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  1. Travis

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    I have read all your thoughts, and I enjoyed reading all of them. Please keep it coming. I apologize that I haven't been a bigger part of the conversation. Ususally when I start a new thread, I tend to like to see if it will "take off" or not before I weigh in. But for my work I'm on call 24-7 and havent had the chance to weigh in yet. But to some extent, I agree with everyone who has commented so far (to some extent- before I am taken out of context). Again, thank you all for commenting, and please keep discussing this.
  2. Travis

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    *A Song of Ice and Fire*
  3. I was just watching a show on Netflix about the Roman Empire narrated by Sean Bean. When I came to the assasination of Julius Caesar, I couldn't help but think of Jon Snow and "For the Watch." There are many parallels between the two, at least on a superficial level. So I was thinking (and this is no way based on the text, and is largely fanciful), what if somehow Sansa (as the Lady of the Vale of Arryn and last living Stark) marries Aegon Targaryen after he takes the throne from Tommen/Cercei, producing a Targaryen heir that is named after Jon, Sansa's "bastard" brother/"cousin" and possibly brother/half-brother to Aegon Targaryen? I know this really falls apart if you think about it too much, but what do you all think? Is this remotely possible? That the Targaryen dynasty will be carried on in the Name of Jon Snow, the bastard "brother"/cousin of Aegon Targaryen's wife, instead of Aegon Targaryen himself? Rip me open and tear out my guts, and piss on my dead corpse, but it seems like a good ending for me. This is all after Jon is raised from the dead, teams up with Dany and defeats the White Walkers and dies (both of them) in the process. Leaving Sansa and Aegon to march on King's Landing, taking the Throne from the Lannisters. When Aegon is killed taking King's Landing, Sansa passes the Throne to their son (born after his death, or right before, of course), Aegon Snow. Thus continuing and combining of the Starks and Targaryens.
  4. Travis

    Worst Line Ever

    What do dragons eat, anyway?
  5. Travis

    Gigantic AsoIaF Family Tree

    All I can see is a small thumbnail with what appears to be scribbles on it. Is there another way I can view this?
  6. I recently saw a video interview of GRRM talking about how we probably won't see Ashai in the books, but how we may read a certain character reflect upon her time in Ashai, specifically Millisandre. What will we learn, and what are your ideas of how we will be lead to this information through her POV? Thank you.
  7. Off-topic, but I think the Bran "Home" quote is to either Jon or Dany, or both, once they reach King's Landing...
  8. Travis

    THAT Look that Bran Gives Tyrion...

    I posted something similar earlier, but apparently it wasn't approved. I focused on tha Bran/Tyrion stare down and it similarities to the Arya/Littlefinger stare dow.
  9. Travis

    Best line of E01

    I didn't understand this one at first, but now I think I do. At first I thought maybe he was referring to the Night King, but now I'm sure he was referring to Jaime. Another good one was when Jon told Bran he was a man grown now and Bran said, "Almost." Cracked me up.
  10. Travis

    Episide 1 title...

    They are trying so hard to avoid spoilers...
  11. Travis

    Theories about the LOOK Drogon gave Jon?

    I don't like it, but I think we may see this. Jon doesn't lie and we all know he does what he thinks is right, even if that means pain and anguish for him. Sam dropped the ultimate truth bomb on him and Jon will not be able to back away from it. Plus Sam saying, "would she do the same?" I completely agree. He's not planning it, but it will happen.
  12. Travis

    Best line of E01

    This one too. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed in the episode, but there were some good one-liners. I know this isn't part of the topic, but a lot of what happened just seemed out of character for me.
  13. Travis

    Symbol at the Last Hearth

    I think it represents "the storm". Similar to the eye of a storm.
  14. Travis

    Theories about the LOOK Drogon gave Jon?

    I think this, along with on or more of what I posted below.
  15. Travis

    Theories about the LOOK Drogon gave Jon?

    I think it could be many things. 1. Comedic reasons. 2. They know Jon is Targaryen. 3. They know he is/should be King. 4. They know Jon is using Dany like he did Ygritte. 5. Jon isn't using Dany, but they sense conflict brewing between Jon and Dany in the future. 6. Dad/step-Dad?