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  1. Hey Evita!  :wub:  Thanks for hooking me up with the QI, that's a cool little forum, and a bit more personal as well.  Good work!  I logged in to reply to your wonderful posts today but was side tracked by the invite from iheartseverus. 

    On that note, some more great posts.  Loved the crab symbolism, and all your other posts, I have loads I want to chat about. 

    You have been prolific these last few days, it's awesome!  Forgive me if I don't always reply straight away, but I always read and try to reply where ideas and time allows.  Anyway, here's to the QI!!   :cheers: 

    1. evita mgfs

      evita mgfs

      Hey, my Wonderful Wizard of Oz,

      No problem.  I am happy that you checked out QI.  I meant it as a compliment because the group is very selective about whom they invite to join.  I am keeping busy with our thread in the reread, so I do not know how much I will be able to contribute there.  But I really like how they welcome newbies and encourage our involvement.  :wub:

      I took a break last night as it is my big television night.  I have been watching a crime series based upon the OJ Simpson trial, and it has been gripping.  It is something to watch until the BIG EVENT APRIL 24!  I get chills just thinking about it.

      Did you see the latest trailer?  It shows a tad more of Bran with the Night's King. I hope the first episode addresses the fate of Jon Snow and doesn't keep viewers waiting even longer for a resolution.

      I am so afraid that Ghost may be in peril.  But if my favorite direwolf has to die, I hope he takes down a few Sworn Brothers of the NW before he meets his end.

      Don't worry about posting every day.  Sometimes we need a break to ruminate on ideas and digest what has been said.

    2. Wizz-The-Smith


      Hey Evita, thank you for thinking of me, I was very pleased to be invited and couldn't stop smiling last night.  And they made me feel very welcome with some friendly messages and a 'like' on my first post.  The fact they are very selective with invites is even more of a compliment, thanks again.

      I too am watching the OJ trial series, and I agree it's been gripping.  Some really strong performances, and a neat insight into the case as I didn't follow it 'that' closely at the time, just news reports etc.....  And we've all got to have a television night, Mondays for me is 'The Walking Dead and OJ, then Fridays over here we get some cool comedy/panel shows that I really enjoy.

      I can't wait for the 24th!  And we're going to the Riverland's this season!  :D  And yes, I have seen the latest trailer, the Night's King grabs his arm!!  :o  What the..........??????? Hmmm, this season will give us plenty to chew on me thinks.

      Having seen your enthusiasm for the show, this is the first season I'm looking forward to posting on the forums about it, I very rarely venture away from the threads I become comfortable in.  A large percentage of my posts have been with you and friends in the awesome 'Bran's growing powers' and with the RL's Web pack.   :grouphug:   We love the Direwolves over there as well, Big Nym's is a favourite, the pack being LongRider, booknerd2 and LeCygne, all firm friends

      Which leads me to Ghost, I share your concerns.  In the first trailer he was in that room with Jon and Davos and it looked like an angry mob outside, Davos took Longclaw and looked ready to use it!  There will carnage I fear, so let's hope Ghost can fight his way out of that problem, or as you say, at the very least take out some enemies!! 

      Speak soon.  :)     

    3. evita mgfs

      evita mgfs

      OMG!  I started watching the Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead!  Har!  We must be kindred spirits.  Do you watch The Talking Dead too?  My son got me into the shows - I have to turn away when the zombies are chewing on the bodies.  George, my son who I fortuitously named before Martin became my favorite author, dishes out shows and such he thinks I should watch.  He actually introduced me to GoT.

      I have been to the British Isles many times, a few I chaperoned my students for a week long holidays.  We even saw the Queen and her mum in a parade honoring someone's birthday.  In Scotland, we visited where Braveheart was filmed.  Oh, it is a marvelous place - or as many said, "lovely".

      Hey, do you Skype?  Maybe we could meet and chat.  I am probably old enough to be your mum or granny, and I am not a cougar.  Just a Martin fan. Besides, my claws aren't long enough to reach over the Atlantic.

      Oh, another thing I love is anything Titanic.  Not just the movie, but the entire mystique surrounding its tragic sinking.  However, it was James Cameron's obsessive "hand" theme in the movie that guided me to Jaime's telling Bran "Take my hand"!    If you saw the movie, then you may remember how Jack and Rose meet - and he orders her to take his hand as well.  But he doesn't push her - thank goodness!:D

      Good to hear from you.  I am thrilled we have even more in common.

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