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  1. It's quiet around here... too quiet.

    Glad to be of service
  2. It's quiet around here... too quiet.

      This is because, I suspect, as previously demonstrated, the average age on General Chatter is older than the rest of the board.  So such we tend to drop off more and are less excitable so long as young people aren't standing on our lawns and they turn down that goddamn racket that they call music nowadays.   Unfortunately the logical outcome of all this is that in ten years time fifty percent of all general chatter posts will be made by Ser Scot and in twenty years time that trend will have continued to the point that over ninety percent of posts will be made by Ser Scot who will be arguing with himself in a furious, yet genteel manner.
  3. UK Politics - a new thread for the new board

      Just look at old that poor old woman is being abused, these barbaric headdresses must be banned now.
  4. I'm listening to some modern music for a change, specifically some Chopin etudes. Anyhow this reminds me that some time back I woke up in the middle of the night.  Couldn't get back to sleep.  So I turned on the TV and channel hopped until I fell upon a documentary about how playing Chopin had impacted upon the lives of a Japanese woman who had survived a natural disaster and a Scottish student who woke up blind one day.  
  5. Oregon militia almost killed me

    Bah!  Plagiarists!  Where is my legal team!    
  6. Merry Christmas Everybody!

    Happy Christmas, the lot of you! Best wishes to those you post here who are working today (unlike me! )
  7. Self-Policing in the Wizard community

    this a grave development - will no one think of the gorillas?
  8.     With regard to (ii) if we assume that Bob only has violent intentions towards himself, how comfortable are you with not preventing a suicide, how happy are you with his suicide providing an out for your sister from her relationship, and for such a death to be in the background for your niece's life?  Not nice questions.    Reading the story you tell I'd say that institutionalisation of Bob was certainly the least worst option in an emergency.  Maybe his talk is a cry for help, but it could well be that he needs help that is beyond the current strength or ability of your sister to provide.  Reaching out to professionals would seem to be a good precaution when the situation seems volatile.     As to (v) I don't blame you at all, I might venture to suggest that he's manipulative out of a lack of alternatives in his mental cabinet but maybe I'm just trying to be generous here.  I do find your openness about your anger praiseworthy, well it seems like a virtue to me anyhow ;)   (iv) What can you do to help her?  Give her a bed for a few nights?  Find her a lawyer?  Help with childcare?  Help with difficult conversations - with parents or with Bob?  Help with money?  Help with finding alternative accommodation?  It sounds as though your sister feels safe to turn to you in these circumstances, sit with her at a table with a pad of paper and ask her what you can do to help - you can have some headings like housing, money, childcare, moving, written down on a sheet beforehand to organise things a bit and perhaps arising from that there might be a few things you can sort out for her (either personally or through delegation) that would be a help?     Hope all goes well for you all
  9. Happy Name Day to Our Darling Fragile Bird!

    Best wishes to you for your Birthday!
  10. Happy Belated, sologdin!

    the socialisation of birthdays is recommended to combat the privatisation of pleasures!  :commie:
  11. UK Politics - hookers and blow edition

      first time it has come to this serious a point.  On the other hand reports of ongoing violence perpetrated by the old paramilitaries are nothing new.  Could also be a reflection of power shifting and competition among unionists rather than simply a reaction to events on the street.   Sinn Fein were playing it cool, but it is hard to imagine a reelected Stormont looking very different to the current one in which case a unionist+nationalist deal would be necessary to form an administration
  12. Mental Health Support Group

      I know, I know :)   it is one of those things which are simple but not easy.   Being critical is a natural reaction in depression, which works very effectively in a vicious cycle.  Nobody ever got better by beating themselves up, the more judgemental we are about where we are the more we are simply declaring war on ourselves, our characters, our nature.  Its quite clear who the loser will be - beware the satisfaction in proving to ourselves just how bad we are.   Another person might luxuriate over a day spent in bed, but where you are it is symptomatic that you blame yourself.  I don't blame you for doing it, in one way or another it was what you needed to do.   No, there is no switch to flick for you or anyone else.  Whatever route you find does work for you, whether chemical, talking therapy, exercise, sleeping on the floor of the temple of asclepius etc, it will take time.  :thumbsup:
  13. UK Politics - hookers and blow edition

      then you can feel justly comfortable with our extraordinary compassion
  14. Mental Health Support Group

      then plainly you aren't drinking enough fluids.   [spoiler] and?  So you've spent the day in day tief verstecht in diener neste to misquote somebody   the essence here is that you find it necessary to blame yourself for doing it, the ideal Theda Baratheon of course never spends a day in day, she bounces around from brilliant achievement to brilliant achievement generally being all sparkly and inspirational.  For the real woman, however, a day in bed is a fact of life.   The hardest thing is break away from blaming yourself and to be able to accept yourself days in bed and all.  OK if you want objectively there will always be someone worse off - such is the scale of suffering in the world, there'll always be someone like that old woman in Candide born the illegitimate daughter of a Pope who ends up having one of her buttocks eaten during the siege of Azov.  But you don't get to lead all those lives (unless you are the illegitimate daughter of a pope).  We have only our own lives, our own difficulties which really we can only measure of the scale of ourselves.   What is difficult to us.  What feels hard to ourselves.  What we find challenging.  How we want or expect ourselves to feel.  Where you are on your own scale of normalcy, where you'd rather be.   Do you know the joke about how many psychiatrists it takes to change a lightbulb?  When you are ready, you will find what you need to be able to change yourself.  Change though is scary, even the unpleasant can be a comfortable and familiar space.  It is easy to make that part of ones own personality, to hold back from accepting what whatshisname said about not being able to cross the same river twice.  [/spoiler]
  15. UK Politics - hookers and blow edition

      Can one not say that our compassion is extraordinary when it is extraordinarily less than that of our peers?