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  1. awesome possum

    Preacher- AMC Comic Adaptation

      The insistence of trying to stay true to the story they're adapting kills your anticipation?   That's it, folks.  Internet's over.  We've now officially hit all possible reasons to bitch about something.  
  2. awesome possum


    These cocksuckers better not be messing with my heart again.  
  3. awesome possum


    I rewatched the series last year and I went into it with a sort of, "well let's just take this walk down memory road. I know what happens so it won't be as good." I was so wrong. By the end of that first season I was right back on the edge of my seat, as fully enthralled as the first time I watched it. No other television show but Deadwood has been able to make me feel like I'm watching it for the first time on a re-watch.
  4. awesome possum


    The game's always between you and getting called a cunt.
  5. awesome possum


    It depends on if we're talking about a stubborn hipster who sticks with, "I liked this before anyone else damn it!" or the spiteful hipster who goes with, "Now that this is popular I suddenly see all these criticisms for why it's actually shit/sold out." I'm happy with my lazy hipster act: I've never watched The Wire but I did watch all the major deaths on youtube once.
  6. awesome possum


    Yeah but saying the "third season was the worst" is kind of like saying, "This $100 bill is my least favorite."
  7. awesome possum


    Deadwood overrated?
  8. awesome possum


    I remember watching that at the time and thinking, "How in the hell have I never heard of this Sarah Paulson before?" Only took her about 10 more years, but I'm glad she's got a good career going.
  9. awesome possum

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Anyone who says that is an idiot. For me, the end cliffhanger was just one of several reasons I felt underwhelmed by the episode. I don't think he was recovered at all. To me it felt like Jon was going on a suicide mission because he was so grief-stricken
  10. awesome possum

    How would you rate episode 409?

    First episode of the entire series I find myself disappointed with and underwhelmed by.
  11. awesome possum


    Finishing up my rewatch tonight while the wife has a girl's night. I'm surprised at how angry I became watching Ellsworth get shot again. And his last ride through the camp, which is happening as I speak. So angry, and sad.
  12. awesome possum


    Home with a sick kid today so I started my season 3 re-watch while they're in bed. And this season is already much better than I recollected due solely to Bullock beating the holy hell out of Farnum.
  13. awesome possum


    I've been doing just that thanks to three sick days in the last eight days. Finished the second season yesterday. The series has been perhaps more rewarding this time around despite my trepidation to rewatch (because I'm still pissed that it ended). I remember thinking the second season was not nearly as good as season one upon my first - and only - viewing of them, but I enjoyed it much more. I wasn't impressed with Martha and William Bullock the first time through but this time, perhaps already knowing what laid in store, I didn't mind so much that a kid and some mousy lady were taking screen time away from my favorite characters. In fact I probably spent a good two hours sitting teary-eyed on my couch from the end of the episode when William and Steve the Hooplehead get trampled until his funeral two episodes later. I finished the season feeling that while I remembered how special this series was the first time I watched it, I didn't realize how powerful it can be. I had similar feelings last week when I finished the first season but it was even greater this time. My wife has never watch the series and I'm so back in love with this show that I want to start the first season with her tomorrow (and, yes, put off the third season and the end even longer).
  14. awesome possum


    Yeah I'd say those are pretty good guys too, and Charlie is the only one who doesn't end up royally fucked over... though perhaps only because we never got a fourth season.
  15. awesome possum


    I just got done watching that a little while ago. Horrible. Hell, that would almost be a preferable fate to enduring what he goes through.