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  1. Difference being that Kyler was a 1st overall pick and the Iggles are gonna have three top-10 picks this year to move up and replace Hurts.
  2. You know very well that I never learned to read. Although I suppose it doesn't really matter. There ain't enough functioning elements of our government to reform itself, let alone protect itself. It's all a slide into the abyss from here, might as well try to slow roll it.
  3. Dawg, you just provided a rationale for Republicans to continuously escalate their political violence and malfeasance with no legal ramifications for doing so. You know that's just a slower kind of suicide, right?
  4. What a game!!! Haha! Carson Wentz had the game of his life but he's still a LOSER!!
  5. Make them a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council and they'll have to tell us!
  6. You got a kid to read? A book??? You're the adult of the fucking year.
  7. Probably based on stuff that's actually depicted in the story. That they were friends growing up and everyone always kinda assumed they'd get together ( which means married) some day but that once the outside world came calling both of them realized they would never actually get together. That's a close kind of personal relationship, but it is not based on romantic companionship. Quite the opposite in fact. I mean, that's just what happens in the story.
  8. I started my first ever reread of the series earlier this week, and it is obvious that they have never so much as held hands. Egwene talks shit to Rand the first time we meet her for not ever making his intentions clear regarding marriage/courtship and Rand's internal monologue specifically spells out that he's never thought of marrying her. I don't want to crush someone's modernized interpretation of the material, but I really think if the writer wanted you to know that Rand and Egwene were more than friends he, uh, would have suggested it somewhere in the text. You can choose to believe that Rand and Egwene had some romantic relationship where these types of considerations never came up, even in Rand's personal ruminations... But there's no just nothing to support that conclusion in the book. Live your own life though, y'know. I choose to believe that one day Winds of Winter will be released, so what do I know?
  9. Dawg, China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs right now. Today.
  10. It is also suggested that the Emperor's Sardaukar could replace him if he didn't give them plunder or glory or whatever. Like the Praetorian guard indeed. It's something that the Duke Leto says in part one, I think. Or maybe the Baron.
  11. Eta: my phone just freaked the fuck out. Anyways, I was just thinking to myself that it'll be a good thing to touch the grass on my way to the car in a few hours.
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