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  1. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Anyone who says that is an idiot. For me, the end cliffhanger was just one of several reasons I felt underwhelmed by the episode. I don't think he was recovered at all. To me it felt like Jon was going on a suicide mission because he was so grief-stricken
  2. awesome possum

    How would you rate episode 409?

    First episode of the entire series I find myself disappointed with and underwhelmed by.
  3. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    Depends on what the long game is with her. If she's just going to eventually wear down and die or Thoros finally turns on her, then she could easily be replaced with Beric slowly losing his humanity. But I kind of hope we get a scene of her and Sansa, and for that it will be important to keep Fairley as a guest star at least.
  4. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    You forgot to add "in my opinion" because in my opinion, many of the changes were necessary to successfully translate to the screen. The only one I agree with you 100% on is Roose's killing blow. Robb should have collapsed after "Mother" and then Roose takes him out. Sitting next to the Blackfish. No lines and no name in the credits but he's there. And the North remembers.
  5. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    I wouldn't be surprised if that's one of the opening shots to next episode. They have to show Grey-Robb. Or maybe they'll have Joffrey bragging about it to Sansa.
  6. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    Fuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk. I knew it was coming. I anticipated for weeks (hell, years). When it was over I just kind of sat there with a frowny-scowl on my face as my wife gasped and cursed and raged - she had begged to be spoiled back during season 1 after Ned lost his head, so she knew it was coming but didn't know Still, no emotions came. I tossed and turned for about an hour when I went to bed, unable to get the goddamned Rains of Castamere out of my head. But still no emotions. And now, sitting here at work, I'm starting to feel a little teary-eyed. Damn it. Damn it! The worst part is that the scene dredged up emotions that I first felt - and pushed down and away - twelve years ago. I thought I'd come to terms with losing Robb and Catelyn, but I feel like I've been punched in the gut anew. Fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk!
  7. awesome possum

    Youtube Videos.

  8. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    You're absolutely right. If Dany had hatched winged badgers instead of dragons, well, that's just part of the adaptation. Deal with it. :rolleyes: I don't know when you came to this series, but some of us have been with this story and characters for most of our adult lives. I first read Game and Clash 13 years ago. I eagerly anticipated Storm coming out and waited every agonizing year for Feast and then Dance. I've known the story and characters since I was 19 years old, have read the books countless times - I literally have lost track of how many times. At least once a year, and that's even after Feast and my disappointment in GRRM's dicking around. So seeing something as jarring (and in my opinion - stupid) as Jon taking Ygritte captive and then himself getting captured by the Wildlings is something I'm fucking entitled to be shocked and appalled about. I like some changes, I love a few others, and haven't been bothered by any others. Except this one. It's dumb. And I have every right to come here and express that. So does anyone else no matter what gripe or opinion they have. In closing, piss off with the "durr adaptation durr you can't complain here because you not fan if you complain durrrrrr"
  9. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Unless Roose fathered this version of Dagsay when he was 10 (and that's being generous with the age difference), then it's stupid. You can voice whatever you want. That's the joy of the internet. And yet, you and people like you voicing how stupid you think it is that people would bitch about minor plot points (are you new to the internet?) ... well, those are the posts that seem whiny and childish and unnecessary. Bitching about minor plot points is still talking about the show. Bitching about people bitching is just being a bitch.
  10. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Holy shit people, Dagmer is not Ramsay Bolton. That is possibly the stupidest theory I have ever read in my 10 years of lurking and posting on these boards. Holy shit. No. I wish the people complaining about the people complaining about the changes would just realize that they don't need to constantly try to take the people complaining to task as if they're the freaking Game of Thrones hall monitors. A message board is for discussions. Discussions can include complaints. Get over it.
  11. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    I don't care about most of the changes, as I know the show is a different character from the books. I think Dany, Arya and Tywin, and Jaime changes work and are pretty entertaining but WTF are they doing with Jon? Rose Leslie is great as Ygritte but the scenes are just jarring. The first of the changes that have really taken me aback for how wrong they feel, especially the ending.
  12. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    I think this was a key insight into their relationship. Jaime was Tywin's heir, and Tywin was damned sure Jaime's illiteracy was not going to harm the house the way his father's "weakness" did. Showed, to me at least, that he while he cares for Jaime he cares more about the legacy Jaime will leave, much like his intro speech in Season 1 showed. Reading and watching nerd-rage is always good for a laugh because... It's on your bookshelf. This isn't A Song of Ice and Fire. This is Game of Thrones. The sooner people understand this, that this is a television series based on the books and it can never be 100%, let alone 90% or even 80% accurate, the sooner they can lay off the nerd-rage.
  13. I have the world's largest collection of seashells. I keep it on all the beaches of the world. Perhaps you've seen it?

  14. awesome possum

    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    I really liked this series but I can't find the later books (for free) anywhere. The last book I read ended with And I haven't been able to find the sequel for the life of me!
  15. awesome possum

    Poll: How would you rate Episode 103?

    8 The plot was stagnant as the episode focused on characters, but I don't have a problem with it. It was entertaining, and I understand the need to establish the characters further. Especially with the addition of several others. I really liked Robert's scene. And Syrio Forel was perfect!