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  1. Part of me thinks that when the George sat down with Dan and Dave when they came to him to pitch their idea and desire to make a TV series based on his books, and he asked them who they thought Jon Snow's mother was, that they may not have necessarily been correct. But George gave them his blessing because their answer is what he wants his readers to think at this point in the story, until he gives the ultimate reveal in either The Winds of Winter or A Dream of Spring. Maybe he was thinking, "Let's see what they do with this" (Gotchya!), all the while he has either something else in mind, or maybe he is not sure what he wants to do there, and planted enough seeds to make it possible for a variety of options to be possible. I don't necessarily believe that (I tend to believe R+L=J), but it would not surprise me. Almost like a big Gotchya! (I'm hearing a long, drawn out "Mmmmwwah-Haa-ha-ha") that makes his book sales explode, and gives him time to ultimately make up his mind what he wants to do.
  2. Nothing. I was just teasing. Although you may want to break it up into paragraphs.
  3. Time for bed, Sweety. Turn off your game and go brush your teeth.
  4. I know we don't really like to talk about the show on this forum (not unnecessarily, anyway). But I was thinking about certain characters and/ or plotlines that we know were combined from the published books, as well as the same from the next 2 unpublished books. What do we know was combined (for whatever reason), and what can we expect may be combined from the future books?
  5. "Edd! Fetch me my cane. Oh, and also bring me Longclaw and the chopping block. I shall need them."
  6. Because George needed us to see him executed by the Ned.
  7. And it gets Jon out of his vows. I am sure Mance is just as aware as Stannis is how important it is for Jon to be Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North in their fight against the Others. They need Jon Snow in order to rally the North to their cause.
  8. I really like this idea. But then again, I just don't see these Kingsguard just saying, "You are right, guys. Please kill us."
  9. I agree. Ned named Jon. Or maybe it was Lyanna. But there is no need for a secret name. Even if it was Lyanna who named Jon, more than likely she was waiting for Rhaegar. So she didn't name him until Ned showed up and she found out Rhaegar was dead. Or Ned named him after Lyanna died. Anything else is irrelevant.
  10. I agree with this. And I'm not trying to give out false hope, but I believe this is the process he has been in for nearly six years. I bet he has Winds nearly complete, and is starting his early draft (early, EARLY draft) for A Dream of Spring. I couldn't imagine him working his way through The Winds of Winter and not cultivating and growing seeds for A Dream of Spring. He probably has so much material, he doesn't know what to do with it all. Seriously, can you imagine writing a story of this magnitude and honestly believe it all gets printed in the book? Of course not.
  11. Do you care to expound on that? Thank you.
  12. Jon is dead/will die. What is left of him will be preserved in Ghost. When he is returned to his dead body (I think the show simplified this for obvious reasons), what remains will be part wolf (wild). He will ultimately uphold his oath as a man of the Nights Watch, but will largely be seen as a Jaime Lannister figure ("They make you swear and swear...").
  13. This may not be a popular opinion, but I don't really see why the show creators would make up such a thing. I can see them goofing up/coming up with Jon's birth name, but I don't think they would create a marriage that wasn't there.
  14. I assume they just have a note from the IB saying they are good for whatever debt they incurr.
  15. I really like this discussion. I don't have much to add, though. Except to say that Jorah belongs on the Wall. I do believe his story about his failed marriage, and what that ultimately led to. And I believe he did begin his relationship with Dany by spying and informing on her. And he is responsible for every thing he has ever done. But I do believe he loves Dany, and would die for her (no, I am not denying his sexual desire for her). And so I believe he will ultimately be judged by Dany or sent to the Wall (or both).
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