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  1. Okay. I misread your post. I thought you meant Sansa sang the song to the Hound at Castle Black. Now that I've reread it, I realise my mistake.
  2. Are these not all the same? If not, what is the difference?
  3. Please explain this. Because I'm standing in the batters' box, and the curve ball that just went by clearly missed the plate (in my opinion), but the umpire still called it a strike. I don't understand.
  4. I'm surprised this thread doesn't have a flame next to it. Lol
  5. I look forward to the next Heresy. I don't post much, but I definitely devour this site daily (probably too much), and love to read everyone's posts. I have been an avid reader all my life (38) and retain most of what I read. But I am amazed at just how much more observant many of you are (I won't name anyone specifically) than I am. It is awesome when people from all over the world diligently gather together daily to discuss a set of books. That's a rare small list of stories. And ASOIAF is one of them.
  6. He is just telling Tyrion a vague role that he plays in all of it. And you. He will be in the middle of it all, but that doesn't make him a dragon, or wolf, or lion. It just means that he will cast a big shadow over the remaining part of the story. Or Moqorro may be full of shit. Either way, this doesn't tell us anything about Tyrion, whether he lives or dies, whether he is lion, dragon, etc., except to say that his shadow is in the middle of all it.
  7. I want to read a chapter where Euron is literally scared for his life, and makes some bad decisions because of his fear of dying. That being said, what are your thoughts on what might cause Euron to have this fear? And, is this just wishful thinking, or could we actually see this: a huge villain of the story reduced to wetting his pants?
  8. I agree with you here. But I disagree with your choice of words. Facts are facts. What are "likely facts"? It's either a fact, or it isn't.
  9. I would imagine there are caches of dragon eggs in many more places than we would think. Hatching them is another thing. And we will never read about any of them unless they are relevant to the story.
  10. It depends on whether or not the body was dead or alive (dragon/person) when it reaches the water. Nevermind, I'm not a scientist, even though I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one time.
  11. That is why I posted earlier that we can't get all dogmatic about things that we dont already know the truth about (I think it was the Heresy thread). Often a writer just writes, without doing trigonometry (and perhaps hoping the reader is not versed in trigonometry). I think it is very likely that the George intentionally writes this way so that he can "change" his mind later (if needed). Maybe not, but it's possible.
  12. I wholeheartedly agree with this. I cannot see any situation where Jon Snow willingly takes power in the North over his siblings, if he knows they are alive. Perhaps if he knows the White Walkers are pounding in the door and he senses his siblings are not capable or willing to meet the threat head-on. But even then he would question whether or not he was doing the right thing. I'm sorry. I have not read the remaining posts.
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