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  1. Do you care to expound on that? Thank you.
  2. Jon is dead/will die. What is left of him will be preserved in Ghost. When he is returned to his dead body (I think the show simplified this for obvious reasons), what remains will be part wolf (wild). He will ultimately uphold his oath as a man of the Nights Watch, but will largely be seen as a Jaime Lannister figure ("They make you swear and swear...").
  3. This may not be a popular opinion, but I don't really see why the show creators would make up such a thing. I can see them goofing up/coming up with Jon's birth name, but I don't think they would create a marriage that wasn't there.
  4. I assume they just have a note from the IB saying they are good for whatever debt they incurr.
  5. I really like this discussion. I don't have much to add, though. Except to say that Jorah belongs on the Wall. I do believe his story about his failed marriage, and what that ultimately led to. And I believe he did begin his relationship with Dany by spying and informing on her. And he is responsible for every thing he has ever done. But I do believe he loves Dany, and would die for her (no, I am not denying his sexual desire for her). And so I believe he will ultimately be judged by Dany or sent to the Wall (or both).
  6. I sincerely understand the need to keep a constant flow of discussion going as we wait for TWOW. But this topic has been thoroughly covered several times. I highly doubt starting a new thread will add more to the discussions we have already had. ETA: I'm sorry if that seems rude (I can see how it might). That is never my intention when I post.
  7. I completely understand you, and would agree. But why would the Golden Company intentionally deceive themselves? Why would you fight and die for what you know is a lie?
  8. Why would the Golden Company follow someone/thing they know is false and fake? Edit to add: I am referring to the references made that they have a sword they could pass off as Blackfyre.
  9. I know it. I was mainly referring to any young lady in Westeros, not just Pia. My bad. I should have been more clear. I imagined a mob of teenage ladies-in-waiting flocking around shouting for "autographs", lol.
  10. "Sir Jaime! Will you sign my maidenhead, please?"
  11. I can't say whether he is good or bad, but there is definitely something mysterious about Bloodraven. I lean toward him being a dark figure, but honestly I am really not sure (yet).
  12. I don't wish to side rail this thread, but has there ever been a known Kings Guard who was married and forsook his wife (and children) to take the Kings Guard oath? And so I think my real question is, what oaths do we know of that were sworn to the Seven that were expunged or set aside by the Faith? And this is heading into deep water here (I know), but what oaths taken/given to the Seven would the Faith be willing to set aside in order for a particular person to swear the oath of the Kings Guard? I hope that makes sense, what I'm asking. If not, please let me know.
  13. I'm only on page 2 of the thread, but I wanted to comment on a previous comment regarding Davos and Barristan Selmy. I would put both characters in the same boat a far as their greatest weakness - their loyalty. I don't understand their blind loyalty. But I will say this: it is because of Davos' loyalty (and his desire for truth and justice) that makes him who he is. And that is why he is willing to face the dungeon when he speaks to Stannis. For whatever reason he loves Stannis and is loyal to him (perhaps because Stannis took his fingertips instead of hanging him as a law-breaking commoner [AND he knighted him]). With Selmy, you have essentially the same character, but he is loyal to a fault. And he is now in fact regretting some of that "loyalty". Sorry to have butted in without reading the whole thread yet, but those were my most immediate thoughts on those 2 characters.
  14. Stan is will be beheaded by Brienne at the order of Lady Stoneheart. She (LSH) will remind Brienne what Stannis did to Renley (not that she will need reminded).
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