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  1. Guys. Stop. You should be friends. It doesn't matter who was right or wrong about this stuff. You share common ideals and similar morals. Let that be enough.
  2. Now that's fucking hilarious. The Family Guy cutaway animates itself.
  3. A Jedi who does not confront the Emperor or his Darth at least once is no Jedi. Just a man or a woman with a sparkly stick and some magician's techniques.
  4. I drove the tires on my Honda until the wires were sticking out through the mostly-non-existent rubber. That was twenty years ago. I'd rather drive on those tires today than put Todd Gurley in my backfield.
  5. You like that one, eh? Well the history of House Locked may not be quite so famous as the Raynes, or as missing as the Tarbecks, but when the noble lion sent his big bears and little birds to sweep the Lady Locked into the sea with all her meager strength she partook the wisdom of the wolf. The Bitch Who Knelt ain't so bad a name.
  6. House Locked A red circle dashed through on a forum of Ice and Fire. "Phish in a barrel."
  7. I don't understand what the problem is. Generals order. Soldiers obey.
  8. My universal translator interpreted the following from your statement: "It's barely different at all, 'cause by 2007 graphics were as good as they needed to be so the update isn't adding any detail or depiction I haven't seen before." And my bullshit meter agrees. But I am only a girl and know little of videogames. Or their remasterings.
  9. The fact that there is an... entity called Cyberninja being granted custody of civil property is -in itself- highly disturbing. The person who allowed such dispossession of the machines should be brought up on appropriate charges. After they're codified, if needs be. And if someone bleats about ACHR 4.9 then simply change the calendar for a day when we sign the new laws, then change it back.
  10. So what's the deets on this reMasstered Effect? Y'all ain't crowing about how purty it looks.
  11. OOOOH Sorry. I read it as like "Warner Brothers are saying the news is BS and Dune will launch day and date in both cinemas and HBO Max. " As if BS were some new movie launching with Dune. My bad.
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