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  1. Ned would follow the law and support Joffrey's claim.
  2. Enuma Elish

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    Some think so. Fifty-fifty he is. But 50% is not a yes. So no, he is not.
  3. Enuma Elish

    Crasters White Walker arrangement

    They came up to Craster's keep and says, "This is a shakedown son. Pay up or get back to your side of the wall" Craster was young and had big dreams of being a free man. He says sure. I'll give you my first son.
  4. Enuma Elish

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    An overripe fruit is near rotten. It is not free of decay because it is very close to rot. It's part of the bittersweet. The death of the body but the continuation of the soul within the wolf.
  5. Enuma Elish

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    She already has Drogon. The mounts are gifts from the men. The third signifies the final death of Jon Snow as a human and Daenerys Targaryen will inherit those loyal to him.
  6. Enuma Elish

    Why did Cersei name her first child Joffrey?

    Because Jamie Jr. would have been too obvious.
  7. This is a clarification of this. Some interpret this to mean husbands. I do not think so. She already has Hizdarh. He is husband number 2 and doesn't fit in this prophecy. I take the meaning of "mount" as the means to an end. Sort of like a tool. The mounts are what's important and not the men. She will mercy kill these three men. Mount is a vehicle and a means to gaining something. Bride of fire means she will light three fires. For cremation and for execution. The first mount is the spirited silver horse. This is the Princess Daenerys learning confidence and believing in herself. The death of Khal Drogo opened the doors. She inherited part of his khalasar. The second mount will be the Iron Victory and with it the Iron Fleet. Victarion will die in Meereen and Daenerys will give his body to the fire. Grey lips smiling sadly can only be a Greyjoy. He will die and she will take control of the Iron Fleet. The fleet will be her vehicle to wherever she chooses to go. It might be both execution and cremation if he tries to steal a dragon. The third mount will be Ghost. The blue flower can apply equally to Mance Rayder and Jon Snow. I believe it refers to Jon in this vision. Jon's attachment to the Starks caused him to make big mistakes at the wall and hence the crack. The flower caused a crack in the wall and thereby weakening it. That crack will grow. It grew because Jon's sweetness for Arya caused him to betray the NW. Jon's spirit will be contained in the direwolf and he will lead Daenerys to the wall so she can help fight the Others. Jon's human body will die and she will give it to the fire.
  8. Enuma Elish

    F&B Dragons and the Cold

    Why would a dragon like the cold? It doesn't make sense for them to. No more than a direwolf being comfortable in the Dornish desert. Thank goodness the dragons have the gift of flight. They have the ability to cover great distances and outrun the weather.
  9. Enuma Elish

    F&B Dragons and the Cold

    I would not take the show seriously. It's DnD writing that story. They just pick what they want from the novels and mostly just do what they want. I didn't renew HBO this year.
  10. Enuma Elish

    The Shivers

    This might be a good time to talk about hygiene during medieval times. The level of hygiene of the time is not supportive for good health. People cleaned themselves with one hand and used the other to eat. They ate with their hands. Can you say cross contamination. Access to clean drinking water was not available to many. The disposal of human fecal matter was unsafe. Human feces is more dangerous than livestock manure. A crowded city like King's Landing would have smelled horrible. It might be a good idea to burn the city with wildfire and start over. Bring in some architects from Essos to design a proper sewage system and provide for sanitary ways of dealing with garbage.
  11. Enuma Elish

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Jon has bigger responsibilities than to serve the interests of the Starks. A sheep farmer might be excused if he chose to protect his sister at the expense of a whole lot of people but a leader should not think like that. Jon allowed the more guilty man to walk because it served his personal interests shortly after killing a man for a very minor offense. That's Jon putting the welfare of Arya ahead of the Night's Watch. Which is unethical for a lord commander to do. Jon is a deserter and should have already had his head taken off. He is guilty of attacking an officer of the Night's Watch. Compared to that, what Slynt did was very minor. Jon's attack on Thorne is more serious than Slynt's refusal to comply. Jon is incapable of handing out justice because he's too emotionally attached to the Starks. This is inexcusable because he is not the only man on that wall who have loved ones behind and none of the other men did the illegal things that Jon did.
  12. Enuma Elish

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Oh yes we can fault Jon for his actions. Jon deserted as early as GoT. He would have lost his head and deservedly so where it not for the courage of the other boys who dragged him back. We have it on Jon's own POV that what he was doing is treason. Bowen did the right thing when he stabbed Jon to stop the wildling raid on the Boltons. The NW vows are not silly. It's what kept the order together for thousands of years. The watch has no enemies in the south and that is why their castles are not walled nor defended from the south. Remaining neutral is crucial to the survival of the watch and fulfilling their mission of protecting all. The watch does not get to choose who to support among the factions in Westeros. They protect all. Even the Boltons. Jon's personal feelings is unimportant in the larger scheme of things. Jon started a fight with Ramsay when he sent his man to take Arya away.
  13. Enuma Elish

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Mel has no reason to write that letter. Doing so puts her and everybody else in danger. Jon is a moron and it is just like him to leave the wall to confront Ramsay. Mel would not want that to happen because she is actually interested in defending the wall from the white walkers.
  14. Enuma Elish

    Regarding Planetos

    Martin wants to keep his secrets. We won't get the globe. On Planetos there is no telling if the planet is tilted on its axis. A tilt can screw around with the weather.