darling Fragile Bird!   

    Best wishes to you for your Birthday!
  4. Lummel added a post in a topic Happy Belated, sologdin!   

    the socialisation of birthdays is recommended to combat the privatisation of pleasures!
  5. Lummel added a post in a topic UK Politics - hookers and blow edition   

    first time it has come to this serious a point. On the other hand reports of ongoing violence perpetrated by the old paramilitaries are nothing new. Could also be a reflection of power shifting and competition among unionists rather than simply a reaction to events on the street.

    Sinn Fein were playing it cool, but it is hard to imagine a reelected Stormont looking very different to the current one in which case a unionist+nationalist deal would be necessary to form an administration
  6. Lummel added a post in a topic Mental Health Support Group   

    I know, I know

    it is one of those things which are simple but not easy.

    Being critical is a natural reaction in depression, which works very effectively in a vicious cycle. Nobody ever got better by beating themselves up, the more judgemental we are about where we are the more we are simply declaring war on ourselves, our characters, our nature. Its quite clear who the loser will be - beware the satisfaction in proving to ourselves just how bad we are.

    Another person might luxuriate over a day spent in bed, but where you are it is symptomatic that you blame yourself. I don't blame you for doing it, in one way or another it was what you needed to do.

    No, there is no switch to flick for you or anyone else. Whatever route you find does work for you, whether chemical, talking therapy, exercise, sleeping on the floor of the temple of asclepius etc, it will take time.
  7. Lummel added a post in a topic UK Politics - hookers and blow edition   

    then you can feel justly comfortable with our extraordinary compassion
  8. Lummel added a post in a topic Mental Health Support Group   

    then plainly you aren't drinking enough fluids.

  9. Lummel added a post in a topic UK Politics - hookers and blow edition   

    Can one not say that our compassion is extraordinary when it is extraordinarily less than that of our peers?
  10. Lummel added a post in a topic I lost a role model and a friend.   

    who knows what role models your friend had, who he looked up to, who he tried to be as good as

    I'm glad you knew such a super person and sorry you've lost him. Take care Elder Sister

  11. Lummel added a post in a topic The Princes in the Tower: Will the ultimate cold case finally be solved after more than 500 years?   

    Judging by what the article says probably not.
  12. Lummel added a post in a topic Happiness   

    If anybody else had written that post I wouldn't have taken it so seriously, since it was you though I'm fitting this together with chasing after burglars in the nude and taking *ahem* tasteful photographs of yourself in the woods and getting disturbed by an overly curious dog

    I'm not surprised by your experience with meditation, even for a basically miserable git like myself becoming connected with the breath etc etc can be a strongly positive experience for somebody naturally more upbeat clearly even more so. But I'm fairly sure that there have been branches of religious practise devoted to trying to achieve, thinking it signified a union with the divine, what you have naturally managed!

    My mood I imagine averages about 4/10, yours by the sound of it 9.2/10. Perhaps that's just the way things are. I can see the awkwardness of feeling intense joy when somebody is telling you their dog has died - I don't know, you probably have to experiment. Have you tried sharing your feeling, if appropriate by hugging that person or holding their hand - they at least might interpret the warmth you are feeling as goodwill and sympathy. Or can you imagine connecting with them and visualising sending them your intense joyfulness?
  13. Lummel added a post in a topic Mental Health Support Group   

    It may not be the best time for this

    Telling you that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger sounds more than trite, particularly when you feel yourself being dragged into the dark side, but on the plus you are conscious of it and conscious that its not where you want to be.

    If you can't get away, is there some refuge where you can recharge your psychic batteries - a park bench where you can sit in peace for a while, a library or museum where no-one will bother you and you can spend some time for free, or perhaps you could volunteer for some charity or something like that just to give yourself a change of air and mix with people who (hopefully) don't grind and grate on you and so give yourself a bit of recovery time?
  14. Lummel added a post in a topic UK Politics - hookers and blow edition   

    Eventually, by '51, the Atlee programme was supported by all the mainstream parties, that wasn't the case in '44 - remember Churchill's "Gestapo" speech. Plus Labour put in a lot of ground work prior to '44 to build support for their programme. It was not something they had tested on a couple of focus groups and then launched in their manifesto. Everything they suggested was politically radical, but they took time and effort to create an electorate prepared to accept a very different direction - greatly helped by the UK's wartime experience of central planning, state control over much of production, rationing, and a sense of common purpose.
  15. Lummel added a post in a topic Hiroshima & Nagasaki   


    Its worth bearing in mind that the Soviet Union declared war on Japan on the 9th of August, so it is not as though we can consider the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs on their own as causes of Japan's surrender.

    The other point to consider, particularly if you are inclined to believe that strategic bombing of Japanese cities forced that country to surrender is could the war have ended sooner but for the diversion of resources to the construction of the Atom bomb - this was far more than than the cost of say another 1000 bombers which could have been constructed and in operation well before the summer of 1945.

    In anycase the opinion of the United States Strategic Bombing survey's summary report on the Pacific war in 1946 was