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  1. King of Heroes

    Wylla was Lewyn Martell's paramour [CRACKPOT]

    Wylla took the disgrace that would have been Lady Ashara's for having Brandon's bastard. I don't think she would be the lady love of Lewyn. He had little control over his time and location. He was stationed to guard Aerys and would not have the choice to leave without permission from the White Bull or Aerys himself.
  2. King of Heroes

    An Evil Name

    Ice Wight Jon will make Brandon look like a cub scout. Jon was already irrational during his last chapters. Think how messed up his reasoning will be when he comes back after experiencing death. He will be Stoneheart level of madness. I too am of the opinion that he would seek revenge on the Boltons and further do damage to the realm.
  3. King of Heroes

    An Evil Name

    Jon will be raised and become an Ice Wight but he won't be a complete robot like Weymar Royce. The Others are hive minded but Jon will have saved part of his consciousness in Ghost. He will come back and maintain his body while the cold last. He will die come spring when the ice thaws.
  4. King of Heroes

    Civilians as combatants

    A house like the Starks who preside a poor land will not have the funds to maintain a professional army. At least not one of any significant size. The Lannisters, perhaps the Tyrells, can maintain a reasonable size army but most families cannot. Westeros armies are crafts people and bread winners for the vast majority of time. They may train in military maneuvers occasionally but they are not professional. They are multiuse assets who are sometimes called upon to fight. The cities have their civil defense and law enforcement ranks but they are not professional soldiers in the sense that they train for warfare every day and make it their business to wage war as their profession.
  5. No, there would be no rebellion. Robert and Ned would be holding their tiny members while waiting to have their heads removed. I hate the Starks. I would like nothing better than to see Winterfell and the Starks roasted down to charcoal nuggets.
  6. King of Heroes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    Yes, it is only custom not law. A cherished tradition but it was not the law. The Starks needed to get themselves trimmed and the Freys did it with remarkable efficiency and minimized casualty to their side.
  7. King of Heroes

    What was Rickard Karstark thinking?

    Rickard was running on emotions. He wasn't thinking clearly. I can accuse Robb, Catelyn, and Jon of the same poor decisions. Stress levels were high and they couldn't keep it together.
  8. King of Heroes

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    The remains of where the Freehold once stood. We could see it. The Mother of Dragons might send an expedition party to look for more eggs. It's totally worth it.
  9. King of Heroes

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    On the matter of right and wrong. I can see why what another considers right that another would consider wrong. A tiger who must eat meat to live can't be faulted for hunting. It's what the creator made them to do to survive. The little dik-dik who the tiger preys on doesn't see it this way. The tiger is the villain to the little dik dik. We have to look at the matter from a narrow lens in order to decide the matter of right and wrong. It was justified to Walder. He's the patriarch of a rich and large clan. He had a lot to lose. The Starks couldn't keep themselves in order. Robb porks Jeyne, falls in love, and breaks his oath to the Freys. And this after the Freys have bled for him. Catelyn gives away an extremely important hostage for the very small chance of getting her girls back. She bought Jaime's promise to send her girls back. How that must have looked to their bannermen. Stupid move. Robb had the nerve to come back asking for another deal because he was desperate to survive the war his mother started. Walder took advantage because he needed to remove the taint of rebellion and reestablish good relations with the real ruler in King's Landing, not this king in the north who humiliated the Freys.
  10. King of Heroes

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    This is the trope against the color white standing for something good. White is the color of winter and snow. The mechanism by which mother nature will use to kill the living. White is the color of death. Jaime, Jon, Pycelle are the opposite of the pure because they corrupted the organization they each belonged to. Their stain is there in the white.
  11. King of Heroes

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    Bravo. What Catelyn did was very provocative and effectively declared war on the Lannisters. Westeros would be so much better off with the Starks and the Lannisters relegated to minor houses.
  12. King of Heroes

    Who is Quaithe?

    This is because Daenerys Targaryen is the only one who can be trusted to have the power of three dragons. Think about what somebody like Arya would do with dragons. Nothing good for sure. She would use these wonderful dragons to exact revenge against those who beat up on the Starks. All of the Starks put together is not worthy of needing a dragon to avenge. The dragons are much bigger and more epic than the Stark family. What would Jon do? He would burn the Dreadfort to the ground even knowing those Bolton men could be helpful. Stannis would do the same. Daenerys will use her dragons to help the slaves win their freedom. If there is a cause worthy of dragons and the Unsullied this is it. Quaithe knows this silver-haired girl is very important.
  13. King of Heroes

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    Sure. The Dothraki cannot be stopped. If Dorne could feed their horses, so can the Dothraki. The guerilla hiding tactics that the Dornish employed against the Conqueror is not going to work against the Dothraki. The Dothraki will have no qualms setting whole Dornish towns to the flames to bring out the men who are hiding. All the Dothraki will have to do is take control of the major ports in Dorne. Even the Dornish cannot eat sand. Rhaenys was too lenient on the yellow toad. She could have punished the Dornish who stayed behind. Dornish will can be broken.
  14. King of Heroes

    Aegon VI as a ruler

    1- Slavery was wrong even back then. That's why a whole religion outlaw it. That slavery is bad is not a new idea. 2- No it isn't easy to end. Doesn't mean good people shouldn't try. 3- They cannot fight against slavery everywhere, that is true. But they could perhaps free Volantis.
  15. It's not plot convenience. It is a character flaw of Jon Snow. He could not rise to the occasion and forget about Ned and the Starks for the benefit of defending against the white walkers. Stannis had no way to go forward. The Wall was his only real choice. He was not going to survive too long on Dragonstone. His family had always been allies with the Starks. Holing up in the north is as good a plan as any. He only has to fight the wildlings and the Boltons. A lesser threat than the Lannister-Tyrell forces.