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  1. Roose Bolton's forefathers peeled the skin from the Starks. I find it interesting because they wanted Stark skin. Maybe they were operating under the mistaken belief that taking the skin of a Stark will give them the power of skinchanging. It's not too wierd because we know that using the skin of the dead can literally change the person wearing the skin. The faceless men do it all the time. The Boltons probably didn't have the process down pat.
  2. Roose Bolton is not a skinchanger. Whoever will control the Others is going to have the skinchanging ability. So do we know a family who has the skinchanging skill? Incidentally, a family that is the personification of ice and used to call themselves the kings of winter? You got it. The Starks. If there is a family allied or will be allied with the Others it will be the Starks.
  3. Enuma Elish

    Am I the only one who really enjoys ADWD?

    I am sorry to say but the belief that ADWD was not a book enjoyed by the majority of readers is completely false. The book was a bestseller and it was the best book in aSoIaF. I think you're paying too much attention to the haters and the gripers out there. Statistics do not support the belief that aDwD was enjoyed less by the readers. I loved aDwD. I welcomed it's arrival after the sleep inducing AFFC. Book 4, AFFC, was very hard for me to read through because it was missing my favorite person and it took place in locations that held little interest for me. I have no such problem with aDwD. The dragon riding chapter was awesome. It brought back the magic of aGoT. Dany and Asha were awesome in their pov chapters that I loved.
  4. Enuma Elish

    Southron Ambitions question/observation

    George Martin has not given us any direct evidence of a conspiracy but if I am forced to give an opinion there was a plot by Robert Baratheon and Rickard Stark to take over the government. I ask you to refer to the following GM interview and pay attention at the ~28 minute mark. Take this interview and add what Barbery Dustin told Theon. Additionally, if Robert and Rickard had been loyal they would have no interest in building power for themselves that could threaten their lawful king. Their actions were not those of loyal servants of their king.
  5. Enuma Elish

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    I see. I do not have a problem with that. We are all expressing our personal favoritism and you get that with a lot of replies because the fans are heavily vested in one character or the other.
  6. Enuma Elish

    House Darry

    "They certainly can't redeem themselves in my eyes, and I reckon Westeros agrees with me." My dear sir, I take great issue with this sentiment of yours. House Frey served the greater need of the realm when they participated in the removal of dangerous rebels. The Starks rebelled. Need I remind, the Stark patriarch confessed to treason in public. Walder Frey did the realm a favor when he stopped the Stark rebellion. He was following the instructions from King's Landing like all loyal lords would do. Ned Stark and Stannis Baratheon were never able to prove the Lannister's theft of the throne. He was king as far as most of the people of Westeros are concerned. Joking aside, hate the Freys if you must. That is the privilege of a fan.
  7. Enuma Elish

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    This series does not lack for ugly people with important roles. It is just that some of people with important roles to play also happen to be beautiful. I see nothing at all wrong with that. Insecurities of people rearing its ugly head? Daenerys is beautiful but what if she was ugly? She may lose a few fans (I suppose many male fans) but she will also gain a few. Dany has many steadfast and loyal fans though. It may not matter much at all. She has those qualities of superior intelligence and unassailable courage which would still give her better chances of success than most people even without the charm of beauty. What if Jon was smart? This "what if" can only change the story a little. Instead of "knowing nothing" Jon becomes "knowing a little." Jon is not smart but even if he were his decisions would not change because he made them emotionally. He knew it was wrong to violate his oaths but he still made his decision to leave the watch to fight with Robb Stark. Sam and classmates had to drag him back. His plan to take and hide Arya away from Ramsay was wrong and still he chose to do it. All emotional decisions. A better question to pose is "what if Jon was less emotional and smarter?" What if Sansa had any sense? No change. She's selfish and immature. It's these two glaring character flaws rather than deficiency in brain cells that cause Sansa to fuck up repeatedly. You do not need much common sense when you had Mordane taking care of you. Maturity takes care of itself if she lives long enough. The selfish part will always be there. What if Tyrion can slam dunk? Hot damn! NBA draft here we come!
  8. Enuma Elish

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Because there are readers who do not like him. Posters whose opinions of Jon differ from yours. That should not be hard to accept. Sam was biased because he owed a debt to Jon and liked him. They would never have nominated Jon if they had the benefit to know ahead of time what he would do to cause problems with Roose and Ramsay over his sister.
  9. Enuma Elish

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    I don't think you understand Jon's state of mind during his last chapters. Jon was too consumed with thoughts of Arya. He is not about to let Bowen Marsh, god, laws, oaths, or anybody stop him from "rescuing" Arya. Jon was beyond reason and he was willing to commit treason to get Arya.
  10. Enuma Elish

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    This. The wildlings will leave to rescue their king from the Boltons. They're not interested in fighting the crows.
  11. Enuma Elish

    Rickon will ride unicorn into the battle

    He needs to eat three square meals of humans for another five years before he's ready for battle.
  12. Enuma Elish

    Roose Bolton vs. Stannis Baratheon

    1. Roose has the better defensive position. 2. I've no military background but waiting out looks like the better option. Humans can go a long time without food. They have shelter and Stannis is exposed to the elements. 3. Yes. Manderly could ally with Stannis is the risk.
  13. Enuma Elish

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    Haha, you said what needed to be said. Thank you. You have among the readers people who were teased as children and they can empathize with an Arya better than they can with beautiful Daenerys. But they're also ignoring the fact that Daenerys spent years of her childhood on the streets and under the care of an abusive brother. Through ingenuity, creative thinking, and courage she rose above all of that and became the most powerful person in the known world.
  14. Enuma Elish

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    That is how I see the intentions of the original post.
  15. Enuma Elish

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    I agree.