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  1. When did Judges get to start making demands as to the ideological constitution of their possible replacements? Isn't that like a direct abdication of even the pretense of impartiality? We're REWARDING this behavior?
  2. One political party has openly embraced using violence and political extremist actors to directly contradict any democratic rebuke of their views, and the public at large is so fucking dumb that they don't even care. That's new.
  3. I'm not trying to say that. I don't even have a gun or nothing to wage any kind of war with. But the long peace is over. I feel like it needs saying. And saying loudly. Fascism is here. And the institutions have gone out their way not just to excuse them but to enable them.
  4. Y'all are hopeless. You'd rather tear down the people who are trying to wake you up than look around and recall that this is not normal. You aren't in Kansas anymore. Z, you're an historian! This happens, man. Societies collapse backwards and we reading from the future sit there and go "why didn't somebody do something? Oh, well, that would never happen here right?" And we laugh and laugh and laugh at those stupid primitives and their unsettled times. Well it's happening. I was born with more bodily autonomy guaranteed by my government than I have today. That happened. And the politicians didn't do a goddamn thing about it but stick out their donation basket for more. A verifiably delusional demagogue instituted a violent attack on the civil government and the politicians did NOTHING. That happened. And their answer is to stick out their donation basket for more; now in PRIMETIME. And you sit there discussing this, this intellectual drivel about some witnesses credibility when we have the guy on tape. We had it on tape the same day. NOTHING HAPPENED. Nothing will come of this sideshow. Your democracy is ceded and you're debating the finer points of who saw it happening first hand vs just being told later. How can that possibly be worth your time when your entire government is proving daily that it is only beholden to extremism? These hearings are a testament to the fact that political violence makes you de facto too dangerous to punish. Zorral, what's the historical example of that? What's the historical lesson we can draw from such conditions on a 'Republic'?
  5. She read a poem She read a fucking poem And I'm supposed to give MORE money to these fucking thieves???
  6. I object to talking about the days news because the days news is fucking bullshit. Spoiler alert! They did it! Spoiler alert 2! They're gonna get away with it! What the hell are we doing wasting our time with this nonsense? We don't need hearings, we needed (past tense, because the time has passed) action. Are you fucking kidding me with acting like this -news of the day- is worth an ounce of anyone's attention? Yo, it's about donations playa. That's it. They didn't do anything for 18 months because they know it doesn't matter. They just wanted to get THE Jan 6th COMMITTEE Live in PRIME TIME to increase reactionary donations. Not to solve the problem, they literally never even tried that. This is a waste of time. It's dems putting together an Alex Smith special of a 12 play 9 minute FG drive when down by ten in the fourth quarter. We ain't getting the ball back, if you've been paying attention
  7. I'm not armed. I don't do guns. But I'm done sticking my head in the streaming services sand and thinking that systems and institutions are going to save me. @JGP I am advocating for all the things you mentioned. With the added recognition that your political opponents are willing to assault the seat of government to see their insanity realized. If there's any kind of gathering to protest abuse, fascists counter-gather to make the protestors look bad. They ANSWER. Anything a non-fascist does gets responded to with an attack. And if you haven't noticed, they're winning. They won the court, they won the states, they've got their personal electors ensconced wherever possible. As long as they can do these things unopposed we've lost before the moment of decision is even reached. The government has displayed that it is no longer capable of protecting itself from the fascists, to say nothing of protecting US from them. And you call me crazy for pointing this out to you? Eta: This too shall pass is so true. I like to wave at my rights as they pass into memory
  8. Your opponents were ready to kill or be killed in order to see their vision of an authoritarian Daddy keep power and wield it against their enemies. Until you folks are ready to kill or be killed to STOP them from doing that again -which they probably won't even have to- you're wasting more than time. You're wasting the last moments to do something that can arrest the collapse. People notice these things. They flock to strength, because they'd rather be in the in group that looks like it's going to win than attached to the piteous losers whose only observable recourse is to whine instead of act. The fascists understand that.
  9. If your enemy is allowed an action that you refuse to adopt, you lose any contest of wills automatically. Do I have to spell it out? Maybe less time on bemoaning the facts the the board state (they took Roe, they couped, they ally with foreign powers, we're gonna get CRUSHED at the midterms) and more time thinking of solutions that don't require fuckwit politicians with too much to lose and not enough to gain. Do I have to spell it out, Scott? We're past the point of committees and marketing campaigns.
  10. Thefuck are you silly gooses getting agitated about? Y'all know nothing's coming of this right? Some witness' credibility being questioned, yo, this whole hearing is just whistling in the dark by a bunch of inept assholes trying to rustle up some donations so they'll get slightly less eviscerated in November. You motherfuckers are arguing over the credibility of a witness to something the public, the police, and the political class have -through inaction at least- condoned. Ransacking CVS is a crime. Ransacking the capitol is a political statement. Get that through your fucking heads and maybe you'll start to figure out a thing you could actually talk about DOING to forestall this slide into the abyss. But until then you're wasting server space.
  11. Yo if there's one thing I'm getting for going back to the middle ages it better be executions. If you're gonna end a woman's life for doing what she wills with her own body at least have the good grace to crucify her at halftime and let the mob taste the consequences of their sadistic rules. (I'm very drunk. Fuck everything )
  12. HA! Love it. This is one of the (many) reasons I'm a bad liberal. I say fry the bitch. Some things are unforgivable.
  13. Okay. I mean I was just furthering the fucking conversation but okay.
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